Aegean Village Hotel

Kos 85302, Greece
8.5  / 10
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10 / 10

"after seeing a few bad reviews against Aegean village I thought I would write a review to talk about my experiences.

me and my boyfriend ( both in our 20's) have visited Aegean village twice, one in October 2010 and the again in june - beginning of july 2012.. and are currently two weeks away from returning again.

the hotel is immaculate, and we couldn't fault one single thing about th cleanliness of the hotel itself, the rooms or the pool. both times we have visited we have never had a problem with finding a sunbed and an umbrella, we sent a good couple of hours at the pool a day and never had any problems.

the animation team are amazing and try their hardest to involve and get activities going, they ask everybody and leave you alone if you say no to joining in, unlike some hotels!

the food in the hotel is beautiful, I as a fussy eater always found something to eat and enjoyed it! the desserts are mouth watering!

kardamena town is a lovely place, everyone is so friendly and their are plenty of little trinket shops to walk around, and the bars and cafes are a lovely place to sit and relax and are mostly all against the sea front.

I would highly recommend this hotel! the staff are wonderful and are always willing to help.

I hope my review helps people to choose and book the Aegean village as you will not be disappointed!

the only thing I could say a bad word about is the germans! not all, just the odd few, they are very ignorant, push in front don't take other people into consideration. that is just my opinion, however this in no way did it ruin any of are visits, just take them with a pinch of salt.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: the kos town trip is a must, and the nissyros volcanic island

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5 / 10
Nice venue....shame about the service!!

"My girlfriend and i spent 2 weeks in the 'Aegean Village Hotel' complex (17th sept to 1st oct). The hotel itself is very clean and so attractive, it makes you reach for your camera! It has lovely plants and flowers throughout the complex, which is a nice change from just cold stone, marble and granite! The rooms were basic, but well presented, and all appliances were solid and worked!! the air-con unit...a must during peak period! The restaurant was well set out and spacious. The food, in my opinion was extremely good, with a vast choice for differing tastes! It had a nice vibe for both couples and small families.

The female staff at reception were polite and courteous, i would like to say the same about the male staff! Throughout our stay, ALL the male staff were very false and even rude on occassions. They only seem interested in young females and had no problems asking you to pay up for your drink half way through you taking a mouthful of food, without waiting for you to finish! The bar staff down by the pool were utterly incompetent, as well as rude! If you need anything in their complex shop, you are looked upon like your putting them out! The only way you can get so much as a smile, is if you tip them way beyond their worth, or again, you will be ok if your a female who doesnt mind being perved upon! There is an entertainment team called 'Animation'....well, Really!!?? All i can think of, is that there is a serious shortage of entertainment teams in Kos, as this lot were anything BUT entertaining!!!!!.....whoever manages the hotel, PLEASE PLEASE for the sake of all, employ a new entertainment team for 2012!!!! i must say at this point, one waiter in particular, SPIROS, seemed to be the hardest worker there, along with the maids who were friendly. Overall, the Hotel and food were excellent, but if you want a smile, friendly service and mild entertainment.....then take the 15 min walk to Kardamena central!!

I would love to score the hotel as 'excellent', but due to the shocking service, it has to be average! Better management of staff would make this hotel excellent...even fantastic!

Make of it what you will and need.

Chris & Linzi

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Half Board, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Soak up the asthetics of hotel, but avoid ALL staff inc entertainment if you wish to enjoy your holiday!!

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7 / 10
Late season

"Me and my boyfriend (both in our early 20's) stayed at the Aegean Village from the 23rd to 30th October 3010. This was the last week of the season and had a really good deal.

We were looking for a nice quiet, romantic get away in Greece and this hotel really caught our eye. It was definately quiet and definately romantic! So no complaints in that department! The pool was huge, and we never had to queue for a sun bed (as there were only about 30 people max staying in the hotel at the time)The views were amazing, the rooms were gorgeous (Best room we've ever stayed in)and the maid service was excellant.

There were a few things to complain about. Firsty we were told our room would be sea was'nt! This did'nt really bother us too much, as we were only there for a week, but this could of been an issue if were stayed for two weeks. The food was'nt very nice at all. We lived off pasta for the whole week as this was the only decent thing to eat. We got quite friendly with a married couple in their forties who also thought the food was poor! This really was a bad point to the holiday as this was suppose to be a half board 4*hotel. After reading the reviews below regarding the food being really nice...i have the feeling the hotel was using up all the leftovers from over summer, as it was the last week of the season (They literally closed and locked the doors behind us on the way out)

Also another downside to going so late in the season was that some of the trips had stopped running i.e.scubadiving and waterpark.

I reccommend the day trip to Turkey for 40euros each. It was fab!!!

If your looking for a sunbathing holiday, then don't go to Kos in October because it was freezing!! The only tan i had was a wind tan!!

I would definately return to the Aegean Village....BUT in PEAK SEASON!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
Brilliant holiday

"We have just returned from a week at the Aegean Village. This hotel is really good. The rooms were just as the photo's depict, they were newly refurbished, clean and fresh. We were on the very top level and this did not prove to be a problem. The Hotel mini bus was there 24/7 for the use of the customers, although we didn't alwasy use it and the walk down to breakfast in a morning was really nice. The pool area was lovely and never seemed to be overcrowded. Prices at the pool bar were similar to the town prices and the snack bar food was really good quality and very reasonable.

It was a nice 20 min walk into the town itself but that was really nice on an evening. Kardemena comes into it's own at about 9.30 and the groups of "bar crawls" are something not to miss.....

Our only dissappointment was the lack of a really nice beach. The Hotel photo's are very, "air brushed" when it comes to the beach, which is more grit than sand. So if you are a beach fan, you will have to travel a good 40mins further down the road.

We would go back to the Aegean though, it was lovely.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Loved Kos, we will definately go again.

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10 / 10

"my wife and two friends have just arrived back from our stay at the aegean village hotel.this was our second visit to the hotel and trust me it won't be our last.The hotel staff, the food, the pool , the rooms and anything else that goes with the hotel were fantastic.Kardamena town was a steady fifteen minute walk from the hotel ,just right after a fantastic tea time feed.The selection of food was great something for everyones taste.The pool and outside bar area was spotlessly clean and the waiters were top knotch. over all roll on next year ,we plan to try a holiday with the whole family .o yes the kids pool and play area are brill and the animation team who provide the entertainment on the site got well involved with everyone and kept things buzzing.A special thanks to angela for looking after us ."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, half board, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: nice relaxing holiday

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10 / 10
i don't know what other people expected but i thought it was fantastic!

"I've scanned through some of the reviews on here and feel it's my turn to give my account of my experience.

I travelled there with my girlfriend in september 08. It was her first holiday abroad so obviously I wanted to make sure it was a very special one. I have travelled quite a lot and stayed in many many hotels and i'm going to be honest when i say the aegean village was one of the best.

ok, perhaps the rooms are a little basic, but it's greece! what do you expect??

we got a king size bed, a balcony, shower, bath, sink, toilet, air-con unit (that worked!), a tv and everything else they say you get. and the maid service meant the room was always clean.

and yes the food was perhaps a little repetative. but it's a buffet, so again what do you expect!? and yet was still fantastic every evening! we always got fed and enjoyed every meal. and the breakfasts were simply brilliant!! jus what you need to start your day!

there was always great veggie options too, which if you're a veggie that's been to greece before you'll know that can be a rare thing!

the reception staff, waiters, bartenders, taxi/mini bus drivers and the matre'dee restaurant bloke treated us both like royalty throughout the entire stay.

the pool area was always clean and plenty of activities. and most importantly we could always get a sunbed!!

the beach was clean, and very peaceful.

the location is superb. only 10 minutes walk into kardamena so it's quiet, silent in fact, at night but close enough to walk (or stagger) with no problems.

we chose to drink late in the hotel bar most nights because it was a lovely place to relax and the beer and other drinks were nicer (and cheaper) than in the town itself!

as for kardamena yes it is a bit of a dump. but it's a 18-30's style clubbers location! malia's a dump, laganas is a dump, kavos is disgusting! in comparison kardamena is lush!!

so in sum-up...

i couldn't recommend the aegean village high enough. and when you see some of the other hotels in kardamena you really wouldn't want to stay anywhere else!

(and go on the volcano trip, that was one of the best days out i've ever had)

I hope this review has been of use to you.

and i hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Superb Holiday

"Myself and two girl friends decided to have a girly holiday, somewhere hot, quiet in the day but close enough to a decent nightlife with nice beaches and good hotel. After shopping around and looking at numerous holidays we were recommended the Aegean Village by the rep in First Choice. She herself had stayed at the hotel and could not recommend it highly enough.

After reading numerous reviews I was a little concerned but nonetheless trusted our rep and booked for 10 nights. We were not disappointed!

We arrived late at night following a delay from Gatwick, but on arrival at the hotel the staff were ready and waiting and we were in our room within minutes and we were at the very top of the hill! On our departure day we should have been out of the room at 10am but by speaking to the receptionist a few days before you could request to keep your room, we had ours until 6pm, enabling us to spend a full day by the pool. The hotel were very accomodating at all times.

Our room was exactly as pictured and with 3 in one room we were concerned about the 3rd bed being a sofabed. It was a proper mattress the same as the twins just against the room so no-one felt like they had got the bad bed. The rooms were spotless and cleaned daily. Our rooms was at the top of the hill but this was no hardship as the minibus service was superb. Quick, arrives on demand, and efficient. In fact I think it was easier being at the top as I never felt like I should walk 'to be good'. As for the view, it was amazing!!

The food was very good and did repeat slightly but this was no problem as there was plenty of choice to choose an alternative, however, we looked forward to certain days as we knew we would be getting gorgeous food we had enjoyed the week before!

We chose to sit in the same section for breakfast and dinner and after 2 nights our waiters would always save us a table and give us fabulous service! Lawrence and Vincenzo were ace!

The pool was well supplied with sunbeds meaning even after a long lie in we had no issues getting a bed and umbrella.

The hotel is perfectly situated for those wanting a relaxing holiday in the day but close enough to the nightlife (5euro taxi) into town. This is also easily walkable but in heels and the heat it was easier to get a taxi which reception would call for us.

I cannot recommend this hotel enough. And would also recommend a day trip to Paradise Beach....stunning!

I was determined to write a review after all the negative ones I read as this hotel really deserves the praise I am giving it!!

Thank you for a wonderful holiday

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Room With a View.

"Probably the best 4 star hotel we've been to and how about that view from our room! (That's the coast of Turkey in the distance). After reading the first Holidaywatchdog review we were naturally worried but after settling in there were very few things to criticise. All the one and two storey rooms are built around and up the hillside on 6 tiers. You could be unlucky and get a room with olive trees blocking the view but nearly all have a great view. Beautifully designed main building built in an L shape around a huge pool. Large comfortable reception with bar off to the left, large TV room and lounge to the right and even larger dining room ahead. Best of all was the wide veranda all around the building where you can sit and have a drink from the bar at one end or sit in the early morning sun and have breakfast. (This was end of Sept begining of Oct so this was a real treat. Perfect time of year to visit, 75F-77F, very few 'youfs' and Kardamena relatively quiet if you fancy the 15 minute walk.)

There's a 24 hour service to drive you up to your room and collect you on phoning reception, so don't worry about being up high. Some of the buildings and fittings are showing their age but this is Greece!

Positives - Restaurant Food & Service, Beautiful Gardens, Enormous pool, Lovely views, Great staff and very polite, Faultlessly clean.

Negatives - Only German lager at the bar! No lovely Greek lagers like Mythos or Zorbas! Single beds only - continually falling down the gap as they slid apart!

Beach not up to much, but there is a nice secluded nudie beach 500 metres south.

Don't miss - Spending a day in Kos Town. Trip across to Bodrum. Drive up to the village of Kia in the mountains for lunch.

Loved it. Going back next year.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with Direct Holidays

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10 / 10
We stayed at this hotel in july this...

"We stayed at this hotel in july this year we were unsure what to expect as the reviews on her are very mixed! I wanted to write a review as i think some of these make this hotel sound a lot worse than it is!

So ill start with good points!!

The hotel is lovely!!

Very clean rooms & areas

Massive pool - plently of sun loungers!

Great animation team very friendly

15 mins walk from the nightlife so its quiet

Food was nice (not amazing but was nicer than expected)

Bad points:

The orange juice is water down and tastes horrible!!

The walking from pool to hotel room is a bit annoying (but they provide shuttle buses!!)

You have to pay for all drinks at dinner!

If my mum had gone she probbaly wouldnt of thought it was 4* more like 3* but we didnt have any problems and REALLY enjoyed our stay.

Overall we had a really nice holiday and would go back to the same hotel definately


  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!! Stayed for 2 weeks...


Stayed for 2 weeks half board with my husband and 9 year old daughter.

GOOD POINTS: Hot Weather, never had to reserve sunbeds, rooms large with fridge .

BAD POINTS: Rude and intimidating management staff. We complained about the 4 tier drink pricing system (ie same drink in each bar but different prices) and were told that we are 'paying for the entertainment'. We were then told to pack our bags and leave the hotel the next day. We were shouted at by the management across the reception area. Obivously they do not like negative feedback or being questioned. This pricing system was never mentioned in Thomson's brouchure or by their rep. Evening entertainment very very poor. Food OK, repetitive and not much choice for children.

Kardamena is a dump! Broken glass bottles on the beach, tacky shops.

I would definately not be returning and would never recommend this hotel to anyone!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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5 / 10
As I write this review, I'm busy...

"As I write this review, I'm busy finishing my second week in Aegean Village. It's the first time I've taken the time to write a review, and it has, I'm afraid, been motivated by the poor service I am receiving during my stay. In fact, I have really never had such poor service in a 4-star hotel, which compares poorly with fine 4 star hotels I have had the pleasure to stay at all over World, including most parts of Europe, India (Mumbai), Turkey (Istanbul), the USA and Africa.

The Hotel's Achilles heel is its meals service, with insufficient and particularly rude waiters, and very unequal quality of food and beverages, especially the coffee and fruit drinks, which are a daily crap-shoot, sometimes being watered down to a ridiculous level.

On a brighter side, the infrastructure is quite good, with pleasant rooms and a nice pool deck and outdoor entertainment area. The rooms are of a good size, with plenty of them having a great view on to the sea, on account of the situation of the hotel. The quality of the furnishings is not consistent, with things breaking off, or not working, such as a window that can't be closed, or furniture that's too flimsy for kids. Rooms are air-conditioned, which is important in this dry, hot and windy climate.

The kiddie-club does not come close to that being offered by operators such as Club Med, with only 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon being offered to parents with children. Don't expect your kids to want to go there on a daily basis....

The beach in front of the hotel is not very pleasant, with concrete slabs protecting the beach sand from erosion, and making it difficult for children or poor swimmers to take advantage of the pleasant meditterranean sea.

The airport, and especially the flight path of the planes is close enough for them to be heard, especially in the evenings and overnight.

You would definitely want to rent a vehicle while staying at the hotel, which can be done in Kardamena, which is a 15-minute walk from the hotel. This will ease your visitsof the best parts of the island, and to get to some incredibly charming points, such as natural thermal bathS (water temp., from close to body temp., to over 45°C), right on the edge of the ocean

I would definitely recommend Kos as an Island to visit, especially regarding its historical past, including being the island where Hippocrates founded the hippocratic oath, and impressive ruins of the World's 1st hospital. The landscape is also spectacular, on the western rim of the Island, bringing to mind places such as Cape Town, but on a smaller scale.

To sum things up, do go to Kos, and you can stay at Aegean Village, or even better find a hotel with a better level of service, to avoid spoiling your vacation.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Hotelplan

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9 / 10
Almost perfect holiday with a only...

"Almost perfect holiday with a only few very minor niggles about the hotel/location. As for pros and cons, the pros would be; Spotless rooms and facilities (channel 6 or 8 on tv showing major films in English with Greek subtitiles); friendly and attentive reception and waiting staff; excellent food with an amazing choice of alternatives; beautiful pool and surroundings with sufficient sunbeds; hardworking but not overbearing animation crew. As for the cons, please bear in mind that I have holidayed in Greek Islands many times and relatively speaking, these are very minor niggles indeed but here we go... The hotel charges for every extra (eg table tennis 1.50/hr, tennis 7.50/hr, gym 4.50/hr, safe key 15) which is petty in my opinion; each bar has different prices (eg cocktails in poolbar 5 main bar 6 "disco" 6.80) which is weird; all of the entertainment is provided by the animation crew - even the "cabaret" performances which are rather toe-curlingly embarrassing (no disrespect as they do their best, but they are not professionals) - would have thought that maybe once per week they could have an act from outside; nearest beach is rocky by the sea (saw many cut feet). My advice is to enjoy all the hotel has to offer but walk the 15 mins left along the beach road to "Liotrivi" restaurant just before Kardamena, for the best fish you will ever eat, excellent Greek cuisine (eat what Maria tells you to!!) free sunbeds for restaurant patrons on a quiet sandy beach - heaven:-)"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays

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  • by dale_puck

    " 1960 bar, avli restaurant & the bar at the aegean hotel! the nisyros volcano day trip. "

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