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8 / 10
African Safari Club were super

"Everything was fantastically organised, no hitches at any time at all, guides worked extremely hard day and night and were very, very knowledgeable; wonderful array of excursions and events; ship was small, comfortable and pleasant. The only downside is the country itself and its poverty; tourists are constantly plagued by locals asking for "baksheesh" which I found exhausting and irritating, especially as I would have liked to have given them something as they are so poor but it is impossible to get any small change (is this government policy, I wonder?). As it was, I mistakenly handed over nearly all my money (probably 3 months' wages to the seller) for a thin cotton shirt. My confusion was due to Egyptian pounds being 10 times the value of English pounds. Best to use the Egyptian word "gineih". Also: about a third of passengers were briefly ill at some point during the week - I managed to get home before having a bug run through every part of my body for about 5 weeks. But this is just a fact of travelling in a different place. Nothing can dim the awe of standing amidst those magnificent ancient temples, pyramids - Cheops solar boat is an amazing gem - or slipping quietly down the palm-tree lined Nile with the calls form the muuezin echoing all aorund."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Mesmerising but already extremely hot in April
  • Activities: Temples, Cheops

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9 / 10
very enjoyable

"travelled on 5th january 2009 a really excellent time, boat is clean and very friendly. Cabins basic but adequate staff excellent. Only down side was tour organiser (not guide ahmed who was excellent)who was rather full of his own importance and too busy telling everyone WHAT to do forgetting it was a holiday. He was OK in small doses but just did little to help eg when arriving at Luxor he did not pointout there was an ATM money machine right next to the boat and people went to banks in town paying for a taxi. Apart it was excellent british pub Rose and Crown in Luxor very good especially food the curry and meat pizza was excellent. will definatly go again PS it was a lot cheaper to book trips on board than before you went."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Full Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: luxor becoming better by the day
  • Activities: rose and c and theover valley of the kings ballon flight rown pub

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10 / 10
just returned from ms star of Luxor - good time had

"went 5th jan 2009.lovely time.Views from the boat while sailing down the nile from luxor to aswan are breath taking - lovely sunsets.Very relaxing.went to valley of the kings and queens(awsum)you must pay the extra £14 to go into tutankamuns tomb - he is still there!Saw LOADS of temples!!!!! camel riding good fun.Luxor museum is a must! and the balloon ride(which we did not do cos it was a 4am start) was loved by everyone that did it.

Now the stuff that bugged us a bit (but not enough to ruin our holiday)

The boat is not luxury !!! but it was clean.rooms are basic.Smells of damp if you are in the lowest cabins

The food is limited but we never went hungry.Rice veg and beef most nights.But if you ask for steak and chips you can have it.

Our guide was a control freak...very bossy.a lot of guests found him annoying but we got on ok with him.but you do seem to be kept on a tight leash.He was horrified that we would want to get of the boat and go out by ourselves in Luxor but we had a fab time. Highly recommend the English pub in Luxor (Kings Head ?Rose and crown???) had the most amazing fish and chips and beer is 1/2 the price of on the boat.

The egyption people PLUS THE POLICE (at the museums) ask for money all the time.Kids begging too !They point to something of interest then put out their hand for a tip - ignore them they seem to target English cos we are soft!Take biros for the kids - they need them for school

Booze on the boat is expensive - £6 for a shot of horrible Russian vodka... take your own ! or buy beer off the boat you dont get searched when re boarding.

It is cold at night so take jumpers - we didnt !!! Duh

Not suitable for kids - the top deck is not safe they could easily fall overboard and they never seemed to know who was on the boat or off.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: wonderfull
  • Activities: valley of the kings + the english pub

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10 / 10
Nile Cruise

"After our holiday was cancelled to Thailand, we booked this holiday, last minute, as it was somewhere I had always wanted to visit.

We were initially booked onto the MS Fleurette, but were transferred to the MS Star of Luxor.

From beginning to end the holiday was just what we needed. A good flight, good transfers, taking us very swiftly to our boat for the week.

The MS Star of Luxor has a beautiful entrance, with sweeping staircase. Our luggage was taken to our cabin by very friendly staff.

Our room was a lovely double, with large window looking out over the Nile. There was TV with several different English chanels, and a fridge. We had our own private bathroom with large shower and hairdrier.

We took our own travel kettle as we love our tea and coffee, and actually boiled our own water, and cooled it int the fridge.

That night we met our guide for the week, Abou. What a very special man, he was an Egyptoligist, but it was not just his job, it was his life. He was so very knowledgable and enthusiastic, you learnt so much from him, much more I think than from the usual guide. He was there for us all the week, any time day or night, nothing was too much trouble, whatever he is being paid, should be doubled, he is such an asset to the company.

The food was mainly buffet style, with plenty of choice, and if you wanted something different, they would always try. We sat with 2 other couples, who were great, and we laughed so much that week, we will never forget it.

The trips were so well organised, and full of so much information, They were mainly in the mornings or late afternoon, so as to keep out of the midday sun.

When we were back on board, it was lovely relaxing on the top deck, with a book and a drink, watching the ever changing scenes along the Nile, it was like stepping back 2000 years, magical.

In the evenings we were entertained by various activities, and at the end of the trip we had a fantastic Egyptian night, where we all dressed up, had an Egyptian meal, followed by fun and games in the bar, laughing till we cried.

Too quickly it came to an end, and we had to leave, but we will never forget our trip, and everone who helped make it so special.

We highly reccommend it to anyone who wants a mixture of culture, history and relaxation.

Thank you so much Mary and Pete

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008, Full Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take comfy shoes, book your excursions on board the boat, cheaper, and haggle in the markets
  • Activities: All wonderful, not to be missed

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3 / 10
the cruise ship was a disaster. The...

"the cruise ship was a disaster. The food was dismal and the entertainment non existent. On the first day of the cruise, they closed off the entire shaded section of the sundeck, the sundeck bar, exercise center, etc and proceeded to start refinishing all the wood-flooring, handrails, stairs, etc. They worked late into the evening (11PM+) and only stopped after the majority of the passengers were going to leave the vessel.

The management had little control over their own people. Waiters refused to serve beverages on what was left of the sundeck.

The worst experience I have ever had on a cruise.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, booked with ABC tours

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8 / 10
I fully agree with both previous...

"I fully agree with both previous comments about the boat and the bedrooms needing a bit of refurbishment. Having said that towels etc. were clean and replaced daily, and the crew/staff were friendly, helpful and excellent throughout.

The food was varied and good, though I must say nearly everyone eventually had a day or two with a tummy bug. Whether that was down to food, high temperatures or whatever who knows?

The organising of trips, entertainment etc. by African Safari Club was superb - I did not notice a single hiccup in their planning.


  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Full Board, booked with African Safari Club

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8 / 10
Excellent value for money on board,...

"Excellent value for money on board, inclusive trips to the ancient temples around Luxor, Karnak, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Philae and to top it all the Valley of the Kings and then Valley of the Queens, the boat sails upto Aswan and back some breathtaking scenery.

The boat could do with a lick of paint and new furniture carpets; otherwise the crew tour guide and Tour leader were excellent.

Worthwhile experience for the more mature traveller, watch out for the dreaded tummy bug and take plenty of Imodium.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Full Board, booked with African Safari Club Ltd

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7 / 10
I have just come back from a Nile...

"I have just come back from a Nile Cruise on MS Star of Luxor. This is a boat that holds just 120 people but there were only about 80 whilst we were on there.

On the whole the staff are excellent, friendly and fun.

The only member who let them down was our cleaner, who constantly hassled for tips. The other cleaners on other decks were apparently fine.

The boat itself is clean, although is probably coming to the point where it will need another upgrade, the towels are greying etc.

However, the food is good but went down hill over the week and the choice at the beginning of the week turned into waiter service - with no choice at all at dinner, but having said that, what we got was on the whole, very good and we had no stomach upset.

Another criticism is that smoking prevailed on the boat, as a non smoker this was a bit of a problem, if you smoke its paradise.

The guides we had spoke good English and were great fun to be with; the coaches that ferried us about were excellent.

The 10 included excursions were good, except you had to get up extremely early, Abu Simbel required a 3am start, but was worth it for the sun rise over the desert.

There are police everywhere so tourists are pretty safe, but you will get hassled by sellers. Everything requires a tip including if they so much as smile at you.

On the boat you pay £15 up front for tips for all the crew but then they also put a tips box on reception and our cleaner expected us to tip us on top of that (3 times!).

In hindsight I would suggest that you don't bother with the tip box and if there is a member of staff in particular you think deserves extra then give it direct.

All in all this is a marvellous holiday and I would recommend it.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007, Full Board, booked with African Safari Club

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