Marianna Palace Hotel

Rhodes 85103, Greece
3.5  / 10
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8 / 10
Friendly, basic and clean

"Not really 4 star, but very comfortable and friendly.

Choice and range of food is excellent as are the drinks. Be aware all signs and documentation are in German, but staff can speak English.

Quiet location, not exactly Faliraki - but enough to keep you occupied and varied. Most occupants may never leave the compound, being all-inclusive, so if that is your liking then you won't be disppointed. Limited facilities for kids. Basically you get what you pay for - I have no complaints and the staff are very accommodating and work exceptionally hard.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Ability to speak German, and have own car

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2 / 10
We chose this hotel because it was...

"We chose this hotel because it was rated as 4*. We were aware that hotels in Rhodes have a star rating that may exceed expectations but to call this a 4* hotel was like calling a Mini a Ferrari!

Whilst the hotel was clean and the pool area pleasant, the rest of the facilities and the location of the hotel were dire enough for us to decide never to visit Rhodes as a holiday location again.

The hotel is sited approximately one and a half miles from the main centre of the Kolymbia resort and about 700m from the beach. The surrounding area consisted of supermarkets, empty tavernas, and wasteland.

As there is no entertainment provided by the hotel, other than a bouzouki player once a fortnight, we ventured out each evening to find masses of tourist families wondering aimlessly round the scrub looking forlornly at the three goats which were the highlight of the local area.

Of more concern was the food and drink. The hotel was advertised as all inclusive and had a well appointed reception area with bar and large screen TV. However, the reception bar was permanently closed and the large screen TV was permanently tuned to German cookery programmes for the benefit of the 99.5% of the other residents of the hotel.

Drinks were available (strictly between the time of 11 am and 12 am) from the poolside bar. These drinks consisted of quite a good range of soft drinks and juices as well as one choice of watery lager and five other choices or spirits with the alcohol removed.

The two young Slovakian barmen were pleasant and as helpful as they could be under the circumstances. The two middle aged Greek bar staff were truculent, unhelpful and appeared to speak a mixture of German and gibberish resulting in 100% record of serving the wrong drinks to the wrong people with a well practiced scowl.

The food consisted of a mixture of stews some of which were edible, most of which required the immediate attention of a well placed knife to remove the 80% gristle and fat. The salad bar was one of the few aspects which could be called good but was spoiled by the insistence of inviting the local swarm of flies for lunch and dinner 10 minutes prior to the guests of the hotel.

I am sorry to sound so negative and sarcastic regarding my experience at the Marianna Palace but this is a true account with little exaggeration. The sad thing is that with a little attention to detail and a little more care the hotel could have easily reached everyone's expectations.

If you are thinking of going there I implore you to think again and look at self catering accommodation nearer the centre of things. Better still go to the Atlantica Bay in Cyprus and be treat like kings and queens.

P.S The reception staff were excellent in helping us find the local bus and taxis to get the hell out of there!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Travel Republic

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3 / 10
Two adults. Weather very hot....

"Two adults. Weather very hot. Marianna palace hotel is rated a 4 star hotel... It’s not... More like 3 star.

Reception nice, pool nice, dining area ok, room ok, bar area ok. Building work going on in some of the rooms. Very nosy. Stairs and landings not cleaned.

Rooms: Sheets and towels changed every day but room not cleaned.

Dining area: Clean but the food ran out a lot of the time, was cold and not much choice.

Bar area: Not enough bar staff, Greek music loud every day from 10am till 12pm.

Pool and surrounding area nice.

Used the local buses for trips to Rhodes and Lindos. Very good and a lot cheaper than tours.

Beach a 10 minute walk. Nice and clean.

Would not recommend for children. Nothing for them to do. Nothing to do of an evening but drink.

Very popular with the German. Had a lovely holiday but will not be going back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Hotels4u

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1 / 10
4*, no way. My 5th trip to the Greek...

"4*, no way.

My 5th trip to the Greek Islands and the worst, tiny rooms, you have to pay 6euros a day for air conditioning and 1.5 euros for a cushion for your sun bed, not forgetting a 20 euro deposit in case you wish to use a beach towel.

If you like cold undercooked eggs, beans and mini hot dogs every morning then rush along and book now, lunch is spaghetti every day and either a fish dish or tough meat, one day we got a pasta sauce with so many herbs in it that it burnt the palette. Needless to say we ate out 5 nights of 7.

Don’t bother complaining the rep is available by appointment only and will see you on your first real day (arrival 4am) when you have no idea how bad it is, you could use a mobile if you have one or pay hotel rates.

The air conditioning poured water all night.

If you enjoy a drink you'll love it, it is so weak you can literally drink from noon to midnight with no affect whatsoever, it’s all watered down. Like a smiley bar team? Forget it.

In all, this hotel was a total disaster, only just gone to an all inclusive and they have no idea of what it means, they screw every last cent from you and every other miserable guest. There were no English TV channels until the last day when strangely the place filled with Germans, a friend of ours made a general complaint and was told to change his attitude or go!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Argo Holidays

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