Medisun Hotel

Oyder Cad. No:49, Ortakent, Turkey
5.5  / 10
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1 / 10

"Myself and my husband went to MEDISUN Hotel for our honeymoon recently. Some of the staff were nice and polite, however, the Manager was abrupt and rude. The rest of the staff were rude and unhelpful.

Some of the other guests were, I am afraid to say.......racist! Some guests seemed very shocked to see people of color in the hotel too. Black people do exist!! Myself and my husband had every right to be there like anyone else. The rooms were basic and some other guests were really noisy at night.

The food was the same every day and although I had travel insurance, I was injured by having a Turkish bath on the premises, then to be told by the Doctor that I had to pay for treatment!!

The entertainment was really cringe worthy and did not meet our expectations. This is definitely not a 4 star hotel, but more like a ZERO star.

All this hotel wants to do is to sell you excursions. Best to go to town itself to buy the excursion tickets, where it is cheaper.

Would never stay there again......

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: No tips, just don't stay there.

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8 / 10
It seems to me...

"I am returning to the Medisun later this year (2012). I had a brilliant time there before: having gone essentially on business alone, I ended up in a really great group of people (about 6 of us) in a very short period of time. I realise that this was just a quirk of fate but it indicates to the abhorrent Englophiles who post negative reviews that the place has the capacity to create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Whilst I was there I did overhear an essentially obese woman complaining that she couldn't get a "proper" English breakfast and commenting to others that they should go "down the Fxxxxxxx beach" and get one there. My delight at their leaving for said breakfast was immesurable!

Right, the review: The place is clean, the staff were amazingly polite and pleasant (the phrase "As you sow, so shall ye reap" springs to mind!).

One day I returned to my room to find the top bedsheet arranged as a fan - which was nice, maybe because I had always made an attempt not to leave the room a mess?

I stayed at the nearby Lighthouse a couple of years later, more expensive, hundreds of steps, food worse, further out with no local amenities within a long walk (to the same beach - strip within two mins walk of Medisun),admittedly they had a great beach bar with incredible staff which was actually on the beach but the pool area was rectangular and really rather small.

I started this review with the phrase "It seems to me... " I would like to clarify that comment: it seems to me that, having read all the reviews, there is a matter of a certain element of tollerance and yes, that awful word, class here.

I have read the most apallingly written, spelt and punctuated drivel about this hotel; it seems very obvious to me that the more one spends (as a percentage of disposable income) the more one feels empowered to complain that you were not treated like an "A" list star!

The Turks are a proud and once powerful people; that heritage must remain within individuals; all I would implore is that you bear in mind the above, it's a qoute from the bible (I am not in the least religious) but I think it sums up what any visitor would expect from any guest at their own home: respect me and I'll respect you!

It's a basic but nontheless acceptable destination and I defy anyone with an open mind not to enjoy their time there!

  • Holiday details: May 2008
  • Advice: Be nice to the staff!

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1 / 10
Worst Hoilday ever

"Never in my life have I had such a bad holiday. The food was rank, the beds as hard as iron the staff could not care about the guest,There were 20 guest at the Doctors with BAD TUM'S in the we that we stayed, and as for the rep all he wanted to do was to sell you trips away at very over the top prices

Never again would i go to Turky if this is what thay rank as a 4 star

Hotel, this hotel is at the very most 2 star I can only SAY DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, All Inclusive, booked with mediatravel
  • Advice: Do not go

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7 / 10
it was not that bad

"i stayed at the medisun hotel and i found that the bathroom leaked and there wasnt much choice of food but i still found the staff freindly and wanted to have a chat with you wenever they saw you. The rep was very helpfull and so was the people on reception. the pool area was lovely and the pool was lovely and big a bit cold but once in was fine. the snack bar was great with freshly made pidas write in frount off you. turkish bath is great strongly reccomend. overall had a lovely time and wasnt dissapointed."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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2 / 10
Please Read This

"If you book this hotel and are given a room on the ground floor (300's) then make sure the first thing you do is get a safety deposit box. We went as a party of 8, arriving at 4.30am, after catching up on sleep we then spent a bit of time familiarising ourselves with the hotel and the surrounding area. We went for the evening meal and my friend returned to the room to discover it had been broken into and his wife's bag with their passports all the cash and credit cards had been taken, their camera, mobiles and camcorder had been left. These rooms are on the lower ground and it is very poorly lit and backs onto waste ground. The police were called and they and manager advised them it would speed things up if they said they had 'lost' them rather than report a theft. It cost 175 lira for each emergency passport. WE had 5 rooms in our party and we all checked the balcony window, which could be pushed open even when locked.

The food was very repetitive - chicken every meal cooked in different ways (sauteed, barbequed, 'Chinese style' (sauteed with a few noodles thrown in) and chicken drumsticks!!! the snacks between meals were better.

We were coerced (pestered) into having a meal at the beach bar with offers of a change from chicken and free cocktail and salads. The cocktails was juice with the tiniest amount of Malibu in it. When we checked the bill the 'free' salads had been charged for and a seafood salad that was priced in the menu at 20tl was charged at 50tl and seam bream priced at 10tl was charged at 15tl, and 40tl for a bottle of house red which if we had have got by the glass would have worked out at 20tl!!!. We paid but made our feelings known that we weren't happy. We returned to the hotel and less that an hour later the guy was back up at the hotel claiming that the prices had been a mistake and he had been busy and didn't know. He didn't offer to refund us. He was at the hotel every day trying to drum up business so once he left my friend and I warned people to check their bill carefully.

The beach is very narrow and pebbly, about a 5 minute walk from hotel. the promenade is very pleasant.

The drain the bathroom flooded every time you had a shower. The rooms were ok, good size and free air con and a fridge.

I would say that this hotel is a 2-3* at a push definitely not a 4*

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Right Holidays

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1 / 10
Absolute Holiday from Hell!!!!!!!

"Never stayed in such a scruffy, horrible hotel in my life. all hotel staff and so called holiday makers (russians and turks) most ignorant people a have ever seen in my life. We got took down at least 70-80 steps into what the entertainment staff call the DUNGEONS and had to walk past swimming pool with all the foreign people wispering English....English!!!!! As soon as we got down into the so called dungeons we had to fight with doors locked by padlock and key and broken glass windows, the room which i wouldnt let my dog sleep in thats how bad REALLY!!!!! 2 friends who came with us had the next room to us and believe me it was bad too. Bathroom looked like it had never been cleaned in the full time it had been built and toilet, it was like looking into a black hole, all the ceramic off the toilet and no drainage cover on shower, which actually looked like it had been used for number 2's(DISGUSTING) Mirror in room had a crack all the way through it, beds hasnt been made up never mind clean bed linen.

I would advise any one not to go to this hotel, it really is a bad as i am making out. when we got to bodrum airport i had a voicemail off travel agent who we boked with telling me there was going to be a few problems with thr facilities( i thought no hairdryer or television but far far worse, she told me when we ge there and see what actually is dirrerent to call back and if its not up to scratch she would change hotel. we had to stay in hotel one night and all 4 slept in clothes with money and passports under pillow. Food, chopped potatoes cheese boiled eggs and bread was the wide selection of food we had to choose from, obviously we didnt eat there after compaining to manager who laughed at us, we booked a taxi and went into gumbet on a free shuttle, still holding onto all of our money and passports,

When we got back to hotel we had no choice but to sleep there, even though i would much prefer to sleep rough, and were up first thing to travel agent again, got ready in a nice cold salty shower what i would say catch the drip because there was hardlys no water coming out of shower head, and were also told it we want hot water to shower at 10 in morning because thats when the sun heats water up!!!!!!!!!!!! we paid £2200 for 4 in a 4 star all inclusive which wasnt cheap and i would rather stay in a garden shed. and just another thing if you do want to go, watch for folks in swimming pool!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Holiday Hotels
  • Advice: please dont go,no joke!!!

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8 / 10
Have a nice time

"On arriving at this hotel, we were greeted with a very friendly face and a lovely lad took our cases to our room. The room was spacious and very clean. The bathroom we had was very nice and also very clean. Friends that were also at the hotel, did have a leak in the bathroom but it was sorted out very quickly. The food was very nice, a bit repetative but then Turkish food is more or less the same everywhere. I found the hot food very tasty and there were plenty of salads. The staff were polite and friendly except the manager did seem very stern and not very approachable. If you're in the all inclusive and expect a Turkish bath free - it isn't we had to pay for ours, and I had a back massage which was very good and was charged £20.00, supposedly for 40 minutes and only got 20, so be careful of the chap that asks if you want one. The pool is large and a bit chilly, with plenty of sunbeds. the only critisism I have, is when the entertainment is on, they expect you to go to the Amplitheatre (which is very nice)at 10.30 which takes yo away from the free drink. If you go down to the beach in the evening the bars are open as late as you ant them to be, and again the people are very friendly. Don't go to Turkey expecting a cheap holiday becasuse it has now caght up with the rest of europe, but it's still a beautifl place"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: I would go just don't expect English star rating, it isn't, but it is a nice hotel
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Great for young people who dont moan about every little thing!

"Myself, my partner, his sister and her son stayed at he medisun and had a great time. we are all in our mid twenties but with a child with us we were looking for a family holiday which it was.

we arrived on sunday afternoon, our bags were carried for us and check in was hassle free. we were given the basement rooms which is apparently where they put all the brits! but they werent bad. the room was basic but clean and had air con which was a life saver! the bathrooms could certainly do with updating and were mouldy. we had a balcony which was private but we didnt stay in the room very much cause whats the point when your on holiday! we spoke to an older couple who had been shown a basement room and they had complained so ended up with a pool view room which was alot nicer, very clean and new.

the pool area was great with plenty of loungers and the bar right next to it. all inclusive drinks inc vodka, rakki, beer (which was lovely) all sorts of fruit juice, coffee, hot chocolate etc from machine which were quite nice and pepsi amoung other fizzy drinks, we def got our moneys worth in drinks (you can help yourself to coffee and juice machines).

The food was quite repetitive but nice, lots of salad and beautiful watermelon. unfortunatley myself and my partner became ill towards the end of our holiday so decided to avoid the food in case it made things worse. we went down to the beach which was only a two minute walk, lots of shops and bars, restaraunts etc and we found viveria, a nice place that served a full english breakfast for 9 tl (about £3.50)

there are water sports availiable on the beach, and russel the hotel entertainer arranged a boat trip which cost around £13.00 which was brilliant. all day on the boat with lunch included and stopped off at some beautiful islands with lots to do.

all in all we think that the people who have complained about this hotel are just moaners who expect too much for their money, if your expecting an english 4star, it is not but remember that turkey is not a rich country so things are bound to be a bit different to what your used to. if you are the sort of person who can make the best of your holiday and ignore the little imperfections then you will have a great time at medisun

(p.s avoid the so called water park at all costs, total rip off and you will get hurt!)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
if you want to go on a diet go to this hotel

"This hotel is definatly not a 4 star more like a 2 star.

rooms basic,bathroon dirty and mouldy

food very basic ,if you want bacon and eggs for breakfast you will be disappionted you will get boiled eggs or cereal.

not much choice at lunch and dinner either,rice,chips,spaghetti,and either meat balls or cheap cuts of chicken prepared differently so you wont notice ,they dont cater for kids unless they only eat chips,burgers and pizza.if you have kids there is nothing for them to do only a small play area with a swing,

the staff are rude and unfriendly,only good thing was the pool.

the beach is shingle and stones you have to wear your shoes in the sea

at the bar the drinks are watered down,and free drinks finish at 11 on the dot

some of the people we were with got extra drinks before 11 only to have them taken off then by bar staff

we are not fussy people but this was the worst hotel we have ever stayed in,its a shame because it was our first time in turkey and we wont be rushing back ever

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with JetlineTravel
  • Advice: lots of stray dogs
  • Activities: jimmy,s is the best place to eat

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1 / 10
Please READ


Me and my partner was originally looking for a cheap last minute getaway so we looked online and found the cheapest deals on teletext holidays Turkey 4star all inclusive from gatwick £340 each we thought bargin! so we called to book and it was through Fleetway travel.

When we arrived to Turkey we went outside the airport to get our transfers and the coach had left with out us. We ended up having to wait 3 hours for the next flight to arrive.

When we arrived at our hotel it looked small compared to the photos we were then shown to our room which was down in the basement of the hotel in a pitch black corridor. Our room was disgraceful-

There was dust all in the wardrobes and on the dressing table chair.

The tiles and bath panel were all coming off in the bathroom.

There were dead flies stuck to the cilling

the bed was low and uncomfortable.There were just 2 flat pillows and a sheet.

The room hadn't even been cleaned

The bathroom was unusable.

There was no selection of food, for breakfast you have to pay for eggs even if your all in. There were salads and then 3 hot foods section. They also rang a bell like we are animals.

The pool was a nice size that was the best thing about the hotel.

The beach was a two minute walk bit is all stones and very tiny,there are also loads of dogs just walking around.The reps are never at the hotels.

We stayed at this hotel for one night then payed another £400 between us to move to a 5star resort called ISIS it was lovely and had everything.


  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Fleetway Travel
  • Advice: If we went turkey again would not go Bodrum
  • Activities: NONE

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9 / 10
whats all the moaning about!

"This holiday was a late deal and it was a bargain we loved it. I dont know how these people can complain about this hotel me and my partener really enjoyed it. the food was really good and im a fussy eater, there was a nice selection of hot and cold meals 3 times aday and snacks as well. The rooms were clean and were cleaned everyday.

There is a bus station at the end of the road going to lots of different places, the beach is lovely 2mins away and the staff come over to the beach offering drinks ( which they do charge for watch out.) These people are expecting 6* hotel well its not you get what you pay for, i would go again maybe a week or so later when all the bars and shop open for season. i recommend this hotel to couples and families.

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Value for Money

"Medisun hotel is certainly value for money, you get what you pay for and although this wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea it suited us.

Pool lovely, rooms cheap and cheerful, staff very helpful and friendly. Food typically local only complain repetitive and if you are a fussy eater or prefer European cuisine this is not for you.

We loved the quiet beach and ate out our last few days. You must go to pay a visit to Jimmy in 'Jimmy's Bar'. You will not be dissapointed. The food was great and the hospitality every better. We were made so welcome and this became our regular haunt in an evening or for a stop off during the day.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Quiet and peaceful,
  • Activities: Jimmy's
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by loulou09

    " jimmy's resturant Gr8 english breakfast and best cocktails and chicken Fajitas to die for "

  • by sdbarton

    " recommend a day at bodrum shopping, sightseeing, restaurants great. "

  • by jobotrobot

    " jet skis, boat trip "

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