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4 / 10

"My partner and I have just returned from a two week stay in the Regina Mare and as the title says I would describe it as dissapointing.

Lazing around is important to both of us and based on the comments people had made about this hotel, we paid for a superior room with a terrace. Despite paying for a supeior room we were allocated room 9, which was no better than room 8 as per the previous persons comments and certainly not superior. We too were promised a room move, but this did not materialise and made a vey dissapointing impact on our whole trip.

Only two or three times did we win the race to get to one of the 6 sun loungers by the pool. The dining area is overcrowded, they feed people from other studios nearby, so out of 22 rooms, some sleeping more then 2 people there was not enough room to swing a cat.

I too would describe the reception staff as arrogant, understanding english when it suited. The guy who ferried the luggage up and down the 100 or so steps, was in my opinion the most polite and helpful. Regardless to say I would never return to, or recommend this hotel.

I would say however, that Santorini is one of the most beautiful places ever, the caldera being the best side to stay. Fira is V busy, but Firofistani and Imerovigli both being close enough to walk, you can always get the very good bus back up the hill.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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10 / 10
Again and Again

"This was our fourth trip to this hotel, and every trip just get's better and better, the staff who are now good friends of ours cannot be more helpful.

The view has to be up there with the most spectacular anywhere in the world, everyone tells you to go to Oia for the sunset but you do not have to bother as the view from the balcony is even better and without the crowds.

The hotel it's self is small and friendly, pool can be a bit chilly till the sun hits it, nice for cooling off though.

We are already booked up for September 2006 and we know it will be better than the last time.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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2 / 10
spectacular views

"More than one hundred steps lead down to the cliffside setting of the Regina Mare in the small village of Imerovigli. Located on the 300+ metre cliff face of the caldera the location is not for the faint hearted. The hotel was 5 star view, but 2 star accomodation. The extremely small kitchen was minimal, but the Vegera Restaurant nearby offered a nice social feeling and our waiter, Vasilis, was most accomodating. Easily overlooked by our tour guide, because the RM is less traveled to by the Brits than the larger Kamari or Perissa resorts of the east side, we ventured on our own by rental car available in Imerovigli. A modest stroll to the larger very active capital Fira will burn off the calories. The caldera side of Santorini is by far more beautiful than the east side, but as my wife claimed," every step is uphill" or so it seemed. Oia, about a two hour walk, is probably a better choice, no less challenging, but maybe the most dramtically beautiful and historical place on earth. Beware of the wind! It varies from strong to "oh my God". If you want Spanish resort activity go to Spain, because the Regina Mare would not be for you."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006

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8 / 10
Wonderful view

"We woke up to the most glorious view every morning.

At this time of year (27th Sept for 7 nights)the sun does not really get onto the whole of the balcony until about 11am and then it just shines.

In the evening's it is advisable to bring a sweater as the wind picks up.

You can walk over to Oia in just under 2 hours, or about 15-20 mins down into Fira.

Food is pretty good in the hotel, generous portions.

Basically we had a wonderfully relaxing time :-)

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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4 / 10
Not a dream

"We stayed 8 days at the Regina Mare. The first night we ask to change room because it had not the promised terrasse. Reception sayed tomorrow. And every day was tomorrow. We had a small place called terrasse of 2 sqm with two AC blowing hot air on us and the water deposit of the hotel, which accidently exploded during our stay with the subsequent desaster for our books, watch, clothes, etc. Not one single word of apologize from the reception. By the way, our beautiful view was to the staircase. The employees were all arrogant and sufficient. From the tiny pool, the view was beautiful, but there are lots of hotels in this position on the Caldera and I hope the service is better. Unfortunately, we payed in advance."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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8 / 10
Absolutely fantastic - can't wait to go back

"We stayed at the Regina Mare in July 2005 and it was just magical.

We travelled all over Santorini and can honestly say that there is no better location on the island which combines the fantastic view over the caldera with the gorgeous sunsets. Everyone raves about Oia and it certainly is a gorgeous town worthy of a visit but most hotels either have the sunset view OR the caldera view unlike the Regina Mare. Same goes for hotels in Fira - even though the RM is only 30 mins walk from the capital, the extra distance improves the view immensely.

You certainly pay for the view rather than the rooms! They are adequate in size but not big by any means. Most rooms have a small balcony (all facing the sea) but we paid for a deluxe room and it was worth it as we had a bigger balcony with our own sun loungers and a bit more privacy. There are quite a few loungers by the pool (which is in the shade until midday so only risk a dip before then if you're brave!) but not quite enough so having our own was a real treat.

We stayed on a B&B basis and the breakfasts were lovely, but the lunch/evening meals cooked by Nina were fabulous too - all home made to order and you could eat them round the pool whilst watching the sunset. This was great as you had the privacy of the hotel rather than sharing the view with a load of cruise tourists in the major towns. Just outside the hotel on the path to Fira there are also a few other good tavernas so there is plenty of choice, and the mini market at the top of the hill is also great for cheap beer / water.

We will definitely be going back to the RM and for the British readers, the hotel is offered in the Olympic holidays brochure. We used them and the transfers / excursions / holiday rep were all great too.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005

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8 / 10
A real treasure, and we ARE going back!

"We knew before we left that we needed a holiday, as soon as we walked into the hotel office we knew we were on holiday.

The view from the pool area is simply breathtaking and the eerie quiet of Imerovigli just relaxed us in minutes after the flight and taxi ride. Imerovigli just doesn't seem to have all the other usual Greek noises - mopeds, scooters, loud music, cockerels... weird.

Anyway, back to the hotel. We stayed in Room 5, one of their Honeymmon Studios. The room was smallish, typically Greek furniture, hard matress, kitchenette (for your morning cuppa) and a really nice bathroom with a great massage shower.

But the star of Room 5 is the huge private balcony, you seem perched over the caldera and are not overlooked. The sunset views (which people pay good money for in Fira and Oia) were amazing and you never tire of them. There were two very comfortable steamer chairs for sunbathing, a table and 2 chairs for sitting and drinking the great Santorini wine while watching THAT sunset.

The staff at the Regina Mare were so friendly and always smiling, we were met at the taxi, our bags ferried to our rooms whilst we were offered a complimentary drink. The bar area, is intimate, but you can always expand out onto the pool deck. The pool at the beginning of June was refreshing :), but I imagine it warms up later in the season.

All the rooms at the Regina Mare have a sea view, and even the ones at Pool level have a little private seating area and a view.

The food at the hotel is simple Greek cafe type food, but very tasty and well prepared if a little pricy. The hotel will also serve room service if you wish. We did eat in the hotel quite a bit, simply because we didn't want to walk up the steps to town.

Remember you are perched on the side of a volcanic cliff, you need to expect some steps. And you wont be disappointed, definitely not recommended for those with walking difficulties. If you can manage the steps you will get the best calf muscle workout ever!

The town of Imerovigli is more a village really, there are a handful of tavernas which can be difficult to find on your first night, so a tip for you, the view is what people want, and so that's where the tavernas are, not in the centre of the village. There is a good restaurant in the centre of the village serving Greek food to die for and reasonable prices. There is the ubiquitous car hire establishment and a couple of ATM machines. The treasure of Imerovigli is a fabulous Supermarket - Amstel is 0.8 euro here, 3.5 in the bars...

There is a regular bus service to Oia and to Fira, and we did both trips, very quick and not as crowded as some buses in tourist areas.

If you are looking for real nightlife, go to Fira - great restaurants and pricy shops catering for the cruise ships that anchor 1,000 feet below you in the caldera. Oia is supposed to be the place to go for the sunset views.. well go if you want to, but then all the tourists do. If you are staying at Regina Mare keep your bus fare in your pocket, you get better views from the hotel bar terrace.

Remember if you are sunbathing at the Regina Mare, you are 1,000 feet closer to the sun than you would be at the beach. Thats a lot closer in UV terms so make sure you cream up!

Sorry to rabbit on, you can guess we loved this place. Well we did, so much we are going back in September this year (hopefully the pool will be less refreshing).

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005

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10 / 10
Go back again

"First went to Santorini in 2002 on a day trip from Crete, returned August 2003 for a week. Stayed at Regina Mare apartments in Imerovigli. The first shock of the holiday was the steps. Our apartment was at the very edge of the cliff face. I do not think I have seen so many steps, at such a steep angle but "hey ho" by the end of the week I found I had calve's. I had so much admiration for the porter that carried everyone's luggage up and down then steps, not 1 suitcase but three. Once down the views were probably one of the best on the island, they were spectacular and the serenity was something outstanding. The apartments were traditional, Greek picture postcard buildings of blue and white. Maid service was daily the apartments were spotless. Breakfast was buffet style and varied. The Bar - restaraunt was open for snacks but we tended to eat out a lot. A nice clean pool which, was needed during the day for a quick dip to cool off.

The islander's are very friendly and helpful, even in the restaraunts they will advise you of other place to visit.

Imerovigli is situated in the middle of the island on the top of the islands ridge. It has a handful of Tavernas and excellent fish restaraunts.

The island has a good bus service and it was easy to explore the island. Went to OIA which is where daytrippers go to see the famous sunset. Good for people watching. a lot of italian and Greek day tripers showing of their Gucci galsses all in white linen. I must remember that next time I go.

Fira the capital cosmopolitan but has still kept its charm. lots of winding roads with lots of little shops to hunt out.

Went to Kamari which is the beach side of the island. Typical greek tavernas, black sandy beach and a few night clubs. something for everyone.

Overall Scenery - Stunning

Accomadation - beware if you have walking difficulties or have not climbed for a while. Santorini is very hilly and the accomadtion tends to be built into the cliffs.

Prices - Oia prices tend to be high because of the number of day trippers

Imerovigli and Fira - what you would expect to pay in a main resort although in Fira you can find budget food and accomadation.

Kamari - there is some good bargains to be found in the shops

Transport - plenty

Food - Traditionaly greek, they do cater for the Europeans. A lot of the produce is brought over from nearby Crete and Rhodes. If you like fish you will be in fishy heaven. The local wine is quite good, of what I can remember, It took my husband an hour to get me down the steps safely.

Overall a trip to remember. I will go back after some good leg training exercise's and a good pair of flatties.

  • Holiday details: May 2005

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10 / 10
Regina Mare - fabulous

"My parnter and I stayed at Regina Mare in Imerovigli, Santorini in Sept 04. We stayed in the Honeymoon suite (room 4 or 5 from memory) with a large private terrace, which had INCREDIBLE views of the Caldera. Important to note that every room in the complex has the same ocean views.

Our room & terrace was very private, it was big enough for two sunlounges and a table and chairs for meals. Most other rooms had only a table and two chairs and you had to use the communal sun lounges by the pool.

Imerovigli is about a 20 minute walk from the hustle and bustle of Fira town, or you can jump on a bus which gets you there in 5 minutes. Imerovigli also has it's own restaurants and bars if you don't fancy going into Fira.

At Regina Mare the service was great, and the breakfast each morning looks just like it does on their website. Weather was absolutely perfect - we spotted just one cloud on the day we left!

Highly recommended for those who want 4-5 star but don't have truck loads of cash!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2005

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10 / 10
I'll go again and again to the Regina Mare

"The Regina Mare is a wonderful treasure; it sits perched on the volcanic cliffs in the center of the Caldera in Imerovigli. When we first arrived at the hotel we were shocked to find an edge of a cliff and a staircase. When we were escorted down these stairs - to the hotel office we were amazed to find the most breathtaking view in the world.

It seemed like the pool and deck sit on the edge of the world. The hotel staff was wonderful and accomodating, and always had smiles on their faces. Our room was charming, with the most beautiful terrace to watch the sunsets. The Regina Mare gave me the Santorini experience - it lived up to everything we were expecting and more.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2003

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