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10 / 10
A very attentive holiday.

"In past My wife and I have stayed in many 4 and even 5 star hotels in over 36 countries, this hotel far reached and exceeded our demands in attentive service, cleanliness & friendliness. No matter what we asked we were always responded to with extremes of courtesy, along with a sincere need to help us as a visitor.

Hence I have no hesitation of giving 100%

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: food and absolute attentiveness
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
A great place to stay

"I have stayed at this resort twice and am going back this year! For everyone saying about the hills and steps, what did they expect from Crete. The service at the hotel is good along with the staff which I found very hepful. Although the food isn't the best I have ever had, it is edable. The varitey of actvities here are good, for example different nights of entertainment, including live music and even stuff for the kids! The only bad aspect of the holiday the confusion of the air con, which was soon sorted by staff. Overall a good place to stay and would happily recommened it people!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T BOOK THIS HOTEL BEFORE YOU READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hi, Thought i would share my thoughts with you all before you decide to book this hotel.

This is an honest review, we stayed at the Blue Bay late June 2012.

Negative points:

1. The hotel is not in a resort and miles from anywhere

2. The food is un-edible, we ended up eating somewhere else and i'm not a fussy eater

3. There are very steep hills and loads of steps everywhere

4. All Inclusive is Raki, Ouzo, Local Beer, Local Wine and selected soft drinks ONLY, NO LOCAL SPIRITS AT ALL

5. Not suitable at all for the infirm or elderley

6. WE had a RAT that visited us daily in the bar, i didn't mind it, but may put some people off

Good Points:

1. The views are amazing

2. The staff are excellent

3. The rooms have been re-furbished, even the bungalows

Would i stay there again: Not on your life!!!!


I hope this review has helped as i don't see why these holiday companies should get away with selling holidays that are not descibed as they should be.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Eat elsewhere as the food is Terrible!

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9 / 10
Blue Bay Hotel

"The largest of the Greek islands, Crete has all the attributes for a great holiday experience with the added attraction of some of the worlds most famous and intriguing archaeological sites.

We stayed at the Blue Bay Hotel last June, its a wonderful hotel, we had a room at the front with both a sea & pool view, would highly reccomend it! the people there make the difference as so friendly, this resort is beautiful and it has great beaches, also some peaceful ones.

Enjoy your stay in Crete, its a magical island.i have to mention that we booked at their services is the best...

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: is awesome
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10

"when we arrived at the airport we had booked a car. But the directions to the hotel isnt easy as there are no sign's saying where the hotel is situated even though they say Agai Pelagia. Agia Pelagia is like a town BUT this town has no proper roads so this would be differcult to get to.

when we found the hotel there was two one at the front and one 200 yards away, it says reception 20 m so we assume its the first one but when we went in, there was no one there, it was empty so we went to the other one 200 yards away.

We found the reception. it was an alright nothing big.

There are 3 pools apparently and a jacuzzi. we only saw 2 pools and no jacuzzi and you habe to pay to have a suana or a massage what type of 4* hotel plus all inclusive hotel makes you pay?

there is a great view at the bar to overlook must see.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Sky Holidays
  • Activities: Great view
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Great Hotel but bad experience with Kritinet

"We had a lovely stay at the Blue Bay Resort, Crete. The views were amazing and the staff were friendly, with sufficient food included in the price. There were some drinks included but that finished at 11pm, which was a shame when the bar closed at 1am.

The entertainment was limited and not advertised and we had to start our own games in the pool as you never knew if the staff were going to be around that day. the other guests were mostly friendly and mingled with each other and we met some lovely people while there.

The only problem we had while in Crete was with a Travel Agency called Kritinet in the town of Agia Pelagia. We had booked two trips with them on the first day of our holiday. The first one went well, though they were 40mins late picking us up, and we had a lovely time but we had a day trip booked for the last day of our holiday which started at 7.15am. We were outside reception at 7.10am but no coach turned up and we waited till 9am to be able to call the agency to see what had happened. They told us that the coach had turned up and picked up other guests but we werent there so it was our fault and no refund would be given, they then put the phone down on us. We caught a taxi to the agency to speak in person and they were very rude to us, not even appologizing for putting the phone down on me. They basically said that we must have been late or not at the right place so the coach wasnt to blame but we were where we were told to be at the right time. In the end we gave up and went back to the hotel where another guest heard us talking about it. She was going in to Agia later that day and said she would pop in to see if there was anything else that could be done. When she went there, they swore at her and told her they hate the English, the owners are Dutch and German, and said they would call the police. Please stay away from Kritinet, especially if you are English. they are happy to take your money but if anything goes wrong they take no responsibility and are very rude to you, it is a bad reflection on tourist agencies in Crete.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with On the Beach
  • Advice: Visit Crete but if in Agia, please book trips through your Hotel.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Good value for money

"My best friend and I booked a cheapo all inclusive one week deal through teletext holidays, and were pleasantly surprised by the Blue Bay Resort, especially after reading some of the reviews.

Room: Our room was clean, with a fridge and television (we watched the news every night to find out the weather for the next day!). The bathroom has a 'bower' or 'shath' (small bath/shower combo), which didn't always have steaming hot water in the morning, but did in the evening.

Food: The food was actually okay - not amazing, but fine for a week. There was always a variety of meat/veggies/fish on offer. They had themed nights during our stay - Italian and Greek. Greek salad and other salads were on offer every lunch and dinner, as well as hot selections. Try the pistachio ice-cream for dessert - very yummy. I understand from other reviews that people found the food was not hot enough for them, but I read in my Crete guide-book that Cretans actually prefer their food warm, not hot.

Staff: The lady on reception was very helpful, and we found bar-staff to be great, especially the Food and Beverage Manager - in fact had a couple of late nights with them, which was highly entertaining as I tried out my VERY limited Greek.

Area: Yes, it's very hilly, and would not be suitable for those with very young children, elderly people, or those with a mobility issue. However, I loved having a bit of a work-out walking into Agia Pelagia (1.5km). It's very pretty, with lovely little coves. We also caught coach to Iraklion (bit of a dump...) and Rythmon (very pretty - worth the hour long bus journey).

We went out of season - I think the hotel had only been open two weeks, and lots of tavernas etc in Agia Pelagia weren't open yet. I'm sure it's completely different in the height of the season, but I give it a thumbs up, considering the value for money.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Worth a visit if you want a relaxing beach holiday.
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
4*??? NEVER!! This hotel was such a...

"4*??? NEVER!! This hotel was such a let down, given the lovely photos and spectular scenery it had to offer. Where to start, well we spent a week in the 'Annexe' part of the hotel which we had no idea was not part of the main building when we booked. It is a short walk from the main hotel building but is on top of a hill and in such hot weather is hell to climb up three times a day. Having to go down so far for every meal was a chore. We only bothered with breakfast twice during the week and trust me we did not miss out on much The food was a big disappointment with practically no variety what so ever! The quality of food was also very poor. Meals were usually cold and unless you like meat you are likely to be disappointed. Dessert was the same every evening and lunch time. We were also disappointed by the snacks on offer during the day, at each bar there was a choice of ham and cheese rolls which were delivered early in the morning, not kept refridgerated and served at 3pm onwards. In addition a tray with slices of sponge cake and a tray with a kind of cold cheese and tomato pizza cake. Once the supplies were gone they were gone for the day!

The 'Animations' team who were supposed to provide entertainment was laughable. ''I say DJ, you say Musica''!! Could be heard every evening at 9pm when the children's disco started then from 9.45 until eleven entertainment for the grown ups was supposed to start but honestly it was ridiculous. Two nights out of our seven was cocktail night where cocktails went from 5 euros to 4 euros each, wow! The reception staff we found to be helpful but staff at the bars were miserable and unfriendly and barely spoke English. A very international hotel with few brits. The area is lovely and can thoroughly recommend the beach at Agia Pelagia, there was literally nothing to do at this hotel so the beach was welcomed. Our part of the hotel up in the gods had a nice pool and a bar where drinks (about 6 of them) were free until 11pm. No drinks facilities in the rooms and the hardest known 'beds' ever to be created. Could not recommend this hotel again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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4 / 10
4 star don't think so

"The rooms were clean, the food cold and not enough choice vey repepative okay if you like pork. Don,t stay in the annex on the hill if you want a decent night's sleep the bar was open till 4 am. We changed rooms 3 times. Staff helpful, but the chef needs to get his kiitchen in order regarding the menu."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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6 / 10
Definitely not 4*

"Me (24y) and my girlfriend (25yo) just came back from Blue Bay. The hotel is located in the middle of nowhere where nothings happening.


1st rocky one and pretty small located about 5mins from the hotel

2nd at Agia Pelagia (the most amazing beach) 20mins walk


probably the best feature of BlueBay, really friendly (not all of them)


average-small choice


non-existent apart from the late drinking at the bar

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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6 / 10

"just returned from this hotel had a really relaxing holiday. the staff are really helpful and couldnt do enough for us. the accomodation was clean. The pool was busy with lots of children but the views are outstanding. the local beach is fab, much better than the pool worth the walk down ( 5 mins. ) not a good hotel if you have walking difficulties as you would need a car.

the hotel does not have any evening entertainment, but it is perfect if you just want to relax and enjoy the beaches during the day. the all inclusive is very limited and you do feel the need to eat out.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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2 / 10
Beautiful scenery

"We arrived at the Blue Bay and was impressed at the hotel features..We have 2 special needs children, & nobody offered to help us with our luggage to our rooms..We were told were they were and made our way to find it ourself..

The rooms were spacious, good storage, cleaned daily with a sea view that was to die for..

Now the FOOD!!!!!

Firstly it catered for Europeans only..If you can survive on pasta & salad for a fortnight then you would enjoy...

Give the management their due, when told of the problems, he did give the children more variety i.e chips, fish fingers, beans etc..Throughout the stay the food got better...He did say that we were the first English to stay at the hotel since opening..

So he tried hard to satisfy everyones needs..

ALL INCLUSIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fod obviously all inclusive, Drinks are a different matter...

If you drink beer, wine , ouzo, raki your well away. Vodka Bacardi, Whiskey etc are NOT included and you have to pay 3 euros a shot..

Ice cream for kids, another dissapointment...11.30 till 3pm only.....And for kids only, adults are not allowed ice cream ....Snacks between meals ???????.......A spam & cheese roll with a slice of cake that is on the pool bar under a plastic cover...Once these have gone there is no more.....

Location??????? The beach as they call it, is a few minutes down hill, but there is no sand, its a shingle slate rock that cuts your feet to piecees, then theres getting back up the hill ???

What a killer, my two boys who have walking disabilities cried all the way back up...A shuttle bus is put on to take you down & back but only at allocated times i.e 10.00 till 6.00 pm......A long wait if you don,t want to walk..

There is a sand beach in the village but you have to pay 8 euros to get there & 8 euros back..

Not bad but if you do it for 14 days then thats 192.00 euros...

Enteretainment ????? Give them fair due, it was the beginning of the season for them and there were only 2 at the beginning, but no pool games, competitions etc..2nd week there were four, thought things were going to be better, ha ha ha ...Musical chairs for adults, that was your evenings entertainment..Quiz night, 15 questions..End of entertainment..Burst a balloon after a question for a silly prize ( free walk to the Village ) end of entertainment,..get the idea ????....Kids were totally bored at 1st with nothing to do, but it did pick up the 2nd week...Mini disco & it was mini...4 songs, end of disco !!!!!! A beautiful place, lovely hotel but it needs a lot more thought put into it to make this succesfull with the British....There is no entertainment as stated in the description details, no beach volley ball ( there is no beach )

no all inclusive as stated...No hospitatilty or welcome meetings...

AND... The biggest con was the Cretan night...All Inclusive????guess what... you had to pay again for the food you pay for in your holiday...12 euros per person and you can eat & watch the dancers, if you opt out, your barred from the area to the upstairs bar & restaurant....

I cant say this was a disatrous holiday, we made friends with some fantastic English people, and we made our holiday work..We socialised, drank together went out together but most of all we laughed... The Europeans were rude, arrogant, miserable & thought they had every right to be there and own it...

Watch out for Costas when hes in a bad mood down the pool bar,,,, ask for coffee he tells you to [-] Off, calls you a [-]...We personally thought he was funny, but can you imagine if we did it in our hotels here, we would be sacked on the spot !!!! We weren,t on the recieving end but we saw a few that was...If you decide to go, you will love the scenery...The End..

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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  • by red2white2ice

    " hard to get to but fantastic views "

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