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10 / 10

"Just had 2 weeks staff was brilliant plenty of food restaurants was fabulous spa was great room was large tour staff tried to sort any problems out that we had"

  • Holiday details: May 2016, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
not for older travelers

"After mix up over room and unhelpful management staff, the rest of the holiday was quite enjoyable.

only problem was no quiet lounge area in the evening to relax, amateur entertainment was so loud it could be heard over the entire complex.

the service staff were very good polite and helpful

  • Holiday details: May 2016, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: needs to have a quiet lounge area where it is possible to be able to talk.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
321 travel

"Booked holiday through 321 travel with a little trepidation due to some poor reviews, however during booking all prices were confirmed while it was a little more expensive than the on screen price due to taxes this was thoroughly explained so no hiddden supprises. Due to a mix up with the airport we were given free parking and a room upgrade. The holiday was wonderful better than described and I would not hesitate to use this company again well done Mr Pritchard and all at 321 travel and thankyou for a fabulous holiday."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Amazing !!!

"My family and I have just returned from a week here and it was amazing! Wonderful facilities, fantastic food, great room, fabulous staff who made the holiday extra special."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013

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9 / 10
Great holiday, disregard a lot of the bad comments

"On arrival after a 90 minute shuttle coach from Corfu Airport with Lords Travel we entered the reception at 14:30 and were told lunch was almost over so to leave our registration and go and have lunch, how good is that for a start to the holiday.

After lunch we completed our registration and were shown to our room by the porter, it was some distance from the main block and up several flights of stairs. I said we requested a ground floor room as my wife has walking difficulties, he said to return to the reception and see if we can be transferred to another room.

Back to the reception and explained our situation to the receptionist Anastasia who was most obliging, she transferred us to a room in the main block with easy access to the lift to give us access to the restaurant and pools thus avoiding all the stairs.

All the reception staff were most obliging and nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Well done Sperios, Nicolota & Anastasia.

The rooms were very clean with efficient maid service every day, used towels were changed daily and the bathroom toiletries and mini bar replenished every other day. The air conditioner was a little noisy but worked well.


I was a little apprehensive looking at other reports but from my view it was plentiful, multiple choices every day.

The many Chefs and once again the table staff under the Restaurant manager ‘George’ were most efficient and polite. You were shown to a table by a Hostess (whose name I can’t remember but a pretty young lady with perfect posture who seemed to glide on route to the selected table) or George who both welcomed you every time as though you were really special.

No complaints in fact my wife wants to book up again there next year and that’s a first.

The pools we saw were spotlessly clean and loungers plentiful, of course there were the towel hoggers who seem to commandeer the best loungers although there were notices prohibiting the practice, probably the same people who think shorts, tee-shirts and flip flops are suitable dress for evening meals, even though a polite request was displayed for dress code for dinner, the certain few ignored it.

Now for the grumbles.

The hotel fantastic in appearance was let down by the bathroom not having a bidet and the shower was a flexible hose to be attached to a very loose fitting on the wall and the water went everywhere that you didn’t want it to.

To hire a safe key (protection of your valuables and passports is a must) was €25 (£20) which I though somewhat excessive.

Pool towels were changed whenever you wanted from the main pool bar again with a €20 refundable deposit, the towels were showing signs of ageing.

Food although plentiful and not all that hot was served onto cold plates from the Bain-marie so by the time you got to the table most meals were tepid at best.

Seating capacity in the main restaurant 550 and only 1 toaster at breakfast. I only queued for the first morning and forfeited toast for the rest of the holiday.

The main outer amphitheatre and the indoor stage were never used whilst we were there, I assume as it is the end of the season.

The evening entertainment was poor at best and this could be looked at to be improved for the coming season. Not everyone wants Bingo & Karaoke as entertainment, to be honest I have seen better at other smaller hotels.

All entertainment such as it was, was in the beach bar. For some reason the area was overrun with wasps which didn’t seem to bother the staff but the guests found it intimidating. There were a couple of wasp traps but obviously not enough to cope with the amount of the pests, I can’t remember seeing any electronic Insect-o-Cutors on the complex to help control the pests.

Reports that the rooms were dirty, staff rude and unhelpful are totally unfounded in my experience. OK the pools were cold and very salty but many guests braved the temperature (us included a couple of times) and of course children who seem to be impervious to the cold.

We had three nights of terrific thunder storms but even that didn’t spoil our holiday.

Another point was the fact somehow I managed to drop the safe key within the first hour in the hotel, I had only walked from the room (The last place I had the key) to the beach, I retraced my steps six times but couldn’t find it so I reported it to reception and was told there would be a €50 fine (the cost to replace the lock) if the key didn’t turn up before the end of our stay to which I accepted and was given after signing for it the hotel second key. The second day in the afternoon as we walked through the reception the hotel Manager Sperios caught our eye with a dangling safe key that had been handed in, he had been to our room and also looked around the pool for us but we were out of the complex. Nothing but praise once again for the honesty of the hotel staff, how easy it would have been to charge us €50 and say the key was never found.

I hope the owners of MITSIS hotel group read this unbiased review on our holiday experience and complement all the staff of this hotel on our behalf.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take your own beach towells
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
This property is not 5 star but any stretch of the imagination.

"We have just returned from our 10 day break at the Mitsis Roda Beach Hotel and Spa in Corfu.

Where do I start, this was sold as a five star establishment, I can quite comfortably say, this is not a five star establishment by any stretch of the imagination and these are the reasons why:

On booking we requested 2 superior double rooms with garden view. We requested that they be close together. On arrival at about 1 am, we were greeted at reception by not the friendliest male receptionist. He checked us in, put the wristbands on, which quite frankly in 2012 is totally not necessary. The whole resort is all inclusive, therefore why the need to put wristbands on anyone. And for a five star establishment an electronic card system should have been in place. Once checked in our friends were taken into the main block to their room, and we were taken out of the main block to a separate block numbered 900’s. We were told it wasn’t possible for our rooms to be close together as they were fully booked.

Once in our room, room number 966, we were pleasantly surprised. It was very big, with a separate seating area leading onto the balcony which had a gate opening straight into a pool. Unfortunately as the holiday went on, our blinds kept falling down, we got ants in the bathroom and the bath leaked so badly the bathroom was like a paddling pool. Our friends unfortunately were put into a room overlooking the childrens pool and slide, it was a tiny room, with 3 beds in and barely enough room to swing a cat. The bathroom just about had turning room in it.

In the morning we went to reception and asked if they could be moved. We were told no it was not possible, but that our friends could move in with us if they wanted !!!!!!! Er no.

We asked to see the Manager, who promised that over the next couple of days he would move them, and true to his word he moved them into the same block.

That is about where our customer satisfaction ended I’m afraid.

• The resort was 5 star all inclusive, apparently. We were charged for the safety deposit box in our room. In my experience for a 5 star resort it is standard that the safe is included in your booking whether all inclusive or not. I have never had to pay for a safety deposit box in any other 5 star hotel.

• At breakfast the juice machine (which was squash not juice) regularly had an apple symbol above one of the dispensers. Unfortunately this turned out to be cherry. Thankfully for us I was the one that discovered this and not my friend who has a severe allergic reaction to cherries and would have needed medical attention had she drank it.

• We were told on day one, when I asked if they had any bacon, that bacon is only served Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays !!!!!

• On one particular morning at breakfast the staff started fighting between themselves, pushing and shoving and yelling at each other.

• The lady that greeted you for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the buffet restaurant was called Marina, she was beyond rude. She just about made eye contact with you, she treated you as an inconvenience and instead of leading us to a table to dine, she’d march off ahead of us and disappear before we could even see where she had gone.

• On one particular lunch time, she was picking food out of the buffet to eat whilst greeting the customers coming in, something I find incredibly unprofessional.

• We found that 70% of the staff were rude, it was the odd member that smiled, and greeted you as expected in a 5 star hotel.

• On our first evening we asked for water at the table, this was tap water not bottled. Bottled water was not on offer. On asking for the wine list, we were told red, white or rose !!!!! Jugs of wine were bought to the table and quite frankly were disgusting. I asked if there were other wines we could pay extra for and were told no. We ended up buying our own wine from the shops and bottled water and taking them into dinner with us.

• On finishing dinner we decided to go down to the bar on the beach, it was now about 10 pm, we ordered 2 beers and 2 vodka and cokes. These were served in small white plastic cups. I can understand during the day around the pool having plastic cups, but not in the bar at night. It was cheap and nasty. And 4 plastic cups were needed to make a pint of beer.

• It would have been nice to have tea and coffee making facilities in our room, again this is such a standard thing. As it was our fridge which should have been restocked every 2 days, just about managed to be restocked every 3 days. And even then only because I complained to reception.

• We were charged €20 deposit per beach towel, even though the booklet they gave us on arrival stated a €10 deposit was required. The towels weren’t even nice towels, they were not soft towels, they were old and well used.

• 2 days before we were due to come home, the pool bar at our pool wasn’t staffed. When one of the other guests asked when they would be opening it, he was told that bar was now closed for the season. Even though the season wasn’t ending until the end of October !!!

• The holiday was sold as cocktails included in the price. So I asked for a Cosmopolitan only to be told NO. When I asked why, I was given a list of 5 cocktails to choose from, Pina Colada, *** on the beach etc etc. So I asked for a Pina Colada, he produced a Jug and poured the drink. It was a pre bought ready made cocktail, no coconut milk, no umbrella, no cherry on a stick, just a bog standard cheap nasty glass with a cheap nasty drink inside it.

• The glasses by the way smelt of damp dog when they came out of the dishwasher, and it took a while for them to cool and for the smell to go.

• The buffet was the same every time for breakfast, except when bacon was introduced 3 days per week. The buffet was the same every lunch, which is fine as long as you like Koftas, we only dined in the buffet restaurant twice for evening dinner as it was like a free for all. The saving grace was the 3 restaurants down on the beach which were all part of the all inclusive package, serving, Greek, Italian and Chinese, this is where we went most of the time and the rest of the time we spent in the town at local restaurants.

• The hotel was beach front ……………….I would call it over flow parking. It was compact sand on the tiniest bit of beach with god knows how many people squashed onto it, it wasn’t particularly clean and did not feel you with a longing to go onto it.

• We decided to take a Pedalo out one afternoon, and stood waiting for the guy that looked after the watersports to come over and see us. We waited about 15 minutes before it was apparent he was playing volleyball with his friends, he could see people waiting to be seen regarding the watersports but continued to play all the same. When we did finally get his attention, he just said, take the next one that comes back in. Put up a sign saying help yourself if that is the case, but don’t leave people stood around like lemons.

• The main pool had music blaring out all day, so if you are thinking of chilling and reading at the pool think again. Thankfully for us we had a pool dedicated to our block of room which were quiet, otherwise I think I would have gone mad. Though the conversations from other holiday makers around the pool were all echoing my complaints above.

All in all, I think its fair to say if you are expecting 5 star, think again, you will be very disappointed. I would consider this hotel 3 star. It needs a lot of attention, variety, and staff training to make it a 5 star.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Low Cost Holidays
  • Advice: Take your own drinks and eat mostly at the beach restaurants.

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10 / 10
Great Holiday

"We had 11 nights at the Mitsis Roda Beach and loved it. Not sure about the review before mine where it was a 10 minute walk to reception, as we where in the very last block and the far end and it only took a few minutes to get to the reception and trust me we timed it as my 8 year old son found his new stop watch highly amusing on holiday. We went as a family of 4 the room was more than adequte Bathroom was exceptional and we had our fridge topped up every other day, the room was cleaned everyday, with fresh towels and even free shampoo,soap and bodywash! The food was repetitve in the main dining hall,(not a bad comment) but high quality and very fresh,the staff where very attentive and warm. Going back to the food if you get board with the main hall, book into one of the 3 restuarants, highly recommend espically the chinese.YUMMY.

The entertaintment team worked very hard and where always about trying to get the kids and adults involved, although we are not big on the getting involved part, even I had a go and throughly enjoyed myself.

What more is there to say, food excellent, hotel fantastic, people friendly (as always in greece), location nice and quiet. Try walking down the beach to Roda nice small town, or even better a taxi to the next town called achilivi (I think)5 min taxi ride, about 10 euros) good for holiday shopping.

Also try out the water park, best on Mondays not so busy.

Could go on forever about this holiday...Defintley book to go, but book early as the prices shoot up later in the year, I have already checked to go back later in year, but to expensive.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Beautiful Hotel

"I have just spent a week in this beautiful hotel with my partner. We stayed in a family room (even though there was only the 2 of us) away from the main hotel with a small pool just underneath our balcony. This was heaven !! we spent all day around the main pool - but went for a cooling "dip" in our quiet pool and had a relax in the sun before gong back to our room.(which had a fantastic view) The only down side of this pool (and of all the other pools inside the complex) was that it was that they were all filled with salt water

The food in the hotel was plentiful, tasty, and of very good quality. The staff were always welcoming and very polite and we never had to wait for long before a table became available.

We booked our holiday through teletext holidays just 3 weeks before we went and although we had a fridge in the room - it was empty!........when we asked a reception we were told it was because of our booking (we mustn't have paid as much as some guests)? This however was not a problem as we had adequate drink from the many bars in the hotel and filled water bottles up from the restaurant to put in the fridge for night time

The staff seem to work very long hours to make sure that all the clients are well looked after and nothing was too much trouble for them. The entertainment staff in the hotel and around the pool during the day are good fun and get everyone involved (if the guests want to that is) with poolside games and the afternoon "Coffee Quiz" !!

We went down to the beach only once during our stay, but I found the sea not deep enough to swim in (fantastic for families with small children though), although we did book to go to the Chinese and Greek restaurants which were at the side of the beautiful sea with fantastic views.

We took a torch with us (thanks to trip advisor) and in the evening walked up the beach to Roda for a change (Smileys Bar is fantastic for Greek Dancers on Wednesday night) and we booked our boat trip to Corfu town whilst we were there (thanks again to trip advisor) this saved us 11 euros each for the same trip booked through the hotel.

We had a great day out in Corfu town (an hour and a half on the boat) but the weather was so hot we spent the 3 and a half hours there flitting from bar to bar to keep cool. Another hour and a half sailing back to board the coach back to the hotel.. but a great day out just the same.

We thoroughly loved our week long stay at the Mitsis Roda Beach Hotel and Spa and would definately recommend any of our friends and family to book a holiday there

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Myself and family have just come back from this Hotel and I can only describe it as Paradise! No Idea what the bad reviews are about!

I am very fussy when it comes to Hotels but I could not fault the place, its huge every apartment block has its own private pool but you can go in any, we always got a sunbed and the food areas were perfect! Ive never seen such hard working people. The place was just fantastic!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: See all of it and ignore bad reviews
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fantastic Holiday

"This was mine and my fiance's first holiday together, and although we came back a few pounds heavier and it rained for 4 of the 7 days we had a fantastic time.

The room we had was emaculate and when you opened the patio doors you walked straight onto the pool. it was amazing.

The food was delicious and we favoured the chinese, greek and italian for our evening meals but we enjoyed the buffet style restaraunt for most of our other meals. At breakfast, there were chefs cooking omelttes and pancakes fresh and we were always served with pleasent staff.

The entertainment was more appropriate for children however we joined in with the music quiz and it turned out to be quite fun. For entertainment in the day we took a taxi into town which the reception staff were happy to order for us and we rented quad bikes and did some shpping. We also hired equipment from reception and went playing tennis (in the rain) but it was really fun.

I have been to five star all inclusive hotels in a few countires and i went with the attitude well its in greece so it wont be the standard as it is in England or Dubai and we were surprised and content with the level of service and quality of everything we were presented with.

My only concern was that another couple that we met had to move rooms due to ants in their room but the reception seemed to find them a room quickly.

I would recommend this to anyone.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Yes
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
A really great holiday!

"I haven't stayed in a 5 star hotel before so I can't really comment on that aspect but when I studied the hotel brochure on their website I knew that I should take it with a pinch of salt. How wrong I was! The brochure doesn't do it justice. The resort was massive, the hotel was very clean and beautifully decorated and the views form the beach were stunning! My room [superior double] didn't have a sea view but was conveniently located. The food was very tasty and I found all the staff to be eager to help. It was the end of season but almost all services were available.



*Check the salt and pepper pots before using as the staff often put the salt in the pepper one and vice versa.

*Book a free 1 hour slot in the spa indoor heated pool. Heaven!

*Take a fly swatter - quite a few wasps and flies by the outdoor bar areas [but I never got stung!].

*Ask and you will get! I often asked to sit by the window in the restaurant and the staff were happy to oblige. The views from there were amazing!

*Take every opportunity to grab a cuppa from the bars, there aren't any tea making facilities in the rooms.

*Try the Greek, Chinese and Italian restaurants for a change of scene.

* Oh,and if you drink spirits ask for an extra coke/lemonade with your drink as the bar staff tend to the mix spirits in a 80/20 ratio [80 being the spirit!].

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
  • Advice: Great for families and couples alike.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
good holiday but lack of entertainment

"We stayed at the Mitis and the staff were great and the room was lovely and clean but the only problem was the lack of entertainment especially when the weather wasnt that great. The entertainment staff were great with the kids and organised stuff during the day but there wasnt a lot for the adults to do except eat and drink, the acts didnt start till nearer 10 at night, there was no access to telly except BBC news and a Discovery Chanel so when it was pouring down with rain it could be a bit boring. The food was fabulous and I dont know if this was just the case because it was near the end of the season or what - if the weather had been good everyday there wouldnt have been a problem - watch for the wasps in October - they are nasty!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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    " trip to corfu town "

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    " be patient,pleasant and mannerly to the staff!! they work really hard to make your stay enjoyable and learn a few greek... "

  • by finlays

    " Use the Spa - Full Body Massage 45 euros well worth it - with freebie "

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