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2 / 10
Anyone who has booked to go to this...

"Anyone who has booked to go to this hotel be warned . It was my first trip to Benidorm on a girly holiday ,and we all agreed that the Magic Cristal was located in a nice spot and not to central to all the noise also it was reasonably priced.

Anyhow, on our arrival to the hotel we were given the wrong keys to our hotel door on the second floor and the lift was stuck with someone in it shouting for help. Apparently it did it all the time a man said.

Also there was dried in blood splattered in the corridor which was disgusting for a first impression. I explained this to reception and they didn’t seem to care.

Also to eat your food you have to go down into a basement which is difficult for old people because of the stairs and the lifts not working. And the smell of greasy fat lingers from the moment you walk in the joint .

The air con was crap and the bath had a big rust mark in it ,I would only use the shower with my flip-flops on.

Also whilst we was there someone had a massive row through the night and ended up punching holes in a few of the apartment doors in the landing which was pretty sad really.

Honestly, I would consider booking a different hotel before booking this one it was rubbish.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Full Board, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
Okay .Not Cleanest But Good Hospitality

"just home from staying magic cristal.Arrived to VERY busy hotel.The stay was good.Good for families during day.We stayed with 3 young kids and couldn't fault it apart for not the cleanest of rooms (old dust on wall and feet got black when floor was wet) and drain smell which seems to be all around not just in hotel.

day before we left seemed to get rather noisy with group of noisy couch load of young people so if taking young kids you have to take gamble of have noise at night allot.

good points

friendly staff

great food alot of choice esp spainish food

good facilities eg pool,kids pool,enertainment.we used the kids pool allot but with only one kid old enough for kids club didnt use it.

food and drink on tap great esp for hungry kids who are moaning they are hot al the time

allot to do around eg theme park and animal parks and beach

air conditioning rooms

5 mins from beach

in central area

bad point

LONG ques for lifts and spanish people dont do ques. Thats seemed to be the spanish way,limited manners.Could say that about allot of british folk too though.

There are only 2 main lifts in building and 2 small ones,not many for 600+ rooms

not very clean room

smell of drains which is everywhere

noise on some of nights but hotel does say no noise after midnight.

overall good hotel but could do with an upgrade,good clean and lick of paint. If you want a sparkling clean hotel with 5* treament dont stay here.If like us you are looking for a good hotel with plenty to do but dont mind the occasional noise and willing to try everything spanish then this is the hotel for you.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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6 / 10
Good but nothing speical

"Alot of Spannish people where at this ever if your a 15 year old girl I'm sure you wont be complaining! The food was quite good but it lacked plain things like pizza. The rooms were ok, but a bit tight for a family of 4 when there are two adults and two teenage girls! The entertainment wasn't the greatest but then it never is in hotels. I wasn't looking forward to having an indoor pool but it was actually ok. It meant you could sunbathe on the sun terrace without getting splashed by children. A good thing about the sun terrace is that there is no need to get p at 6 am to reserve a sun bed! There is always plenty left! Even at 2 and 3 in the afternoon. The centre of Benidorm is only a short taxi ride away and then beach is only a 10 minute walk. The only thing that really spoiled it was the theiving. Don't leave ANYTHING valubable about. They even go for clothes!!! All in all, it was a good holiday and it was better than spending two weeks in raingy Edinburgh!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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10 / 10
Don't let the rubbish reviews put you off

"I was absolutely dreading coming to this hotel after reading some of the reviews but there was no need to worry. We had rooms with balconies which were lovely and cleaned every day. The food could not be faulted there was always lots of choice and it was always hot. The entertainment was a bit ropey but i've never stayed all-inclusive when it hasn't been,and there were other bars to sit in if you didn't like it. We also liked the fact that we could go to the other hotels in the group if you went for a walk during the day or night. Overall we had a great holiday and would definately go again. I think a lot of the people who have given negative reviews are expecting a five star hotel for a three star price, but I do urge people not to be put off by the bad reviews."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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10 / 10
Super Duper

"We're just back from a weeks stay in the cristal park hotel and I couldn't recomend it any more we had a fantastic time food was excellent plenty off choice and self service for ur drinks at meal times and the local drink was ok only prob was spirits were a bit strong lol We stayed on the 4th floor on a main road but was great to have a wee nose out the window and room was cleaned every day with fresh towels and bedding. Our room also had air conditioning and a wee fridge. Staff couldn't b any more friendlier had a good laff with them. They have an indoor pool with a jacuzzi on the roof terrace which is a sun trap, if u want an outdoor pool u can always visit one of the other magic hotels by using the free bus service that picks u up outside ur hotel and I would recommend u visit the excalibur hotel the pool is amazing and food and drink are great 2. The location of the hotel is really good u can have a nice wee stroll around the shops and isn't even a 5 min walk to the beach. You can walk to the square in 10 - 15 mins or get a taxi that doesn't cost much. We're booking back up again to go this year"

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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4 / 10
Smokers Paradise

"Returned from this hotel in march and thought there must be something wrong with us as the reviews seemed to be quite positive. So I'm glad to see that some others agree with us.

On arrival we were allocated a room on the 1st floor (park view) which we soon found out was the noisiest as you can hear everything happening downstairs including the disco music until 2 in the morning. The bathroom also stank like a sewer ( a problem we partially solved by keeping all the plugs in and buying air freshener). After a few days we changed rooms to 3rd floor but didn't get rid of the smell.

Our main problem though was the smoking. ALL the areas set aside for the british allowed smoking whereas none of the areas set aside for the spanish did. We thought this was grossly unfair, also if you ventured into the spanish areas you weren't exactly met with open arms. They were quite hostile. On a night time the dingy lounge was even more dingy by the fog of smoke sitting in the room as the air-conditioning didn't seem to be switched on. After a few days we decided to go out at night.

The alcohol was also a disappointment. The spirits were weak (we saw one bottle of spirit with an alcohol content of 24%) and the beer gassy. You could upgrade to international brands for 12 euros per day per person for a minimum of 6 days. This is outrageous! You should not have to do that on all-inclusive. We have been on many all-in holidays and this is the first time we have felt let down by 'local brands'. We preffered to spend our euros outside the hotel but it meant that some excursions had

to go.

The food was ok but seemed to improve considerably at weekends when the spanish landed en-masse. At these times you got fresh king prawns etc. The tapas was quite nice.

On a positive note the maids changed the bedding and towels frequently and they were very clean. There is also a roof terrace with a bar which is a good sun-trap. And the hotel is in an excellent location for getting around Benidorm.

To conclude - this is quite a cheap holiday so you may get what you pay for so don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. But there should be somewhere for british non-smokers to go!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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9 / 10
This was my second stay at this...

"This was my second stay at this hotel.

I was so impressed with the service the first time I went with my friend in Nov 2006, that I took my parents for a 3 day break this time - they loved it too and we're planning on going back in Nov this year again.

Having read some of these reviews on this site I have to say I'm gobsmacked!

On both occasions I found all the staff to be really friendly and helpful.

The rooms to be excellent for storage & cleanliness. Admittedly, the beds aren't that comfortable but if you're after luxury pick a hotel with a higher rating.

The rooms and bathrooms are all cleaned daily; the tea and coffee are refilled daily if you ask someone - failing that you can always help yourself in the restaurant.

The food was buffet style, hot and cold at every meal. A wide range to choose from, there was nothing I didn’t enjoy.

The location is excellent - close to a wide choice of shops and less than ten minutes from both beaches

I never found any of the Spanish to be rude at all, most would smile and say hello, is it their fault we don’t speak their language, observe their customs or god forbid, make an effort to try!

All in all, I had a really pleasant time, I would recommend this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
Me and my boyfriend just happened to...

"Me and my boyfriend just happened to have a week off Easter weekend and just wanted a break away.

We originally wanted to go to the Canaries but unfortunately no flights from Gatwick unless we were willing to pay £1000!

I was very apprehensive about going to Benidorm but none the less the guy from Vision Holidays was really informative.

We arrived at the hotel around 1 in the morning and was pleasantly surprised by what we saw. Reception was clean and tidy and the guy who checked us in was really friendly and helpful.

Except for the fact he didn’t tell us that although there is 30 rooms on floor 7, only 1-13 are accessible from the lifts and the rest you have to get off at floor 6 and find another set of stairs.

We would have been there all night had it not been for this lovely Scottish girl showing us the way! I was left speechless when we opened the room door.

We had a huge living area, huge bedroom area and a really nice, clean tidy bathroom. Better than that, our balcony was so huge it could of easily fitted at least 30 people on it!

Although a land view, to the left was the sea and to the right was the mountains so it wasn’t that bad. Bed quite hard and squeaky but then so are most hotel beds in Spain!

Sheets changed once a week and clean towels everyday - I was really impressed!

Outdoor pool was not in use but the indoor one was-it was clean enough.

The only thing that bugged me about the maid service was that even when there was a do not disturb sign on the door, they would still buzz for you so I had to get up take the towels off her and then go back to bed!

I had to go to reception a couple of times when our key stopped working and they were friendly and helpful..I think if you walk up with a smile they’ll do the same.

The room had two TVs, some Spanish channels, mtv-sometimes dubbed in German, itv 1 and 2 and BBC.

One day my boyfriend decided to leave a bottle of Pepsi on the floor, when we got back later in the day, it was covered in ants. We got rid of them all and never saw any again.

Although we booked bed and breakfast we never got up in time so I can’t comment on that, but if you walk along the beachfront there’s plenty of decent places to eat and a sandwich place called calumbys does the most amazing bacon, sausage and chips for breakfast!!

The hotel has entertainment every night but as 19/20 yr olds the last thing we wanted to do was stay in and watch it!

There is a luggage room and anyone could take the key and take anything out of it so not that secure.

Weather was hit and miss, 2.5 days of sunshine, 1 day of torrential rain and the rest was cloudy.

Many of the cafes from the day turn into bars in the evening, Penelope’s is the place to go it’s amazing! Watch out for the Spanish police, they are awful!

Our hotel was full of Spanish people. Although I believe that everyone is entitled to a holiday, especially in home countries, they were so rude they spoilt my holiday.

We would be in the lift, Spanish people get in, hear us talking in English, turn and stare and/or give us filthy looks. They also pushed in a lot at reception, not in front of me because I wouldn’t of put up with it.

On the day we checked out, we were in the lift, it came down to reception and these Spanish women were trying to get into the lift before we had gone out! They would also stand by the entrance and smoke or just stand in the way so no-one could ever get past!

Hotel is quite close to the beach-10 mins away and also from the bars etc on beachfront. Hotel is about 20 mins away from tony romas-expensive but worth it!

Further on from tony romas there is a selection on clubs and bars that I would recommend anyone stay away from. However we did visit a pub near that - cannot remember the name for the life of me - that had English comedy acts, it was free entry and such a good night, well worth a cab there!!

I personally would not go back to Benidorm as I feel, from experience, there are better places to holiday in Europe, the hotel was nice enough but the Spanish tourists ruined it for me and the fact breakfast finished really early!

If you don’t like northerners or truck fulls of locals then stay away!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Vision Holidays

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1 / 10
This hotel was awful I would advise...

"This hotel was awful I would advise you not to go. When we first arrived we were pushed out of the way by the Spanish guests.

We finally reached reception, the staff were rude and surly but the biggest shock was the room. It was very small and there were 4 of us 2 adults and kids aged 14 and 11.

Our bed was a sofa bed under the window, only it had no wooded slats so when you sat on it you fell through it. The room smelled and would not disperse, we opened the curtains and was faced with a wall 6ft from the window.

I was quite angry as we paid £2000 for this holiday, went down to reception and was told there were no more rooms, rang the rep he came and I showed him the room and explained that I wanted to be moved to another hotel or better room.

He was useless so we ended up upgrading which cost us an extra 216 Euros.

The food was okay but boring and same stuff every day, we ate out mostly because of this. Bar staff were very rude and even if you were at the bar first, they always served the Spanish guests first.

The Spanish guest were ignorant, they pushed us out of the way of the lifts and looked at us as if we were scum.

I hated this hotel, all of our party could not wait to get home. We will never go with Airtours again.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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2 / 10
Not worth it!

"The information, presented by the hotel on the internet, is false. There is no fitness, no sauna, no decent jacuzzi and the small indoor

swimming pool is freezingly cold. There is nothing to do inside the hotel except drink and eat. The food isn't that bad if you like it greacy. The "Out of order"-sign is used all the time. When something is broke (which happens a lot) they don't do anything about it. They just put up the sign. During the 10 days we stayed there we went to the reception at least 5 times because we couldn't enter our room anymore. The key card often didn't work. The majority of the staff was quite friendly though. During the nights there was so much noise in and outside the hotel. A good night's rest is impossible.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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6 / 10
what a holiday!!!

"went to benidorm 4 times last year and this one was the best!!(except fiesta week, that was great. just beware of the fireworks going off all day and night!! not good for people with aweak heart as always jumping out of your skin!!!)stayed here a couple of times before but this was the best one yet!! we had requested a room with a balcony only to find on arrival we didnt have a room at all!!(last thing you need after arriving and wanting to dump your stuff off and go out!!) on the better side we got offered the presidential suite which was great!! it had two rooms, a jacuzzi, a huge balcony over looked benidorm. we were told by staff that if we didnt like it they would move us to a different room. all this for no extra cost! on the down side full of ignorant spanish people who liked to que jump- one man put the spanish in their place and they had to re-join the que from the back!! maid service was good, very clean floors mopped everyday,bedding changed daily and clean towels veryday. the food was good and the all inclusive came handy when it came to the drink!!! lifts were slow and was quicker to walk. good for all ages although the other side of town is more for the younger people with lively bars and clubs!!

had a brilliant time, cant wait to go back!!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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10 / 10
There were six of us in our group and...

"There were six of us in our group and what a brilliant time we had, rooms were basic but clean, clean towels and sheets daily. The food you could not fault and if there wasn’t something that you liked then you must be really picky.

Entertainment every night in the hotel and the night life down the town was brilliant. Being AI there was plenty of drink flowing. All the hotel staff were really helpful. We could not fault this holiday and will definitely be back soon.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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