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10 / 10
Flying from Antigua to Montserrat while on a 15 day cruise!

"My now late wife Dorothy & I had a fantastic time while on the Carousel in 1996. We did fly from Antigua to Montserrat for the day to see the volcano erupting and visit the capital Plymouth which had been destroyed. Fellow passengers thought we were mad but flying back to Antigua on our return & to see our Cruise Liner the Carousel below was a sight never to forget. We also had what was called The Captains Cabin!!!!The ships crew & captain were fantastic and also the price was right!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2011, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: Everything!

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7 / 10
Airtours Carousel is one of the older...

"Airtours Carousel is one of the older ships of the fleet but that did not make the cruise any less enjoyable. My mom, dad and I had a fantastic time on the 7 day cruise.

The staff were delightful and truly went out of their way to be helpful. The accommodations were average but if you're with your family, who spends most of their time on the room anyway?! The itinerary was fantastic and you get a taster of the Med in just a week. It made me realise which places I would go back to and which ones I wouldn't. The tours were a bit on the dear side but you don't have to do them, you can explore by yourself but its not worth it if you want to see the maximum amount in the day. The food on the ship was amazing!

You could eat all day if you really wanted to including one night when they had the Chocolate Buffet-everything was made out of chocolate, including the sculptures. This was a truly amazing holiday and I would definitely go back again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2004, Mediteranian, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
Excellent - Staff and Crew were...

"Excellent - Staff and Crew were outstanding!

The food was absolutely brilliant. Plenty of choice. Entertainment was good. We had an inside cabin which had twin beds. It was clean and bright.

The weather was not brilliant in December but we did have a tan. The seas were not to bad although I suffered from seasickness (I am not very good in a bus either) once I had an injection from the ship doctor on my second day I was fine for the rest of the holiday. I would recommend cruising to couples or single adults, but I would not recommend it for children.

There are plenty of excursions available or you can see each destination under your own steam. There is also plenty of activities on ship, should you decide not to leave at any of the ports. I am looking forward to my next cruise.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2004, Not Specified, booked with Airtours

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8 / 10
I loved the food and the...

"I loved the food and the entertainment was fantastic but there was a port I didn’t like which was Casablanca in Morocco. At first you could not just walk off the ship and in to the town but you had to pay quite a lot of money for an excursion with the ship to go to visit the mosque and the famous market ‘Marrakech’. The place was dirty and the locals kept bothering you to go into their shop. But apart from that the cruise was brilliant and I have no further complaints."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004, Not Specified, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
We just loved the Carousel and...

"We just loved the Carousel and overall thought it was a wonderful trip, which was well worth the money. Our check in went very smoothly and we were pleased that we did not have to worry about our luggage until it appeared outside our cabin. We were on B deck at the lowest level which was a God send as that was the best place to be in stormy weather.

Our first night must have been at least gale force 9. That was a one off and the rest of our cruise was mainly plain sailing.

Our cabin was clean and comfortable and more than adequate for our needs. The service on the ship was excellent.

The food was of a very high standard and was hard to resist.

We were very impressed by our waiters who looked after us so well and who had to work so very hard! There is an entertainment programme every day, which offers something for everyone. The Carousel is a very friendly ship and we were delighted to meet so many lovely people. We enjoyed dressing up for dinner but very few people wore formal attire.

Most were dressed in lounge suits and dresses. The mid-night buffet is not to be missed. I won the jackpot in the Bingo but was disappointed to discover that I had only won £64 not the £400 advertised. On reading the small print you discover that this sort of money can only be won within so many numbers.

Beware of the photographer ! It is hard not to want to buy the official photograph taken with the Captain at his cocktail party. However the photographer appears all too often and the cost soon mounts up. There is very limited time for the stop at Tunisia. You can save a fortune by exploring the various ports by yourself. The ship staff are keen to stress just how unreliable public transport is at the various ports of call. The excursions are expensive and you can save a fortune by doing your own thing but be sure to do your homework !!! We paid £50 each for a tour of Florence and Pisa. This proved to be something of an endurance test and was very exhausting. Rome can be done quite easily by rail/coach at a fraction of the price being charged by the ship.

Overall we were very happy with our cruise on the Carousel

  • Holiday details: Oct 2004, Not Specified, booked with Airtours

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9 / 10
This was our choice for our honeymoon...

"This was our choice for our honeymoon and it was fabulous!

Nearly everybody we spoke to had done cruises before and they all thought this was a good one. It only cost around £550 each, and, if you wanted, there was no need to spend any money on board as all food and chilled water was provided almost around the clock.

Very difficult to find any faults but it must be said that our cabin creaked when at sea and this disturb our sleep a bit. However we didn’t complain so I suppose it is possible we could have been moved.

I was warned (as I hadn’t done one before) that the ship might dock a long way from the shops on the various islands. Not true! The longest walk was around 1/2 mile and the shortest a couple of hundred yards.

This is a holiday for just about anybody but probably unsuitable if you have children under 6 years old, as there wasn’t too much for them.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2004, Not Specified, booked with Airtours

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