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5 / 10
excelent value for money

"Just back from a 4day hen party, read the reviews and were all dreading going, the hotel is great, clean fantastic pool, staff were very helpful and polite beds were comfy and spotless really good value for money the rooms were a bit tired but you don't live in them do you there were toilets round the pool and also near reception. The titanic 2 doors up had great breakfast for 5euros cant say enough good for the price you pay.No problems getting our deposit back and they have safety deposit box in room also reception is staffed 24 hrs."

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: great beach pool shopping in old town
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
vista mar

"went to the vistamar on the 7th august was terrible no air con.took my 12yr old daughter she hated it was nothing for the kids. the pictures are nothing like you get. was self catering and didnt have a cookers never again was terrible."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: get air con.
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Very Basic

"Me, my partner and 2 other couples have just come back from our holiday to Benidorm and we can all say we all enjoyed it. The Vistamar was a very basic hotel, somewhere to get your head down to sleep and shower then we were out the door up the road to the all inclusive Flamingo Hotel.

We didnt have clean towels or beds for 4 days until we complained to reception and the next day we had new towels and toilet roll but no change of bed. We were only on the first floor so the noise and objects being thrown out of windows from the above stag, hen & birthday parties was annoying especially as there was no air con and we had to sleep with our windows & doors open.

The pool for the Vistamar wasnt that big and to pay 1.50 euroes for a lounger was a bit steep.

All in all if you didnt mind the noise and the basic ammenieties of the hotel I would only recommend it only if you were all inclusive as the Flamingo up the road were we ate, drank, sunbathed by the pool and watched entertainment was spotless.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go all inclusive as there is nothing else to do there.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
dont book it

"I booked this holiday hearing good things about benidorm,well i suppose they never went to the vistamar flamingo we were all inclusive but the bar in the vistamar was not included we had to walk 5 minute up a hill to the flamingo hotel to get our all inclusive, the drinks were heavily watered down the food was tasteless and the swimming pool was far too small for all those people there were 10 umbrellas in all, there is a swimming pool at the vistamar but there is no amenities and you have to walk through a car park to get to it and pay for the sun beds,

the apartments are old and smelly the floor tiles are cracked and loose you have to pay for the tv 1 euro for an hour,no air conditioning the kitchen is terrible, switches on the cooker broken or missing well that didn't matter as we were all inc.

the cleaner came once in the week and changed the towells but not the sheets the beds were not even made just covered over i asked when the cleaner was coming next as we needed clean towells and i was told not till mon 6/7/09 and that was the day we left.

at the beginning of the holiday 29/6/09 i told the hotel and the vistamar i was not happy and they just shrugged there shoulders and said oh well we are fully booked so i rang the company i booked with and they told me if i wanted to change to the hotel i would have to pay £659 extra and it would be half board so we thought its only a week we can put up with it.

well we never got a single nights sleep if it wasn't the people coming home from the clubs shouting and screaming all night keeping us awake it would be the building work going on and that started at 7am every day

i would not go back to this place even if they offered me and my husband a free holiday we were so disapointed me and my husband went to celebrate our 30th anniversary we certainly would never forget that date

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with teletext
  • Advice: dont go
  • Activities: the beach was nice if you can walk it in the heat

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8 / 10
l went on holiday with my friend and...

"l went on holiday with my friend and my four year old, l was very nervous about this as we were away for a month. We had a great time, our room was basic but clean and done the job, staff were very friendly and very helpful and we felt very safe. There were a few stag and hen parties there but they were normally high up and caused no trouble at all. We got a great deal and would certainly go back. We were nice to staff and were thankful for there help, perhaps why we got good service in return.

We did find Benidorm itself expensive, we spent a fortune and didnt do very much but did love it. l would advise anybody going self catering to find the nearest Lidl asap and stock up, we didnt but that was a big mistake. If you are planning on eating in this is a must, also take over some packet sauces as you dont get them.

All in all would go back to benidorm, cost us £1550 for flights and accomodation for 3 people for a month (family joined us and stayed with us throughout, no extra cost for them staying in room)


  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Booked myself

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1 / 10
WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! we arrived in...

"WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!! we arrived in benidorm for the 1st time in my life, i was digusted with the place, it stank! Blackpools nicer! we arrived at the hotel at about 11pm expecting to take our luggage up to our room and then come back down and nice cold drink, yeah right!

at the reception they told us that they overbooked the hotel and told us to WALK another 5 minutes down the road to thier sister hotel! With 2 small children 4 and 2 years old it was proving to be quite stressing! the reception staff wernt that bothered about anything, they were rude and ignerant.

meanwhile in the in the sister hotel, we checked in at desk and put us on the 14th floor with children! whilst young teens and partygoers were on the 1st and 2nd floor, i heard the week before they put a person in a wheelchair on the 18th floor!!!

as soon as we got there i went to the pub next door and went on the internet to try and get some flights home, none left.

we were allowed to use the facilities of the actuall place we booked though (wow) we actually stopped going in, it was awfull, tha pool was too small for both hotels and it was overcrowded, we couldnt even find a place for our towels on the ground!! We ended up going to pub next door called the Titanic pub, that was a nice place to be the food was nice and luckily it was quite cheap, we might as well have gone self catering!

we tried for a couple of nights to try and get a room in the main hotel, after a while the receptionist got sick of me and told me "if you come back and ask me again, i will throw, you and and your family out of the the hotel"!!!!! No need really.

in the brochure it states kids club for all ages, where was that then!!??!! we book hotels for that reason, get away from kids for an hour or two so me and my wife can catch a few rays!

in the brochure it states air-con, i didnt know a cheap fan that you had to pay a deposit for was air-con!! it was hot and sticky and clammy in that room, with the lovely views of sky scrapers and industrial areas, beutiful!

to finish the 'holiday' off, we found out that our hotel was next to place called 'muggers lane' great! there was 3 muggings the week before we were there!

weather was great though!!

mundomar was a good place for the kids to go to, but thats all there was for them!

to be honest, benidorm is not a place for for kids, i would avoid it like the plague, you can go to better places for the same money!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel

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5 / 10
Stayed at the Vistamar Aparthotel in...

"Stayed at the Vistamar Aparthotel in September 07 along with a friend for my 40th birthday. Stayed at the Vistamar but went to the Flamingo Benidorm for our all inclusive, it was only about a 3 minute walk up a hill as they call it, but it was certainly not steep, you may struggle if you have walking difficulties, though but it was fine. The Vistamar I must admit was very basic but we only payed buttons for our holiday and really I only use accomadation for somewhere to sleep and somewhere to shower, how much time do you really stay in your room. The rooms were clean, don't remember if we had our towels or bedding changed though, but we did only stay for 4 nights and I think we had far to much to drink to even be bothered paying attention. All in all we had a brillient time in Benidorm so if you get an cheap all inclusive deal at the Flamingo Benidorm but have to stay at the Vistamar, GO FOR IT. Sorry I should have mentioned that the apartments are only 5 minutes walk from the square where all sorts of entertainment can be found"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with independant

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1 / 10
I went with a group of friends, 11 in...

"I went with a group of friends, 11 in all and every last one of us was absolutely disgusted with everything to do with the hotel. First of all the lock on the patio door was broke and when we asked at reception if it could be fixed we where told they would not be doing anything about it in a really impolite manner. Then between a few of us there was well over 1,000 euros stolen from one of the rooms, we stayed in on the night we got told nothing would be done about the patio door (first night). We were there for four nights in total and not one clean towel or bed sheet was given to any of the rooms after asking on several occasions. We had cigarette ends in the ash trays in our room after returning from days out which told us somebody had been in the room and got no explanation why. In all we where treated disgustingly in the way we were spoken to and treated by the hotel staff."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Room Only, booked with First Choice

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2 / 10
never again

"never again would i stay at these deals in nothing but stagdoes and hen parties. the rooms are not nice, thee english receptionist one inperticuler was very ignerant to say the least,we arrived on friday morning and asked for clean towels on sat only to be told we couldnt av new towels until monday and those towels would av to last us till the following friday.The receptionist said we would get our bedding changed on monday also but the bed only got made not changed the room didnt get sweapt or cleaned either.Me and my wife are both 38 we come from wigan and we dont have any hairs or graces but i would never stay in these appts again."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006

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6 / 10
What you expect from budget accomadation

"The apartment was clean but inadequate heating. There was only one small heater and a couple of blankets. The windows rattling at night made it difficult to sleep. The staff were friendly and the facilities such as bar and pool were good."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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2 / 10

"Well where do I start! When we arrived at the Apartment the smell of stale cigarettes and must was overwhelming! I had my two children with me and they decided they wanted to sleep on the sofa and pull out bed underneath. When my daughter pulled the bed out she had to share it with the crumbs!! When my partner and I pulled back the (what looked like 20 year old) sheets, mine had cigarette burns everywhere and my partner was sharing with someone elses hair! The utensils in the kitchen were filthy (good job we were all inclusive at the Flamingo). Overall it was very dirty, the first night I cried myself to sleep and the second I had to get blind drunk to go back there, luckily for us we managed to get a room at the Flamingo Benidorm where we enjoyed the remainder of our holiday."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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10 / 10
enjoyable good holiday

"arruived in benidorm tofind out accomadation at tropicana suites travel company gone bankrupt, we found alternative accomadtion for 18 peopple atthe vistamar, staff were very helpful, rooms very clean, maid very friendly and helpful, the manager and reception staff went out their way to help, views good, all you need for a self catering holiday, plenty places to eat close by will def be going back"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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