Thalassa Hotel

Boulevard 14 Janvier 2011, Sousse 4039, Tunisia
5  / 10
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1 / 10
nightmare of a holiday

"After spending 2 weeks at this hotel I can honestly say I am glad to be home.... THE GOOD POINTS* only one good thing about his holiday and that was Anis the waiter at the American bar He was warm,friendly and polite!!


Dirty this hotel is very dirty inside and out.

Bird poo all over seats in the dinning room.

Cutlery dirty.

Birds walk all over table cloths there's bird poo.

Room are disgusting!!

We was moved from our first room cause it was that dirty!!pubic hairs on sheets, sheets stained with what look like ground in dirt,bathroom was a mess toilet was smelly and uncleaned Both had a brown rim round it shower curtain stained and had holes in.. one of the beds crawling with ants.the room looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks

Same bedding for 2 weeks and I know this for a fact cause my little boy split hot choc on his sheet 2nd night and was passed around four beds to make out there was clean sheets.

Towels stained and smelt fusty.


Food is cold bland same day in and day out.

Food is covered with flies.

Fruit have maggots inside.

Drinks are warm fizzy drinks are stale.

The cups are dirty.

Drinks tasted of washing liquid

Bottled water warm they keep them in cold buckets of water not fridge!! there is no fridges in room if u want you can buy for 12pound a day.

Everyone we spoke to had suffered with sickness and diarrhea and I am not surprised..

My family bought from shop a lot as they have fridge and bottled coke was ice cold and clean, they sell crisp and chocolate so my kids mainly lived on chips apart from the 2 meals we had out of the hotel.

Water park is a death trap!!!!! there is no health and safety what so ever.

Steps up to the slides are slimy and wet be very careful with small kids.

The safety railings are none or lose be careful with small kids.

One of the slides u sit on a rubber ring and when u hit the bottom u glide over the water and hit a wall!!.

The life guards were perving on girls then doing there jobs.

The life guards are smoking and chatting then doing there jobs.

There is food and waste bags etc on the steps leading the slides.

The amount of accidents from the slides and steps while we was there was a real eye opener..

The pools are very dangerous.

Cups and plates at the bottom of the pools.

Broken tiles round the edge broken tiles and grids sticking up.

Entertainment rude sexual rude.

The staff I found 2 staff to be nice all the rest rude disrespectful arrogant the waiters perved on the girls little girls might I had.

I could go on and on about he bad points as there is loads but I wont all I am going to say is save your money go some where else some where that is a 4 star hotel cause this is not we was told by Thompson rep its a 3. spend your cash and a clean polite and friendly hotel, a family hotel where your kids and women will be safe...

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: go somewhere else

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1 / 10
I don't like the hotel..omg...

"It's my 3ed time@ Thalassa Hotel in the hotel know..20-05-2014..I don't like i came back with my family and some friends..but not same as b4..the hotel,rooms,the food,,Tunisian ,English,Lebanese,International,,All bla,bla,bla,,,OMG..rubbish..not good..after 3 times never..ever come back,,Rubbish"

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Perfect for the kids

"We have just returned from the Thalassa (June 2013 )and it was fantastic. Our two teenage boys were kept busy all week with the amazing waterpark on site. The food was fantastic and the new English restaurant catered for all the kids needs. The service was outstanding from everybody in the hotel. The family room was amazing with direct sea views and two balconies. The entertainment at night could have been better but it was OK. The beach is very clean and only for the residents of the hotel and the water sport's were very reasonable. No health issues or dreaded holiday tummy as the food was to a very good standard. Give it a go you wont regret it."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2013
  • Advice: Dont take loads of money you wont need it.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Loved loved loved it! Wish we booked 2 weeks!

"Me and my boyfriend visited this hotel on the 01/09/2010 for one week and to be honest, I was dreading it after reading tons of reviews on various different websites (Thomson's included)

I was thinking, OK, if its bad, just enjoy the weather for one week and it will all be over quick enough.

As it all started, arriving at the airport, the drive to the hotel, my mind had not changed - I was still dreading it.

My perception started to perk up on the drive as it was a 'I hope this isn't my hotel' situation and then when we got to our hotel we hoped it was ours and it was!

Once inside, we were left pretty much to guess what to do and effectively abandoned by the Thomson rep on the coach! The took us to reception and then left! We sat around for a while before talking to another English couple who were very annoyed and advised us on what we should do so we had to do everything ourselves, such us check in, get our key etc. This I blame purely on Thomson however, if not wait with us until we were all checked in, at least tell us what to do and when, rather than just chuck us in the hotel and leave!

We were then given our room (which we loved) and had the rest of the week to ourselves.

We were told to expect grumpy people due to it still being ramadan but we couldn't have experienced anything further from this!! They were so friendly and most of them could not help you more.

We absolutely loved this holiday and did not want to leave after one week!

The only points I would say that were not the best was the food and the entertainment - don't get me wrong both of these were fantastic and great but I can imagine they would get a bit repetitive after one week because the entertainment is done weekly and the food is pretty much the same everyday.

Loved this holiday and I would not listen to the bad reviews because it nearly ruined the perspective of my holiday! I would go back tomorrow if it was possible and I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Absolutely beautiful place
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"my friend and I bought this holiday as recommended by Thomson.

We were sexually harrassed throught the day by the male staff our romm was changed to a bungalow due to the filth only to discover the bungalow was worse. The pools were not safe. The drinks tasted like white spirit & you could not see what you were being served. The food was inedible. We paid over £800.00 for an all inclusive week November 2009 & we spent 80% of our time in our dirty room wishing we were home. Thomson staff took note of our complaints & said they would sort it but on our return we are in arbitration & Thomsons legal team are calling us liars. THIS HOLIDAY IS DANGEROUS FOR FEMALES PLEASE DO NOT STAY HERE not even a man can protect you from the remarks the touching etc.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Do not go it is not worth the risk

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8 / 10
Do not listen to bad reports!!

"We have just returned from a weeks stay at this hotel and had a very enjoyable holiday.

The weather was fantastic,the food great and the staff especally the animation team excellent!!.One was particually very good Billy take a bow!!.The childrens entertainer

Mona made friends with my daughter and they were together for most of our holiday.Leelia

behind the bar was very helpful and notning was too much trouble.One fault I put across

when we left was the nigntclub bar its never open so you have to keep going upstairs for your drinks.Another thing if you have a teenage daughter you need eyes in the bback of your head!!.She had wolf whistles and oo la llas as we were getting off the plane!!.

Please be wary of the shop on site he is a rip off merchant!!shop around and you can

get stuff either cheaper or in the case of a leather jacket the same price he reckons is

a good deal eg 220 Dinars (£110).Also there is a bloke selling excursions they look and

sound good but you are not insured against any accidents so only book with your rep whose

office is next to the shop.Well thats it have a nice holiday we did!!.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
very poor service

"Hotel rooms very dated,no drawers for clothes ect very 60s,cleaners only worked well if tipped daily,any more than 3 or 4 tot a table and you had to tip the waiter to get one for 6 people. Only 1 bar open during 1st week withover 6oo guests! Pool bar opened 2nd week but only till 5pm.No snacks available except at meal times. Food very,very poor with raw Turkey, bones with bits of lamb on them and the sweet selection was the same daily,complained to thompson and eventually got more bar staff now three serving to 1400 customers. Do not look for a seat inthe hotel lobby on a noght as there were only 35 chairs and approx 50 other seats again for the 1400 customers> Thanksfully the sun came out the second week and we could go out but we will be very.very wary of trusting Thompsons again and certainly will never ever go to Tunisia again"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
Overall we had a good break. Weather...

"Overall we had a good break. Weather was great, although some days were very windy. Pool water was freezing, so the kids opted to use the indoor pool most of the time. Without the indoor pool it would have been difficult having 2 water babies that love to swim all day every day.

Room was below par. TV does not cater for English and no DVD so kids were not able to use the room on the one day when the weather was bad.

Hotel facilities were good, but again when the weather is bad there is nothing to do inside.

Food was good. My wife was nervous having had a bad experience with all inclusive. However the standard of food was good and no one suffered from any form of upset stomach. Staff were all polite and most of them spoke enough English to be understood.

We did hear from one of the waiters that during the peak months the number of people in the hotel goes up from 500 (April) to 1500 of which the majority are German and French. Nothing against either of these nationalities, but they don't seem to mix well with the English when in large numbers.

So, in summary, we had a good break with good weather, but would not go back in the peak summer months.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
not for the British

"We arrived late at night. The hotel was in virtual darkness.

Welcomed? by the night reception staff who didn't speak very good English. Didn't explain about any of the hotel facilities, but did give us information about the Thomson's welcome meeting. Our hotel room was dirty. Hairy floors,bedding and bathroom suite. No drinking glasses in bathroom, no hand towels, no extra pillows. Toothpaste on the bathroom walls. Sweet wrappers on the floor. The patio set on the balcony was falling apart.

When we complained to the rep the following morning she asked if we could be moved, but apparently there were no empty rooms until the next day. She asked them to give the room a thorough clean for us. This consisted of giving us hand towels and drinking glasses. The sweet wrapper still remained.

We finally moved the next day to a slightly cleaner room but the floor was never washed in the 12 days we were there. More importantly

the bedding was not changed for our entire stay. We had a new set of towels every day, sometimes they were clean.

Reception staff very unhelpful and unwilling to speak English and were very biased towards the German and French guests who were always

served before us.

Of the 1200 guests, apparently 40 were British, but I think this was an overestimation. This is not a hotel for British guests. As a vegetarian I struggled to find main courses in the restaurant. On the

plus side the waiters were lovely and the Thomson's rep was very good

at her job.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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4 / 10
Worst hotel we have stayed after being 5 times

"We have just returned from the Thalassa Sousse 25/10/07 we were only there 1 week thanks goodness. On our arrival at 2am we were put in a room where the bed and the sheets were soaking wet, 3 times my husband went to reception they sent someone with clean sheets which was of no use as the mattress was wet, they asked if we would stay in the room the night we told the reception if they didn't sort us out a room we would sleep in reception this they found totally unacceptable and put us in the German block ( which by the way the hotel is overun with them and there 6am sunbed allocations with towels) At meals times which you are given alotted slots not able to eat as and when you please, the Germans start queueing 15mins before hand then its like a cattle stampede into the restaurant. In all a very stressful holiday. Not recommended!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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10 / 10
A holiday is what you make it

"We were a little nervous after reading the most recent reviews but, went with an open mind and have really enjoyed our week at Thalassa Village.

We arrived late at night and were welcomed with drinks, a brief intro to the restaurant timings and our water vouchers, we were then taken to our room by a friendly porter.

The rooms are clean, comfortable and provide everything you need. A small criticism would be that they are a little sterile - could do with a few pictures etc and there are no tea/coffee facilities.

The hotel complex is lovely - marble floors, lots of glass, modern decor and very clean. The pool area is one of the largest we've seen so, never felt crowded even when busy.

The main restuarant is huge and has lovely views across the pool, the waiters are friendly and attentive and the choice is quite enormous! Soups, salads, breads, pasta, hot meats and fish, cold meats, and the usual anti-adventurous chips, pizza etc. Admittedly by the end of the week it was a little repetative but, even the fussiest eaters could not go hungry! The a la carte restaurant is beautifully decorated and the food and service don't dissappoint. The beach restaurant also offered a good choice of salads, pizza, burgers, pasta and meats, with full waiter service. We unfortunatley didn't get chance to sample the Tunisian as we'd booked on a day ruined by thunder storms and it flooded! Olive oil is used in vast amount in the cooking and it's worth keeping this in mind, we all experienced a little stomach discomfort which we put down to this.

The all inclusive has limitations mainly in the way that only the main bar serves spirits and both the pool bar and hotel bar close at 11pm. Instead of spending more money by using the American bar and the disco, both which serve until 2am, we just adjusted our days to start at about 7.30am and finish by midnight. This worked really well - breakfast was less busy and we got loungers along with the Germans!

All the staff were polite, friendly and most spoke English, German, French and Arabic. A lot of guests were rude and abrupt but, we weren't and it made a real difference - better table in the restaurant reserved for us all week, table service for drinks all week, an extra a la carte night when the Tunisian got flooded, flowers in our room etc. The entertainment was aimed at the mainly German guests but, it was still fun to watch and there seems to be plenty for the kids.

We booked three Thompson excusrsions via our rep Emma (who was a bit of a star) and would definately recomend "Zulu Night" and "A tale of 3 cities" but give "Sail away" a miss. Our guides were passionate and knowledgable and we really came away feeling we knew more about Tunisia.

Tunisia is a beautiful, interesting country and the Thalassa Village Sousse made it a special one too.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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2 / 10
Poor Quality Hotel

"My husband and I returned from a 2 week stay at the Thalassa Sousse on 3rd October '07 and we were very relieved to be leaving. This hotel fell far below the indicated four stars on the thomson website and brochure. On our arrival we were not welcomed in any way by the reception staff but were dumped in the waiting area after our journey, when were eventually shown to our accommodation it was to a room housing sparse and shabby furnishings with broken tiles and ingrained dirt on the floor, the bathroom was equally uninviting the bath was daubed with tile paste at one end and was raised from the floor making entry and exit precarious; totally unsuitable for the very young, old or disabled. The sink leaked when in use and we used towels to soak up water on the floor to avoid slipping, the toilet was placed in a very tight corner and my husband who is 6 feet tall was unable to sit on it in the normal way and had to sit sideways.

The dining area was very basic in design and at meal times it resembled a "free for all", with people dashing to the hot area to get food before even being seated at a table, children had no separate area and ran freely around in and amongst adults carrying plates with hot food. The soup tureens were placed on wooden trestle tables covered with table cloths and twice during our stay to our knowledge there were accidents with hot soup being spilled firstly down a ladies clothing ruining it and a child knocking into another lady spilling very hot soup over her hand scalding her. The food was ok not inspiring but edible, this was however ruined by the total lack of organisation in the restaurant and a lack of understanding of the dangers associated with hot food, heating elements and safety considerations. We both feel that it is only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs here. The situation in the restaurant was raised by us with the bar and restaurant manager Amir however he was unwilling to take on board the issues simply blaming other guests and did nothing to resolve them. We followed up our concerns with Thomson Rep Emma who was resigned to the situation explaining that she had noticed what was happening but that Health and Safety was not enforceable in Tunisia because it is outside the E.U. So little comfort there, and then when we saw other problems further into the holiday, for instance there were cats and kittens in the hotel grounds and on two occasions we observed them deficating into the childrens sandy play area; it was just intensly frustrating being there powerless to do anything about it. The hotel was grossly understaffed, queues were on average 20 minutes long to get served drinks and unhygienic practices of filling used coke bottles with beer etc to speed up the serving process were used routinely. During our stay we suffered stomach upsets I assume in part because of this. I cannot in all conscience recommend this hotel to any traveller I sincerely hope that this is not indicative of all hotel standards in tunisia but I do not think we will be returning to find out. Anyone thinking of visiting Tunisia and in particular the Thalassa Sousse should ensure they have good quality comprehensive travel insurance because the likelyhood is you will need it.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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    " The camel ride and the Zulu night both worth the money "

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