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First cruise - nothing too much trouble

"Having read some reviews went with some trepidation - what planet do your reviewers come from - this was our first cruise to celebrate our golden wedding - we were on the Oriana and have just returned. I have a restricted diet, gluten and dairy free, so was rather anxious about my meals, nothing was too much trouble, I selected my menu the night before, they even adapted the Marco Pierre White menu for me, we ate in the Orient restaurant 1st sitting and had our breakfast and lunch in the conservatory as soon as I went into the conservatory after 2 days the staff recognized me and for eg. knew the number of slices of toast I had and that it was gluten free, the same applied to the dairy free milk and spread. The staff were genuine friendly and very helpful. The same applied to all the staff especially our cabin stewardess.

We were on D deck and had an inside cabin and experienced no problems with plumbing decor etc although there was insufficient room for our cases, this was quickly remedied and they were removed and stored for us. The entertainment was varied and suited all tastes as did the daytime and evening activities, a lot of the passengers we met were multiple return passengers, surely if there were the problems I read about previously this would not be the case, they would not also be booking 2/3 more cruises for next year.

Thank you P & O for helping to make our celebrations a very memorable and enjoyable one. -Oriana X604 - D136

  • Holiday details: Mar 2016, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
Oriana Northern Lights Cruise Feb 2016

"The cleaners were always cleaning, the waiting staff were good. Reception staff either couldn't or wouldn't understand what you were asking, Got the run around continuously trying to find drinks packages that had been pre-paid. The ship couldn't get started, so was 5 hours late leaving Southampton, and the ship completely lost power in the Fjord. The ship went into blackout, it took a minute for the emergency lighting to take place, the captain announced that the engines weren't working. My family was in the Crows Nest Bar looking out the front of the ship, and the whole ship turned 90 degrees to face the Fjord sides and was drifting out of their control, we saw lights of a church get bigger towards us. They did get one engine to start working and managed to slowly get the ship pointing in the correct direction. My husband has been on ships for 37 years and has never had a ship loose total control, if this had happened in the shipping channels it would have been a major disaster, and I was on tender hooks for the rest of the trip listening to the engines to ensure they were working. Luckily the Oriana shakes and vibrates continuously no matter whether you are in bed or eating your dinner, so at least I knew the engines were working. In fact, my first night home, I woke my husband up at 3am shouting the engines have stopped, as I was so tuned in to the vibrating and worried about the ship breaking down. I had written to P&O and had a customer services lady ring me yesterday - their response - she is an old ship, she does vibrate and shake. The response to the breakdown - we were never in any danger and she understands if I am a nervous traveler or unused to cruising that this may have unsettled me??????? Talk about patronizing - I will never use P&O again.

Norway was stunning - definitely recommend visiting this Country, lovely people, lovely scenery. Didn't think much of Stravanger, but Tromso, Alta and Flaam was great.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2016, booked with Hays Travel
  • Advice: Lots of pieces of paper to stick in the creaves of the cabin, the vibrating makes everything squeak

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4 / 10
Clean your aircon

"This tired old girl needs a rest 4 hrs late leaving Southampton, black out power cut in Flamm, where we were drifting.

Thank God for the Indian and Philippine staff, as the Brits were rude to people who complained.having paid a large amount of money to go in 'Search' of the Northern Lights they were taken 15 minutes away from the ship, which we could see. Complain my God the woman was so rude, but they had your money.

Spa Jacuzzi was barely warm ,dirty, the steam room was unbearable and as for the Sauna a guy burnt his arm on the wall.Complain, just rude. Many were ill in the lasts days at sea, a virus that has left many of us over a week later with hacking coughs and temperature. Complain why!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Re furbish and new engine
  • Good For: , Skiing

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3 / 10
Engine noise makes cabins at the rear end a no go area. & Long wait at check in

"We booked a short short cruise (thank goodness it was only 5 nights)and chose an outside cabin at the back thinking i would afford nice views of the ports. Trouble was the engine noise and rumble (the bed actually bounced because of it)meant we did not get a decent night sleep throughout the cruise. Definitely a mechanical fault with the engines that they need to fix.

P&O have now decided to make your check in time on the e-ticket a compulsory time and make you wait in the check in hall until this time.

Because we leave early to allow for the usual M25, M3 snarl up but on this occasion we sailed through and arrived early we waited for nearly 2 hours siting on a hard plastic seat. Call this a friendly company?

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont book a cabin at the rear until they fix the engine problem

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4 / 10
0riana a disaster ship

"We booked a cruise with friends . They was in a cabin next door . We paid £4,000 per head with £85 obs. The cabin the other side of us paid £2,800 per head plus £385 obs. They booked 3 months before us direct to p&o same as us they had no special deal. The cabins were drab , the ship is outdated and drab ,no decent entertainment ,only the headliners.our meals were hurried between courses . Punters don't book Orians Cruise Ship , we paid an extra 3 better off staying at home,we paid an extra £2,200 per cabin its disgusting and immoral I i call it legalized fraud."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
go elsewhere

"Must say my cruise on Oriana was the worse cruise I have ever done. Ship limped about, missed a port, other ports closed due to being Sunday and public holiday and arriving late in another port. The food in both the buffet and restaurants were poor. The entertainment was average. Noise from the engine room dire. This ship is certainly not as she once was. Cutbacks abound."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go elsewhere
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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6 / 10
Oriana getting a little tired and noisy

"Cruised on the 23 Jan 2015 boarding not too much of a trial, cabin ready straight away.Up to the conservatory food OK,

evening meal very good and waiters helpful.went to show which was OK .then to bed,that's when we noticed the difference

Between this and our last cruise,the noise and vibration it was bad and continued until they had to do some repairs to I don't know what as we not informed,and for a couple nights we actually got a decent nights sleep.That stopped on the last night as there was a terrible grating noise that carried on till we docked.The ship is looking a little tired and dated .But other than that We have nothing to complain about. Hold it the price of drinks are too steep.

Don and Coral Cox.


  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Remember it is an old ship.

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1 / 10
Voyage of a Lifetime ? Wish I hadn't bothered!

"The constant infliction of hand gel going into food areas and boarding/leaving the ship is a joke. There were so many ill passengers on the cruise from which I have just returned that the whole ship and it's spluttering air-conditioning needs fumigating. Passengers were coughing constantly in all areas, using the bars, theaters and corridors where any surfaces touched were not subjected to the hand gel routine. There was copious amounts of fluff visible in the skirting board gratings leading to the cabins. The tv remotes were encrusted with muck (God knows what!) and the keyboards used by the future cruise books were thick in dust and grime. I witnessed crew in the Conservatory wiping the chairs and tables surface's with the same cloth and with no washing of the cloth from table to table. The cabin steward was delightful but overworked. The waiters in the Oriental were professional. So many passengers (virtually everyone was well past retirement age) and crew became poorly with coughs, sneezes etc and there were incidents of hospital disembarkation on the islands and that some passengers left the ship in disgust. At no time did the captain make any announcement to passengers about the obviously increasing level of illness and what was to be done to alleviate it. After feeling unwell and coughing for the last week of the cruise, I have come home to be diagnosed with pneumonia and am on complete bed rest and medications (and I was one of the younger passengers on board at 65 !) This was a cruise which I booked 18 months ago and for which I saved hard. It will be my last cruise!!! P and O need to investigate and compensate."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014

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5 / 10
Oriana 4th May 2014 (Henry Kelly)

"I did the 2 week Baltic cruise. Music at sea festival was on and Henry Kelly hosted this. I have never met such a rude person totally rude to the passenger and very suggestive. Watch out if you are under 50 and traveling on your own when he is about. I met other female travelers and they had the same problem. We had to report it in the end but as usual nothing done."

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
mistaken charges?

"We were charged for items allegedly purchase from the shop on dis-embarkation day, after the shops were shut and after our account had been finalized .. the charge just appeared on our credit card statement. Money was only refunded after we asked for proof of purchase. P&O claimed it was a mistake and the usual bland assurances were given. Has this happened to anybody else or is it really just an isolated mistake?"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take warm clothing

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4 / 10
Never Again

"Third time I have tried this ship in ten years never again good for the OAPs.

Poor Food, staff not interested in service, management never to be seen and did not talking to the passengers.The activities time table badly planned. P & O have gone down hill will go back to Cunard.

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont book this ship.

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10 / 10
0riana cruise 4th May 2014 St.Petersburg.

"Glad I didn't read the awful reviews because I wouldn't have gone.But i didn't and it was wonderful. Spotless toilets all over the ship. Cabins, we had an inside cabin, spotless and definitely adequate.plenty of wardrobe space, a TV.a fridge and the beds were home comfort. Spotless clean sheets and spotless fluffy towels, every day. Made to feel like a queen when eating in the 0riental and the entertainment staff brilliant.Lots to do and we are booking again for September for my birthday celebrating with my 4 adult children/plus husbands and wives.Have some of these discontented reviewers forgotten the airport routines, where every passenger was made to feel like a criminal, where trolleys had a charge, endless waiting for luggage and also paying for luggage. Good luck P&O you did us fine and there is nobody more critical than a Virgo woman."

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: see top line films on board,enjoy the headliner shows and enjoy being papmered in the beauty salon

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