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8 / 10
The hotel was classed as a four star...

"The hotel was classed as a four star but in British terms more like a three plus star. It was good, very clean with excellent service at the bars and generally throughout the hotel. The hotel is situated overlooking the sea on three sides so all rooms have balconies and sea views. The food was of good quality but biased in terms of German cuisine.

We went as a couple who wanted a quiet relaxing holiday and for this purpose it was very good however if you went as a British family and wanted to mix with other families this is not the hotel for you with little or no evening entertainment and all german biased including the kids club. One good thing about the day time animation clubs was that it was quiet and not in your face and there was no loud music playing constanaly

Whilst we enjoyed the holiday it was to say the least sometimes difficult and at times we felt second class - we were the only British couple staying realisticaly there (one very old couple who visited their daughter every day also slept there - but never at hotel during the day) the rest were all Germans. Whilst I have nothing against the german race the whole set up is geared towards them and very few of the staff speak fluent English. The satelite tv system appeared to be completely German or Spanish with no News 24 etc

Some of the old fashion German habits prevailed - sun beds were reserved for hours without being used despite signs saying they should not. Notwithstanding there was never a shortage of sun beds

Highlights of the holiday - beautiful sunsets and local areas/beaches plus Spain beating Germany in the European final, you should have seen them sulking - complete with bells and flowers around the necks - four spaniards, and two brits easily cheering louder than our European cousins !!!

Low points - arriving at the hotel only to find Travel Republic had not made the booking - the staff were very helpful and found us a room albeit on the 10th floor but it was very good with an excellent view- apart from that and it being full of Germans who appeared not to want to communicate it was fine

All in all a very good hotel

Ps - don't mention the wa*

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Travel Repubulic

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Hotel THB Sur Mallorca is also called:

  • thb sur mallorca hotel

Address: Plaza Cristobal Colon, s/n, Majorca 07638, Spain