Marina Park Hotel

Punta Grosa, Menorca 07740, Spain
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"Could not fault the hotel ,staff so great ,reps fab,this was our first holiday with our boys could not ask for a better place, pools,beach,water park, a great fun family holiday. Just rude holiday makers who think staff r servants. Treat people how u expect to be treated. The only reason we not going bk this yr as to expensive but wished I had paid extra as other splash resort we going to on sat is not finished.Cannot rate this hotel enough"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Enjoy
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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Not what i was expecting

"When I arrived with my family inc 2 grandchildren one 4 yrs the other 1 yr I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised after some of the reviews I had read I was apprehensive. TO my dismay all became a reality very quickly .First of all we had to ask to be moved as the first rooms were at the top of a 2 story villa with steep steps that curved and my Grandson fell down them within 5 mins of arrival . The food was a big disappointment most looked ok but was either cold or overcooked so ate salad most days .Entertainment was poor 15 min games for kids up to 4 yrs . the entertainers looked embarrassed and poorly rehearsed ,Also there is no safety rails around the pools so a wandering toddler was in danger when passing by a 1.7 meters deep pool .our holiday was saved by good weather and a lovely beach .Will do a lot more research before booking next holiday ."

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
4 / 10

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get what you pay for.......ditto

"Went there for the October half term break as a quick holiday to take my 2 daughters away. Food is definitely not up to much so if you go with a low expectation you won't be disappointed. Pancake counter saved the day mostly for my 2 kids. The pools, beach and splash park are OK and that's all the kids seem to notice. So definitely a holiday for children and not for adults."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take your own large beer glass
5 / 10

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You get what you pay for ...

"I agree with the previous review. The complex was OK, nothing more. you get what you pay for (but I wish I'd gone to Mexico).

They treated you like kids, rationing 2 drinks per adult and one for kids was ridiculous and I have never had to queue for drinks like I did here and small plastic cups!! especially as most customers were parents of young children and were no way going to get bladdered and abuse the system!!

The complex was totally understaffed - not enough on the bars, no life guards by the pool, no staff circulating (those staff who were on duty worked 10 am until 11pm!!! and they were pleasant enough, considering!). The entertainment was rubbish and amateurish.

The rooms were not cleaned every day (a new experience for me)lights cut out, and the air conditioning didn't work!!

On the plus side when you escaped the hotel the beach is lovely.

The kids were oblivious ... they enjoyed it, but given my time over ... the world has many lovely places, so go somewhere else.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Hopefully youll just be there for a week ... chill out at the beach
3 / 10

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"it started as soon as we arrived at approx 2130 my family including 4 children were quite hungry as limited food on plane they must know guests are arriving at that time but there was no food available on site we had to go to the local restaurant

waking up in the morning we had a colony of ants in the kitchen the rest of the apartment was clean but the floor was not washed for the entire 2 weeks of our stay your feet were black within minutes of getting out of the shower they did deal with the ants and they didn't come back. I think there is is massive problem with ants at this hotel

we found the water park only opened from 1030 till 1730 this is not as far as I am concerned on site as you have to cross 1 or 2 roads to get to it depending on where on this grid like hotel your room is there is an absolute shortage of beds on this whole site. so you cannot let your kids go anywhere on there own as the locally driving is very bad. the amount of times people were standing or crossing pedestrian crossing and the cars wouldn't even think about stopping

there are 3 pools and unless you get up at the crack of dawn to save beds (although they make a big thing about bed saving is not allowed) they do nothing to stop it you will not get one

the food is 2 star at very best we ate out at least 10 of the 14 days it would be better if they just cooked it properly

the staff are rude ignorant and just completely unhelpful the bar service is a joke we found that you can only get 2 drinks at a time for adults and 1 for children which would be fine if they served a bit quicker and if this rule also included young ladies in low cut top ( one girl in front of me ordered 14 drinks and got them all then the batman told me I could only have 2 which ended with a comment that would make your ears burn from me

ALL INCLUSIVE THIS ISN'T I SPENT OVER £3,000 pound on this the worst place I have ever stayed at mostly on eating out

it sound like I am just complaining about this place and I am take it how you will take note or don't. I would never recommend this to anyone in fact I would wanted to come home after the first few days and would have if I didn't

have kids with me

if you want a truly all inclusive holiday I suggest the Caribbean the Dominican Republic I have been to several time and would have gone this time if my youngest wasn't 7 months and the flight would be to long people are great staff are lovely and the food/drink and entertainment is brilliant AND ALL INCLUSIVE MEANS ALL INCLUSIVE

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: don't go there
1 / 10

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Marina Parc - Menorca

" Would of been better if we were told that check-in wasn't 'till 5pm other than that a lovely hotel. Fun activities. kids mini disco was interesting and entertaining. Would like to say a big thank you and a well done to Xavi, our barman as he always had a smile on his face and cheered us all up. Would definitely come back again. Saw Some amaizing things. Would recommend taking the bus down to mahon then take a walk to the harbour. To get on the don joan. 11 euros for adults, 5 euros for 6- 12's and 5-0's are free. Smiles all round xxxxxx."

  • Holiday details: May 2013, Booked Independently
9 / 10

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marina parc

"marina parc is a excellent hotel had a lovely time the room was nice and cleaned alot the food was great to lots of choices i enjoyed the entertainment very much"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: the pools and the beach
10 / 10

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really enjoyable

"We spent 11night at marina park with a nearly 3yr old and a 15month old. We booked this place because it had everything we thought we wanted i.e the water park for the kids. However we only spent one afternoon at the water park as the kids were not allowed to go on the rides with us they had to go alone (which at their age was not acceptable). This did not ruin the holiday what so ever as the kids were happy enough playing by the pool. We spent most of our time at the pool by snack bay as this was close to our room 112. The rooms were basic but cleaned every other day, the pool that we went to was always very clean however we did have to get up early to put towels on sunbeds which we didn't want to do but didn't have much choice. The on site entertainment team were fantastic. They make themselves familiar with the adults and children throughout the day and the evening entertainment was brilliant. The only negative I have about Marina Park is the food was pretty bland. The salad was great but most nights it was over cooked meat, rice, chips, fish (well over cooked) and bread. The snack bar was handy when the kids wanted burgers or hot dogs. The really annoying thing was that 4 days into our stay they started charging for sangria which was meant to be in the all inclusive package but they started charging 2 euro as it seemed to be a popular choice. All in all we had a fantastic time the staff were great and the facilities we used we to standard however I don't think it deserves the 4* rating it has."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
8 / 10

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EXCELLENT ' Will be going back'

"Our family of 5 as well as my in laws had a fantastic week at Marina Park.

From start to finish the place was clean, tidy and all staff were polite and helpful.

The restaurant was clean and the food was very good, even with 3 children there was always at least one thing they liked if not more.

Water park openend on the 2nd day and was enough to keep my 3 children entertained.

Entertainment was good and the children enjoyed the disco in the evening.

I would totally recomend this hotel and we will be returning.

Just one thing is that daytime snacks like Burgers, Toasties and Hot Dogs would be a good idea.

  • Holiday details: May 2012
10 / 10

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Fantastic Break August 20th 2011

"I have just come back from a fantastic break at the Marina Park Hotel, our apartment number 263 was spotlesly clean, modern and comfortable and very spacious with two singles pushed together in each room and two bathrooms plenty of room for 2, the maid came in everyday and we had clean towels nearly everyday even though it stated that we would only have a change twice in the week. Our apartment was just by the pool so we had not far to walk and we did not have a problem finding a sun bed although some could do with new covers as they were a bit saggy and uncomfortable. The food was amazing and I always found something that I liked which is a miricle as I am a very fussy eater, it was always presented well and was a variety of meat and fish the sardines were amazing and so was the veal, a selection of fruit was available but could have been more at breakfast, the fry up was great though some of the english guests seem to struggle with the fish dishes but when in spain I like to eat what the spanish eat not egg and chips everyday as some did, so I never found it a problem. We did not have a problem with ants but had heard that some familys had. Bad points were the evening entertainment was crap a girl who sang through her nose and 2 blokes accompanying her awful, but if like me you wanted an early night anyway you could shut your door and not hear them which was great. Local bus service quite good nice buses but with all inclusive the timings were terrible and you had to miss 2 meals each time if you went out, the buses theselves were top class fully air conditioned and GB could learn alot from them. The staff were great even though they spoke limited english as long as you tried to speak some spanish they would try to, nothing was to much trouble and when I left and thanked the maid for her help she hugged me like I was a long lost friend, the bar man was amazing he worked endless hrs and still had a smile on his face, never found I had to wait o long for my Polmara (gin and lemon fanta) lovely drink lol. The beach was amazing and not very far to walk and well worth it.All in all we had a fab holiday and I would go back there next year like a shot it was quiet which was just what I wanted, if your a party animal go else where!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: hire a car
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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"My husband and I were staying at the hotel from 23/08/10 till 06/09/10 and it was absolutely amazing. we were self catering so didnt try the hotel food but the room was very nice and clean and the staff were very friendly. i recommend the hotel if you have children as it is very safe and child friendly. We are both looking forward to going back in the near future and cant recommend the marina parc enough."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: heaven on earth
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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"My family and other animals"

"Myself, my partner and 7year old son stayed at the Marina Parc Hotel from 19-26 Aug 2010 on a half board basis. We arrived at around 7pm and were shown to our 1 bed appartment ( accomodation was quite spacious and clean ). Because dinner is served from 7pm 'till 9pm (according to the supplied literature), we freshened up and went to the restaurant for dinner. On reching the restaurant about 8;30 we found the food to be set out buffet style and of quite poor quality (it looked like it hadn't been replenished after being attacked by the other guests).

On returning to the accomodation we found that the air conditioning wasn't working correctly (the motor was running but wasn't putting out cold air). Also the fridge wasn't cold and to our dismay we were sharing the accomodation with a prolific colony of ants that were coming up from below the kitchen skirting board. We informed the reception of our concerns and were assured they'd be taken care of.

The next day we were greeted by a great view of the ocean from our balcony which also overlooked one of the three swimming pools on the complex. All the pools were clean and well maintained with an abundance of sun loungers and tables. They could have done with a few more sun parasols as the mostly other German guests were up early and hoarded them as well as putting their towels on their "claimed" loungers. With our accomodation getting crowded with us and the ant colony, we went to breakfast. Breakfast was marginally better than the previous nights dinner, and laid out in the same sort of haphazard manner ( ie, bread was at one section, butter was to be found in another section. Cutlery in one place, napkins in another. Coffee on one side, sugar and coffee spoons hidden next to the condiments). Initially, finding what you wanted was a bit of a treasure hunt. After a couple of days we managed to track down what we needed without too much problem - as long as you didn't apply any logic

Got back to our hot appartment and packed a bag and went to the beach. The beach is approx 300 m down the road and takes a 5/10 min walk. A nice horseshoe shaped beach, good soft, clean sand ideal for little and big kids and some good snorkeling. Also caught fish on a handline off the rocks on the side of the beach. The main beach in Arenal got quite busy, but it was August and to be expected. While we were there quite a few people got stung by jellyfish, myself and my son included. Our stings wern't too bad,but we saw some bad reactions on the legs of a couple of kids. There is a lifegaurd station on the beach and we were told that they will help with the stings though we didn't bother as our stings weren't too bad ( vinegar works well to neutralise the sting). The influx of jellyfish was unusual we were told and is just nature I guess.

On getting back to the hotel, we found the fridge was cold and some, though not all, of the ant colony had moved on due to the red ant powder that had been put down. The air con still wasn't working. Went back to reception and complained and was assured it would be sorted ( it's a good job there was a nice breeze blowing directly onto our balcony to cool the appartment). Food the second night was a marked improvement on the previous night and we also found out that dinner started at 6:30 and not 7pm as stated in the hotel bumpf. Every night after this the food was fine ( not 4 star by a long way, but was plentiful, hot and tasty, and also offered a variety of choice from, pizza, pasta, salads and cold meats/fish, to hot pork, beef, veal and fish dishes along with vegetables, potatoes, rice and of course the proverbial chips. There was always a soup served as well as plenty of bread. Desserts were usually of the ready made frozen type and tended to be quite sweet but there was also ice cream available along with plenty of fresh fruit. I think our first night must have been a bit of a blip. There is red and white wine as well as beer and sot drinks also available with dinner.

A word of advice; The coffee tastes like Draino. If you like coffee don't go near it. On the complex there are a couple of bar type restaurants you can eat or refresh at (at your own cost as they're not part of the hotel). They serve good coffee. There is also a supermarket on the premises for those on self catering or for stocking up on water etc. The prices are virtually no different from other local supermarkets so we didn't shop around for the 5lt bottles of water we mainly bought.

After getting back from the beach on our third day we found our appartment lovely and cool as they'd fixed the air con - ahhh what bliss ! Some of the wayward ants were still chilling out as well though.

Most nights we went into Arenal after dinner. There's not too much to do but it's a nice walk with good views. There's a great ice cream parlour overlooking the bay, that does fresh ice cream ( I personally can reccommend the pistachio and hazelnut flavours, really delicious). We mainly spent the evening at a place called the "Goody Goody Bar" (about a 20 min stroll from the hotel) which provided bouncy castle type entertainment for kids and tribute band ( Bee Gees, Fake That, Elvis) entertainment for the adults - they have really comfy chairs and the drinks not too expensive.

We did trips out on the local bus service ( clean, punctual, air conditioned and reasonably priced). Trip to Fornells ( € 1:85 ) took about 12/15mins, got off stop prior to Fornells, total nightmare as we were 4 km from our destination and cost us another € 7 for a taxi. Ask bus driver if the stop is Fornells as it isn't made clear. Fornells has no beaches but you can swim and is quite an intresting place.

Trip to Mahon ( €2:05) takes 20 mins and is well worth a visit. Lots to see. Plenty to do but is built on a hill so be prepared to do some uphill walking in the heat.

Also went to Na Maccaret, abou a 20 min walk from the hotel. Very spanish village small beach and a marina. A few spanish restaurants and bars and almost entirely spanish familys on the beach. We had a great day here and there is also a road "train" that runs here from Arenal (€ 2) four times a day.

Summary :

All in all we had a good holiday though Arenal is not the type of resort we like (we prefer Cala Galdana and the many coves and beaches that resort has to offer). This hotel is mainly aimed at the German market as even the kids club was in German. The apartment was spacious and spotless. Ants may be endemic to Menorca but i feel as though the hotel could take more measures to control them as other hotels on the island do. The pools and public areas were also clean and well maintained. The food I thought generally was adequate and plentiful if not of outstanding quality.

As stated in previous postings here, I don't think this is a 4 star hotel but we were determined to enjoy our well earned holiday and treated the hotel mainly as a base and had a great time regardless of the few initial niggles.

Would I recommend this hotel ? I would if it was cheaper, as last year we stayed at a 2 star hotel and at substantially less cost than the Menorca Parc for more or less the same type of quality and service. The Menorca Parc either needs to upgrade its service or downgrade its prices.

6 / 10

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    " Romani brothers overlooking bay "

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    " You have to go all Inclusive not much going on around otherwise "

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