Medisun Hotel

Oyder Cad. No:49, Ortakent, Turkey
5.5  / 10
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5 / 10
well what can you say about a cheap...

"well what can you say about a cheap holiday?? the hotel ok pool great, people friendly the food !!!!! not worth the all inclusive ,as we ate out mostly as the hotel food not up to standard,if you are fussy the food isnt for you, we ate at the snack bar mostly,the drinks very weak, still got the runs though, still we tend to accept that now. the wheather fantastic, the hotel had no controll over that,!! the rep was ONLY interested in selling trips, nothing else!!! not even telling us how to get to the beach ,, book your trips direct, we had a fantastic day on a big boat all day trip 5 stops good food £10 same trip with the rep £30 !!! some females had problems with the local men being hasseled be wary!! dont go out on your own at night(females). round up ; wheather great, hotel ok ,rep -50 not worth him being there! food ergh!! no way!! area nice but quite, best pool, boat trip a 10 for each,"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
The reports about the hotel are...

"The reports about the hotel are pretty much correct this hotel is definitely not 4* more a 2*+. We didnt let it spoil our holiday we used the hotel basically for the room which is very basic, pool and for snacks during the day. We ate there a couple of nights but quickly became bored with the same meals being served. instead we walked along the promenade and found a lovely restaurant in the name of Viras. Food fantastic, service excellent couldn't ask for more. Will definitely go to this resort again but not the medisun hotel maybe we will stay at Viras they now have rooms behind them which knocks spots off the one we stayed in at the medisun. Overall we had a great holiday."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Goldtrail

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3 / 10
Swimming pool is the best feature of...

"Swimming pool is the best feature of the hotel. Room clean and of adequate size, air conditioning free; ours leaked constantly all night and took five days to fix. No facilities for making a drink in the room, we found out that some people had fridges; we received one next day after complaining; so we at least had a cold drink available.

The all inclusive drinks at the bar consisted of local weak Beer, Gin, Vodka, Racqui and soft drinks; anything else was extra. All drinks extra after 11pm.

The food looked good at first glance but was bland and repetitious (it became a standing joke amongst the guests with people frequently complaining) Lots of salad covered in yoghurt and salad dressings. Some odd food preparation i.e. cooked and chilled green beans and cauliflower! The meat and rice portions are served by staff and miniscule in size and invariably cold.

Breakfast consists of traditional Turkish fare, Bread, cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives and fruit. Omelettes and fresh orange juice were extra. Kids survived on pizza, chips and burgers served pool side between meal times.

A Turkish night / Lottery proved to be a scam (at the cost of £4.00 a ticket to get us on a trip to a shop) the inference was that you could win a gold necklace. In fact everyone who bought a ticket won a small piece of jewellery, providing you went on the trip to fetch it!

The beach front sun beds consisted of four wooden pallets; these were replaced with proper sun beds on the second week; again after complaining.

We ate and drank out after the first few days and our stomach cramps and Diarrhoea cleared up (read into that what you will).

Our complaints were heard by the tour operator who promised to return the following evening with a complaint form - we never saw them again!

Looking at it pragmatically; it was a cheap holiday and so I suppose I shouldn't expect too much but if it says 4 star it should be 4 star. This in my opinion is a 3 star at best.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with On the beach

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6 / 10
Loved the Turkish Bath / Hamam

"Folks, if you are looking for the right start to your holiday, to get relaxed from day 1 and to pamper yourself in order to achieve that perfect tan....go to the Medisun Hotel Hamam / Turkish Bath. Never in my life have i enjoyed such a professional and taylored service. The Staff are friendly and acute to the Customer's needs, the surroundings are relaxing; the facilities are traditional yet modern; the massaging techniques from the scrub, soap and varying oils are catered for your every need. This year, the Hamam has added proffessional barber and ladies hair-dressers to give you that 'spit-finished' look. The ambience is enjoyable and as a Customer, you feel like you're getting the Royal Treatment. There is no comparison regarding price with the UK+ Irelan; this unique experience is 'extremely' low cost!


Best Regards,

Mary P Ryan

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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2 / 10

"Truly the worst holiday of my life. This Hotel barely rated 2 star let alone 4. Every complaint made was answered with the season hasn;t started properly yet, If only we had been told that when we booked. The food wasn't too bad & would have been sufficient had we been able to serve ourselves, instead the chef's were at hand to make sure they could give out as little as possible. This would not have been to bad had the snacks advertised on the all inclusive been available, however again they said it was out of season even though we had paid for this. The head of the entertainments team was 1 of the rudest men i have ever met who couldn't seem to speak anything but lies (Entertainment that was the biggest joke of all, i would love his job, popping in every morning to change a CD & play 1 game of Darts) . The pool was like the antartic making it almost impossible to have a swim unless you are insane. The whole hotel was kept awake through the night by packs of dogs howling to each other right the way through the night. Believe it or not i am not usually 1 to complain but if i can save anybody the hell that i had then it's well worth it. Trust me it really is that bad."

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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8 / 10
Great Fun!

"I think this holiday will be what you make it! dont listen to other reviews! i went to turkey and stayed in the medisun it was great! we went all inclusive fair enough food is not what your use to back home but what do you expect it a different country!

The hotel was lovel the rooms were a good size and we had a lovely view! The entertainment staff were good to begin with although when we didn't visit the hotels own restaurant (which was not included) they huffed! especially a guy we named russel he didnt speak to us the rest of our holiday!! The food in the hotel wasn't too bad altough there was not a poolside bar like they had claimed...we did say to the staff and by the next day they had a mini bbq serving burgers abd chips....cant complain!

We met some lovely people and they made our time so enjoyable.

Along the promenade there are some lovely places to eat and i would recommend tryin the turkish specialities delicious!

The hotel is in a fab location literally a minute walk to the beach were we enjoyed jet skiing and bananna boating! There is also a bus that runs directly into Gumbet were all the nightlife was it didnt cost a lot and neither did the taxis for the way home. definately go into Gumbet to liven your holiday up a bit, there is loads of karoke bars and clubs to enjoy!

In all i had a wonderful holiday although its now "been there done that" and i dont think i would go back, it was a great experience and i think you should go there with an open mind...dont expect to much and most of enjoy youself!!!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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4 / 10
Thank goodness for Viras!!!

"My wife and I had a good holiday in Turkey thanks to the crazy group of Brits we met in the Medisun Hotel. The Hotel itself was very basic and not very clean. The food was very basic and offered very little choice. (And yes I've been to Turkey before and yes I know 'When in Rome...') The staff were OK. The entertainment was poor - the entertaiment manager 'Res' was just lazy. The main manager was a small grumpy man who never spoke, never smiled and I'm not sure whether he was actually breathing.

But... on the beach front was a place called Viras. It is owned by a Turkish man and a British woman. Her name is Victoria... I'm sorry I can't remember his. The atmosphere, the welcome, the food and oddly, the exchange rate, were brilliant.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006

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6 / 10
Inside information!

"After reading the other comments they all seem to reflect our experience.


Provided a better room on the ground floor so mum did not have to use the stairs. The reception staff were very accommodating. The pool was great and cleaned every evening. Cold for those with a weak disposition! The table waiters were lovely, don't speak much but smiled often and provided the odd wolf wistle!


The hotel was very basic along with the food although edible mum got the yids for three days (can't be sure it was the food though). The hotel manager (little grumpy man who does not crack a smile for anyone) was extremely rude to me. Not a nice bloke! The entertainment left a lot to be desired...... The only thing I heard him say in the daytime was "any one for warder polo". I asked for an aqua aerobics session, I got one but it last for all of five minutes and he got in the water with us!!! Strange. I missed the balcony, it was just a room with four walls and two windows with loads of small jumping spiders. The bathroom was in bad need of bleach, along with the toilet! I think they could have done with a better cleaner, I asked for a brush to sweep my own room, you should have seen the dust!!! The first room we had kept us awake with the swimming pool generator going off and on. Be warned if you get this room I think it was 324.


The weather turned ugly on the last evening. We found it a real drag being so remote. Most people on the beach were closed or closing down for the end of the season. It was hard to find evening entertainment in the resort of Ortakent. The hotel.... well I agree with everyone elses comments "WHAT ENTERTAINMENT". I have to say I could do Rus' job blind folded!!!! and provide a fantastic evenings entertainment. The same thing every night was boring. The music round the pool in the day became the evenings entertainment (good job we met some really nice people). Take your dominos boards with you, it will be a --- sight more entertaining than that of the Medisuns!


Stay in Bodrum it is beautiful and the turkish people on the whole are lovely. Dee

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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2 / 10
hated the medisun hotel

"The hotel should be rated 1-2 star not 4. We got there in the middle of the night, wanted a drink and was offered water. I had to clean the bathroom when I got into the room as it was disgusting. The night manager said it was ok. All the time there we saw a young lad doing the cleaning? Staff are unhelpful and AI is questionable! Definately not a place we would recommend to anyone.

Kristina Higgins & Kirk Blamey



  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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6 / 10
Love Turkey

"This is our 3rd visit to turkey and we will definitely go again. The weather's fab and the locals will go out of there way to help you.

We were quite nervous about the holiday after having a nightmare booking it through teletext which i definitely won't do again.

For a late deal this hotel is fantastic- what more can you expect when it only costs £200 each!

The food wasn't to everyones taste but you can't expect english food in a foreign country. There was always something to eat although cold chips covered in ketchup let down the salad bar- but people were eating it.

For what we payed we knew we would eat out some nights and there are some great restaurants along the seafront that are definitley worth a visit. Veras makes a great cooked breakfast for £3.

The pool was great and so were the staff they were all really freindly and would go out of their way to help you especially Russel and Omur.

At this time of year it wasn't busy so don't expect alot of hotel entertainment although the turkish night was definitely worth staying in for.

As other people have said the bathrooms are plumbed particularly strangely so they flood every time you have a shower but that is our only complaint. The rooms are basic but well kept and have everything you need.

We were told the hotel was in Bodrum itself but it's actually a 20min Dolmus ride. Not a problem because it's really easy to catch just a bit of a pain when you thought you would be close to the bars and shops. Bodrum is definitely worth a visit though.

Medisun isn't as bad as people say although i wouldn't say it was a 4*. You get what you pay for- if you want 4* luxury don't go on a £200 holiday.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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8 / 10
Medisun Hotel - !

"Well, where do I begin?

There have been a lot of mixed feelings about this place!

Lets start with the positives.

Excellent location for beach, shops, Dolmus station,(2.5 lira to Bodrum/ about £1) Taxi rank.

Harbour is lovely and we took a stroll along the front most days.

HINT take some bread with your and feed the fish at the harbour... good fun!

People In Turkey easy to get along with, and will go out of there way to understand your needs. Treat them how you would like to be treated and youll get along fine.

Very cheap holiday, with good sunshine to be had. Although a four + hour flight with onur air and no entertainment was a bit endless. Take a book, or some music with you!

Range of food was good, escpecially considering the small number of guests that they had to cater for.- This isnt for your typical British tourist who expects bacon and egg for breakfast, or a roast sunday lunch! If thats you perhaps you should consider somewhere like Gumbet (little Blackpool) Your in Turkey and should be prepared to be a bit adventurous. We ate most days at the hotel, from the whole range on offer and had no problems. Only ate out on 3 nights over the course of 2 weeks, but we expected to do this anyway. Its always nice to treat yourself! Veiras along the front is first class and not bad value... puffy bread, two courses and a bottle of wine for £24! Can recomend ordering their special desert called Turkish Delights! it is to die for!

Bar- alway kept tidy, and drinks were ok. Beer wasnt strong, but tasted good. Red and white wines were freshly made that morning i think! but ok! dont expect jacobs creek or blossom hill! Hint order white in a tall glass with soda water... much nicer.

spirits. we only drank vodka, and it was fine, especially since it comes with real pepsi, 7 up etc.

We drank water and juice from the machines every day and had no problems at all. The wee fella at the bar "Huseyin" could be seen bringing in the big jugs of water and filling them.

Huseyin was the best member of staff we found. very friendly and always had time for a smile, limited english but is learning.

All the women there wanted to cuddle him and take him home. He seemed to always be getting it in the ear from the resturant/bar manager for something.

Other staff- Russel = Animation team! where the team comes into it i dont know... Give him his due he did try, but when there are only about 20 people around the pool its hard to motivate for a game of water polo! He has a good grasp of english and if you have any questions or problems he will keep you right. His boat trip is good value at £10! He also organised for people to go watch football when it was on and took another group clubbing.

Other staff, seem to be just 3 working in the resturant, all do there jobs well, but not very talkative. HINT dont leave your plate to go get another bit of bread etc else it will be gone~!

Reception. limited English, but smiled and pleasant.

Biggest thing that let them down was no corporate identity. all wore what they like. Would look so smart wearing all the same!

Rooms. Basic but light and airy, cleaned to the minimum. bathrooms seemed to be everyones complaint...very small, dark and badly desgined. bad shower screens, and thick caulk around the bath that isnt anti fungacidal so goes black! But hey your not staying in there for more than 5 minutes... so why worry too much?

Pool. Large and well looked after. very deep though! And bloody cold even when the sun has been on it!

Pool side. Nicely laid out, plants , shrubs, good number of sunbeds. could use some mattresses though! tiles can be slippy so be careful and dont run.!

Whilst here we heard rumour that the whole bit was going to be re-tiled and upgraded over the winter, which is why they were not bothering about it too much.

Overall the hotel is nice. In a good location, and could be made very easilly into a 5 star resort! Alas it is probably only a 2 at the minute!

Gumbet. Like we said earlier... little Blackpool... everywhere is priced in Pounds... pushing English breakfast etc

Fixed price shops with every fake item you could think of!

Bodrum- great place, we had fun exploring the Bazzarrs and haggling with them for Genuine fake goods! If you want Diesel,D&G,etc stuff.. then come here... Oh and search out for a wee shop that sell loose turkish delight... Cheaper than in the boxes every where and oh so morish!

We had a couple of day trips to bodrum and Ate in 2 places, one a resurant on the sea front where you sat on the beach, and another time in the middle of the bazzarr where we had a traditional turkish kebab wrap. both very cheap and very tasty.

The castle here is well worth a visit 10 lira. lots of history. Go early before it gets too hot though!

Some people felt uncomfortable here. must admit we never!

They should try Tunisia or Gambia!

Now a few negatives

We arrived at 4 in the morning to be greeted by goldtrail, to be told we were not on there list so had to make our own way!

Cost 85 lira for taxi!

Never saw any rep whole time we were there and had to organise transfer back to airport. Hotel wanted 100 lira! we took a taxi from around the corner for 80 lira! We are going to complain as we belive we should have had had tranfers, or at the very least told we didnt have any ... be warned... double check when you book and make sure! get it in writing... Booked through Teletext holidays, who booked it through Bookable holidays, with Goldtrail!

Oh and dont forget you ENGLISH £10 to get into the country... They dont take Scottish! !

Make sure you eat well before you leave for the airport. The food and drink here is a rip off... 2 cheeseburgers and a portion of chips £12!! bag of crisps, small water and small choc bar about £5, can coke £3... take it with you!

Dont let the reviews put you off, Turkey is great, and we will go back again! even to the Medisun!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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2 / 10
An experience

"Arriving at 1am in the morning we were met by staff who looked liked they had been living rough. Polite though but not dressed to impress. WE have never been to a hotel abroad where the staff do not wear some sort of form of uniform.

The room was very basic and in no way 4* accommodation our own rating after travelling the world, we would be hard pushed to rate it as 2* ACCOMMODATION.

The overall complex needs updating the only upside of our visit was the pool area and the resturant were pleasing to the eye.

The food was incredibly boring the same things dished up with a slight variation on the hot dish of the day, which most days l found very hard to digest. This hotel is aimed at the BRITISH TOURIST and there was no good basic cooking of any discription the food was a none starter. The all inclusive deal should include all foods however if you decided to have omlettes at breakfast you were asked to pay for them.

The bar only offered very limited local spirits, beers and wines overall don't try go to a local bar along the beachside where freindly service and welcome smile is included in the price. Finally we would like to warn the our travelling buddies of the cost intailed in not booking transfers with the tour operators. We were told that it would be cheaper for us to sort our own transfer infact in total it cost around £75 in return taxi fares BE WARNED!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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