Continental Hotel

Cervantes, 105, Calella 08370, Spain
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Hotel continental calella

"please don't book or stay at this hotel , 2star hotel you must be joking room smell , cleaners don't know how to clean, mould in dinner room on ceiling , fire excape blocked with spare bed left stairs wells. , this should be closed down , and goes on and on , food very bad Taken loads of photos to prove , would not go to this hotel ever again, ,"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Close it down
  • Good For: Beach

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well what can i say but never never...

"well what can i say but never never never go there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arrived chatted with the receptionist whos comand of the english language is somewhat limited to say the least!!

there is no air con in the rooms which for us when the temps where in the 90 s was a bit warm

no tv in the room that i can deal with

no fridge to chill water

no phone in the room

and as for the food that is a joke !!

school dinners from hell i really mean it,if you like fish fingers you will have a ball !!

but the biggest giggle is the signs in the dining area asking the guests to not take food out of the dining area i mean stealing the food you got to be joking !!!!

the other guests age group while we where there aged from about 16 to 18 so imagine the noise levels which where very very loud when they all came home between 2 am and 7 am we got hardly any sleep

the bar chargers twice the price the shop over the road does for water so beware !!

dont bother with tranfers from the airport the trains all have aircon and are just as fast

the trains and buses are very cheap maybe £3 per person to get to the hotel from the airport the hotel is 5 mins walk from the train station

our room was on the 3 rd floor no problem with that but looked over where the whole street puts their rubbish 4 large bins nice smell if we where lower !!!

wouldnt say its a british place more german and french they seemed to enjoy it

there are much better hotels at the other end of the beach lots of places to eat and drink

try the 2 engilsh bars alcatraz and apples both own by the same guy the bar man in apples is a great laugh wyanne ,cockney, but dont let that put u off he is a cracking guy and will tell more about the area in ten mins than all these reviews put together as he lives there !!!!

u must do barcelona and go by train

i think we got the best of weather it was always 33 c evn at 11pm it was still 29 c so an aircon room is a must

all in all you get what u pay for i got for 2 people 6 nights full board for £650 in calella

i am sure if i went there again i would spend more on the hotel and less eating out which is a joy for a foodie like me

we had 2 breakfasts and two evening meals while we where there out of the 6 days so i will let you work that one out heres a tip- the food was not to our liking !!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Full Board, booked with freedom direct

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Staff on reception were no help and...

"Staff on reception were no help and ignorant.

Food was not too bad however the maids never cleaned our room. The rooms were tiny - we had a baby and were not given a cot, no fridge to store his milk, no kettle to make him a bottle which we were told we would have. Balcony doors didn’t lock, the balcony was small and dirty overlooking dirty flats and rubbish skips. While we were there we were placed on fourth floor with all the German school kids who ran riot till after midnight, next door stayed up all night shouting and making as much noise as possible.

While we were there we were robbed of 100 euros by gypsy women on the street who were selling flowers. We were expected to find our way to court on our own when even most of the locals didn’t even know where it was, the police didn’t even bother telling us that it was an hour away in Barcelona.

Me and my husband have had a bad year and thought we would treat ourselves to an holiday, we hated every minute and wished we had not bothered it was a waste of money and we will not even go back to Callela, let alone that hotel it was dirty , boring and a waste of money.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Half Board, booked with media travel

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This hotel was absolutely terrible!...

"This hotel was absolutely terrible! Our travel agents said that we would be staying in a lovely 3 * hotel and we turned up there it was awful. I’m surprised people would choose this kind of hotel to live in.

The room was tiny and limited space for our suitcase etc. The en-suite was dirty and had to be cleaned straight away which I did myself. None of the staff were able to talk English, therefore we couldn’t understand them or they couldn’t understand us.

The food had its good and bad days. I would not visit this hotel ever again. Even though I’m going back near to Calella I definitely wouldn’t be staying in Hotel Continental and far as I know this should not be classed as a 3*.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Full Board, booked with Global Late Deals

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1 / 10
My partner and I have just returned...

"My partner and I have just returned from a few days in this resort. We had a fabulous time. The resort itself is lovely, very clean and the locals are friendly and helpful.

A trip to Barcelona is a must. Use the trains as they are very reliable, easy and cheap. 13euros return for 2 people to Barcelona (an hour away)!!!


The HOTEL CONTINENTAL is a place I never wish to see again. The room was tiny and dirty. The bed was not even made properly on our arrival the sheets were literally just thrown on the bed. The toilet leaked which meant there was a constant smell in the room and the bathroom floor was always wet. The water just trickled through the shower head and the water was only Luke warm.

As for the food..........

We booked half board here and only visited the restraint on the first evening. On arrival you are given a card which states the table you sit at and the time in which you are allocated to go for your meal. I know it is usual to be a little restricted by dining hall opening times but to be told your allocated slot is 7pm is VERY restricting. The choice of food was very limited. Breakfast was cheese, meat and bread or cereals and evening meal was a couple of choices of salads, soup that looked very dodgy, 3 choices of hot food (sausage, chicken, pork chops) and mixed veg. Ice cream for dessert.

Now the staff...........

The staff were not very helpful nor were they very polite!! Security means nothing as the reception desk was left unattended and we had to get our own room key from behind the reception desk. We could have taken the key to any room!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Half Board, booked with 2 can travel

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Address: Cervantes, 105, Calella 08370, Spain