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10 / 10
Never been on an all inclusive...

"Never been on an all inclusive holiday before but went to the El Trebol for a weeks winter break with my boyfriend and had a lovely time!

Food was lovely! (Cant believe some reviews rate the food so low - maybe I have low standards! ha ha!) There were loads to choose from, especially at lunch and dinner.

Could choose from several dishes on the hot buffet, which were different every night and from the salad bar, which was always fresh!

Desserts were nice too - always had types of cake, fruit and ice cream to choose from!

Drinks were nice. All inclusive deal only included local spirits, beer and wine but they were all lovely! Funny how drink tastes so much better when it is free!!

Evening entertainment was really good. Had a parrot show, a dancing show, a snake show, lots of bingo and a kiddie disco every night. The two entertainers were brilliant, especially with the kids!

Rooms were lovely too - a lot better than some I have stayed in. They were clean and very spacious.

Even though we were all inclusive, we still made use of the fridge - handy for drink and a few snacks!

Sheets and towels were changed a couple of times which was absolutely fine - (Again, can’t believe people moan about that - who changes their sheets at home every night?)

Was quite cold the week we went so didn't use the pool. Sunbathed a couple of times though. Think there were 2 pools and a children’s pool?

They were really big and pool area was really clean!

Only bad thing was the snacks at the pool bar - only really chips are edible but we were usually too full from breakfast and lunch to worry about snacks!

The area resort was really quiet - think it was the time of year, but we found an aquarium round the back of Cactus Jacks - surprisingly really good. Lots of exotic fish and huge shark tank. Didn’t try any of the restaurants but the seemed really nice. Cactus Jacks was open till late.

Beach was only a five min walk away. Again was too cold to sunbathe but there are lots of shops, pubs and restaurants to visit in the shopping centre and along the beach.

Went on a couple of excursions. One day went to the Teguise market which was good - lots of local and African products. Have to barter so you don't get ripped off. Then went to the animal park which was also quite fun.

Also spent a day at the volcanoes. This was a fantastic day and so interesting, so definitely well worth a trip!

So to sum up, resort - not so good, although I think it would be better in the summer. Hotel - Brilliant for money! I have stayed in a lot worse!

Hope this is helpful!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
Arrived in darkness at our hotel...

"Arrived in darkness at our hotel which turned out to be apartments!

Cold water for 4/6 days in spite of repeated complaints, towels wet and not changed and no means of drying them - never felt clean.

Very cold and 4 blankets needed to prevent hypothermia.

Rep insisted on calling everyone ‘YOU GUYS’’ and was flippant in dealing with complaints.

Food appalling - all cheap cuts of meat grilled but not cooked, few vegetables and virtually no choice with two limited exceptions.

Jelly and ice cream and ice cream and jelly, apple or orange and definitely no tea or coffee with the evening meals.

Children allowed around the buffet unsupervised, taking food from serving dishes and replacing it!

Staff limited and not interested in clearing tables, guests were doing it themselves and many had long hair, worn loose and definitely NOT hygienic.

The hotel promoted tours, we booked the Volcan grill to be informed 15 mins after departure time, that it had been cancelled - waste of a day.

There were limited pool markings and those present were faded.

Did we leave any tips - NO and ours to you would be do not go.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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1 / 10
Just came back from Costa Teguise at...

"Just came back from Costa Teguise at the weekend (16/10/2006). Was not very impressed with El Trebol.

As I give this report there is a refurbishment of the rooms taking place. Very much needed as this place was still looking like 1980’s probably when it was built.

We were booked All-Inclusive but the only items included were your meals & any local drinks. Rooms were actually apartments as this aparthotel was built for self catering.

Laundry service was only twice a week & the towels never smelt very fresh even though they were supposed to be clean.

The food in the restaurant was ok but not much variety & the buffet service could have been a lot better but I think that a lack of staff also did not help.

As an AI holiday it is not to be recommended.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Well what can I say? I have returned...

"Well what can I say?

I have returned from a great week at this resort! It wasn't the Ritz that's for sure. But it was ok. The reception is a bit bizarre as you are greeted with some sort of shopping arcade front (although they are building a new one) the reception area could be frustrating due to a lack of staff (only one on!!!) Although the staff where friendly enough once you got there attention.

The trip to the room well, where the hell was the lift? We were ok as we are both fit and healthy, but for those less able or with loads of kids how the flip where they meant to get up all those stairs?

The hotel exterior was of an acceptable appearance and I saw maintenance guys working, so obviously they where intent on upkeep.

The room was perfectly acceptable and spacious. I was really miffed when the room was not cleaned one day!!! That is not acceptable at all. Also when I put a towel in the bath to be changed they just hung it back up! I did have to chuckle at that though. The cheeky monkeys though, charge you 1 Euro per Hour or 3 Euros for 24 Hours for the TV! I am sorry but that is disgusting, as more than half the channels they advertise are not on! But hey I do not go on holiday to watch TV but it's just nice to chill and watch it whilst the missus is getting ready.

The food was brilliant in my opinion! We have been to other all in resorts and this is the only place where we have truly enjoyed the food. We ate out one night and genuinely wish we had not wasted our money as it was a bit below par.

The pool area had plenty of loungers but you still had the pseudo German brigade reserving them (why oh why!!!) The pool itself needed a bit of flash and a mop run about. The inside of it as I thought, was a bit grubby. We never went in it as I was a bit suspect of its cleanliness.

The evening’s entertainment got better as the week went on, the Parrot show was pants and an excuse to fleece you of cash, and as for Razzle Dazzle what the flip? But the Snake show was really entertaining. The Animation lass was just mad as she was always happy and amused the kids to no end.

The bar staff where friendly enough apart from one. Quite a few people where none to pleased with him, but I found if you spoke a little Spanish to him he was fine with you (top tip for larger helpings!!!)Right enough of the Hotel, seriously it is fine!!!

The Trips offered by our operator:

We went on the Volcano Trip as "hey where in Lanzarote we need to see the volcanoes!!" Well what a load of tosh! I have never been so rushed round in my life! They where more interested in you spending cash in the souvenir shop in Yaiza! One and a half hours where spent here. It cost 45 Euros each and they wanted 8Euros for a meal too. DO NOT BOTHER WITH IT! Hire a car and visit it yourself. Then there's the excuse of an Aqua park. Again save your cash and go the beach! It's so dilapidated and the slides are very poor I would not even bother.

Also when making payments by Visa beware I have just learnt the hard way as my card details have been ripped off from over there (I only used it to pay for the trips!! Not happy. So learn a lesson from me, they write your details down so anyone can get them in theory!

But as I said a great break was had, ok it's not perfect but name me somewhere for this price that is?

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
We have just returned from the El...

"We have just returned from the El Trebol.

The room we had was nice but very basic. The room service was nearly non existent as the bedding was not changed during the two weeks we stayed there and the towels were changed only twice which was not a very pleasant experience and totally unacceptable.

The food was tolerable but there was no variety at all. You were given the choice of pork, chicken or fish every day and warm chips were served with everything. There were always queues of people waiting for food to be brought from the kitchen as staff service was very slow and haphazard. The crockery had seen better days as many items were chipped and cracked. The toaster did not work properly and it took ages to make toast for breakfast and the queues were even longer for tea and coffee from the machine and if there was a teaspoon there you considered yourself very fortunate. The food at the pool bar was awful and again you did not have much choice. Although we went all inclusive we were limited with both food and drink as to what was available.

The nightly entertainment in the first week was a disgrace but it did improve during the second week although I would not classify a ten minute parrot show as substantial entertainment, but I must say the entertainment staff which comprised of one boy and one girl worked extremely hard and was always very happy and polite to all.

The reception only had one person on duty at a time and you were always kept waiting. The reception was supposed to be manned 24 hours a day but very often we passed reception and it was often left unattended and security was very lax.

The pool area was very nice and was kept clean and tidy and there were always plenty on sun beds. The only bad comment I can make about the pool area is, there was no parasols to provide any shade.

There was some building work being done at the rear of the complex but this did not interrupt our holiday in any way.

Overall we did have a good holiday, we hired a car and saw all the attractions Lanzarote has to offer and I would recommend this to anyone, but I would not go back to the El Trebol unless it improved dramatically.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
When arriving to the hotel the...

"When arriving to the hotel the reception had an awful smell of urine coming from the public toilets in the reception area. The rooms where really basic and could do with more attention.

The maid service was disgusting. In the two weeks I stayed there I got my bedding changed once and that was only because I put my bedding on the floor, I had to sleep on my beach towel. Awful.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
We paid £400 each for one week stay...

"We paid £400 each for one week stay at the El Trebol on an All Inclusive basis. Apparently this is the 1st year the El Trebol has attempted catering at an All Inclusive level, and it is definitely showing teething problems! The rooms provided are actually apartments, which does have its benefits (use of a fridge for example!). The food is very basic and shows little imagination, I mainly lived off soup all week which was actually quite nice.

Our apartment was over run with ants, out suitcase was full of them on arrival back to the UK. Another family who stayed there had to have injections as their beds were ridden with bed bugs! The pool area is lovely, but they are in serious need of some parasols.

The nightly entertainment all takes place indoors, it would have been nice if the pool bars was open, or seating provided so you could sit outside and have a drink. There was no air-con so the room was very hot. As a consequence we spent most of our evenings away from the hotel and spent much more money than anticipated.

The resort itself is relatively low key. Cactus Jacks is the best bar. Overall we have a lovely holiday (owed mainly to the pool area and hot weather), but we would not return to the El Trebol.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel

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8 / 10
Well a lot may have depended on the...

"Well a lot may have depended on the time we went. It was out of season, and during last few days the resort filled up lots. The hotel did what it said on the tin really, rooms are a cracking size and the addition of the kitchen means you can do your own drinks etc without food going off within a day.

The hotel is set 5-10 mins walk from the main bit of Costa Teguise but was a nice walk back at night. The restaurant was pretty rubbish I have to say, you never knew if the evening meal was going to be good or bad! So as a result we ate out a lot, and discovered some fantastic restaurants on the front.

Have to say as well, although they may have finished by now, the entertainment team were brilliant and we got to know them really well by the time we left.

We went mainly as it is a good resort to windsurf, again the guys down at windsurf paradise (where I learned) were brilliant and happy to explain everything. Worth going as soon as you get there to book lessons though as I’m sure they get booked up in busy season! Would definitely go back to Costa Teguise, but maybe not to the same hotel.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Well we had a fantastic holiday at...

"Well we had a fantastic holiday at the El Trebol, it was our 1st holiday with our 2 yr old and there was plenty for him to do. The rooms were nice but may need a little more attention, the swimming pools were fantastic and there were plenty of sun loungers the only down fall was no parasols.

The food was nice but could of been better there was always plenty 2 choose but the combinations were strange.

The holiday was a 9 out of 10 for us. We liked it that much we are going again in September can not wait. If you have children it’s a lovely place 2 take them they will love it.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos

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10 / 10
My husband, myself and two friends...

"My husband, myself and two friends went to El Trebol at the beginning of December. As it was our first time abroad our friends had already been before we were a little scared at what to expect but we were not disappointed what a beautiful place, very clean.

We did eat out at different places every night and the Italian restaurant at Las Cucharas was brilliant there t bone steaks are excellent as I don’t have much of an appetite, I must admit that I have never eaten so much in my life gained half a stone that week, enough said.

Our apartments were basic but if you only need some place to sleep wash and relax they were ideal. Never went near the cooker all week. Outside we found a little bar called cafe Christina and the owner was a pure gem. I did have him worn out as he kept having to run out for bottles of baileys, but he was a gem. He never closed until we were ready to go home.

On our last night we went at 3 in the morning and my poor husband has vowed never to drink brandy and coke again.

If you have never been to Lanzarote you don’t know what you are missing, it is a beautiful place and we will be going back in July to celebrate our silver anniversary. Cant wait.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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8 / 10
The hotel staff were very friendly...

"The hotel staff were very friendly and the entire complex was kept very clean although it was fairly standard.

The food was varied and there was always plenty of choice. There were enough sun loungers around the pool and as part of a group of four we were always able to find a decent spot. Although the resort is quieter than other parts of Lanzarote there was plenty to see and do for people of all ages.

Five minutes walk to the beach or town centre with plenty of shops and a variety of bargains. (I got some better deals with the local shops than at the usual markets) The weather for the time of year was excellent.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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9 / 10
The welcome my family and I received...

"The welcome my family and I received at this complex was fantastic.

Although we went in December we did not go for the Christmas Holidays and it was very much 'off peak'. Despite this the complex put on excellent entertainment i.e. movies for kids, disco's Karaoke, shows, live music etc.

The food was wonderful - I am a vegetarian and usually dread holiday food - but I must say I was very impressed that along with a multitude of choice for your average meat eater there was also lots of options for me - all totally delicious.

I would go back here in a snap!

The apartments are basic and I don’t know if I would have coped cooking for a hoard of hungry kids in the mini kitchen available if I had gone self catering but it was great to be able to make coffee and snacks in between meals which is not always possible in a basic hotel room. Admittedly no kettle but we managed perfectly well with a saucepan.

To sum up, if you don’t expect the Ritz and accept the place for what it is - basic accommodation to crash/shower/have a snack/coffee etc after great days out and really want great customer service and be able to eat the food without being ill (someone else in my party booked in at a 5 star hotel down road and was ill every time they ate the food - paid for all inclusive and had to pay again at local restaurant!) then this is the place for you.

Great pool area too - very clean and catches the sun all day..

nice for when the staff take your kids off to the kids club and entertain them at no extra cost!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2004, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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