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9 / 10
Just returned from a week here and it...

"Just returned from a week here and it was fabulous. Room sizes are excellent, of good standard and always kept very clean. The lay out of the hotel is very good, lots of 'blocks' of rooms which makes a nice change. My only complaint is that I am a fussy eater and there was not always a lot of choice, however, the food that was available was lovely and of high quality. Breakfasts were delicious! We tried the A La Carte restaurant for one night and this was a really nice change and good value for money. Would definately come here again, although, would only come for a week because of the limited food choice for me."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
My husband and I stayed All Inclusive...

"My husband and I stayed All Inclusive for a week for our 7th wedding anniversary.

After landing in the evening, we took the courtsey coach to the car rental site, picked up our car, and drove off into the sunset, literally.

We drove for about 70-80 mins before arriving at our destination, which was farily good timing considering we were driving in the dark with no street lights!!

On our arrival,(which was 10:30pm) we were handed complimentry drinks at check-in, a bell-boy took our cases to our room, which was all the way at the back of the hotel...a good 10 minute walk from the main building!

However, when we awoke the following morning, that 10 minute walk to our room was worth every minute...the beach view was amazing.

In our room, was a plate of fresh fruit and a bottle of Champagne (the bubbly was for our anniversay, this is not complimentry for each guest!).

The main room was a good size, with a double bed (two singles pushed together), a very comfy sofa, a large mirror, mini-fridge, air-con, fan telephone and TV.

The bathroom was large and fully equipped with bidet and powershower over a deep bath, hair-dryer and a huge make-up mirror.

Cleaners would come at least every other day, and more often with your request.

Okay, that's the basics.....

We very much enjoyed staying here, the staff were wonderful, helpful and friendly.

AI hours were from breakfast until 11pm, after that you were asked to pay, I didn't mind this, I understand that they still have to make money after all!

The food was mainly fish, pork and goat...but I expected this being the Canaries....they haven't got farms like we have.

All in all though, the food was very varied, I managed to have different food at every meal time.

Although the hotel does have 400+ rooms, mealtimes went quite smoothly, we coulld get in, eat, drink and leave within 30mins, although we liked to take our time in the evenings.

The pools were large and well laid out, however, only one was heated. Considering the hotel is on a huge complex it never seemed to be busy by the pools....I also have to say that the majority of guests were English and Spanish.

Evening entertainment was good and reasonably varied. I had seen one of the acts previoulsy at a different Barcelo resort in Lanzarote, but I didn't mind as I quite enjoyed it still.

Entertainment began with Mini-Disco for the kids at 8pm, then you would have something like Bingo, follwed by the main show.

The beach was a 10 minute walk. You leave via a keycard-only entry gate at the rear of the hotel, pass some shops, including a Spar, a late night Kareoke bar and niknak shops then onward to the underpass which goes alongside the massive sandy beach. Bewarned, the beach is very popular with nudists, but as the beach is so big, clothed, partially clothed and unclothed are all able to share it without any problems.

The town was a 20 min walk, abundant with shops, cafes, restaurents, arcades...all the usual. What did strike me was shop owners NOT trying to force you into their domain....we managed to walk the whole stretch of shops without anyone trying to force us to buy something, or con us into a timeshare!

There is a homely British Pub in the town, which we visited to watch the England V USA friendly....we were the last to leave!! :)

This is a lovely resort on a lovely island with what I would say is the beach in the world...12km of sand..just sand, pebbles...blissfull. A very nice place to go if you just want to explore or unwind.

I think Barcelo Jandia Playa definatley deserve it's star rating :)

The only negative thing I have to say about it is that the TV's in the rooms only have 2 English channels...but who really cares about that....I didn't spend all that money to watch telly!!

I would definately reccommend this hotel.******

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
2 of us stayed here last November for...

"2 of us stayed here last November for a week all inclusive. From the moment we arrived the staff were very helpful and pleasent. We thought our room was good with a gorgeous sea view and the shower was brilliant. The maids made our room up very nice and did this everyday apart from sundays (i think).

The beach is one of the best i have ever seen and never had any trouble getting sunbeds (but this may have been that it was November and not really peak season)

It was at the bottom of a steep hill, which in 30 degree heat, is hard to walk up, but there is a free bus up and down it which was regular.

The food was ok. It was not as bad as some people have said but at times it wasn't very hot. We never struggled for a table and there was always a variety although could get a little repetitive at times.

At the bars you can help yourself to San Miguel from the pump and if you are fussy like me, they also have blackcurrant to add. soft drinks are also available to just get yourself and something we didn't realise until our last day was that they have spirts like vodka, whisky, gin, brady etc that you can get yourself too.

The bar staff were very friendly and my boyfriend had a laugh with them all. They were always smiling and it looked as though they enjoyed working at the hotel. The locals in the town were also very friendly, as well as helpful. If you are looking to watch the football there is a litte English bar not too far away about a 20min walk from the hotel called the Boot and Ball. The owners of this bar are also very nice.

The weather was in the 30s even in November and the hotel was neary full. never had a problem getting a lounger. The entertainment at night wasn't great it was more for the Germans.

I woud recommend this hotel for anyone who wants sunshine while its winter at home. This hotel is perfect for anyone who just wants to relax for a week and do nothing but sunbathe! this holiday really recharged our batteries!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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8 / 10
All I can say is there must be a sad...

"All I can say is there must be a sad lot of people out theirewho have nothing better to do than complainl Have just retuned from staying at this hotel and will confess, was not looking forward to it after reading some awful reports. Rest assured they got it wrong, hotel spotless, room, absolutely wonderful, we had amazing sea view. Restaurant, ok large but what do you expect when over 500 rooms. Needless to say, we never had to wait for a table, got food pretty quickly, which was good, very good variety and staff good. Sunbeds, not a problem, we were able to get them without any worries whatsoever. Only downside, there is not much going on in the evenings, but when you've been sunbathing all day, by 11o'clock we were ready for bed. The hill down to town is pretty steep coming back up but not a problem. Do be careful, very windy and sun can be very misleading. Saw lots of red bodies!

On the whole a most enjoyable holiday andi f you just want to relax and sit by pools(which incidentally are freezing) you couldn't pick a better place.

Enjoy and don't be put off by miserable gits!

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
The last few comments are all...

"The last few comments are all rubbish. I went on my first with my boyfriend for a week in the middle of April. I go on atleast 4 foreign holidays a year, so i have experienced a lot of different hotels in my life but this was by far the best.

The staff were all so helpfull, they may not of spoken fluent English but they tryed there hardest and met all our requirements and needs. The bar staff were overally friendly and new what we wanted off the tops of their heads each time we went for a drink. The entertainment team were all younge and jolly, they made us laugh and were always trying to make our holiday enjoyable.

The rooms were lovley and spacious with big beds. The cleaners came everyday and changed towls and beds every 3 days. However, if you wanted this done more often all you had to do was ask reception.

The food was not cold, it was hot maybe these below guests just took a long time getting back to there seats - all three meals are buffet style so once your food is on your plate obvioulsy you need to sit down quick and eat it. There was a massive selection to choose from and they even had a bbq running twice throughout the week.

Overall me and my boyfriend thought the hotel was excellent. The weather was beautiful and we both came back with an excellent tan. We would defaniatly return.

If anyone is thinking of visiting this hotel and after reading the below comments has worried you, ignore them all, there rubbish. Its defiantly 10 out of 10 for a 4 star hotel.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
We enjoyed our holiday at this hotel...

"We enjoyed our holiday at this hotel though, having been there before we felt that this is a 4 Star hotel that is rapidly becoming a 3 Star. From the outside the hotel architecture is easy on the eye and inside is very pleasant and clean. The Junior Suite offers a spacious lounge, bedroom and bathroom with full length balcony. Air con is standard and there are three telephones and 2 tV's. A mini fridge is also included. The Maid service was excellent. The rooms need to be upgraded with better TV's and with an option to have a stocked fridge. The choice of TV channels was poor and there is only one English-speaking channel - CNN.

A big disappointment was the food. There was plenty of it but the hot, (self service) food was none too hot and cold plates was all that was available. The plate warmers either did not work or were not being used. A 4 Star hotel does not serve hot food on cold plates!! There was a good selection of well presented cold food.

The Barcelo Jandia Mar has a 500, (approx), seater dining room so you can imagine the numbers of people milling around and when the table stocked with breads of different sorts has no plates or butter portions available at it, then people are forced to go hunting for these items hugely increasing the 'milling around' going on. This human traffic jam is compounded by self-serve soft drinks fonts that cough and splutter as they dispense diet Coke, Fanta etc. which is more often-than-not flat when you eventually manage to fill your glass, making you want to try other fonts sited around the room. Clearly the equipment is not maintained properly. A lengthy queue at a vending machines for coffee can often result in watery, poor quality beverages and adds to the frustration at each mealtime. Unless you are early arriving at the dining room for meals, tables can be difficult to find and staff appear surly and do not enjoy being asked to clear a dirty table.

Out at the pools, which are beautifully shaped and designed, the patio areas are clean and sun loungers are tidied promptly at the end of the day. We found no pressure to 'reserve' sun loungers. Patio furniture is past its sell-by date and needs to be renewed. The wooden balustrades and pergolas around the patios and pools need re-stained. There were small areas of mosaic tiles missing from the floors of some the pools which are unheated and a bit of a challenge. There is a bar outside, near the pools, which serves alcoholic drinks with self-serve soft drinks fonts that, once again, function poorly. There is a pervading smell of stale beer around this bar which indicates deep cleaning is required. During the afternoon hot food is served at a patio area near to the upper pool and while adequate is hardly 4 Star quality. Tables are not cleared and cleaned quickly enough so you may have to eat among the detritus left by the previous user.

Other facilities include table-top games such as table top football, though this was heavily stained with congealed drinks and unusable. Other equipment, putting clubs for instance, is worn and damaged. the 'mini-golf', (crazy golf), course is showing its age.

All in all there is a lack of maintenance around the building and its facilities generally and a specific lack of organization and maintenance of food service equipment - not something that a 4 Star hotel allows to happen.

The Barcelo Jandia Mar has the potential to remain the jewel in the crown of Jandias hotels, but it had better move quickly.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
We have only just returned from...

"We have only just returned from holiday today 30th March 08.

We were quite worried before leaving, having read some very indifferent reviews of the Barcelo Jandia Mar. In no particular order I will comment on what we found- this is our opinion only.

1- The resort is situated up a very steep hill. It may be advertised as being 800 m from the beach but I would imagine it being quite a struggle for those with small children or unfit / unwell. Its about a 30% gradient or 1 in 3 in old money. I run quite a bit so actually enjoyed it but be very careful as it is very steep.

2- The hotel is very new and it shows- it is very clean and well presented, however the rooms do not appear to be particulary well insulated from eachother. This allows you to hear conversations from adjacent rooms without any effort. Fortunately the worst we had to contend with was someone snoring , it could have been worse. The rooms are well furnished, the bathrooms clean and tidy with both a shower and bath. The shower was excellent.

3- The resort caters primarily for German tourists. The TV in the room is set up in German and has mainly German shows, with a scattering of Italian and two English - NBC and BBC World News. Not an issue some might argue but aTV is always handy if its overcast.

The resort entertainment is similalry geared up for non English which may or may not be important.

4-The food is very much aimed at non English. Veal/ Pork and Fish are daily offerings

along with a limited selection of ice cream / cakes and fruit. I was very dissapointed with the food. It wasn't 4 star. We recenty went to Minorca 3 star half board and the food was far superior.

I noted dirty plates on more than one occasion.

5- The staff were not very helpful when approached. We booked a room to change on the last day as our departure was at 5pm (you have to be out of the room for noon) only to be told that it was no longer free when we went to collect the key. In saying that most staff generally kept themselves to themselves rather than being ignorant. Perhaps they aren't encouraged.

6- The beaches are excellent - be aware of the nudists though. Rather a strange sight at first and something you may or may not want to explain to your kids on holiday. The beach is nudist but everyone seems to mingle leaving a mixture of both.

7- All inclusive - The beer is San Miguel, the wine is drinkable ( imagine a poor house red) spirits are local brand. Kids drinks include coke, sprite, fanta orange . There was also filtered water which was ok.

On arrival you are tagged, after that you simply serve yourself which is a good system as you aren't waiting for a drink, the only exception are the spirits which are controled by the bar staff.

All things considered 4/10 is about right by my reckoning. If you get a deal its probably fine. If you pay top dollar you may be dissapointed as it isnt 4 star.

As I said at the outset only my opinion, but I've been to better for far less cash which I guess is the bottom line.

Hope this helps.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
Im not a bit impressed with this...

"Im not a bit impressed with this hotel i would never advice anyone to go there..very quiet place so if thats what your looking for well then this might suit you. I thought the rooms were lovely and clean, i found the bar staff really rude. there was no water left in the coffee machine so i went and told the bar man and he said"that isnt ny problem" i was so mad! secondly my mam and her sister went and booked a manicure and pedicure each and a massage my cousin also got a massage, with the massage you got a free relaxing bath well this all was a rip off the massage was lovely but the manicure and pedicure wasnt, there was only a choice of 3 nail varnishes black glittery pink and red! french polish came out strikey bacause the polish was so old! my mam didnt bother getting her nails painted in the end as there was no colour she liked! there was no nail bar my mam has a bad back and was left lying flat on a bet when getting her nails done and they couldnt even sit the bed up bacause it was broke also when my cousin was finished her massage she was told lie there and relax and the lady said shed be back in a minute but no she never came back she was lying there for 40mins and she got up and got dressed and left.there was no one there to guide you tell you what was next make sure you were ok it wasnt cheap. they didnt even wash your feet when getting a pedicure we went to complain and on 5 different occasions we wanted to speak to a manager but no one would speak to us we couldnt complain to the spa manager sa she couldnt speek much english. i thought that was a joke!!!!! food was ok, beach was lovely, reception staff were nice. But id never go there again i really found the whole thing a complete joke"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, All Inclusive, booked with we booked this threw ryanair

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3 / 10
My daughter, her husband, my two...

"My daughter, her husband, my two 12year old nieces and I spent a week in this hotel in January. It was a totally relaxing experience! Firstly the food is not good and not enough variety. The orange juice for breakfast is horrible its like powder and water and the bread was never really fresh and scrambled eggs were cold.What I enjoyed most was the coffee from machines around hotel. We ate breakfast in cafe facing the lighthouse so we could have fresh orange juice, freshly made omelettes and croissants. Pool area is very nice with good music and beach is really gorgeous. The hotel was full of Germans who in general arent very friendly people. Rooms and all areas of hotel were kept very clean. Reception was very helpful. We only ate dinner once in hotel, but found a great Italian restaurant in Morro Jabla with chips to die for, chicken with most delicious mushroom sauce, great pizzas and best profiteroles I ever tasted. Would go back to Jandia tomorrow for the hot sunny weather, the beautiful white sandy beach and the Italian restaurant but the all inclusive in this hotel is not worth the money"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
We have just got back from a week at...

"We have just got back from a week at this hotel and would not return, the room was clean Jandia was stunning and the weather was lovely however the hotel did not live up to its star rating.

The food was cold and the drinks were of poor quality also no tea and coffee in the room, nothing in the mini bar fridge, the TV was all in German and no rep at this hotel to complain to.

The staff all seemed nice and the cleaners worked hard, in the past I have always trusted Thomson and Portland’s star ratings but never again.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Portland Direct

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7 / 10
The plus sides - very clean,...

"The plus sides - very clean, spacious, lovely spa, beautiful pools, activities (if that's what you like) and good food. On the whole all things you want in a good holiday.

However the down sides for us outweighed the benefits; the pools were very cold even in July and should have been heated. Although there were scores of dining tables, the food area was too small and often very crowded. The 'evening areas' indoors were not spacious enough - either up by the reception or in a small hall downstairs. Entertainment was quite poor.

In addition even though we knew the hotel was a few hundred metres from the beach, the beach front was desolate; a brand new development of outlets was being built in July and this was ugly.

This resort is on the windy side of the island and unless the temperature was soaring, it could feel cold after getting out of the pool. Also chilly in the evenings.

Our verdict - go to the Gloria Palace in Gran Canaria instead! It's fantastic!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
Firstly it has to be said we did not...

"Firstly it has to be said we did not pay a great deal of money for this holiday, however if we had only paid a pound each for this hotel it would have been too much.

The holiday was ruined for us by awful food, we where both ill and as far as we could see and hear half the hotel was as well, food was either cold or uncooked, we had to wipe knives and forks before using them as they still had pieces of food on them, glasses where filthy, god only knows what the parts of the kitchen you can’t see are like, I dread to think.

We found the only way to not be sitting on the toilet all day was to both eat out and to not even drink anything from the bar, all inclusive really is pointless when you are forced into these actions.

The actual hotel rooms are pretty sparse, and as we had a ground floor room there was very little privacy, coupled with walls so thin you could hear everything and I imagine those next door could hear everything from our room.

We simply went outside the complex for as much of the day as we could, it was a relief to get away from the smell of sewage which came up through the sink, and many others did the same. There is a sauna on site but a word of warning, the showers by the sauna and in the changing rooms have a problem with drainage, resulting in a foul smell and when I walked into one of the showers the sight of hundreds of flies on the shower was quite disgusting.

The Jandia area is really very nice, it’s a throwback to the Canaries before Brit Bars took over so many resorts, lots of shops, cafes, and bars. The vast majority of visitors are German but we had no problems at all with them.

There is one English bar and it plays the football so loud that everyone in the street can hear it, pity they can’t actually get anyone in their drinking, mind you perhaps they should start charging realistic prices for drinks as opposed to British prices as let’s face it this is a tax free island.

The beach is stunning, it has to be seen to be believed, mile upon mile of white sand, we were really lucky with the weather, mainly sunshine with a couple of days slight cloud.

All in all the holiday has not put us off Jandia, far from it we have already booked for next year but not at this hotel. We understood why Portland operate no rep service at this hotel as most people were unhappy, put simply the Hotel is not 4 star, quality is terrible and the attitude of the management is tough you are stuck here, to those who think that perhaps we were just unlucky all I would say is we have stayed at 3 Barcelo Hotels and in every one food has been awful, with people complaining of being ill.

Well you live and learn and all I can say is we learnt never to trust Portland where quality is concerned, they should be ashamed of themselves sending people to this filthy place.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Portland Direct

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