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Traveller reviews

6 / 10
this hotel is not a 4 star

"just arrived back from a weeks stay at the fortuna beach hotel on arrivel it looked very nice the reception area was lovely but when we got to the room it was another story the room was a 3 star with a push very disappointing food in the fortuna was very basic and repetative tea was awful if you like salad breakfast lunch dinner your ok very little choice for main course at dinner most of the staff didnt speak or smile looked very miserable no entertainment in the hotel but plenty to do outside the hotel at night go to the stella show at the far end of icmeler it is brilliant weather was very very hot 2 mins to beach which is there own beach the sunbed man memet couldnt do enough for you and was a very friendly chap pity he didnt work in the hotel"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009

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10 / 10
Superb hotel

"I have just returned fron a week long stay at the Fortuna Beach. The location is brill, 150 mtrs from the beach, the quality of the drinks were great. We paid a £10.00 per day supplament on arrival to get a suite with a sea view, well worth the money. The food variety was limited but prepared with pride and well presented, we did not eat out once during our stay. I would not hesitate to rebook this hotel when I next travel to Icmeler."

  • Holiday details: May 2009

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9 / 10
Very enjoyable holiday

"Just back from a great time in Turkey, and happy I chose Fortuna Beach Hotel.

Plenty to eat & drink clean rooms, fresh towels every day. Staff were very friendly.

The pool area is smallish but we were just 2mins from the beach.

This hotel is very central to all your needs, The taxi boat, A dolmus,shops & restaurants, the beach ect, everything is to hand and only a short distance away.

The staff work very hard they should be commended they are a credit to the hotel.

I would be more than willing to stay at Fortuna Beach Hotel again.

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Very clean resort
  • Activities: enjoyed boat trips
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
worst holiday ever in turkey

"My wife & I have have holidayed in Turkey for quite a few years now & have always enjoyed every moment of them, until we encountered the Fortuna beach.

The very abrupt manager ordered the cleaning maids to stop putting towels into our room on the Wed which was the fourth night of our seven night stay.

This was because he wanted me to pay for a towel from our room which had hair dye on it. Having explained that it was a wash & go hair dye which washes out quite easily & my wife frequently uses. He took the action of stopping the towels into our room.

Having explained that we had our year old grandaughter with cut no ice at all with this very abrupt person.

The food was the worst I have ever had in Turkey, same repetative rice & chips warmed up the following day.

Food was removed from area 5 mins before the allocated finishing times, every meal time.

The beer was atrocious, very watered down. The wine was undrinkable.

Very limited choice of spirits.

Limited sunbeds in a very poor & shaded pool area.

Air conditioning that was very inadequate.

Nothing good at all about this hotel, only to say no star at all. NEVER AGAIN.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
my partner and i have just returned...

"my partner and i have just returned from this hotel thankfully our 15 year old daughter stayed at home the men here are so creepy especilly on the beach were we had to go as the 12 sunbeds were taken by 7 o clock around the hotel pool dont be deceived by the lovely reception area this makes the hotel look like a 4 star but nothing else is anywere close to 4 star the food is discusting we ate there for 2 days then had all our meals out the rooms are nice but the airconditioning sounds like a generatore and is only on at certain times of the day one being 11pm till 2 pm when most people want to sleep i did try to complain to the manager but he was a very arrogant man who would not listen the bar staff are ok if you are a girl under 15 and dont be too shocked when children actually serve you at the bar this hotel in good position and very clean resort very good for all ages majestics restaurant very good fortuna beach hotel would be great if it was a self catering holiday we will return but not to this hotel"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
Just back from a great time in...

"Just back from a great time in Turkey, and happy that the Fortuna Beach was my choice. Good food, clean rooms, and a stones throw from the beach. My only critism would be the very loud music round the small pool all day, every day!! Would recommend for couples rather than families. The food was acceptable, meat dishes a bit suspect, but I enjoyed plenty of healthy and varied salads. Would advise anyone to take english sterling as the shopkeepers prefere it. They will accept any currancy though. Have a Turkish Bath at the hotel, great value, and a better tan."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Expedia

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4 / 10
We sought a family holiday for my...

"We sought a family holiday for my wife and I and our 2 young children aged 4 and 2.

The hotel is aesthetically pleasing both inside and outside, with amazing views across the bay. The location is central to the picturesque canal and shops. You can expect the bars to be noisy from 10pm to midnight (but let's face it, you'd expect some noise in a central location and this didn't give us cause for complaint). Rooms were cleaned daily and towels and bedlinen were changed daily. The family room was a good size, with a single bed settee and double bed settee in the living room area for the children and a double bedroom with large bed for the adults. Storage in both rooms was excellent. The only criticism was the poor air conditioning (free). Poor in the living room - good in the bedroom. Pool on the small side with a seperate childrens pool. The sun terraces were OK - again small with sufficient sun beds. The only thing worth mentioning about the sun terrace was that from 3pm most of it was in the shade. This aside this is a beach hotel and therefore a beach holiday so with 2 young children the beach option during the day was best for us.

The guests were a variety of Russian, Ukraine, Turkish, Dutch, French and British. This proved a struggle with 2 small children because there were no other british kids of the same age, therefore making friends was difficult. Most of the English speaking children were at the beach.

The food was edible. Not much variety - we did struggle feeding the kids (and my wife). Meatballs, chicken and rice got a bit boring for lunch and dinner everyday.

This is the first and last time my family and I will go all inclusive.

It appears that the Turks are the friendliest and most polite people I have ever met. Their hospitality and wit is amazing - this is not so much the case in this hotel.

Having stayed in Icmeler 6 years ago and in Hisaranu last year on half board basis, this to us was the best option. There seems to be lack of hospitality in this hotel. The staff are friendly enough but they give you no motivation to stay in the hotel. Lessons were taken from the other nationalities at the hotel and getting served was not a problem for us as we shouted up when needed. Another point to make is the lack of spoken English by the staff. Communication was OK for us as a family but when my father in law chatted with everyday sayings the staff (and me sometimes) were lost. The lack of spoken English is apparent in the choice of music selected by the staff. Alot of ganster rap with foul language being sung. Not that I am a prude but this is not acceptable in front of children. The volume of the music is also too lud and unfortunatley the speaker is right above the children's pool. Suffice to say I got fed up of asking for the volume to be turned down.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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1 / 10
This is the worst Hotel I have ever...

"This is the worst Hotel I have ever been in on a holiday. Ive been to Icmeler twice before with no complaints. This is more Non-Inclusive. Food is terrible, more suited to Russian and Ukranian, not for Brits, like a Bush-tucker Trial for 2 weeks, I lost over a stone in 2 weeks, so this hotel would be ideal for a Weight-watchers club holiday. Ourselves and other British families had to eat out every day the food was so bad. Most families spent about £1000 over budget for eating out over the 2 weeks. Not even chicken nuggets and chips for kids, we wondered if the Hotel had a franchise with restaurants and Pizza delivery in the area, as delivery from them was very swift and the food they served was excellent - at our cost, why was our Hotel food not to this standard?

We questioned management and were told by them "the food is good if you want different go to another hotel." Straight from the Charm School like most of the staff.

Staff are on a go-slow, at the bar theres no whisky, brandy, only Vodks, Gin, Raki or wine and the beer isnt very good either, you could be the only person at the bar an still have to wait ages. Staff are so laid back and couldnt care. Youve paid your money so you can wait, not good enough in anyones book. They tend to run out of drinks around 10.30pm and you have to wait on the manager bringing out more from a cupboard.

The pool table is broken, the table tennis is from the ark, the air conditioning - sorry what air conditioning, we all had to buy or hire fans. You have to keep asking for Fresh Towels as they dont seem to bother, you are treated like a fool.

You are hassled everyday by staff for Turkish Bath, Shave etc. etc. they do not appear to know that No means No, very annoying.

When the cakes have all been eaten by the "greedy people" who pile up storage for the winter wolfing in like hamsters, you are told there is none left, - but I paid for this -sorry none left.

The only good thing was the sea-view, it was also a good see-view as you could see other people in the hotels around enjoying themselves and wishing you had booked into their hotel, you could also see restaurants with people eating good food and plan your evening accordingly, we met families from Liverpool, Lincoln and Fife and these restaurants made a small fortue out of us - this should not be the case if all inclusive.

I could not live with myself if I did not make other people aware of this Hotel, I would hate anyone to spend their hard earned cash and go through what we all went through in Fortuna Beach, anyone who says otherwise either has not been to a decent all inclusive before or dont know what good food is. This Hotels policy is Youve Paid your money Like it or Lump it. Pick a holiday slightly dearer or book self-catering, dont go here - dont go here - dont go here - read the list of amenities etc. it looks good on paper - words are deceiving, dont believe what you read.

We have never been so glad to get home from a holiday in our lives

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with You Travel/Holidays 4 U

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8 / 10
enjoyable stay

"stayed at this hotel very good value for money staff were very polite and rooms were very clean ideal location only downside was air con but ask for a fan and they are happy to oblige would stop there again"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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5 / 10
this is a average hotel. no air...

"this is a average hotel.

no air conditioning, only a small vent in the wall which only works from 11pm to 7am.

the hotel bar shots at 11pm.

the hotel is clean and it was nice to see the pool been checked for chlorine levels at night.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Had a lovely time at this hotel. Food...

"Had a lovely time at this hotel. Food was adequate and varied. Hotel itself was very nice but the thing that makes me want to go back to this particular hotel is that it is central to all your needs. The Taxi Boat, a dolmus, shops, restaurants, the beach etc everything is to hand and only a short distance away. Rooms cleaned daily. The staff work so so hard and should be commended. They are a credit to the hotel. Due to the experience we had this time around we are happy to be hopefully going back in September or October for another week's holiday.

Well done to the Fortuna Hotel cant understand why people previously have given a low score unless it is under new management and improved. Chef works hard to supply all sorts of meals cold and hot something to cater for all tastes. Lovely places to eat out and I especially recommend the Love Boat for a lovely culinary experience.

Cant wait to get back later this year. I definitely recommend this hotel to anyone

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Great Late Escapes

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9 / 10
I have never written a hotel review...

"I have never written a hotel review before but due the bad press given to the Fortuna Beach in previous reviews I felt it only fair to let you hear my comments. I stayed at the Fortuna Beach with my husband & 24 others who joined us on our honeymoon (we were 20 adults & 6 children)! We weren't expecting a lot from the hotel especially in the food department but I must say we were all pleasantly surprised. The food wasn't fantastic but was varied & always edible there wasn't a mealtime that any of us walked away from the table hungry. The staff were very helpful, especially the reception staff. The rooms were cleaned daily with clean towels provided every day. I would definitely stay at the Fortuna Beach again as would the rest of the people in our party. Must say if you go to Icmeler visit Ali at the Amalia Bar, opposite the Blue Rainbow Hotel, & Morat at the Mister Chef in the old town area, you’ll get the best of welcomes & the food is fab!"

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with TRAVEL REPUBLIC

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