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Zante, Greece
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7 / 10

"Not a family accomodation!!

We read some bad reviews about the Mavra before we went - but when we got there it wasnt too bad, it doesn't have a pool and we were told to use the pool at the Dora across from us, but that pool had no water in it!

We were advised by the rep of another pool we could use but we couldn't be bothered going to look for it so we just spent our days at the beach

Our apartment was on the top floor and because of this the room had ceiling beams all over - a bit dodgy when you are drunk and i have to say i did bang my head a few times!

the room we had was really big, with a kitchen and living space, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom

the room was clean enough to get by for the time we were there, we did buy some plastic cups from the nearby shop though! and we were always eating out anyway

It is about 2 seconds walk from the strip but suprisingly you dont really hear much music through the night

the beach is about a 2 minutes walk down the bottom of the strip

we spent all our days at the beach - CUBANEROS is the place to be! look for the car on the roof - you get free sunbeds and the guys serve you drinks and food if you want it so you dont even have to move!

they also belt out the zante club tunes alll day its great and gets you into the party mood for nightime!

at night i would recommend Kamakaze which is the first bar you come to as you walk down to the strip from the mavra

we spent most nights at Zeros, More, Plus and Rescues - all of these are next to each other along with another 10 or so clubs lol!

Cherry Bay is brilliant!! cheesy songs all night long its such a good night and is the last club on the strip just at the beach

i would defo go back to zante agen and i dnt see why we wouldnt return to the mavra - for all the time your actually in your apartment anyway!

Costa is the hotel manager and he always ses 'no party girls' lol!

You do get fined $50 each night for having ppl bk to the hotel but we did it a good few times and never got caught!!

enjoy zante and the mavra :-) x

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
The Mavra.

"I wouldn't recomend this accomodation if your a family especially with children or if you like everything to be clean & tidy. The rooms are very basic and really small. When you have a shower the bathroom floor ends up coverd in water because the bathroom is that small & it isn't very clean either. Theres a kitchenette but it is not worth trying to use but there is a desent sized fridge for all your beer. The beds are pretty uncomftable but when your drunk you dont really notice. The balcony is really sunny late afternoon. Are room only got cleaned once while we was there so it does get abit dirty and you should taken your own towels because they only got changed once. The safe is worth using as it is only 15euros for the week. When your in the room you can hear music at night from the clubs as it is so near to the strip,its a 1 minit walk down a path.

The pool looked nice although we didn't go in it as it was drained on our 2nd day because we went at the end of season it was to quiet to keep open so we spent most of our time on the beach which is about 100mts down the road, you do get pestered abit though by people selling DVD'S. We also eat out most of the time at KFC & Mc Donalds. Michael's is a good restraunt for a fry up to cure your hangover.

The night life is really good the best places to go are Zero's & Rescues. All the bar staff are really friendly and get you as drunk as they can but be careful not 2 get to drunk to volenteer for any games because you will end up very very embarrassed. The ultimate party at Sabotage was really good because you just end up so drunk and it is really busy. KFC & Pizza Hut are open til really late so its nice to go on your way home for something to eat.

Overall we had a really good holiday and would go back again. The accomodation wasn't the best but who cares when your hardly init and when u r your sleeping?

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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5 / 10
What a holiday!!!!

"This accomodation is in my opinion for people who are there to P-A-R-T-Y! It is the type of place where you book and dont care about all your luxuries! They are great as a base and your not planning to sit in your room for a long period of time!

The rooms are not the biggest and the bathroom you could have a shower sat on the toilet at the same time! You do have trouble sleepin if you'e not had a drink i found due to us being able to hear everything goin on in other peoples rooms, even people turning the taps on or flushing the toilet. The fridge was a good size where we stored all our beer! However we would not of used this to cook in without getting a bit of Mr Muscle on it we ate out a Mc d's, KFC, Pizza hut and Subway which are all two minutes walk away!!! The balcony was the best bit it was facing the sun so was nice to sit there with a drink as the sun was going down. We stayed in room 16, but there is no lift so you have to pull your case up two flights of stairs! The room was cleaned once in the week we were there so the floor did get a bit messy and you didnt get clean advice if you have room take a spare! The safe was 15 euro for a week and the air con was 35 euro! We saw the manager twice and he seemed nice...We didn't have anyone back to our room though! If you do theres a 50euro charge for that!

We did speak to the rep and she said the hotel was pack in the busier periods in the summer june/july/august but we went when it was coming to the end of the season. The pool area was nice and there have a pool table and snack bar there. We didnt spend much time there as it was soooo quiet! The Mavra uses the pool at the Dora the sister hotel so I can imagine it is busy in the day! we went to the beach mostly which id 100m down the road!!! Nice beach though!!!

The best thing about the accommodation is the balcony and the fact is it so near the main walk down a path and you come ouracross the road from zero's and recue's which we spent most of our time in! They were gooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!! You have to try Sabotage aswell - the ultimate party!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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3 / 10
Just got back from having the time of...

"Just got back from having the time of our lives in Zante!! It was probably the best holiday I've ever had!

YET if we were to go again, we would NEVER book to stay at Mavra!! A holiday is definately what you make it, so we didn't let the awful hotel spoil our week, but the room was pretty horrific!!!

When we arrived the room had obviously not been cleaned as there was still splatters of blood on the floor and a bit on the shower curtain!!! We dread to think why it was there, but it was blatently obvious the room hadn't been cleaned. We aren't necessarily fussy girls, but for the whole week we walked around the room with flip flops on, because the floor was dirty and we had to clean up the blood with baby wipes!!

The room got cleaned twice, which consisted of sweeping and moping the floor, leaving our bins full for us to empty in an outside bin and the shower was always filthy!!

Also just to warn girls about straightening their hair in these rooms... we'd barely been using the straighteners for long and the fire alarm started to go off, so be warned!

On a positive side, the room had good AC at about 35 Euros for a week and a safety deposit box. It was also a two minute walk to the main nightlife, which is good for getting home in heels, just be careful walking down the passage way!

Overall I'd reccommend not to stay here, but we still loved our holiday!! :o)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Monarch

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5 / 10
To sum it up, i would say this...

"To sum it up, i would say this accomdation is really good becuase its 50m from the strip of clubs, shops and restaurants so if you're stuggling after a heavy night out, you wont find it hard to find your way home!

The rooms are very basic but you shouldnt be spending much time in your room so its fine. The pool over at dora is less than a minutes walk away and the pool bar sells lots of different food and drinks.

There have been lots of reviews in the past about regular breakins here, but we didnt expereince any during our stay as a securityguard is employed to deter theifs. There are also good locks on all the doors and a safe so as long as you pay for the safe (15 euros for a week) and lock everything at all times you'll be fine.

The only problems we had during our stay were that the toilet in our room (beware of room 13) became blcoked and started to smell really badly so we couldnt use it and had to use our friends instead.

Nothing to do with the accomdation but be very craeful with your food- if its cold DO NOt eat it becuase i didnt notice at the time and became ill with Gastroenteritis when i ate a cold burger.


  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with On the Beach (cosmos accomodation thomas cook flight)

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3 / 10
I stayed at the mavra studios with...

"I stayed at the mavra studios with five other girls all aged 20, we had two apartments between the six of us. We had a brilliant holiday and the location is absolutely perfect you couldn't ask for a better location, right behind the strip and really close to the beach.

However, the accomodation was nothing to rave about. Although we did spend quite a lot of money, we were expecting a very basic apartment and that is what we were faced with. We had the worst of the two rooms, although both of the rooms had broken showers which ran cold a lot of the time. Our apartment was unclean. The shower curtain had mould on it and the toilets had limescale inside. The window sill above the shower was caked in dirt. We didn't have any bowls and resorted to buying plastic cups, plates and cutlery from a nearby shop to eat and drink from as the few utensils that were provided were unsatisfactory.

The electric in the other room went off every now and then and when the manager was confronted he just told them to keep trying!! There was an undescribable stain on one of the teddies hung on the wall in our room, it smelled and we had to leave it on the balcony throughout the duration of the holiday. The cleaner mopped the room with dirty water and made the beds. Our towels were changed once.

All in all the holiday was brilliant, we were hardly in the apartment and ate out every night. The rooms were liveable but could do with a good scrub. The pool was great and the sunbeds were free but we preferred to stay on the beach anyway. I would definatley go to Laganas again but I would stay in a different apartment.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Cosmosbooked through thomas cook

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6 / 10
I stayed at Marva for 2 weeks. 7 lads...

"I stayed at Marva for 2 weeks. 7 lads and 1 girl. 3 of us were working so we booked a 2 week holiday to see if we liked it and if we did would stay and find somewhere to stay. Im now home and worked in Laganas for a week and then had a week holiday at Marva

The Hotel is ideal but BE WARNED the hotel managers take no CRAP theyll call the POLICE for anything Minor. We stayed in rooms 6 7 and 8 on the ground floor. LOCK your balcony door even if your in the room as one of our rooms got broken into whilst the lads were sleeping and they chased after them to get their stuff back

The Location is perfect for the beach and strip but not ideal this was my third visit this year and would much rather stayed somewhere else like IKORAS which is off the bar strip and near proper restauants not subway and maccy ds.

Theres 3 hotels which are run by the same family and the fool at DORA and their snack bar is ideal. If youve booked at Mavra studios youll enjoy it because its quite alright and the maids come without fail every other day which is perfect but if you like to have a laugh and be loud and bring people back they will CHARGE you. KOSTA the MANAGER likes to get every little penny out of you. We won like but he will try. We didnt have enough cutterly from day one and on the last day he tried charging us.OH and air con and the safe arent free you just think they are he comes a few day into your hol to make you pay for it hahaha

Its not bad i just preferred IKORAS so if your in Zante defently go to BEACH BAR because Ryan and Ilice will look after their regualars and get your drunk

Enjoy it


  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos

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  • by xAshx

    " Kamakaze, Mcdonalds, Kfc, Chinese, Cherry Bay, Plus and Zeros!!!! "

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