Royal Bay Hotel

Elenite Holiday Village, Elenite 8259, Bulgaria
6.5  / 10
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1 / 10
Remeber rooms 302,304,208,210

"Holiday hotel rooms at the RoyalBay hotel, rooms from hell.we and another 3 couples had to look at these views from our rooms.staff that bang on old

air con drums in the early morning,bird poo 2ins tall on the window sill.dirty stains on the toilet seat.and hotel managers that wonted you to pay more money to

move you to another room 10 leva each person per day.If you do go to this hotel,make sure you know which room number you have before you book. plus food very cold and very basic.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: book a villa
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Not worth it!

"We spent a lot of money going here. Well we Travelled to Bulgaira, Then To the hotel, On arrival it was very Late, and we hadn't eaten all day,( We being, Myself, Husband and 4 kids) So we had got into the front reception, signed in etc, and asked for a drink. they told us the bar was Closed. and there was no food/drink wats so ever. This was only about 23:00pm, so hungry and firsty, We went into our 2 rooms, and unpacked. in the fridge was a couple of bottles of water, wich was good as we had no other drink. We went to sleep a while after. Then the next day we went down for breakfast, wich was ok.. But wasnt Perfect as it was the same Everyday!!! And lunch wasn't very good either.. same everday. and dinner was also the same everyday. not only was it the same, but it was so greasy and Undercooked. The only thing my children ended up eating was BreadRolls, As that was the only decent thing. although after luch they did have ice cream so they just eat a lot of that. When we went to go to the pool, But all the germans had taken the beds.. So we waited for them to Go and then put our towles on.. Later in the night we went to the local Entertainment. wich was okai, but on somenights it was rubbish! This sounds like a serious moan, but at one point of the holiday, we asked my daughter to get us some hotdogs from the stand. we needed 6 as there was 6 of us.. So she went to get them, and when she asked for six they satarted laughing at her, then she got upset, as she was walking away they were staring at her, laughing.. she came back in tears and me and my husband went up to them and had words. one of the workers hid behind the Hotdog Shed, but we soon found him. They apologised, but they knew they were in the wrong. Another time we were on our balcony, and looking onto the beach/Sitting area down below, we said this beauitful Dog laying down,, then a worker of the hotel saw it and threw a rock at it's head! and then, he kicked it and it made this horrible Noise! Later that day, we we were sittin on chairs, having a drink and the dog came back, so we gave him some water, and then the worker came out and he Pulled the dog away by his ear!

The shop next to the Hotel was very dodgey, as they were alays qucickly turning there screen around and flinching when someone walked in.. down the road was a sort of shopping mall.. my 2 daughters went in there on there own to buy some girfts for there friends, He was touching my daughters back, and legs, and made her feel very uncomfterable, they left.. and came back to the hotel.. If you are going here please watch over your children as there are some very dogy men!!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Do not go ther.

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10 / 10
Bext Holiday Ever!

"Arrived in the early hours of the morning in July, was given a drink, some sandwiches and fruit, which i was very impressed with as no other hotel i have stayed in has done this,

went to our room and it was spotless, the sea view was amazing, could see everything and spent many an hour on the balcony watchin boats and even dolphins one night.

all the staff were really friendly and would do anything to make you happy, the dining room staff were very quick and as soon as we had finished with a plate it would be cleared away, of course you got people that complaineed about things, such as the bars not being open at 7am, but who wants to drink beer at that time of mornin i will never know,

now im vegetarian and my othr half is a very picky eater and we were suffieciently fed every day, the food wasnt michelin star standard but what all inc hotel is?

it was nice and quite varied, i was very impressed that at every meal there was a man cooking food to your order, eg omelettes or pancakes at breakfast with your choice of filling.

we did not take children, but trust me if you have children they will love it, there is:

* 3 pools

* several bars

* beach bars with drinks and hot dogs

* a cafe with ice creams and chicken and chips

* a chicken kebab bar

* plus kids clubs, pool games, and the animation hall was amazing we spent a few nites in here watching the shows which were really well done

I would definately go back here, and it is so cheap here, we went to pacos shack just out side the complex, got a pizza, pancakes, pint of becks and bottle of coke and it cost 14 leva, which is around £6, i cudnt believe how cheap it was.

and to all the people who say that it was dirty are you for real???

the cleaners worked around 16 hours qa day, they mopped the poolsides, scrubbed the wall on the beach, mopped the rain off the paths, brushed loose leaves up and cig stumps, the village was spotless

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Brilliant Place, Highly Recommended
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
great if you have kids and will eat anything.

"Arrived early hours on the 29th june 2010, complex looked outstanding and was taken to hotel by buggy. Room was clean but bed was damp. sea view with a side window overlooking the pool all very nice.

The staff i found to be very friendly except in the irish bar were my husband and i were ripped off by the bar man (33 lev for two drinks ).

We found the food to be the same thing day in and day out most of it not very nice, although the salads were good and the cakes were to die for.

We ended up eating out most days at a place called packo,s just outside the complex.

All entertainment is for children, nothing for adults to do. We bought a pack of cards.

Tv in room has two english channels so went to bed early most nights and watched a film.

If you want the buggy to return you to the pick up point you have to book it we were not told this till after we lugged our luggage all the way across the complex.

Bus to neseebar and sunny beach leaves every forty mins just outside and is very cheap.

I would not go back here as it really is more for familys with small children and there are a lot of them, running round screaming till past midnight.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: not for couples.

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3 / 10
Holiday Hell

"Having been to many places I felt dissapointed with the Royal Bay Our daughter had been two years previously and said that it was wonderful. It seriously has been neglected the beaches are no longer sandy as it has washed away, the food was appalling serving un -cooked chicken, burgers, sausages. We were a party of 23 adults and children most of us were ill with tummy problems which the Rep decided it was a virus we had taken with us

(we were all healthy when we left the UK) We were served plates,cups, dishes that were chipped a haven for germs.

They had the audacity to try to charge me 5 levs(£2.50) for a side plate that my grandson had dropped because it was hot, I refused knowing full well that a plain side plate does not cost this much. I t was claimed to be a 4* Hotel I would have gave it a 2* Unfortunately I found the staff were rude checking English peoples bags for fruit when leaving the Restaurant when other Nationalities were walking out of the back doors with plates of fruit.

Weather and the sighting of dolphins fantastic, sadly the hotel resort poor,ruined my opinion of Bulgaria I don't really wish to return. Better Luck.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
excellent hotel basic food

"we have just returned from the royal bay hotel on tuesday the 6th and on reading reviews before going to this hotel i was dreading it to my pleasant surprise the hotel was fantastic very clean all staff throughout the whole village were very helpfull beaches were immaculate my only complaint was the food was sometimes not fully cooked but using a bit common sense should forsee any tummy upsets. great hotel great holiday topped off by the dolphins that appeared on a daily basis right outside our balcony. water park was good value for money was free to enter and food was reasonable maybe one downside was the lack of choice for womens drinks aka peach snapps or gin etc all in all a great holiday and wouldnt rule out returning next year so for all the bad reviews there aint pleasing some people and can guarantee most of them would find problems anywhere.."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: use common sense when in restaurant
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
never again

"we have just come back from 2 weeks in royal bay we read the reviews and went witrh open mind oh my I wanted to come home after three days

the beach is lovely but littered with dog ends

views stunning

rooms quite comfortable and clean patio door did not lock bit worrying

Food was appalling very little choice and often cold and not cooked properly mugs and plates chipped and not very clean certainly not 4 star standards

several of our group had upset tummies not surprisingly

entertainment very poor although Itzo and Mario tried their best and were frindly

bar staff rude and surly and most staff very unhelpful

first week of hols our pool was green and we were unable to use it pool bar staff was always on a break!! and not at all happy to serve us

the whole place was closing down around us water park cosed bars closed they couldnat wait to finish for the season we did expect to have full use of all facilities

Rep Steve although nice was no help all we seem to get from anyone was shrugging of shoulders and I dont know in response to our complaints

pool area is never washed down so spilt drinks meat that wasps were everywhere it was horrible several people got stung

dirty cloths and crockery in dining room and tables left uncleared

and yes we found Stefan the bar man rude and surly until the last day to late!!

its such a shame it appears to be very badly managed it could be a lovely place

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
The Best Holiday ive EVER had

"the hotel was amazing the whole complex was beautiful and the pools so clean. the animation team was the best part of the holiday they were amazing and lovely people who made everyone feel welcome and gave some amazing entertainment. made so many friends with them loved it so much want to go back next year."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: loved it was the best holiday ive ever had
  • Activities: the hotel and nessebar
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
tummy troubles!!!

"booked royal bay hotel last year in june because had just returned from there and holiday was great, alarm bell should have run because had letter off thompsons in dec saying that they were withdrawing the hotel, still we booked with another tour operator because we still wanted to go there.... arrived and weather was not great but location and scenery still the best,2nd day of hols hubby had continous heartburn and gripeing pains in stomach,day 3 we both had dysentry and stomach cramps had used up imodieme we had brought with us so had to have a taxi take us to sunny beach and wait whilst went in pharmacy to purchase more , cost of taxi was £20 return, day 4 thought stomach problems had cleared up so book to go bulgarian restaurant following night, had to cancel because ill again, changed booking for night after , went for meal and following day we didnt leave room only to go back to sunny beach for more medication, cost again another £20 plus meds, taxi driver was even giving me his phone when he dropped us off so could be waiting local for our return, next day we were both well so went to try a bit of lunch , had fish on offer but when cut into it , it was raw, i wrapped up and showed our rep who then went to see manager , but funny enough was his day now we were fed up of being ill and just wanted get home with a week of hol left, rep did arrange for us to eat in another hotel but had to sign a disclosure not to tell other guests in case it got out of hand , other holiday makers were complaining about food but nothing was done . We did find a local bar up the road where we decided to eat most of our meals the rest of our holiday. Hotel run out of teabags, coffee, jam, butter, lager, brandy, vodka, eggs while we were there thankfully toilet roll was plentiful"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: location and scenery lovely
  • Activities: pacos bar and neesebar

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9 / 10
Love elenite

"This was our third year in elenite the past two years we stayed in the villas but this year decided to stay at the royal bay. We found as in previous years the staff were as friendly to us as we were to them (EXCLUDE RECEPTION STAFF) We stayed in room 211 above the bar with a very large balcony 2 large single beds and a put me up for my 7 year iold son. The entertainment staff were a bit slow to start but they soon warmed up and were as usual great with the kids. The entertainment manager had apparently let the site down and a new one had to be found at the last minute. The food was okay usual all inc we didn't starve as my gran used to say soup and pudduings all you need and boy what puddings! The difference between the villas and hotel was vast at the hotel we met loads of people and my son made lots of friends we hardly left the swimming pools. The two sisters in the main complex pool bar even remembered my drink again always served with a pleasant manner and my little glass collecting waitress who had one of the sourest faces when we first went there even remembered me and gave me a big smile and hello. All in all we love the place i've never been a person to go back to the same place twice but here i am booked again for next july. I know a lot of people complain about the bulgarians but i have always treated them as iexpect to be treated myself and they do respond even the sultry cleaners were speaking to me. If you go be sure to visit nessebar take the boat on the way out but be advised the sea gets a bit rough in the afternoon so if you are not to keen on boats come back by bus. Hope this has been helpful."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Activities: Nessebar and sunny beach.
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Our holiday nightmare at the Royal Bay Hotel

"In the early hours of Tuesday 1st September 09, Myself, my two young children and best friend arrived at the Royal Bay Hotel in the villgage of Elenite for what we thought would be a nice weeks worth of holiday, how wrong we were!!!!!!!!

On arrival at the so called four star hotel, We were each handed a bottle of water, a pasty and a mouldy grapefruit and then put into a lift and taken to our room.

The room itself looked okay in the evening light but on closer inspection, our bath towels were dirty and the room was infested with ants.

On our first morning there, we missed breakfast (thank goodness) and headed straight for the beach but we were disgusted to find that there were cigeratte ends everywhere and we had to try to bury them in the sand so that my two children couldn`t put them into their mouths.

The beach was covered in seaweed and stones on most mornings and there were always red flags which indictated that swimming in the sea was not recommended.

A majortiy of the sunbeds were cracked so you had to try to place yourself carefully on them to avoid cutting yourself on the sharp edges. A grumpy man used to come around every day at 6.30pm to tell you to leave the beach.

There is an obvious language barrier over there and it was very hard to communite with the staff, even the hotel rep and receptionists English wasn`t up to scratch and this became very difficult when we were trying to ask them for advice etc.

We found the staff to be very miserable and a smile from them was rare.

There was an outbreak of food poisioning on our visit which resulted in all of the hotel food being removed by inspectors in full view of the guests, this was a worry but what do you expect when all you got given was undercooked and reheated food on chipped plates (the cups were all mixed and matched, not four star standard)?

The Cosmos rep was useless and unhelpful.

The cleaners didn`t have a set time for cleaning our room and we were woken up on a couple of occasions very early in the morning, not what we needed when we were wanting a relaxing break.

There is no hotel entertainment, not even at the surrounding hotels, so come 6.30pm when we were kicked off the beach, there wasn`t much to do.

Smoking was permitted in the hotel so expect a cloud of smoke each and every time you walk in.

We had done our research before booking our holiday and found there to be loads of harsh reviews of the hotel but being laid back people we decided to give it a go and experience it for ourselves because we thought that perhaps the people that had sent in the reviews were just being fussy. However, the reviews we had read turned out to be spot on and it has taught us to listen to them in the future, it was a nightmare holiday and a serious health hazard. There is now a debate going that seems to indicate that the hotel is actually only a two star hotel as opposed to a four star.

Although there is a close by medical centre, you had to pay for any treatements even with an EU medical card. The closest free medical centre was 5km away at Sunny Beach.

Someone in our hotel had an upset tummy and he was charged almost £30 for some tablets, whoever said Bulgaria was cheap was lying. I paid just over £6 for a bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate (Bulgarian branded).

Four young men had gone too far out to sea one day but before being saved, their parents had to pay 55 Bulgarian levs, that was shocking(please note, there were no coast gurads).

Seriously, it was a horrible holiday and you would be better off spending your money going somewhere else.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: Do not go there, if you do feel you want to go to Bulgaria, stay at Sunny Beach.
  • Activities: Sunny Beach, there is more to see and do there.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Royal Room Rip Off

"We arrived at 6am their time, so were v tired

Got into room 208 (please make a mental note of this room number)

No black out curtains and what curtains there were didn't cover window

Damaged skirting boards

Broken glass in toilet

No cot for 18 month daughter

Patio door wouldn't lock

Stank of stale food

Overlooked bins and back of kitchens

Door missing from wardrobe

TV didn't work

Noise from kitchen staff

By far the worse room I have ever stayed in

Complained the following morning to hotel reception, might as well been talking Martian the good it did me, so complained to rep at Welcome Meeting.

The options were stay put or pay extra for a sea view room that was fit for humans, so that was what we had to do as it just wasn't safe for small children and wasn't fit for purpose as a so called 4 star room.

It turned out that quite a few others were pushed into room 208 (and 202 by the lift shaft) during the course of our hols and every single one rejected it and all had to pay for an upgrade. It's a con, they know you will reject it and therefore have a nice little earner going, dare you risk it and be given one of these terrible rooms?

Now then lets try and be positive.

The beach is nice but you need to start looking after the volley ball pitch as nearer the Royal Bay it's rocky.

Nice pool although not the warmest.

You have to queue for drinks and they have a habit of shutting early. Stefan the main barman was surly at best. Top tip get a big tankard (pint+) and keep hold of it, it seems to annoy him immensely.

Food, very samey, things like chicken and lamb looked more like road kill. I tended to stick to the kids processed food. If you want a beer with your food expect a long wait. Lots of the tables were dirty so it was quite a feat to find a clean one that was set. The high chair was falling to bits.

Weather fine

If you want to watch sports, best bet is Paco's bar out of the complex, where you have to pay but it's 2 Lev for a pint so cheap.

Animation Hall, bit naff, but okay if you like watching folk miming.

Formation towel bomb raids at 7am and not just by the usual suspects, not sure why folk feel the need to have loungers for kids who don't use them or folk who feel the need to take up a lounger all day when they are on the beach? Quite a few wasps about, esp where folk have knocked over sweet drinks of course. Nice touch was the bins had lids otherwise it would have been unbearable.

Chucked out of room at noon even though we weren't leaving until following morning at 2am.

Nessabar a nice boat trip day out (found a geocache also)

Cheap cigarettes

No cars about which is nice re the bairns

Nice holiday makers there to chat with and moan about the room rip off and surly barman, which passed the time as there's not a whole heap to do.

Overall worst holiday I've ever had, amazed Thomas Cook want anything to do with the place, shame as it wouldn't take much to make it really good.

Have been to Bulgaria before and would go back again but not for a gold clock would I go to the Royal Bay.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Don't bother
  • Activities: Nessebar

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  • by ac dunoon

    " go to djannys in sunny beach. food brill and prices very reasonable.r5ecomend the sunseekers cruise "

  • by aitch8856

    " Mainly for families with children up to 12 years of age. "

  • by Georgia may

    " Pacos and Nessebar "

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