Holiday Centre Apartments

Avda Ramon de Moncada 40, Majorca 07180, Spain
5.5  / 10
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1 / 10
holiday from hell

"Went to Holiday Center Apartment for Easter break with My Partner and 14yr Grandson.

We arrived at Midnight and was meet By the most Nasty Man You could ever Meet. Gave us a key and said turn left and follow path till You find the Apartment.

It was dark and there where that many steps and large drops if You didn't take Your time You would have fallen down most of them.

We ended asking other Holiday Makers if they new where our room was, they helped Us to find it.

I opened the door and put on the light what a shock it was dirty.

I sent My Partner and Grandson to see if they could get a drink and a snack as We had been on the go all day whilst I Checked the rest of Apartment out.

I opened the drawers and wardrobe and I found drawing of People having sex and also a lot of pawn writing. I was so angry I went back to the desk and told the Man about the Apartment all He said was We either had this or We could go to a hotel down the rd.

Whilst He was telling Me this Two Couples came in with their baggage and they told Him that the Hotel He had sent them to was so dirty they would rather sleep on the beach.

I went back to the Apartment to find My Family back and they said no snacks any where and You have to pay for all Your drinks after 11pm.

We paid for all inclusive I was livid.

I went to make the pull up bed and found it was dirty so I had to wipe it down best way I could, the only thing that was clean was the sheets. I went to put a blanket on the beds as it is cold at night they where to dirty to use. The next morning I went and complained and was told some one would come and clean the Apartment and bring clean blankets, guess what nothing got done.

I asked about the all inclusive and was told you had to eat at set times depending what color band You had. If grey You went in on first sitting, You couldn't get any thing in between meals unless You paid for it. I have gone all inclusive from the first time it started and We have been able to eat and drink when ever and until what ever time and We wanted to drink till.

The Pool was a laugh it is so small and freezing, and if You tried to go round the pool before 9am You where told No as to early what's that about.

There is nothing for Children to do and the entertainment was rubbish also.

I asked many times about the drawings and writing in our broken furniture as it was all broke and they just said it was other Holiday Makers that had done the drawings, they might have but it is not right You had to see them all the time and not for My Grandson.

I will never set foot back in that place and I would say to anyone looking please read what others besides Me have wrote and stay away then maybe they will do some thing with the hell hole.

We never got Our bedding changed and towels where changed once.

I hope someone will go and check the place out and give them a 0 star and that will be to high.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014
  • Advice: nothing

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1 / 10
worst apartments ever stayed in

"We took Our Grandson in the Easter Holidays for a week. We arrived at Midnight was met By a Grumpy man on the desk who was no help at all. After asking other Holiday Makers We found our room, it was awful. The pull out bed for My Grandson was dirty, I went to put the clothes away in drawers and wardrobe all broken and was pawn written in every drawer and also pawn drawings which other Holiday makers must have done. Whilst I cleaned the room for the Night They went off to see if they could get a drink and a snack, Guess what no snack and if You wanted a drink You paid for it as they stop serving all inclusive at 11pm, after a long day all We wanted was a snack and drink is that to much to ask for.

I went to the desk to complain about the room all I got was some one will clean it tomorrow. Whilst I was at the desk a family came in and started complaining as they had been sent to a Hotel down the road as they had over booked, they went but said it was that Dirty they refused to stay, I told them wait till You see this place.

My Family and I have always gone all inclusive and could eat at any time and drink till early hours but o no not here You had a grey or blue band on and was told what ever band You where given then You had Meals in that group band and no other time and no snack in between.

Our towels where change twice and the bedding once and that was the day after We arrived as I complained about the room.

At Night it turned cold so You needed a blanket on the bed, they where so dirty You could use them, I went and asked for clean ones but never got any.

The pool was so small and freezing and if You went to sit round the pool before 9am You where turned away as they said to early, could some one please explain that one.

I would not give this place a 1 star and I would advice any one to stay well clear of the place.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: just dont stay

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8 / 10
Our stay at the Holiday Centre Apartments, Santa Ponsa, Majorca

"After reading the reviews for these apartments I have to say we were pleasantly surprised! We stayed for a week mid October 2013, me, my husband and our two young children. Granted the bloke on reception on arrival was a bit of a grump, but we just rose above his mood! Apartment was found to be clean and tidy, sheets and bedding clean, towels provided were clean and plentiful. The apartment was basic but had all we needed so we were happy. Based at the end of a busy road, full of bars, restaurants it was the ideal place, far enough away from the noise but close enough if you wanted to join in. It was fairly quiet when we were there but I imagine in peak season it would be quite a rowdy place. The pool area was kept clean and had plenty of sunbeds, for the time of year, again I expect this to be different in high season. Entertainment was ok, Felix, was brilliant, keeping us all smiling and laughing, shame other members of staff don't take a leaf out of his book lol!! Food was a bit of a let down, ok, we found something to eat most days but very bland, I suppose they have to cater for everyone but a bit more flavor might have been nice. Still plenty of restaurants near if you want to eat out. All in all we had a great time, and would go back, value for money and at the end of the day if you want 5* accommodation then you have to pay 5* prices."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go with an open mind and don't expect 5* accomodation when you haven't paid for it!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Absolutely awful!!!!

"arrived at holiday centre appartment with my boyfriend and two friends and were not greeted nicely had keys shoved in our hands not told were our room was, struggled with suitcases as there is no lifts and loads of stairs not good for children and disabled people! the room was very basic and for what i paid to stay there it wasnt what i expected, on the first day my boyfriend was threatened by a member of bar staff who are all very rude arragant and useless! when you pay money to stay in there appartments they should be running round after you but they dont. On one occasion i asked to pay for an ice cream and the rude memeber of staff said 'what do you expect me to do? cant you see im doing something?' he was cutting a lettuce!! and was working were you pay for icecream, food, drinks etc..... We were all sick a few times off the food it was by far the worst ive ever seen so little to choose from 5 different food trays 1 always being chips and a tiny salad bar! the food was prepared awfully i had salad one day because the food looked so vile and the tomatos were moldy along the one side and cucombers all dried up and when i complained to a member of staff he said what do i do im not the cook!! DISCRASEFUL! never in my life will i stay there again would never be recomended and wouldnt stay there again if it was for free!!! oh and the rooms are dirty never get cleaned and they give you toilet roll and clean towels every 2 days!!!! :O I hated it full of horrible men who look down on you... not a nice place at all. Santa ponsa its self is lovely but holiday centre apartments let it down. Do not wast your money on such a shabby horrible holiday where you will not be treated nicely! x"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
worst hotel ever stayed at ........STAY AWAY.......................

"the staff are unfriendly and unhelpful act as if they dont want you there lots of thefts our apartment was robbed of ipod and money food ok basic drinks are the cheapest they can get cheap wine and beer at local supermarket was better, the only thing good about this hotel was the door out......................................................."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: carry valuables and money with you at all times...............

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8 / 10
great wee place

"i loved this place,it is great for young people,bars 1 minute away,great location,tidy,clean,lovely staff.there are large groups of guys and girls but they go out about 10pm and not back till 8am i love this place and would love to come back."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Not for familys

"Just back 12 of us as a family with young children. Was having a lovely time until a group of about 20 students arrived. That was when it all changed set a palm tree on fire urinating on the grounds sick everywhere using the pool in the early hours ringing the buzzers all hours couldnt use the pool in the day they took it over. Staff justed shrugged there shoulders. We & 10 other familys moved to other hotels shame really santa ponsa is nice with a lovely beach but it is becoming the magaluf 4 the irish. Not a family hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with A1 Travel (lollypop)
  • Advice: Dont go with your family
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Never Again

"On arriving at reception we were not greeted warmly at all. Thrust a key in our hands, told out door turn left. Following their directions we struggled in the dark to find our apartment,having nearly breaking every bone in our bodies due to the sheer drop of the steps unlit no hand rails etc how health and safety gave it a pass .

Entering the aprt., we found in the kitchenette the cupboard doors falling off.

We booked for bed breakfast, so next morning we made our way to dinning area. Quite pleasant on entering except for the staff, not friendly/welcoming at all. Didn't answer when we tried to say good morning, even when we spoke in Spanish either.

Food was cold and greasy, and on several occasions I had to ask for food as the trays were empty. That was frowned upon.[ I thought I had paid up front for that].

Pool area was pleasing but not so again the staff..I ordered a toasted sandwich [cheese] it came cold so it went back the chef gave me the same one back slightly warmer, it went back also after that he just laughed at us to all his friends in the bar.

In the evening the same bar opened up but again the staff were unfriendly and very much gave the impression you were in the way , hurry drink up and go , horrible.

This went on all through our time there also to other guests.

All in all the staff were ignorant, rude, unfriendly etc etc.

The aprt wasn't cleaned once in the week we spent there, we were handed towels and toilet rolls through our door on occasions .

We were very up set disappointed and truly disgusted that holiday operators can sell or get away with selling such !!!!

We warn others Not to go to these apartment......

My husband and I are both in our sixties and definitely DO

NOT recommend the Holiday Centre for anyone young or mature.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with Beach Holidays
  • Advice: Pull it down and start again [please it is a death camp]
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Not so great

"Just stayed there this august 2011. Think it's a disgrace that you one has to pay for the safe deposit box and the air con we were roasted at night as was so warm. The apartment was filthy, cobwebs hanging down the sheets had holes in them and all the cutlery microwave fridge had not been cleaned in years. The day we arrived it was very hot so we stopped at the bar for a mineral which was almost 5 euros each so do not get a drink of any kind there it's a total rip off. we werre across from these scotts men whom one in pirticular kept ringing and knocking on on our door at all hours of the morning and on our last night he kicked it so hard the door almost came in on top of us. we complained to reception who said when the man was drunk he didn't know where he was going and knocked on everyones door... I wouldn't stay there again and worse there is no lift and we were on 3rd floor..

it is very close to everything in saying that so we never had far to walk downtown or the beach but really that's all it had going for it. the recession has hit the place badly as i got chatting to one of the maintainence men who advised me he had not been paid in over a month as the centre had no cash to pay him now i know why they were all so rude evan when i spoke with them in spaiish

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Not a family hotel.

"I have just returned from this place after sepnding 11 nights there with my wife and two young children. The apartment itself was very basic; on arrival we where directed to a fourth floor room which we found to be smelly. I returned to reception and refused to stay on the fourth floor due to this and also that the stairs would have caused problems for the push-chair and was dangerous for the children. We where then provided with a first floor room. The rooms had only a fold down sofa bed for the children and basic furnishings such as fridge, kettle, toaster.

On arrival on the first floor room we found one of the single beds in the bedroom had been broken, although the staff repaired this in around 30 minutes. The cleaner also arrived at this stage and began to carry out some kind of repair on the freezer box!!! Not an ideal start when we intended getting unpacked and settling the children down.

The main street in which the hotel is located is filled with Irish bars and I would estimate that around 80% of the people we seen where young Irish people aged between 18-22 years. Although we never encountered any problems whilst out, I could imagine this could be intimidating for some. Often when heading back to the hotel it was difficult to manouvre the push chair through the groups of people. One young person we spoke to considered the resort to be "Magaluf for young Irish and Scottish people". Had we known this pior to the holiday we would not have booked up as in my opinion the main street is not suitable for a family with young children.

On the postive side, the beach was decent and we met some nice families. During the evening there is a square which is around a 15 minute walk up a hill in which the entertainment was good and there was more of a family atmosphere. Some of the bars near to the beach where also clean and friendly. The food and staff at the hotel where also both reasonable.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, half board, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Nice enough place to stay

"Apartments are basic but clean, towels changed every 2 days, sheets changed once a week, maid takes all the rubbish away every 2 days and offers to wash the floors.

Entertainment was very good but Felix the entertainer is brilliant at keeping things going during the day and at night.

Food was good and not too expensive.


All the staff except for one (Michaul)were very friendly and helpful. I booked two apartments for our party of eight and after two nights we were issued with 3 warnings by this person. Be warned your not allowed to 'sing on the way into reception,' your not allowed to 'sit on the balcony after 12 midnight' or 'ask another member of your party at 2am who has the key to open the apartment' as all these actions are breaking the rules and you get a warning lol but no joking, if you're going, he runs it like a concentration camp. He was throwing people out of the apartments left right and centre without warnings and getting away with it. It seemed he decided if you broke his rules and he sent numerous parties across the road to Holiday Park Apartments were they had to pay to stay until the rest of their holiday. However he's off Monday and Tuesday nights and the feel of the place was much more relaxed with everyone enjoying themselves, without causing any trouble.

I would definitely go back but only stay Monday and Tuesday as at 45 years old I did not enjoy being handed out warnings for something that didn't warrant one. My husband had to go and sit in reception and wait on the youngs ones coming in to ensure they didn't get a warning for talking on the way to their apartment as we couldn't have afforded to move apartments.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't open your mouth in the apartments after midnight Wednesday to Sunday no matter age you are. Shamrock was an excellent bar with brilliant music by both bands.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Do not stay here!!!

"Not much to say apart from to WARN people from satying here!! I have never been to such a horrible place in all my life!! Yes it may be cheap, but you expect a clean room and friendly staff no matter what the price is!!

As soon as I arrived I could not wait to leave!! The rooms are not cleaned by staff, the bath trays leak around the bathroom floor, the curtains are see-through, if you are lucky enough to get your towels changed they will most likely be stained and you will have to argue with staff at recepetion to get clean ones!! and the bed clothes had holes in them, quite a few aunts crawling about the rooms aswell!!

The staff on a good day are quite friendly........on a bad day, well beare.....hateful, rude, ignoarnt people!!!

There is also alot of young persons around, mostly irish. The noise at night can be quite un-bareable.

There is also no lifts in these apartments, so for people with children etc it is not ideal......and no the staff do not help you with your luggage. The apartments are quite a trek from the main reception.

Security is also another worry!! Most apartments are quite remote, locks are not secure on doors and windows, anyone can access your apartment. Not safe!!

And reception......well you run the risk of going to check out and to find out that they cannot find your passport!!!!

Will never be back near this place ever again!! BAD EXPERIENCE!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Improve everything or shut down
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by lestatsho

    " Miss Murphys Kitchen is delicious! Daniels Corner is good. The Dubliner does good breakfast. "

  • by Tinytim

    " We loved the Chinese restaurant right next to Crocodillos "

  • by donnamags

    " Fave restaurants were Rendezvous for breakfast, Crocs for dinner , Dubliner is to be avoided "

  • by Elliemay

    " Head for the beach bars they are amazing fun! The bars near the hotel were rubbish! "

  • by vero

    " For adults, aloha cocktail bar, bit expensive but they serve best pina coladas!!! the dubliner is another good bar which is 2... "

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