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9 / 10
Fantastic Clean Hotel

"This hotel was a little out of the main town centre which is what we loved about it. The hill everyone talks about is not that bad at all especially if you use the garage entrance and then take the lift! I am a large unfit lady and I managed the hill as did my 9 year old daughter on the occasions we chose to climb the hill.

There is a little shop in the hotel but we never used it except on our arrival for milk, but if you use the rear exit of the hotel, for which you are given a key, you come out almost on top of a supermarket which is used by a lot of the people who live in the nearby residential area. Lots available there and reasonable prices.

Hotel was beautifully clean and well presented. My daughter does not like kids clubs so I cant comment, but I can say that the kids in the hotel seemed to love it. Patrice who was in charge of entertainment was fantastic. Bingo in multiple languages is not only great fun but educational as well. The evening entertainment was also of a much better standard than I have experienced elsewhere.

Buses operated from near the hotel into Fuengerola, Torremolinos etc and were cheap. Fuengerola Zoo def worth a visit.

ANY YOU MUST MUST MUST VISIT TIVOLI WORLD. This is a great value theme park.

There is also a local park with small animals like rabbits and birds roaming freely. Beautiful.

The beach and town were not on our doorstep but were not too far a walk.

If you like everything on the doorstep this is not for you. If you like to sit around the hotel, this is GREAT. If you like to use a hotel as a base and get out and about, you could not ask for better.

We intend to return and having just returned from a holiday to Fuerteventura we so so wish we had returned here. Not only was it cleaner, it was cheaper and had much more to do. But there you go.

This is a spa hotel so you can book treatments too. And although we were self catering, we did eat in the hotel on occassion and the food was fantastic, not to everyones taste I agree but we loved that there was true spanish options and not just English fare.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
So, there's a bit of a hill! We...

"So, there's a bit of a hill! We walked for miles and miles on our week out there. The scenery is just spectacular. We walked into Fuengirola (turn right at the bottom of the hill), but got the bus into Benalmadena (left), then walked. Check out the marina. Benalmadena is the better option if, like us, you just want to chill, and buy pressies, but Fuengirola's where the night lifes at.

Our room was lovely - bright & clean. The staff were super friendly (say Hi to Vanessa at the bar) and they couldn't do enough for you.

It was very quiet when we were there, as they had just had a Bank Holiday, but hey! Gave us the pool to ourselves.

The food was great. Definitely go for the all inclusive option, even if you haven't got it already, buy it when you get there. Very reasonable, and it is literally everything. We did, and we didn't spend any money for 4 days!!!

We have already been talking about going backto the Palace if it's just us grown-ups. The Holiday Village at the bottom of the hill, or the Sunset Beach Club closer to Benalmadena would be better if we took the kids. But we shall definitely be making another visit - or 2!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Fantastic holiday! Especially if you...

"Fantastic holiday! Especially if you have children as everything from kids club crazy golf fully equipped relaxing park to fab pool. Rooms excellent clean and spacious.

I know it is out of the town a bit but everything you could need is there. Friendly staff but I would only recommend an all inc basis. They have an office there selling holiday clubs on the resort you will be approached once but after that they leave you alone.

The hotel is linked to most fantastic and secure water park which all inc lets you have your lunch in your hotel or in the beach club.

The food is excellent. The hotel is at the top of a hill but there is a very efficient courtesy bus which runs nonstop to the beach club and bus stop if you want to go into town. I can recommend the local crocodile park the kids loved it.

I would recommend whole heartedly this holiday and would go back asap.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with On The Beach

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9 / 10
Sirenis Holiday Palace was a clean...

"Sirenis Holiday Palace was a clean spacious hotel. When we first walked in, we were stunned with what we saw.

The hotel was so spacious and very well designed.

The rooms were very clean and modern; the cleaners came everyday which was great.

The only problem we had was the ants, they were all over the balcony and if any crumbs of food were dropped on the floor, they were able to come into the room and were a torture...

The pool was excellent and there were activities for the kids during the day. There was also a water park 10 minute walk down the road which was handy.

There was also a taxi which took you up and down the road which came in handy also.

Overall I would give this hotel a rating of 9/10... Only problem were the ants.

I would definitely go back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, booked with Direct Holidays

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8 / 10
Myself and 4 girls stayed in the...

"Myself and 4 girls stayed in the Holiday Palace in September 2006 we all thought it was a brill holiday and a lovely hotel its just we wouldn’t recommend it for group holidays as it was a 20 min drive to the centre. I think its a hotel to stay in for families and couples. The hotel was absolutely fab the staff were very friendly apart from one or two staff members at the poolside bar which were a bit ignorant to all of us on a few occasions.

The rooms were very spacious with two huge beds and the bathroom had a bath and a shower with two sinks so there was never any fights for the sink when getting ready to go out. The sitting room was nice with a big couch that turned into a bed although I didn’t like the fact that you had to pay to watch the telly. The kitchen was also good it had everything you needed in it. The balcony was lovely with a great view it was handy for having a few drinks before hitting the town. The hotel is huge with 6 floors there were 8 lifts so it was fine we were on the 4th floor with rooms right beside each other which was very handy.

The pool area was really nice and big with all different depths of the pool so you could just go in for a quick dip if needed which it was as the weather was very hot! The entertainment was great by the pool and the Entertainers were good fun and played lots of games to keep everyone occupied. The poolside bar had lovely food but a bit expensive like everywhere. There was an indoor pool and gym but we could not use it because we were only half board which i think is a bit unfair.

There was a supermarket in the hotel which was very handy for snacks but it closed at 12Noon until 6pm which was a little annoying as there was no other shops around for miles and it was also expensive. There are 3 restaurants in the hotel but we could not eat in all 3 as you had to be all inclusive to do so. For food we used to get a taxi into town and get some food in a supermarket in town as it was a lot cheaper than the one in the Hotel and we used to cook our breakfasts, lunch and sometimes dinner if we didn’t eat out for it. As there were 5 of us we had to get 2 taxi's and it cost €10 each way sometimes €12 if they try and rip you off.

We never felt safe in the taxi's as they used to drive very fast and never wore their seat belts and always talked on their mobile phones while driving I know there are different rules over there when driving but I wasn’t too keen on them now. When we ate out we just got a taxi straight into town early and stayed in town for the night as it would cost too much to go in twice. Overall I thought it was a great holiday and we were very lucky as when we arrived in Costa Del Sol they were in the middle of a heat wave which is not usual for the start of September and the Hotel was great just if it was a more close to town it would be a lot better.

I would definitely recommend this hotel but I just don’t think its very orientated for group holidays more for families and couples. But we did really enjoy our stay there!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Self Catering, booked with Direct Holidays

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6 / 10
We stayed for 2 weeks, on a self...

"We stayed for 2 weeks, on a self catering basis. The hotel itself is very nice, modern, and reasonably clean. The main gripe with the hotel is its location. It is not really feasible to walk to either Benalmadena or Fuengirola, as they are both quite a distance. When you have walked down to the bottom of the hill from the hotel, you hit a dual carriageway. On our first night we attempted to walk into Benalmadena, but after walking for 90 minutes in baking heat, we admitted defeat and flagged down a passing taxi.

A taxi will cost 10 euros each way into either resort, and 15 euros to nearby Torremolinos. Their is a bus that according to the rep runs every 20 minutes. We found it to be nearer to 35 minutes, but costs 1 euro 5 cents per person to the resorts, which is reasonable, but be prepared to stand up, as they are like mobile cattle markets.

Due to the remote location we ended up upgrading to all inclusive for a cost of 40 euros a day per adult, and 25 euros for kids. It was cheaper to do this as with taxi fares and eating out costs we were spending roughly 200 euros a day.

The food in the restaurant is of a reasonable standard, but is a little repetitive after a few nights. The beach club at the bottom of the hill however serves a much better quality of food with excellent selection. This restaurant serves food up till 3.30pm.

The entertainment in the bar at night has to be seen to be believed. Its so bad its like watching the x factor auditions, with most of the singers not knowing all the words to songs. One guy resorted to growling through some songs when he forgot the words, it was certainly entertaining, although not in the way it was supposed to be. One of the acts is an Elvis impersonator, and we came home still trying to work out whether he was a serious act or a comedy act. Service in the bar is poor, with usually only one person serving, which at busy times was taking 30 minutes to get served.

The shop on the hotel is expensive, for example a 2 litre bottle of Coca Cola in the shop 2 euros 50, where in town in a supermarket 1 euro 3 cent.

Overall the hotel is lovely, the location is poor, but we had a good holiday due to a great set of people that we met at the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
The hotel is almost brand new it is...

"The hotel is almost brand new it is very clean and tidy the rooms are big with ours having two balconies both with sea views.

The facilities are excellent if you are on all inclusive if not i would imagine it would be very expensive as there is nothing near for 7 kilometres either way this costs 10 euro in a taxi so 20 both ways so you would spend at least £15anight before you buy a drink.

Also taxi will only take four people regardless of size so a family of five would have to double the cost. When not on all inclusive the drinks are pricy because of the captured market.

The shop is also very pricey staff are excellent and helpful. The service at the bar is slow and the free drinks finish at 12 midnight all bars close at 2 am so no late nights here . there are two hotels on sight there is also the holiday village this seems to be aimed at the British market and there entertainment reflects this at the palace it is very Spanish and the show does not start till 10,30 pm which was late for the kids

The shows at the village started at 8.00pm which was more in line with families. You can use the village but you can not use your all inclusive down there which I find poor. You can use the beach club which is superb with stunning views and loads of theme pools and the food is great and its all inclusive.

The bus up and down the hill is good and the driver is a credit to the company and can not do enough for you, if you could use this to go into town it would be great. Also stops running at 6pm which is poor. Overall with the friendly staff and the good people we met this was a good holiday although I would not go again it is too far out and they really need to look at the all inclusive side to incorporate the whole site

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Booked as self catering but on...

"Booked as self catering but on arrival we were given opportunity, by hotel, to upgrade to all inclusive. We took up this option for 30 euro per day per person. Excellent value.

Hotel was worth the 4 star rating. Very clean, friendly staff and maids were very good. The rooms are very spacious with large bathrooms (two sinks, bath, shower, toilet and bidet). Health suite is excellent with free entry for all inclusive guests. Beach Club at bottom of hill is fantastic for kids of all ages.

We had two 17 year old's with us and they spent all day at beach club. Restaurant at Beach Club which serves lunch is fantastic, even better than restaurant in hotel, serves something to suit everyone. The drinks for all inclusive guests are all brand names i.e. Smirnoff, Bacardi, Bailey's etc. Only complaint is that getting served at bars is very slow, usually only one person serving.

The infamous hill is not as bad as people make out. During day a free mini bus runs up and down but to walk it is no problem at all. All in all an excellent holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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6 / 10
We were allocated this hotel on...

"We were allocated this hotel on arrival; seeing the pool areas and the rooms it was all pretty impressive and we thought we had struck lucky. In fact it would probably suit people that don't want to leave the hotel complex. If you wanted to explore it was not so good.

The main problem was that there are no local shops or restaurants within walking distance for those with young children. The hotel claimed to provide food but the Italian was closed most nights (we only saw 5 families in it in a whole week) and the buffet at 66 euros a meal for 4 was rather pricey. You can get a bus from the bottom of the hill, it was quite a wait but you could find the real Spain. You would then probably have to wait ages to get a Taxi back to save the walk up the hill.

If you stay at the pool for evening entertainment you have to wait ages for a drink at the bar-which was serving really slowly (one person only) to prevent the 'all inclusive people' guzzling too many free drinks.

The rooms would be good for smokers but ours took the whole week for smell of smoke to reduce (I think it might be stuck in the air conditioner unit). A strange thing was that some days the maids would pack up the children’s beds and once they did not even provide sheets. The shop prices took the mick a bit (up to 3x normal prices) but it was good to have it there for an emergency.

Having said all this we enjoyed our holiday and it is worth a try, but I would suggest the holiday village would make the journey from Holiday World Land to Spain easier.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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8 / 10
Had a great time with my husband and...

"Had a great time with my husband and three kids. Hotel was lovely and the rooms were nice and were cleaned every day with sheets and towels. It was a quite hotel, but that’s why we liked it.

Kids had entertainment and I was able to lay and sunbathe! We were allowed to use the sister hotel which was down the hill which a lot of people complained about, but it wasn’t a problem for us, even my 3 year old walked the hill up and down with no complaints!

The only down side was that the supermarket at the hotel was expensive, so we had to get a bus to go for shopping or to eat out, but we didn’t really mind too much as it was only 1 euro each. Overall we had a great time and I would go back again.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, booked with Airtours

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9 / 10
Very nice clean hotel, staff lovely...

"Very nice clean hotel, staff lovely as well as helpful nothing too much trouble. Free taxi up and down the hill which was a gentle walk either way. Views good, rooms spacious and clean. Entertainment good.

Pool safety very good, gently slopes inwards so its perfect for very young children to paddle Lifeguard on hand at all times with first aid kit. Shop is a little expensive but handy for the must have stuff, water, milk bread etc. There will be a train station stop on the site in time, which will be really good.

In the mean time there is a good bus service going either way just at the bottom of the hill, so go on give it a try. We will go again.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Self Catering, booked with Direct Holidays

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2 / 10
Holiday Hellhole

"Oh my goodness what a complete joke this place was. I would never recommend this place even to my worst emeny. The hotel was pretty new and the layout was really nice but that was the only good point I could make. It was dirty, our balcony was covered in bird poop and we are still waiting for the clean towels we asked for. Most of the staff could barely speak english. The restaraunt only opened 3 days per week. The buffet was 20 euros per person and this didn't include the cost of drinks. The prices in the supermakrket were to say the least, extortionate ( for example a bottle of water costing 73 cents in the town was over 3 euros in the shop), The pool bar charged 2.10 for a very small glass of fanta when you could buy a 2 litre bottle in the (very distant) town for 1.03. The actual hotel was miles, and I mean miles from anywhere. We went out one evening and walked 4 kilometres without encountering so much as a shop. The brochure states that it is on an "incline", that is the uderstatement of the year, it is actually at the top of a very steep hill, so if you are bad on your feet or have little ones this is not the place for you, but then as I said I would not recommend this place to anyone as it's dirty, poorly managed and very very expensive !!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006

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