Riu Marco Polo Hotel

Hammamet Yasmine - BP 35, Hammamet 8056, Tunisia
8  / 10
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10 / 10
Great Holiday!

"We just returned from a week at the Marco Polo with our 10 year old son and all three of us loved it. We found ALL staff (without exception) to be friendly, attentive and honest. I was quite shocked to find previous reviewers saying that reception staff tried to "fiddle" the currency exchange process!

Food in the Tunisia restaurant is varied and tasty. There is always a salad bar, always a traditional Tunisian dish to try plus the usual pizzas pasta etc. We also found the snack bar very good especially at lunchtimes as it was less busy than the main restaurant with a nice covered outside terrace. The choice there is less varied but what there is is good. The Italian and Asian restaurants were a little disappointing but OK. They were self serve as in the main restaurant and offered limited cuisine.

We stayed mostly around the pool during the day but we did enjoy an excursion purchased from a local (cheaper than Thomson ones) - a morning on a catamaran boat across the bay to Hamammet with swimming time. The local salesmen do tend to be a bit pushy at the start of your holiday.... I suppose you are new potential income for them. We found that they left us alone after a while. They get to learn whether you're interested or not. Watch out for the camel man on the beach though. He put our son on the camel before we knew what was happening and then tried to charge us 80 dinar for a quick donkey-ride style ride! We haggled him down of course, but as we hadn't approached him we found ourselves almost forced into parting with cash!

We arranged with reception staff to book us a taxi to the Friday market in Nabeul (about half hour away). It was an experience! No seat belts and crazy driving so if you're safety conscious miss it out! We enjoyed it though. There are some bargains to be had especially on leather goods...haggling of course is expected. It may be an idea to have a look in fixed price shops first to get an idea of a sensible price to offer. We bought an item that we thought we'd haggled well on, then saw the exact same thing for less in a fixed price shop!! You live and learn!

When out and about, if you don't want to be approached by locals the best way is to avoid eye contact if possible. If you're not interested in what they have to say - keep walking - don't hesitate! As with previous reviewers DO NOT believe any locals in the street if they tell you they work at the Marco Polo. If they did, they almost certainly wouldn't be hanging around on the street - they would be in the hotel working hard with the rest of the staff there!

All in all we had a fabulous holiday with a mixture of activity and we already want to book to go back. We want to go back to the Marco Polo because we would be so disappointed if we went somewhere else and it wasn't as good. A standard to compare all others with!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"This Hotel Was amazing !!!

From being greeted by Adie the First Choice right down to him waving goodbye this place was faultless, the hotel was stunning big rooms, great food and awesome entertainment.

They say you get what you pay for but we feel were got more and some

So really I am a happy person and I cant wait to return

Thank you everyone and massive thanks to our Rep Adie AKA Michael Ball, Jack osbourne, Brian McFadden !!! hahaha

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Tip at the begining of your holiday, They will look after you so much more
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
everything you need

"myself and my husband stayed at the hotel for a week it was a friendley nice polite greating we recived from the first day to the last the staff were very attentive and friendley always smileing

the room was very spacious well equiped very clean even thoe the tv channels were onley 2 english stations we did not go on holaday to watch tv the room was cleaned daily and to a good standerd

the food is exceptional plenty of choice if you carnt find a plate full in there theres something wrong.

its a very large hotel but you can find your way round prity easley the beach that leads from the hotel is ok but not very good .but is nice to walk along [if you can dodge the trinket man and the man selling camal rides ]

the town is onley a short walk away and is very safe to do so no hassle at all you may get the odd taxie driver who wants to take you to town just say no thank you and they go on there way

lovely place to stay we are deff going back next year loved it

john and dawn middlands

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: take extra money for thoes bargins

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9 / 10
Second visit would still go again*************

"Went with husband and 13 year old daughter again this year, went 2011 almost same time school easter hols, had another really good holiday! Not as well run this time as last time,different manager,but still good. Problems at meal times but only when tunisian people came for weekends,queing too long to get food -was cold by time you had got everything! and they don't like to que and try their best to push in!! Waiting on staff brilliant infact most of staff were, cleaners very good.It was nice to meet some of the staff we met last year and find they were still there and as friendly as ever.Food good you can always find something you like, desserts could do with a bit more thought but there are plenty of them just abit all same either sweet or bland!What happened to strawberries this year? hardley saw any!also need better english tea atleast last year you could always have earl grey if no english, this year there wasn't any so if you like your tea take your own!Massive pool but very cold, indoor pool heated but not much although hot showers were good to warm you up when you got out.Spa good but didn't use this time.Beach YUK!infact double YUK! never seen a beach so bad but to be fair it must have been the weather that made sea wash seaweed and rubbish in but there were enormous mounds/barriers of it and no one seemed to be trying to get rid of it!Stayed round pool.Not as good overall as previous visit,would still go again as the people are very friendly, hotel still good,location good - short walk to shops and marina, Medina worth a visit and horse drawn carrige ride an experience ! Haggle on price they will always come down.Trip to zulus quite good but don't expect zoo to be as big as they make out it isn't but still enjoyable."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Well done Riu Marco Polo

"Fantastic Holiday at Riu Marco Polo, my husband and I have just got back from a two week holiday here, and we cannot fault the hotel at all. Staff very helpful and friendly if you went down to reception each morning and ordered water two bottles were left in your room for you by afternoon. Room was kept spotlessly clean by cleaning staff and they were very friendly. The rep Mark was always available for you if you needed him and he was so helpful and friendly, best rep we have ever had on holidays abroad. Anyone going to this hotel need have no worries about making themselves understood all staff could speak and understand a reasonable amount of English. The beach was a task in itself like walking over the desert but plenty of sunbeds and all free of charge. Beware of locals telling you they work at Marco Polo as chef, pancake maker and saying they recognise you they certainly do not. The pool was massive but unless you got up at 5am was dificult to get sunbeds. All in all a wonderful holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fabby Holiday

"Have just returned 2 days ago from this resort, fantastic place, the animation team work all hours to ensure that you all get involved- fabby team!!

Our waiter Hachmi was a luvly guy - could not do enough for us - even flowers on our table!!!!

This resort is spotless - the management and ALL staff WORK long hours to ensure you have a fantastic time!!!!

I would recommend this hotel to everybody!!!

Food - you will always find something to eat - always fresh - the Oriental Restaurant is delicious....

Drinks - luvly Pina Coladas!!!!

Sunbeds - you will always find one!!!

Go here - you will have fabby time!!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Lovely Resort but unsafe to leave!

"We went to the Riu Marco Polo to spend our honeymoon last october and having just read the previous review felt the need to write as experienced an almost identical experience, in fact we must of met the same man on our first and last trip out of the resort. We were approached several times on our short walk to the shops, on each occassion politely walking on until one man approached us saying he worked at the hotel and recognized us, naively perhaps we wen't to see his families shop and once inside politely had a quick look around and with my back to one of the men was so close and seemed to be smelling my hair, we were cornered and two other men blocked the doorway, we refused to buy and thankfully in the full view of other english tourists managed to get by and out. After this we decided to stay in the resort for the duration which is a shame as whilst away we like to see the local culture but found that experience extremely frightening. Even in the resort itself we could not escape being bombarded by locals trying to sell us day trips out, we were so fed up by this as approached constantly by the same people when just trying to relax by the pool etc which was not only infuriating but also intimidating as they were incredibly lecherous with no respect not even making an effort to look away when you caught their eye. In the end we actually paid a deposit for a trip with no intention of going just to stop being hassled. The resort itself is lovely especially the pool and beach area but we would not reccommend going to anyone and especially not as a family or in fact a female."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: stay away

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8 / 10
god but not perfect

"I stayed in riu marco polo for a week in late august.

Overall it was a pleasent stay.

The hotel was in good conditions since in was renewed recently.

The room was very big and clean with a good AC.

The beach was great, and the sea water was warm and clean.

The pool was very big , but with not enough sunbeds for everyone.

The food was good with plenty variety.

The animation was not so great. I agree with some of the reviews here that the animation team works hard, but to find the animation fantastic you must have low expectations or be a bit older than me and my girlfriend (27). It ends at midnight!!!Anyway, you have the town of hammamet with some discos and pubs.

During the stay in tunisia we also went on a trip to tunis among other places.

The one thing that bothered me during the stay was the service.

In the restaurant it was ok since it was self-service(!), but in the bars if you dont tip the waiter you find that your drink gets lost somewhere or they take 20 minutes to get to your table.

Since it was an all-inclusive hotel i refused to tip during the whole stay, because i think that one of the advantages of this type of hotel is not to carry your wallet at all.

I think that the staff ( and the market sellers, beware!!) had the the notion that because you are european, everything is very cheap, you have tons of money and are almost obliged to give a few dinars to them.

Also be careful when you exchange money in the hotel, when we did it they were a little mistaken about the rates...

It was a good value hotel but i was a bit disappointed

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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8 / 10
Nice holidays

"Go to Sidi bu Said to visit, its just 60 km treep.

The hotel didn't have the watersports they say they have.

The personel is very friedly.

During night, the hotel is very quite

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009

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8 / 10
there are some better hotel's "all iclusive"

"it's fine but the service needs some improvements. Is limited in the restaurant - "tunisia". Good swimming pool ,good room. The beach is dirty becuase is’t cleaned every days."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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6 / 10

"Do not buy anything in Jewelry shop in Hotel Marco Polo. They will tric you in a minute. They sold us a ring as white gold, since we do not know anyhing about the Jewlery, they could do it. It was not cheap!!! When we came home, it turned out that it is a silver ring. The guy also told as that the stones in the ring are safirs. However, the stones were cirkons.

Also, the guys on the reception will try to take some money while they are exchanging it for you. You need to be very carefull.

The hotel is beatiful, but the people are not!!!!

All the best

Tourists from Bosnia : )

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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10 / 10
Another Brilliant Riu

"Yet again this riu hotel was amazing, the hotel was lovely, food and drink was excellent.

The best part had to be the animation team who make your holiday as enjoyable as wanted, all work VERY hard and make and effort with ALL guests, speical mention to Robin who is an excellent dancer and a very good friend. Also special mention to Michael, Magda and Casper who made our holiday fantastic and memorable and made us feel so welcome and certain that we will be returning in the future.

We recommend that if you are going in season time, to get up early and get a sunbed as they tend to go very quickly.

Overall the holiday was fantastic and we can't wait to return in the next couple of months!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009

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  • by sunflowerdays

    " make sure you know which restaurants are open when you go as they weren't when we went - Asian good if open!! take tea bags** "

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