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10 / 10
Fantastic Place

"Went to this hotel in October 2005 mixed age group of 7, we had an excellent time, in fact we enjoyed it so much that my husband and i are going back on our own on 12 of feb this year to give it another go!! I dont know why anyone would be dissapointed with this hotel. I would recommend it to all age groups, lots to do and friendly staff!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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10 / 10
Very good

"Stayed in this hotel jan 11 to jan 18 year 2006. Travelled from Sweden (therefor not the best english, sorry).

I read the reviews here before we we took of and had not so big expectations. We went All Included, me and my wife and our two kids, one soon turning 2 years and the other 4 years old.

The check in was very smooth and we carried the bags to our rooms ourselfes. The room was ok. The four of us had a place to rest.

The cleaning of the rooms were good.

The buffet-restaurant was all perfect. So much to choose from at both, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We all could find something to eat. The service were good during meals.

One thing I noticed was that after dinner many people (like myself) likes to take a cup of coffee or tea and most of these people goes to the nearest bar (called Piano-bar). Therefor it could take maybe 10-15 minutes to get your order during the busiest hour.

The "snack bar" had magnificent food for just taking a snack. Perfect for the kids. Hamburgers, fried potatoes, meat, bread, fish and vegetables.

For us it was a perfect vacation. Nothing to complain about.

If I must find something not 100% perfect then I must say the sound from the TV in the room. When there was a good song coming up on MTV and you turned the volume up a bit there were almost no bass in the speakers.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006

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2 / 10
The Hotel from Hell

"My family and I have just returned from a 7 night All Inclusive holiday at the Jandia Playa with First Choice Premier. I paid £3,600.00 for myself my wife, son, Daughter and two grandchildren for my wifes 50th Birthday celebrations. I choose the playa because it was AI and the brochure promised so much that we couldn't fail to have an exciting holiday. Put into block 8 down at the bottom. The room for my daughter only had two beds, despite booking a three bedroom for her. Our bags, which they insisted they would deliver to our rooms took 45 minutes to arrive. There was no instruction on how to use the dining room. We struggled to find a table for six, and when we did it was with those low wicker chairs, try that with an 8 and 9 year old.

The food very rarely changed each day. Breakfast was a farce when ever you wanted to eat. They had insufficient staff on duty, tables were only cleared on demand.

The bar staff were next to useless, they would take your order then go and talk to their friends.

The all day pizza bar was closed for the last 4 days which meant there were no snacks for the boys.

I didn't realise that by leaving your small change in the ashtray the maid accepted thjat as a tip, first hotel where this has happened to me.

None of the pools were heated, yet the brochure stated that there was a heated pool. We confirmed this with the rep, we filled in three pages of complaints to her and intend following this up with a letter to first choice.

TV is great if you are German or Spanish, even the eurosport channel had english commentary and german adverts.

For the last two nights most of the pathway and steps lighting were not working. The kids entertainment in the evening was only 15 minutes long (8:30 - 8:45) then there was a gap until 10:00 for the evenings entertainment. The disco never opened, the shopping mall is still being built. 20 minutes walk to Jandia, 45 minute drive to Macdonald's (yes we found it). The staff never came round clearing away empty glasses, even the next morning.

I would say, and did so on the holiday questionaire that this hotel did not really 3 stars let alone 4. If you want to know what a 4 star hotel should be like I recommend the San Marino in Cala D'or Mallorca. That is where I am going next time.

Thank you Bacelo for ruining what should have been a relaxing wonderful time.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005

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6 / 10
Something for all tastes

"Nice room (Premier Club), shame about the place!

Guess it suits some holidaymakers but for me some aspects of the hotel were satisfactory and some (again for me) were disappointing.

Reception left something to be desired for English speaking people but the hotel staff in general worked extremely hard and remained pleasant even during the most trying conditions.

Dining room (or should I say canteen!) was a logistical nightmare. Badly designed with the food bar at one end of a large room which meant that there was a constant flow of diners walking in two directions along a not very wide corridoor.

There is however an option to dine in a separate 'Themed' restaurant for which there was an additional charge.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005

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10 / 10
Great holiday

"We have just spent 2 weeks at this hotel and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The staff were helpful, our room was clean and the food was excellent.

It's worth knowing that when you get a table for your evening meal, you order your drinks and leave them on the table before you go to collect your food. This indicates to others that the table is taken. If you don't do this your table will have gone by the time you return with your meal. Again, with breakfast, if you collect your fruit juice and leave it on the table while you get your breakfast, this is an indication that the table is taken. The dining room is large and busy and can seem quite daunting until you get used to the system.

There are quite a few stairs to tackle on the walk from the hotel down to the beach - the lifts were out of action while we were there.

It is worth making the trip (about a 45 minute walk or short bus ride) to the old part of Jandia (Morro Jable) because the beach there is beautiful and the sea is calmer than on the beach opposite the hotel. There are also a few taverna type bars right by the edge of the sea.

For the price I think this hotel is excellent, it would cost double to stay at some of the hotels in Jandia. I can't wait to go back next year.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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10 / 10
Great Time!!!

"I would recommend this hotel to everyone. Great for friends, couples and families. (May not to be suitable for the less mobile.)

On arrival the reception staff were of great help and spoke good english. Check in took around 10 min and the luggage is taken onto the rooms for you. The rooms were very clean and Tidy. My party (2 couples) were located in the main building and block 1, we couldnt have asked for a better location within in complex.

The food was very nice. This was my first time to an all inclusive resort so I wasnt too sure what to expect. There was a wide range of food available which was nice as is didnt get boring.

The pools were great, kept clean. Plenty of sunbeds for those who love to soak up the sun! We spent our time at the main pool, near the wet bar so we could take advantage of the all inclusive drinks! There are activies which take place around this pool throughout the day includin stretchin, dancing, water volley and water areobics. The 'Life' reps were great fun, definately made the holiday what it was!

For those with children I would recommend this hotel as it allows adults the chance to enjoy their holiday as much as the little ones. There is a mini club where the children can spend time here having thier own fun. They have their own pool, a small maze, activities to take part in and their very own mini disco in the evening. This is supervised by members of the Life team.

Evening entertainment takes place in the theatre between 9.30 and 11pm. The Mr.Barcelo evening is great fun, worth going to watch! There is a bar in here which took a maximum of 5mins to be served and the stage is in good view so you dont miss anything!

In the hotel there is a gift shop and a small clothes shop selling mainly beach/surfer wear, o'neil type shop. The nearest supermarket is a spar which is located at the bottom of the complex, there is however 72 steps to walk down which are quite tiring in the heat. There is a shopping centre next to the hotel however this not quite open yet.

Location of the beach is at the bottom of the resort across a small road. It takes 5-10min walk. It can be reached by a tunnel so you dont have to worry about the road. When you leave the complex I recommend you turn left as you then walk down a slope which takes you straight under the tunnel onto the beach. (turnin right means walkin down the 72 steps). The beach was very nice, no black sand or pebbles just normal white sand. The water is a beautiful shade of blue. Some days the waves where rather non-existant but others were good for those who like surfing.

Overall this was a fantastic holiday, been back a week and missing it already, planning to visit again June next year!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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1 / 10
A hotels worth is marked on when...

"A hotels worth is marked on when things go wrong, not when everything runs smoothly.

We had upgraded to this hotel and were pleased to find it was all new and fresh. (Opened in the June). Gardens were lovely and the rooms were clean and tidy although a bit cramped with the 3rd camp bed.

Pools were nice, although not heated. You had to be a bit careful as there were several broken tiles and people were cutting their feet. Staff at reception did provide antiseptic and plasters.

Gym, saunas and indoor pool/jacuzzi were pleasant.

Food was good, but got a bit repetitive after awhile. Staff in the restaurant were very pleasant.

Then it all went wrong !

Two days before our departure we had my eleven year old daughter's 'Bratz' doll stolen from our room and my fifteen year old daughter's teddy bear that she had since she was a baby stolen from our other room. These may not have been valuable items, but the point being that the teddy bear had irreplaceable sentimental value and the point of principle that items had been taken from our rooms.

On reporting this to reception that evening once we had found the items missing, they said nothing could be done and to report it again in the morning as there was no one available at housekeeping.

(Although she will not like me saying this but my teenage daughter cried herself to sleep because of the loss of that teddy bear).

This we did and they did contact housekeeping, but to no avail. They asked if I wished to speak to the manager, I said I would speak to our rep first.

Once the rep arrived and I had explained the situation, he said he could do no more and I should speak to the manager.

This I tried to do, but after waiting awhile, one of the receptionists tried to usher me to the hotel shop to 'fob' me off with some holiday merchandise as 'compensation' !

I explained that I did not want this and all I wanted was the return of teddy bear and they could keep the doll as we could buy another. The receptionist then went away.

I had to involve the Rep who went to speak to the accommodation manger who he had told me was a lady. He then returned with the first receptionist, (a male !). The Rep then tried to tell me he was also the accommodation manager !! - No title on his badge !!!

The receptionist said that maybe the items had got mixed up in the laundry and lost. When I replied that the bedding had not been changed that day, he insinuated that maybe they were "mixed up" with other items in the rooms or maybe we had lost them elsewhere. I replied two items from separate rooms ?? He then there was nothing else they could do as it was our word against the cleaners and walked away. I asked the Rep if I could speak to the general manager, but apparently he was unwilling to speak to us although we could see him in his office.

The Rep did fill in an official 'First Choice' complaint form, but I felt sorry for him, as he was torn between earning commission selling excursions and keeping sweet with the hotel. He did say that it would be a waste of time contacting the Spanish Police as they would not come out for the loss of children's toys and if they did, we would be charged at least 50 euros for a translator, even if they could speak English.

Over the next two days I continued to ask at reception if anything had been found or done about our loss, and all I got was a shrug of the shoulders.

Even up to our departure, no one even had the decency to apologise to us and we were left to feel we had been lying about the thefts.

Since our return I have e-mailed Barcelo direct twice, once to their complaints department and the second time direct to the CEO's and again they have not even bothered to reply.

This may sound petty, but to a fifteen year old girl, who had taken that bear around the world, school trips, visits to hospital and held a lifetime of memories it was most definitely not.

So if you do not want to lose treasured items, not matter their value, please, please do not go to this hotel, because if you do, they do not care one iota.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
Have these people been to the same...

"Have these people been to the same hotel as us?

The Barcelo Jandia Playa is one of the best hotels we have stayed in, and we have stayed in 4 star plus hotels throughout Europe. The staff were efficient and friendly, the food was excellent, and cleanliness standards high. We don't do All Inclusive ever, we prefer to get out into the resort after dinner so can't comment on queues at bars.

The only minor drawback was that the walls between rooms seemed rather thin, we could hear out neighbours sometimes.

Overall we loved it, so much so we have booked to go back again next year.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2005, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Relaxing Holiday

"We travelled with First Choice Premier for 2 weeks half board arriving 14/09/05. Previous reviews made us a little apprehensive. We checked in at 9.30pm and found reception to be fast, friendly and efficient. Our room turned out to be a suite overlooking the "premier" pool area with magnificant sea views and could not be faulted. The restaurant was very big, very bright and was pretty crowded at times. We ate at 8.30 each night and had no problems getting a table. The food was very good, varied and plenty of it. Restaurant staff were friendly, helpful and pretty efficient even when the place was full. Our only quibble with the restaurant was that almost every other cup and plate was chipped or cracked or both. The complex has 5 good pools with more than enough sun loungers, although the Brits still insist on booking them with towels at the crack of dawn. The complex is pretty big and consists of blocks running down the side of a hill from reception towards the beach. The beach is excellent. Steps and hills are unavoidable. The hotel entertainment is loud, multi lingual and did nothing for me..each to their own. The hotel has one major failing and it is the bar service which is unbelievably bad/slow. We went out every night after dinner. I recommend Linceys Bar, just outside the hotel beside the Spar, for a quiet civilised drink.

Jandia is 20minutes walk away and Morro Jable about 40mins. Taxis are plentiful and cheap, 2.30euro to Jandia.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005

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2 / 10
What a chambles! What a nightmare!

"We chose this holidays as a last minute deal.


We arrived on time from birmingham airport only to arrive at the checkin desk and the receptionist didnt speak english. However we managed to get to our room.


The room was clean and a large bathroom. However all the channels except two/three were in german. Only CNN and Euronews were english. We were there for 7 days and we got sick of cnn and the news! And fed up of the german tv. The TV can get to you as there are no channels worth watching in english. The room wasnt clean on one day and we had no towels. They had taken the dirty ones and left none. So we went to reception as the room phone is always engaged to reception. It took them 1 hour to send replacement towels that was after communicating in spanish -english what the problem was.


We went to the hotel on a half board basis.

This gave breakfast and the option of either lunch or dinner. The breakfast choice was repetitive and most times we couldnt get a table and when we did get a table once we got up to get a tea or coffee it was cleared if our food which got very annoying!

The evening meal was not relaxed and other english guests we spoke to said the same we only ate in the restaurant twice and the 5 nights out and we had paid half board! We jus couldnt stand it..... the restaurant is not 4 star its worse then macDonalds! It is almost noicier than a tube station as all the waitors are banging plates or smashing them!


The service of the bar staff was very poor. We found they either bought us the wrong drinks or gave us cold drinks if we had ordered hot drinks! We would normally wait 20 minutes to get served and there was no more than 10 people at the bar!The services and prices was much better in the resort.


The pools tables are terrrible the tiles on the floor everywhere are cracked so if going with children be careful! we found one couple who had fallen and they were elderly. The hotel was trying not to take responsibility! so be careful!


All in non-english! So we didnt bother going!


Everyone in the hotel smoked. We got annoyed as there was no non smoking areas! Everyone was smoking so we were passively smoking for 7 days of our holiday!


We booked last minute but still paid nearly £1000 for two people! I would never go to this hotel again! I have been to lanzarote stayed in 4 star there and seychelles stayed in 5star there this year. This hotel is not even 3 star! IF your british dont go stay...we met other couples on a boat cruise who stayed at the jandia princess! We were going to book there but didnt as this was £100 cheaper! Book the Jandia princess you will have a better holiday! STAY AWAY FROM THE JANDIA BARCELO PLAYA OR U WILL BE PLAYED!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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2 / 10
If You Like to Queue, Go Here!!

"We went in May 2005 and were looking forward to it as the hotel had been rated as a Four Star Premier hotel.

The hotel in itself i.e. the rooms, surroundings etc were fine, no complaints and was good to have a room assigned for guests to use on departure day.

HOWEVER the Food/Service/Bar were another matter :

• Queuing EVERY evening to enter the buffet restaurant, this would be for a minimum of 15 minutes.

• Once we had worked our way to the front of the queue, difficulty finding a table that was free of the last persons used crockery!

• Waiting a further 10–15 minutes for the table to be re-laid.

• Chipped crockery whenever we ate there whether it be breakfast or evening meal.

• While eating our dessert we still had starter, main meal crockery and cutlery waiting to be cleared, this was a regular occurrence for breakfast and evening meal.

• Uncooked food, practically raw bacon was placed with cooked bacon.

• Queuing for coffee/tea or juice every morning at breakfast

• Poor sloppy service.

If you wanted to drink at the bars in the evening you had to queue too, but for about 30 mins! Luckily we were half board and the hotel did allow you to swap evening meal for lunch which was alot better. Many people were all-inclusive who we felt very sorry for. Apparently in 2004 the hotel was excellent but unfortunately it seems to have got carried away with it's success for that year!

Would go to Fuerteventura, Jandia again but would NOT stay here!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005

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10 / 10
We arrived late on a Sunday night ,...

"We arrived late on a Sunday night , my wife and I and our 2 daughters, and despite what the rep said on the coach, the reception staff did not speak hardly any English. They were not interested in our booking reference or our passports and after filling in a form, they gave us directions to our rooms. I had paid the extra and booked premium rooms with a full sea view and asked the chap on the reception to confirm that he had allocated us these rooms. He nodded and we went off in search of our room with the aid of a map.

When we arrived in our rooms , it was evident that they had put us into standard rooms as we looked out onto a wall, as opposed to a sea view and the rooms were not in the premium block as indicated on the map. I went back to reception, but they told us they were fully booked and could not do anything.

We took this up with our tour operator and to cut a long story short, we were moved three times and did not get the correct rooms until 4 days later, however, the premium room pictures in the brochure did not resemble the premium rooms at all and the premium rooms were no larger than the standard rooms. The only difference is that the premium rooms have a DVD and CD player and different coloured chairs. I think the picture in the brochure is of a suite as we managed to take a look inside one. The rooms are of a high standard, even if you book the standard rooms. All have a TV, although the only English channel is CNN. Cleaning is carried out every day and this also is to a good standard. The food on the whole is fantastic and we ate every night in the buffet restaurant where you were spoilt for choice.

We chose to eat at about 8pm every night as it all became a bit congested later and it would seem that only the English understand the concept of queuing !! The waiting staff in the buffet restaurant are not properly trained or organised , so don’t be surprised if at breakfast you have to set your own table as you will wait ages for them to do it. We also chose to eat on the outside terrace of the restaurant, but this also meant that we had to put up with the smokers, who were large in number in this hotel. The beaches and the sea were excellent, although a bit of a trek back up the hill on a hot afternoon.

You also have to cross a dual carriageway to get to the beach, which is not mentioned in the brochure. If ordering a drink at any of the bars, allow at least 30 minutes (on a good night) as the English are constantly overlooked by the rude bar staff in favour of the Spanish, who are the main occupiers of the hotel. Although the hotel ask you not to do it, you do have to get up early and reserve a sunbed as everyone else does it and for the first 2 days, we could not get a sunbed at any of the 4 pools.

I doubt if I would return to the hotel as it is too noisy for our liking and we were not able to get the rest we wanted, but if you favour the loud music around the pool with salsa dancing every day, then this is the hotel for you.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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