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"Just back from Croatian cruise on the Celebration. Could not fault it. Fantastic time. Bar staff in Horizons bar made our holiday. They were our friends. Cabin, food, entertainment all excellent.wonderful weather and ports. This was our first cruise. we will be back."

  • Holiday details: May 2015
  • Advice: Go to the Meridian and share a dinner table. You. Make lots of new friends.
10 / 10

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Pretty Enjoyable Refreshing Fun Entertaining Classy Time

"It was just pretty perfect in every way possible- we loved every single nanosecond aboard the Celebration cruise ship! It was our first cruise yet what an amazing introduction to cruise holidays- we chose perfectly! Hubby & I had our best ever holiday! We loved our cabin(203 on deck 6) as it was spacious, bed comfy, bathroom lovely, quiet location, plus had everything we could possibly need including a great view! The dining experience was just brilliant- every single meal- even more so as my coeliac diet was superbly catered for!! Entertainment was phenomenally good -London West End standard- all the entertainment crew were just brilliant! We saw 3 fabulous shows plus also watched a super talented guitar playing singer. The entertainment was superbly varied plus took place in various areas of the ship too- not just in Broadway lounge- something for everyone tastes, for sure.

If you find fault with this cruise ship then you must be like the 2 grumpy old men Muppet's from the Muppet Show, for certain!

If you want an ostentatious ship- like a floating town- then go for a P&O or Costa cruise- yet if you want to be on a stylish elegant yet fairly small ship where you can make friends plus have everything you need then go for the Celebration!

The tour guides were awesome, as well! Everything was so effortlessly smooth , friendly, helpful ,as well as efficient service wise from the staff crew plus reception!

Hubby and I had the time of our lives!!

  • Holiday details: May 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go to the shows- they are brilliant!
10 / 10

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European Treasures

"We have just returned from this relocation cruise, it being our first with Thompson. We had an amazing experience & cannot wait to go again! We decided not to pay the extortionate price asked for the drinks package & were pleasantly surprised to find the drinks prices on board very similar to what we would expect to pay in an English pub. The food was excellent with plenty of choice, particularly the breakfasts! The ship was spotless & the crew the most friendly we have ever experienced. Our cabin, although small by modern standards was adequate & kept clean & tidy by a steward who could not have been nicer. The entertainment was first class & far better than I expected.

My only minor gripes are 1. the volume level at the shows was far too loud & spoils a lot of the individual solos, 2. the deckchair policy was not enforced & there were several times when we tried to sit in the sun but found many of the deckchairs covered with towels etc. Thompson do need to rethink their policy in this area.

Thompson Celebration is an old ship but has a charm because of this. The criticisms expressed by some reviewers indicate that they had not read the brochure properly, as we found nothing that had not been mentioned in the information available on the Thompson site or brochure.

Would we go again,- you bet!!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
10 / 10

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Thomson Cruse & Memories DIY DVD 20015


Thomson cruise & memories diy DVD

the cruise was fantastic , so was staff, flight, food and itinerary. Sunbeds were marshaled a bit, the staff can’t help greedy holiday makers who won’t share the sunbed. But £15 buys you a second rate memories DVD. The DVD i have is pix elated, the sound track is cheesy to say the least, it’s really not worth the money. After complaining about its quality to Thomson they would not refund the cost as they say its not damaged. I disagree as its pix elated so its unwatchable. So make sure you view before buying or you could be stuck with a rubbish DVD of your cruise in you bin and £15 of your money in their pocket. Oh and if you do have a complaint don’t hold your breath as after care is rubbish.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: diffrent islands everyday
  • Good For: Beach
7 / 10

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"THOMSON CELEBRATION" - 25/4 - 7/5/2015

"We have just returned from a wonderful cruise from the Canaries through to Dubrovnik. We opted for a smaller ship and although 'Celebration' is getting on a bit were rewarded by a small and friendly ship with a deck all the way round. The Captain was very charismatic but totally professional and his crew and all the staff so friendly and helpful without exception. On this boat there was something for everyone whatever your taste. We were blessed by hot and sunny weather and a sea that at times was like glass. The excursions we went on were all efficiently arranged and executed (especially the train link to Rome). The entertainers worked so hard and the choreography and costumes were amazing. There were no repeat performances during our 12 days.

REQUEST FOR PHOTOS!!! Our experience was definitely one to remember but unfortunately my camera broke 2 days into the holiday. If anyone on this trip would be happy to e-mail me some pictures of the highlights I would be very grateful. E-mail:


  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, booked with Thomson
10 / 10

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thomson transatlantic celebration cruise April 2015

"We have just returned from our first ever cruise and I have to say I have had the best two weeks of my life. From flying to Barbados on the dream liner to returning from tenerife last night, we were treated like royalty. The crew on this ship are an absolute joy to be amongst. Apart from a few selfish cruisers who hog the sunbeds and take your wet washing out of the dryer to put their own in, (and that's not thomsons fault)the holiday was perfect, Special thanks to our lovely cabin steward 'adang' (possibly not the right spelling) and Jon the friendliest and smiley bar waiter I ever had the pleasure to meet. Honestly couldn't fault a thing. Thank you to all involved."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: join in and take advantage of all the things that are going on, and don't let little annoying things spoil your holiday.
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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Thomson Celebration Trans Atlantic Cruise 2015

"First the good news, Waiter and waitress service great 120%, Ship very clean and also our cabin was very clean, also plus ships staff very polite at all times,Medical doctor was also very good.

Bad news the old old story people hogging sunbeds on the pool area's and Thomson let them get away with it need some legislation here Thomson

The back part of the ship was like Benidorm or if you like Ibiza on water,well some of the clientele well I won't go there.

I'm not a snob but I've got me standards.

Laundry wasn't much better took ages to dry clothes in tumble dryers,

Cooked foods not much choice but it was well cooked but pretty basic also

Show's in Broadway very repetitive, but The Thomson dancers are very good I thought.

I don't think I will be doing another Thomson Cruise this is our third, it was far better than this a few years ago I believe Thomson have done

quite a few cut back's.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: For starters buy new cruise ship's
5 / 10

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"After going on a Caribbean cruise with this company I have been trying since January to get answers to a question I asked about payments it is now April and still no reply,,I have filled in the complaints form on there site twice and written directly to them three times now ,I think you would agree this is not satisfactory."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, booked with Thomson
5 / 10

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worst cruise ever

"Just returned from a Caribbean cruise on Thomson celebration. The ship is decrepit and worn out. Due to mechanical problems we missed out on two islands, which meant two further days stuck on an overcrowded ship. No chance to get sunbeds unless you were up at 6am. If you wanted a seat you had to sit inside.

The entertainment staff do their best but on a two week cruise everything is repeated, on a weekly rotation, the shows the jokes etc.

We have done several cruises previously with other companies and always found the staff incredible, however the staff in the Meridian restaurant on this ship were rude and very unhelpful.

The toilet in our cabin overflowed twice on the same date, flooding the bathroom, although the problem was sorted out quickly on each occasion, it's not what you expect. At no time did we receive any sort of apology from anyone on board with regard to this problem. Very poor customer service.

Further to this on our last day in port at Barbados every public toilet on the ship became blocked and overflowed.

My wife and I totally agree that we will never cruise again on any of the Thomson fleet!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go, cancel and go with another cruise operator.
1 / 10

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Avoid Cabin 216

"We booked the cruise in a lower deck cabin, did not ask for an upgrade, but received a phone call offering an upgrade to Deck 6 at a considerable extra cost which we agreed to. Being novice cruisers, we chose Cabin 216 as we were told it had picture window sea views. We were completely unable to enjoy the views and had to keep the curtains permanently closed as people were outside the cabin continuously, sunbathing, exercising, admiring the views, or smoking and chatting, thereby invading our privacy. In addition, the very noisy adjacent deck door constantly slammed shut, often until 2am and again from 5am, interrupting our sleep. We complained on our return and have received compensation but just wanted to advise others to chose a different cabin."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Thomson
5 / 10

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Best Time to Book a Thomson Cruise

"e aware all you Thomson Cruisers, don't book your cruise as soon as they are released.

Please read the rest of this letter.

As usual in April last year I booked my cruise for the July 2015, to take advantage of the Free Drinks Package.

So I dually paid £3,462 for the Cruise, I also booked the Trans Atlantic cruise on the Celebration leaving from Malaga November 2014 to celebrate our Pearl Wedding, we paid to take our Vows again on the Ships Bridge, and bought the DVD and the Photos.

It was the best cruise we have had to date.

In December we thought about doing another cruise in March 2015, on checking cruise prices, I noticed that our July cruise on the Celebration was now priced at £3,038 which included paying £420 for the drinks package, which was £424 cheaper than we had paid in April 2014.

I contacted Thomson to ask for a refund on the difference, and have had no joy what so ever out of them, no mention of an Upgrade on Cabin or money to spend on board, JUST A RESOUNDING NO.

I have attached a section from a e-mail I received the End of January 2015

All cruise holiday prices are subject to availability and change dependent upon market conditions. If a holiday is selling well we may increase the price and equally, prices are reduced to encourage more bookings on cruises where sales are weak.

My last response was by letter which I have copied onto this e-mail.

Dear Mr; Hanlon,

Without Prejudice

Booking Ref: Case Ref:



Thank you for your further contact and I'm sorry that you remain dissatisfied with the outcome provided in our previous correspondence.

As part Of a dedicated team, specifically trained to deliver final decisions made by TUI I-JK Ireland on behalf of our Board of Directors, I am writing to confirm our final position concerning the issues you have raised.

Having taken the time to carefully review the points you have highlighted, I have ensured that the events you have brought to our attention have been fully investigated and that due consideration has been given to the experience you have had.

Whilst I appreciate the strength of your feeling, our final decision remains that if you wanted to cancel your holiday you Will incur cancellation charges, as per our terms and conditions which you agreed to When you booked your holiday,

Thomson has a policy Of buying fuel in advance at a predetermined price to ensure that the ever changing cost of fuel worldwide means that we don't need to increase prices for customers who have already booked or add additional fuel surcharges.

Unpredictable or short term variations in the cost of fuel have a very small effect on current prices due to the volume of fuel that has already been purchased. That said, a lower fuel cost may more positively impact prices in the future, potentially for winter 15 and summer 1 6, as we continue to buy in advance, but this will depend on the price of fuel remaining low for a long period Of time.

Thomson remains committed to delivering our holidays at exceptional value to our customers.

So in other words if you are not Happy don't Cruise with us, great piece of Customer relations.

Since July 2011 we have spent £17,000.00 on Thomson Cruises.

It is returning customers that are the bread and butter of any company, Thomson don't seem to grasp this, or are the just to focused on profit before customer care, all Thomson cruisers must have noticed that the so called drinks package has been cut each year, with more and more drinks now having a surcharge.

On another note if we had continued to cruise with the Royal Caribbean we would have been Diamond members of The Crown Anchor, receiving numerous benefits.

At least the Royal Caribbean give something back to there returning customers.

All of this has put me off booking another Thomson Cruise.

But will not put me off on going our Cruise in July.

The Celebration is a great Ship and the Crew are absolutely Brilliant from the Captain to the Galley Steward.

We have became friends with many of the Crew, so this will be our chance to say goodbye to them.

Please don't let me put you off Cruising with Thomson, but wait to book when there sales are not going well, and you will probably pay a Fair Price for your Cruise, and not an inflated price to make Thomson more Profit.

Happy Cruising Everyone

The Hanlon Family and Friends

  • Holiday details: Nov 2014, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: This is a great wee ship, with great service and a Brilliant Crew.
9 / 10

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Fly cruise around the carribean

"Just arrived back off the celebration deck 7 room 125. Wow wow wow wow wow amazing loved every second the staff are the sweetest the ship is fab and spotless Nicki and her dance crew are tops, we just loved the cocktails and the food was first class in fact just booked to go again at Xmas that's how good it was. Take no notice of any negative comments I'm very fussy and could not fault a thing thank you all right from booking stage to the fab Dream liner flight home you excelled yourselves well done you all work so hard. Get out there and book up you'll love every second we certainly did just what you need wall to wall sunshine in January sheer bliss."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: In Dominica go on the safari to the rainforest it's beautiful and really makes you appreciate what we have at home.
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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