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9 / 10
Great choice of hotel. It was our...

"Great choice of hotel. It was our second visit first time was August. Don't be put off about staying in the centre of Naama Bay there are some marvellous beach bars and restaurants along the front of the hotels.

You then have the choice to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the shops with it been just a short stroll away. Great restaurants in the centre highly recommend the Mexican next to Little Buddha.

Great choice of hotel for families great pools!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Sunshine.co.uk

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10 / 10
Well what can I say...? Sharm El...

"Well what can I say...? Sharm El Sheikh overall was excellent much better than Luxor! We stayed at the Hilton Sharm Dreams for 7 nights and 4 nights at the Sheraton, I must say those 7 nights at Hilton were far better than Sheraton!

The respect you get from the hotel which was outstanding. The rooms was clean and safe, you know what there's nutin bad I can say about Hilton lol. That’s how much I enjoyed it!

Staff members were really friendly and were always there when in need. Naama Bay was excellent, shopping wise and food wise. Different types of food, Hard Rock Cafe, TGI Fridays, McDonalds, and The Fish Restaurant were all fab!

I would definitely recommend this hotel or Hilton Waterfalls; you will truly have an amazing time.

Activities, Snorkelling and diving in Ras Mohammed was a great experience that is a must! Quad biking Safari in the Bedouin - was a great fun day out - but unfortunately due to me messing about I had an accident - which resulted me being badly injured! The hospital there was really supportive and friendly. They take good care of you!

Sky Tours are great to go with... they take full care off you... always keep in contact with you and update you with new information. They book you tours with you if you want them. They tell you new places to go and see.

Night LIFE in Naama bay - anything and everything

1. PANORAMA - shisha and belly dancing entertainment on top of the cliff - amazing view of Naama Bay.

2. SINAI GRAND CASINO - good nite out for a laugh.

3. SHISHA PLACES - nice and cosy to enjoy the night, they are usually open till 5am.

4. WATER PARK - nice family day out!

5. Naama Bay shopping Mall - fashion and shopping... lady’s what more would you WANT!

6. BEACH - guys for a truly great experience, go watch the sun rise at bout 5/6am.

7. OLD SHARM - nice restaurants and shopping wise.

8. The best it haggling for TAXIS lol.

9. The best out of all of them I say, if go on the quad bike safari and you get to chill in the Bedouin for a bit, and they give you Bedouin TEA ... oh my god the best TEA I'VE HAD IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

Anyways that’s my bit done.



Over all you must say... Sharm El sheikh ANYDAY lol

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Select, booked with Skytours

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1 / 10
Well.... This is our 4th time to...


This is our 4th time to Egypt and have previously stayed at the Renaissance and the SAS Raddisson. Don't go to the Hilton Sharm Dreams, it’s dreadful.

We were a party of 11 and had 3 rooms booked. When we arrived the reception area was busy and it took for ages to check in. Because we had booked our holiday separately and had no rep we were just left as the other tour reps just pushed in. We waited nearly 40 minutes.

The level of English spoken by the staff at the Hilton can only be described as very poor and this was not what we had become accustomed to at the other hotels. Nobody was friendly and we generally felt not wanted. Now don’t get me wrong, we were not a rowdy group, far from it.

The food was terrible and it felt like we were back at school! The selection was the same every day and this was very tiresome after a couple of days.

The rooms where very tired and the bathrooms certainly needed updating.

Our general opinion of this hotel was that it wasn’t a 5 star hotel but more like a 3 star and we will definitely not be going back there.

One word of warning if you have got young children, if you want to go to the beach you need to cross a very busy dual carriageway were NO ONE stops for you. It is extremely dangerous and to our amazement, the police were on duty one of the days and just sat there next to the roadside watching us play chicken!

The pool also looks tired with tiles missing around the edge. I am also dubious about its cleanliness as well.

In terms of evening entertainment, there isn’t any.. That is unless you are Italian or Russian; they seemed to have something on each night.

Don’t let me put you off going to Sharm, it's a wonderful place and the weather is lovely. The children will love the place because of the fish in the sea and the coral reefs, just don’t book to go to the Hilton!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, booked with Astreus/Hotels 4U

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9 / 10
The resort has a lot of AI hotels -...

"The resort has a lot of AI hotels - keep away we were continually advised, they were poor quality in respect to drink etc. but more visible was that they were out in the middle of nowhere.

The Sharm Dreams is fantasic, lovely grounds, hotel facilities are excellent. Try and secure a room away from the main building (block 3) as these are out dated and need refurbishment.

The Sharm Dreams has great facilities but very accessible to the beach across the road and 5 mins from bars/restaurants. Definitely the hotel to stay within the resort.

Trip to Cairo by air OK but very expensive £170 each and in total we were away from the hotel 17 hours. Whilst the pyramids are great to visit the rest could be forgotten.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Portland Direct

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10 / 10
This was a spur of the moment booking...

"This was a spur of the moment booking to accompany friends from Essex who had already booked their holiday here. What a fantastic week it turned out to be.

The hotel, the staff, the pools, the rooms, the restaurants - all were exceptional. Total value for money.

We enjoyed it that much we are going back again in May next year, and taking our family along, son and girlfriend, daughter and boyfriend, for my husbands 50th birthday.

However we are going to give another hotel our custom. Just because we want to try another place. No other reason.

We will definitely do the Ras Mohammad Boat Trip, and the Quad Bikes into the desert - what wonderful experience both were. Never thought I'd swim with Nemo! Or ride a quad bike along side a galloping Camel.

If you’re thinking of going, just book it. You won't regret it.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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9 / 10
Just back from 2 weeks diving. The...

"Just back from 2 weeks diving. The Dreams Resort was superb, very clean & comfortable good size rooms.

Very well located in Naama Bay. No need to take your life in your hands with the Taxi's. Stay out of them, they are not safe. If you need a ride, ask for the Hotel Limo, it will cost you the same.

Have deducted 1 point for the food, which I thought was awful. We even stopped eating the breakfast at the hotel after 4 days.

Everything you need is on site, including a cash point & HSBC bank for exchanging money. I got a better rate in Sharm than in the UK, so do not worry about changing before you go.

You pay more for everything at hotel though; we did all our eating out in Naama Bay, which offers good food at very cheap prices.

The Peking cost less than £20 for 2 including drinks, it is located to the right of the camel Bar on the 1st Floor. The Chinese above the Shopping Mall on the corner, to the left of the camel bar is very good food, slightly more expensive at just under £25 for 2.

The Hard Rock Cafe has excellent food, again with good prices at £25 for 2. TGi Fridays also very good and similarly priced. Ali Baba, opposite the shopping mail across the road, again very good, slightly higher prices at £30 for 2, however the only Egyptian restaurant that the reps will recommend. (Careful there is a restaurant called Ali Baba just off the beach, this is not the recommend restaurant).

The Deck Restaurant, gives a stunning view as it is a deck over the beach front, it is lit up at night, which draws in the fish which gives a great view. The most expensive restaurant bill I had, the food was not good enough to deserve the price tag, although acceptable. You have to book in advance to eat here as you cannot just walk in. Which seemed strange, as it was very empty when we were there?

By far the best, The Camel Bar, great atmosphere, great food (really cheap). The staff are a great laugh. You are assured of great night at the Camel Bar. Warning this bar contains traces of nuts! (You will know what I mean, the moment you walk in the door).

Not impressed with Pizza Hut. McDonalds is well, McDonalds, and ok if you just want a quick cheap snacky meal.

Dived with the Red Sea diving College, whom were superb. Their Boats are superb, staff are really friendly and know what they are doing. Would recommend them 110%

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Longwood

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8 / 10
I stayed at this hotel at the end of...

"I stayed at this hotel at the end of September 2006; and I’ve finally got around to writing it up. Basically I’m reflecting many earlier comments made on this site. I chose the hotel from several potential choices after reading reviews for all of them on this site. I really enjoyed my holiday at the Hilton Dreams. The hotel is of a very good standard; any problems are sorted out extremely efficiently by the reception staff, who cannot do enough for you. I was upgraded to a villa so had a perfect time as I was able to sleep undisturbed for as long as I wanted – I had booked a holiday at short notice in order to rest as I was physically and mentally exhausted. However, if you are after a lively time, from my observations of livelier guests having a good time, I think that you could easily find that too. All pools at the hotel were operating whilst I was there; I spent most of my time by the quiet pool. If you are a regular, the pool boy will reserve a place for you. The environment and atmosphere around the individual pools do vary and you can find a lively one or a quiet one, depending on your fancy. I did try the beach at the sister Hilton Fayrouz over the road a couple of times, but found it really quite noisy and the beach-boys would only give out one tatty towel. So on sunbathing days, I tended to go there early for a swim/snorkel/paddle and then return to the Dreams to laze by the pool for the rest of the day. There were a few bizarre guests but basically most guests were “normal” and there was a good social mix. The hotel also seems very well set up for disabled guests and there were a number of wheelchair users who seemed very content with the facilities offered. Most of the hotel staff were very pleasant and efficient. Of course some staff will try to pull scams, as will a minority anywhere. My experience reflected the comments made in earlier entries on this site – e.g. the “jammed” room safe and the expectation of a tip from the person who comes to fix it (the safe can only be programmed to jam whilst open, – a con operating world wide); the electrician calling by without notice for no apparent reason - save perhaps to pocket the daily tip left for the cleaner. I too was especially annoyed to be disturbed whilst taking a shower on a day when because I was unwell I had arranged with Reception for the cleaners to call early; the bloke who runs the free minibus service but expects a tip, who will give you far-roaming directions on how to walk to reception if you don’t want to call on him –actually a ten-minute shorter direct route exists, once you are told it by someone else! (Don’t underestimate the effect of those ten minutes if you are returning in the heat of the midday sun….) Don’t bother asking the security guard to arrange a taxi as you’ll get some petrol-stinking old crock with a driver trying to charge you over the odds – just step onto the highway and flag one down for yourself. Also, has anyone staying at the Dreams not been disturbed on their day of departure by a member of staff banging on the door at normal check-out time, despite their having arranged to have a later check-out? The only real reservations that I have about the hotel (again as already detailed in other entries) are that the breakfast arrangements were very slow and comparatively inefficient; I did eat twice at the Tex-Mex however and the service was efficient; also the pool food service was efficient until Ramadan started. Also, I wouldn’t recommend the in-house beauty salon – dreadfully overpriced (central London prices), quite amateurish service, lots of fag smoke too, which I personally find very unpleasant. The masseur, having gone to pains to reassure me that he respected women “like you” (as opposed to?) asked me if I was there without a man whilst massaging my inner thigh – really quite creepy. I also had a very expensive pedicure that I think most blokes off the street could have done better paintwork on my toes and I don’t know why it was necessary to contort my legs into so many awkward positions. I found it mildly creepy when the man yanking my leg into different contortions commented that I went to bed too early – whilst I understand that hotel staff gossip about guest (as indeed guests gossip about other guests and the hotel staff!) I thought it was surprising that he indicated that male staff had been discussing me. Plus it was none of his business what time I was going to bed! But overall these are small things, and forewarned is forearmed. Certainly I don’t think these things should put anyone off staying at the Dreams. I also don’t know why the woman flogging tours inside the hotel by the reception area made comments about those operating from the kiosk by the pool. I booked all my trips with the latter; they were very efficient, very pleasant and I was very satisfied. They are also a lot cheaper than booking through the tour operators, but you will find people who have done that next to you on the bus, despite the protests from the tour operators that if you don’t book through the tour company, you are risking hell and mayhem. As for Sharm itself, I found it a bit too noisy for me – bars next to each other competing in noise. I’d go to Sharm again, if only there was somewhere quiet to have a drink, but I guess they know their main audience. I am a middle-aged woman and was a little in trepidation about going to Egypt alone after a truly hideous experience in Port El-Kantoui Tunisia (when my life was made an utter misery as every Tunisian man seemed to assume that all European women were willing to buy their “services” and were very abusive when one politely declined, and most of the hotel staff behaved like pushy male prostitutes). But in Sharm and surrounding areas, I didn’t feel at all harassed. Only on two occasions were young men a bit of a pesky nuisance and other Egyptian men soon stepped in quietly to discourage them - without then looking for reward from me, incidentally. I would counsel against approaching local men and asking for directions however, as this was frequently misinterpreted, albeit not in an unpleasantly aggressive way; a casual mention of ones husband waiting back at the hotel (“of course he doesn’t want to go shopping with me; do any men like shopping?” or “he’s just about recovered from a stomach upset”) immediately ended any overly attentive behaviour. I’m used to bartering and used to travelling alone. In Sharm (as in many places,) I generally found the male shopkeepers respectful and pleasant. In bartering, I find it helps to be humorous and start with an outrageous statement, e.g. “Well I know I can’t afford your prices, I’ve heard you are the most expensive shop here” said with a humorous smile. But don’t let the traders take your photo on their mobile phones “to remember the customer who struck such a hard bargain” as they immediately send it around to warn the other traders; similarly if you are offered a really rather nice summery necklace with tooth-like objects on it, take it but don’t wear it whilst you are in Sharm – again it is a warning to other traders that you’ll drive a hard bargain. So if they have a shop full of potential customers, they won’t bother with you. Some of the English people I met were a bit intimidated by the attitude of the traders – in Sharm and in the Old Town, I found that smiling and saying “Thanks, but no thanks” in a firm and pleasant way worked very well. Unlike Tunisia, this did not result in a tirade of foul mouthed insults. Indeed, some traders said “thank you” to me; presumably because they find it rather dispiriting to be ignored. Having said that, there are earlier entries on this site about a rather unpleasant attitude towards tourist women around the back of the main Sharm shopping area, and I did notice a more aggressive and irritating approach from the gangs of young men here. But it really didn’t reflect my overall experience. I had a fabulous holiday, despite dropping my diving course on day two because of nitrogen bloat and, err, boredom with the spoddiness of all the checks and record making, and despite suffering a couple of days of the Pharaoh’s revenge. I can only repeat the advice which Egyptians gave me and which I ignored having done this in India and Africa without ill effects: do not, not, not drink chilled water, particularly in the heat of the day – your tum will react very, very badly. I’d happily recommend both the hotel and the resort."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Longwood

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10 / 10
A wonderful resort, food was...

"A wonderful resort, food was excellent and plenty. It also catered for vegetarians with different dishes everyday. The staff are very polite in every part of the resort. I gave one Dollar ($) tip to all: room cleaner, bar staff, poll bar, housekeeping and main bar.

This really did go a long way and they look after you beyond that is expected.

There are more swimming pools than I have seen in any resort I have visited around the world. Pool towels are available with a token (given on check-in) at every pool.

The beach is a small walk from the hotel to its sister hotel, a 5 minute walk. This is well worth it to a golden sandy beach that is exceptionally clean and the water is crystal clear. There are small areas right next to the beach, in 5 to 6 feet of water where coral is present and you can view beautiful coloured fishes of all types using goggles (hire it from the beach for £2/day). This is well worth it as 2 persons in my group who could not swim, enjoyed the delights of seeing the fishes in their natural habitat which has given them a determination to learn to swim.

Going snorkelling to Tiren is well worth doing as it is a full day. Quad biking in the dessert is a real experience and highly recommended. We went to a Bedouin evening which was not that good.

Go to Naama Bay and ask for the prices for the different tours, choose one company and do not be afraid to haggle/negotiate prices. Booking with one company can get discounts. The Old Market is a wonderful experience and worth going in the evening for shopping, again haggle for the price.

We found Naama Bay great for evening meals and afternoon light meals. Ask your hotel the price for taxi (blue & white Peugeots) charges and do not pay above these prices. We had a great time and highly recommend this hotel and Sharm


  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Half Board, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
The most beautiful place l have been,...

"The most beautiful place l have been, with 100% comfort, cleanliness, and service. The hotel and resort. Cairo on the other hand is a city of contrasts.

Wonderful smells scenes but a lot of poverty also. Egypt is a pretty poor place, and you must be aware Sharm El Sheik, is after all tourist built, so you are not seeing the real Egypt. But take a trip to the sights and Cairo itself, and among the tourist you will meet many real life Egyptians.

The only down side to Egypt for me was the constant bombarding of locals trying to get you into their shops, rise above it and you will be fine. Although Egypt is a Muslim country you can still get alcohol, so enjoy it but if you tend to overdo it, stay close to your hotel and don't make a nuisance of yourself.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Portland Direct

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8 / 10
Great room & location shame about the service

"We have stayed in Naama Bay 6 times but have never stayed at a Hilton. Our immediate impressions were great, lovely room, lovely ambience, clean and tidy with beautiful pools. However, after a few days the cracks started to appear, not with design and decor but with the service. I know there is a language barrier (and that they speak far better English than my Egyptian) but the only word I can think of is ignorant. Whether in the Caribi bar (which I waited 10 min for a Gin and tonic because the guy was trying to multi task, badly..... in the end I gave up), the reception, room service or by the pool the service was slow and basically grumpy. Added to this everywhere we went people were trying to sell us things, massages, 6 times, (they wake you up if you are on your sun lounger to sell you the service), Hilton Points card (phoned our room 4 times and cornered us 3 times) and various functions in the bar. To be honest the only great service we had was the man who cleaned the room. On the Wed we decided to have a nice Italian meal at the Ritz Carlton (the restaurants are a bit limited in Dreams, nice but limited). We called the concierge to book a table but he refused offering us the number to call ourselves, again another little annoyance which adds up over the week (by the way the Ritz was lovely, great service, smiles and no pushiness --- and it was not that expensive). My lasting memory of the hotel would be a guy called Sherif who worked behind the reception. When we checked out I did not receive a smile a 'how was your stay' or any slight recognition, instead I was just ordered to provide my pin and credit card. Then Sherif proceeded to answer the phone and serve someone else (again trying to multi task but failing) after a couple of minutes I said is the transaction complete, his words were 'finished' nothing else just finished. To be honest I think that sums up my relationship with the Hilton Dreams finished. I would recommend The Ritz in Sharm (if you want the best) or Marriott/Novotel in Naama if you want a nice enviroment and good service and a great location."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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8 / 10
Great location

"I am a single traveller and was pleased that I chose this hotel when there is little information about sharm el sheik on the internet. I had a quiet room and enjoyed eating in the naama bay restaurants about 15 min walk away."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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10 / 10
Fantastic Hotel Choice

"My boyfriend and I just got back from a very relaxing week at the Hilton Sharm Dreams and had a great time. The hotel was a great choice, you never quite know what to expect when booking it as part of a package but it exceeded my expectations. We were upgraded to a 2 bedroom villa in a section of the hotel that has been recently built which was fantastic as it had it's own 2 pools for that area and was lovely and quiet. The breakfast buffet was good with a selection of pastries, cereals, fruit and an egg and waffle section. There are a few restaurants to eat at the hotel, the best was the Tex Mex which had a selection of mexican dishes but also some amazing seafood so that is a good choice. The Hilton Sharm Dreams hotel is across a busy road from the Hilton Fayrouz resort which has the recreation centre, tennis courts, beach that you can use. Although, when using the facilities and restaurants at Fayrouz you cannot charge it to your Sharm Dreams hotel room, you will need to pay cash which caught us out!

When you reach the beach there is a path that heads into town, which is literally a 5 minute walk so the location is great. There are some nice restaurants along the beach front that are pretty reasonable and you will get dinner for around £20-£30 depending on whether you get drinks, starters etc. The wine in Egypt isn't that good and they only seem to sell 3 types of local wine, unless you want to pay huge prices for imported wine. Maybe stick to beer and cocktails!

I would definately recommend this hotel as it is well maintained, has a great location and the staff are super friendly.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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