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4 / 10
robbed @ Barcelo while sleeping

"We arrived at the Barcelo Lanzarote on Thursday 06/02/2014 and we were allocated a room on the ground floor. On Saturday 08/02/2014 we went to bed and I put my wallet and my wife's Watch and Bracelet on my bedside table. When we woke up on Sunday Morning the wife asked me if I had opened the the patio door in the night i hadn't then we realized my wallet and the wife's jewellery plus a backpack were missing. We reported this to the Hotel reception who didn't seem surprised at what happened We reported it to the police and was told it would be 30 euro for a translator.As i had no money or credit/debit card's now the Hotel manageress did the translating for us. The Hotel in our opinion is not up to 4 star."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: dont have a ground floor room

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2 / 10
2 weeks at Barcelo Lanzarote, never again I am afraid!

"I have just come back from a 2 week holiday from the Barcelo. I think it was bad timing on my part as the hotel was bulging at the seems with folk and way understaffed for the first 9 days as it had agreed to take in alot of the guests staying over the road at the 'Be Live' Lanzarote Resort. The hotel opposite had missed its grand reopening date by 9 days and consequently had to find suitable accommodation for the people who had booked into that hotel. Barcelo accepted a substantial number of these people and as it seemed to be a last minute decision, they were vastly understaffed for the first 9 days of my holiday.

I experienced a 25 minute wait for drinks at the bar on an evening in an all inclusive bar. I have a photo of the Entertainment Bar at 9.20pm in the evening with a queue of 24 people waiting for a drink with one bar staff. Simple unacceptable. If you complain, you get a shrug of the shoulders with the comment 'not my problem' This is simple unacceptable for a Barcelo hotel. They addressed the situation with 3 days left in my holiday with a self pour system but this was simply too late for my holiday.

The sunbed situation was the worst I have experienced anywhere in 25 years. I went to get a sunbed on going for breakfast for the first 5 days but to no avail. Towels were are placed on sunbeds long before 7.45am. I got wise to this and by day 6 had to put a towel on a sun bed by 6am to guarantee a sunbed. This problem was obviously enhanced by the fact that there were not enough sunbeds. Guess what happened, 3 days befor the end of my hols, they bring in about another 50 sunbeds! Great for those after me but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth so wont be going back.

The Barcelo was once a 4 star hotel, not anymore, a 2.5 star at best. Very tired, needs a refurb of the furniture in the piano bar certainly. The seats were all stained. There is not aircon in the reception nor the piano bar either which I find strange for a 4 star.

Food was ok but very repetitive. We were wretching at the sight of pork after a week at this hotel. Every meal was pork. You did get chicken, beef and a tasteless local fish on various days but could always guarantee pork. Whatever was leftover from the evening meal was stewed and put out the following lunchtime, so the leftover pork was always there to haunt you.

I am bitterly disappointed by the Barcelo Lanzarote experience. I am sure that the bar service and sunbed situation have now been rectified but it does make my blood boil that it was with 3 days left of my particular holiday before the situation was rectified. Not happy! Rant over!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: dont go

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1 / 10
barcelo lanzarote quite grotty

"if you want a fun holiday give this place a miss.staff are only intersted in taking your money. The hotel is situated in the middle of no where (there is a power plant to look at) i had my money stolen on the 1st day i arrived. there are many more better hotels towards the centre. Food was cold and was told to wear pants for evening meal yet i only took shorts. cleaners didnt bother and i will not bother again."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont bother

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7 / 10
excellent - but late arrivals lose a days all inclusive!

"We haver just returned from a weeks all inclusive holiday at the Barcelo.

There are many good points - the hotel is just let down a little by its lack of customer service. The location is a little isolated - you can use the free shuttle service to town though. The hotel itself is fine - the food is good and varied, the entertainment staff work so hard and there is always something to do for your little ones. The let down for us was the lack of information regarding the day of departure. We had arrived at midnight on our first day and to be fair the hotel provided a light salad and drinks for the new arrivals. It certainly wasnt what you would have had had we been there for the usual dinner. However we accepted this and carried on with our holiday. As we had arrived so late on the first day, we were due to depart late the following week - 7pm.

What we weren't expecting was to be told that we had to pay extra to eat lunch at the restaurant on the day of departure. Sure, we knew that we wouldnt qualify for the evening meal, but we basically were being told that the weeks all inclusive we had paid for was only good for 6 days as the board finished at 12pm on day of departure regardless of your departure time. We had overheard other people complaining about this through the week but hadn't put two and two together. We asked to speak to the manager and she was not interested and only added to this bizarre situation by stating that the hotel had paid for the food for our lunch on the day of arrival (despite us still being in england at the time it was being served!) and so it was not prepared to suffer extra expense by allowing us to eat also on our last day. The charge is an extra 13 euros per person to eat lunch.

We have travelled to many places over the years but have NEVER had to pay extra for food on the day of departure because this always rights itself over the period of the week - dependng on when you arrive you get the correct number of meals.

So be warned, unless you want to pay 52 euros for the family to eat lunch, you will be provided with nothing from breakfast until the time you leave the hotel, which is a long time if you depart in the evening.

I still dont see how they can charge something against you when you werent even in the country to use it - but thats what they do with lunch on the day of arrival.

What put us off more than the incident was the deputy managers total unwillingness to discuss and show basic customer care. She said she couldnt make a decision (which we found very hard to believe) and said she would risk customers not returning to the hotel for the sake of this very dubious rule.

I know other people may not find this an issue and thats fine. Judging from conversations we heard though, many did.

If we did go back to the barcelo we would make sure our departure time was earlier than 12pm. Thats the only way to get what you pay for.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: make sure departure is before noon (see review) hire a car for a couple of days to explore.

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10 / 10
The Best hotel EVER!!!

"I went there with my family, we've been to many hotels that have 4*, but it was never that good. It's clean, really good looking and the food is brilliant. I never felt this way about any hotel, and i realllly want to come back some time. Once I got out of the Hotel, i wanted to go back and stay there a longer time.

The staff-esspecially the entertainers-were fantastic, always smiled at you, and sometimes they really made my day.

They have plenty of songs that have a dance to, we always loved to dance. At 8:30 there was a mini disco, with a clown for the kids, but everyone could join in. They gave out certificates for people that took part in activities and after there was bingo or connect 4, you could win prizes. After the games, there was always some show, that everyone enjoys. At 11:00(after the show) there was music and dancem which the evtertainers led. Although i was tired, i just coukdnt say no to the dancing.

At day time theres entertainments for all the kids, children and teenagers, like t-shirt making, mini golf, tennis, basketball, etc. There are activities for the adults too. So, nobody could acctually be bored there.

I made some great friends and will never forget the hotel. The entertainers were AMAIZING, and all of them should get a prize, for doing such a great work. This hotel should be marked as 5*.

I realllllly recommend, and promise that you will not regret.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Pretty much hit all standards expected of Canarian 4* Hotel

"We travelled as a group of 5, 2 adults late 30s, boys 10 and 7, and Nan mid 60s for the first time to Lanzarote so booked 2 rooms half board for two weeks. Hotel very close to airport (10-15 mins) .We had package which included transfers but the value option (and quicker) would have been to get taxis but service was good. Arrived at hotel about 8pm ish, booked in quickly and courteously and checked rooms which were good quality in block 4, overlooking pool and with sea view. Having travelled a fair bit around Canaries over last 15 years, I`d rate the rooms as some of the cleanest and best maintained and worthy of 4* status.

The hotel offers an all inclusive upgrade for 12 euros per night per adult and 6 euros per night per child. We we aware of this when travelling and arranged it on our first morning. I would strongly recommend if considering going all inclusive to price up the half board option and upgrade on arrival. Based on brochure prices, we definitely saved a couple of hundred quid for exactly the same service.

The first week was during the Easter school holiday period in England. It was very busy and my biggest gripe was the queueing for drinks at the bars. I know with many all inclusive resorts this is standard practice as they have already had your cash and there is no way the management would tolerate this if it was `paying customers` at the bar, but at times the queue was upto 20-30 people with only one or two staff which was unacceptable. The second week was outside the English school holiday period, there were far fewer guests staying and no issues at all re queues.

We had seen the reviews concerning the food. Again, having travelled a lot aroung the Canaries, we found the variety and quality of the food excellent. We made a point of eating early in the evenings (7pm), the food was always hot and no issues whatsoever getting tables or with service even in the busy week, although by the time we left at 8ish, people were queueing up the stairs.

The hotel is a little isolated but this is clear in the brochures. We used the free bus service into Costa Teguise a few times. Excellent service, good quality coach and on time. There is also a nice coastal path for a walk in/back though it was a bit far for the elderly and very young. A taxi was only 3 euros each way.

The evening entertainment was varied and generally very good, fitting the standard profile you would expect (ie reps night, singers, acrobats, Mr/Miss Barcelo etc) .

The daytime entertainment was excellent for the kids (they loved Robert and wanted to bring him home) and there was the standard varied programme of sports/ games for adults which were well managed, well advertised and no pressure for those who didnt want to participate.

If you are looking for a straightforward relaxing break with the accomodation, food and entertainment you would expect from a Canarian 4* Hotel, you will not go far wrong here provided you appreciate that the Hotel is a little far away from the main part of Costa Teguise and the restaturant/ bars get busy at peak times during school holidays.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, HB, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Book HB and upgrade to AI on arrival

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8 / 10
Our stay 2 years ago

"I am just browsing the holiday websites, as it's that time of year again to be thinking about going on holiday and am thinking about returning to Barcelo Lanzarote for the 3rd time! My friend and I stayed here twice in 2008 (May and Oct.) and had a wonderful time on both occasions. I am finding it a bit difficult to believe some of the reviews I have read on here for Barcelo Lanzarote as we did not experience any of the disappointment or traumas, in some cases, that some people experienced. We stayed half board and enjoyed our breakfast and evening meals every day. It gave us plenty of choice, althought drinks have to be purchased with this board basis. However staff made us feel welcome, there were good games and activities during the day and night to keep us entertained. We were given times of the free local bus that took us to Teguise town every half hour which was nice to visit to get out of the hotel for the afternoon. In Teguise there are shops, hotels, bars, restaraunts and a lovely white sandy beach. Ideal for an afternoon out to relax on the beach and for a brows around. Buses ran often that went to other parts of Lanzarote and fares were reasonably cheap. And there are many attractions to visit on the island from a zoo/animal park to a trip up the moutains and volcanos (inactive now!) and boat trips.

I understand that theft can occur when going on holiday whether you visit the Canaries or any other holiday destination. However a safe was available in our room to avoid this, as there usually is in most hotel rooms. The rooms were pretty basic but at the end of the day we were out most of the day and used it only for washing, dressing and sleeping!

I am disappointed to hear that some guests did not enjoy their stay, but I will certainly return there in the near future.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Barcelo Lanzarote Resort Costa Teguise

"Stayed at barcelo Lanzarote Costa Teguise for 10 day Xmas/New year break and was very disappointed. Food was awful and always cold, mostly ate out in town (with other guests we met at hotel who were also disallusioned with hotel) which made it an expensive holiday as we were all-inclusive. Meal times were a nightmare as you were always queueing and queueing again for drinks at bar. Waiting for tables to be cleared before you could eat. Hotel often ran out of things such as red wine,vodka, ice cream and even milk one day. Booked with Sunshine Holidays who are connected to Somewhere 2stay and Cosmos wrote to them twice enclosing complaint form from rep but they didnt seem very interested in our complaint, so wont be booking through them again. Parts of Hotel are looking very tired but rooms are kept spotless. This hotel is a bit out of the way. Hotel is very understaffed so cannot provide good service. This is not a 4star hotel more like a 3 star. But I would definetly go back to Costa Teguise just not to this Hotel."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, All Inclusive, booked with
  • Advice: Dont go there if your looking for a 4star hotel this definitelt isn't.

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9 / 10
Fantastic Holiday!

"An honest review from our family holiday.

We have recently returned from a weeks holiday at the Barcelo Lanzarote. In our party was myself, my husband and my 18 month old son. On arrival at the airport we were greeted by a cosmos operator who were waiting for us along with a taxi to take us to the resort. She was an English lady and very cheerful and polite. We arrived at the hotel at 8pm and our first impressions were good ones. The hotel reception was very clean and impressive. We checked in and made our way to the room. I have to say that the hotel is huge and split into 7 blocks so it did take us a little while to find our room. However, once in the room again we were happy with the layout. It was spacious, clean and had a good condition new cot with nice bedding for our son. We also had an excellent view of the pools and the sea. The food is good. Sometimes it was not as hot as we would have liked but all the same there was something for everyone. The entertainment was superb, especially early in the evening for the children. It did get a bit tedious after a few nights but our son and the friends he made loved it. The maid came everyday with clean towels and our bedding was changed twice during the week. The staff were really lovely and pleasent and made such a fuss of the children. If I was to complan about anything it would be that it was sometimes a struggle for us with our pushchair with all the steps between blocks and restaurants.

Costa Teguise is a 30 minute walk from the hotel and there is a nice sea side walk way to take you there but the hotel also puts on a free bus every hour every day. We did go to Puerto Del Carmen via public bus. It cost us 5 euros for the two of us and took about 50 minutes to get there. However it is worth doing if you want to shop.

In summary I think that the hotel was excellent and I would recommend it. We will certainly go back.

Top tip - Lanzarote is quite windy but if you get a sun bed around the kids pool it is quite sheltered from the wind and a great sun trap!!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Exceeded expectations

"I Stayed here for a week All Inclusive - 6th-13th November 09.

After reading some of the stories here, I was ultimately pleasantly surprised by the place overall - relative to the price I paid.

I was heartened to see that around 50% of the other guests were elderley Spaniards (very well mannered), the rest being circa 20% Brits, 15% Germans, with some French & Poles.

The food and service in the restaurant was excellent - many of the complainers re service will be those of zero patience.

The AI food area around the pool was small but always well stocked but (although cleaned regularly) understandably got a bit grotty at the very end of each day - this would probably be much worse during times when there are lots of kids staying (I had deliberately waited until after half term for my stay).

The entertainment was not really my cup of tea and I avoided any involvement - it wasn't why I was in Lanzarote - I wanted the sun!

There is an excellent small, sandy beach hidden away right behind the Occidental Oasis Hotel which directly faces the Barcelo - I noted that some people here missed it completely and said there was no beach......Use the footpath to the right hand side of the Occidental to get there.

The walk into town is flat and easy going via the new pedestrianised promenade, but to be honest, if you are all inclusive, the only reason to go there is for the excercise or the pharmacy.

The staff at the Barcelo work very hard - for many of them, this is their job, not just a stepping stone to "something better" - they are mostly very professional. The fundamentals of getting the best out of people are both universal & constant - Be polite, call people by their name (all the staff here wore name badges), and speak to them in their own language - even if it's only to say "Muchas Gracias". Worthy of special merit are:- Elysio, Zaira, Wilfre, Said, Mohammed, Slavka, Mariyana & Goyo - anybody not specifically mentioned is probably just because I didn't come in contact with them a lot.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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5 / 10

"Having arrived late with my party of 6 including 2 disabled pensioners I was somewhat disheartened by the fact that they didn't have a bell boy to assist with the luggage. We were allocated rooms which did indeed take some time to locate only to find that they were not the junior suites we had booked neither did they have facilities for disabled people. We were then allocated further rooms the next day which were slightly more suitable but not fully for disabled people. For a supposed 4 star hotel the food was outragious (but not if you like fish or chops), the standard of cleaning a joke (the maid washed out the dirty mop in your toilet),didn't change the sheets for the 2 weeks we were there and only mopped the toilet floor not the living area. On the day of departure we had a meeting with the resort Assistant Director who actually agreed with all comments raised. Not sour grapes as the 2 disabled people in the party had been at the hotel at least twice each prior to becoming disabled."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Nice, quiet, friendly location
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
late deal

"We only booked this holiday one week before departure at a very good price on a half board basis.On arrival the reception was extremely busy, after being given quite vague directions to our room we eventually found it half an hour later. The room itself (though a little tired looking) was a very good size,spacious and very clean.

If we had wished to upgrade to all inclusive it would have cost 20euros per person per day.

There was a very good choice of food in the restaurant the only problem being that at times they were a little slow at clearing used tables and you were wandering around the dining room looking for an empty table.

Having said this I found the hotel very relaxing, and the maid service to the room was always carried out satisfactorily.

At the right price I would stay in this hotel again.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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