Grand Viking Hotel

Ataturk Cad. No:117 Kemer Merkez, Kemer 07980, Turkey
7.5  / 10
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6 / 10
good hotel, need more animation

"we stayed 2 weeks in hotel grand viking it is a nice hotel the room was clean and the staff were friendly. there was only 2 night´s a week animation and that was a pitty. food was cold and every day the same pasta and rice. all in all we had a nice holiday

greetz from holland

nick van berkel

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
A Pleasant Stay in Kemer.

"Nice hotel with friendly and helpful staff. The waiters were pleasant and very efficient. the entertainmanet staff were also very pleasant and worked hard to provide daily events.

The rooms are comfortable and I would say very similiar to a Premier Inn style room. Spacious enough and clean. Bath towels and bed linen changed daily and the air con available all the time.

Fresh beach towels are available daily.

There is an A'la Carte restaurant where you can have one meal within the inclusive package. The standard of food is good, although you will have to pay for the wine which is expensive, approx £17 for the cheapest bottle of House Red wine up to £250 for a bottle of champagne.

The food in the main dining area was to a good standard and varied on a daily basis. Fresh produce daily and cooked to a good standard. The head chef was always available. It was also interesting to see that all the staff ate in the main dining area as that gave the confidence that the food was good.

Local Beer, wine and spirits are included and also soft drinks.

The area of Kemer is OK for general tourist shopping and local beaches. One thing to be careful of are the shop keepers....some of which appear to be to much "in your face" thing is to walk away. Generally most are polite.

There is a Market on a Monday for fresh food and general items and is very interesting just to mooch around..They start to prepare the stalls at about 0400....!!

Then there is the clothes market in the town during the week. Loads of designer gear!!

The area seems expensive for gifts and restaurants after hearing that Turkey is cheap! Maybe it is because of the Scadinavian influence etc.

The distance from the airport is approx 45 Km (approx 28 miles) and will take about 45 mins by taxi.Currently about £60 one way.

If you want to drink premium spirits buy at the airport before you will cost about £26 for a bottle of average spirit (Gordons/J&B) and a shot is about £7 in the hotel and bars up to about £15!!!!

Cigarettes are local and other international brands. I did not see and UK brands in the area except in the airport. Cigars maybe limited brands but are available and appear to be expensive in the shops.

You can get English newspapers in a couple of local outlets near the beach.

On the whole a nice hotel and a pleasant area. A week was enough for us, as I think a second week would have been too predictable (entertainment etc).

To sum up: Nice hotel. Good food. Good entertainment. Friendly staff.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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6 / 10
Grand Viking

"My wife and I booked this as a late booking only a week before departure, and after reading the reviews here were fairly comfortable with our choice.

After delays getting there (Onur Air) who I must say are one of the worst carriers I have ever flown with we arrived.

We wre greeted at reception by an enthusiastic porter, and were shown to our room very promptly.

The room was a twin room with balcony facing the rear of the hotel, which was perfect as it offered solitude from the activities around the pool. The room and facilities although quite basic were clean and comfortable, although the air con could have been a little bit cooler.

We decided to spend the first day around the pool after breakfast. The selection at breakfast was rather limited, and there seemed to be an abundance of franfurter based concoctions.

The pool area was well stocked with sun loungers, and there was a comfortable bar area with large parasols. Drinks (alcoholic and soft) were available all dau from 10 - 23.00 at the pool bar, which had a rather sinister paper mache type sculpture on the roof.

Lunch time proved to be much more appealing. Ther were hot and cold selections and I could not complain at all.

There were several activities and facilities available. My main issue with the hotel is that they are very keen to sell Turkish bath treatments. Originally we were bombarded by amember of staff trying to get us to book one. We did book one on the day of arrival, just to get rid of him. We booked this for the wednesday two days before out departure, but after speaking to people that had had the treatment decided to cancel on the Tuesday. The member of staff that had been our 'best friend', asked us if we would like to re - book. When we saaid no, he was not our friend anymore (what a surprise)

Dinner was again very good with plenty of selection. Howver puddings etc were not particuarly good in my oppinion. This was noit a feeling shared universally, as most people raided the pudding are and took them to their tables before coosing a main course.Which meant that if you had your main course and went back for pudding, there was very little left.

Evening entertainment was ok, but i do not think Simon Cowell will be sending any talent scouts there.

The next four days we spent at the beach in Kemer, which I have to say was a most remarkable setting and very enjoyable. Lunch here was very expensive but two sunbeds and a parasol worked out at about 8 Lira (£4)in total.

My main issue with the room was the height of the toilet. This was very uncomfortable to use as it was at least 4-5 inches higher than it should be. Unless you have very long legs, your feet will not touch the floor.

All in all a very good time. As it was a late booking I believe that we enjoyed value for money. If I had paid brochure price i would certainly have expected more.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Pushy bar restaraunt and shop owners, Want your £, and if they can't get it they may be insulting
  • Activities: Quad Safari- But travel there yourself. Do not get in the minibus - Driver Insane

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4 / 10

"On arrival at the hotel the first thing that hits you is the cleanliness. The hotel is extremely clean, very well upkept and maintained to a high standard. There is a transfer minbus provided free from the hotel to the beach and centre at nearly every hour! Well thats the good bit over with !!

FOOD - good if u like salad for EVERY MEAL ! Salad for breakfast, Salad for lunch, Salad for dinner ! Oh at breakfast u did get boiled eggs, toast, disgusting sausage, burnt cereals or yogurt too. Lunch, usually salad and hot pasta with 1 other hot plate item, and hot veg .... Dinner - Again SALAD, with 3 hot plate items and veg........ SOUPS ?? -- tasteless unless u dosed with half a pot of pepper. 1 Saving grace here - Turkish night, Chicken Kebab, Chips, pancakes, fresh fruit stations and finally the most delicious BAKED ALASKA.

ENTERTAINMENT - anything you would expect abroad - 3rd rate entertainers trying their best ....... although there is one decent member of staff who would try to entertain guests in the pool with ball games etc like water polo, water basketball etc.

PARASOLS - Dont get one !! extremeley dangerous - although there were always sunloungers available by the pool, the parasols were not very well secured. During the afternoons, the wind could get quite breezy - and its only breezy not a hurricane. At this time of day you would see parasols flying thru the air and one missed my girlfriend by a matter of two inches, the metal spike rooting itself in the plastic of her sunlounger.

BEACH - Easily accessible by the minibus. Jump on outside the hotel and 5 mins later you were there. Although the prices on the beach were extortionate! £8 for a vodka and coke. £50 for 4 pizza and drinks.

CENTRE - centre has all sorts of interesting attractions - the best for the english being BURGER KING ! Shops are NOT CHEAP. They tell you its cheaper than asda then try to charge you £50 for two jokey tshirts - NOT CHEAP !

HERO TOURS/HASEL TOURS - we booked with these nice people in the centre of Kemer. Turkish bath and Boat trip for 4 people £70 all in. Extremely cheap. (Considering our hotel wanted £20 each for just a bath) Turkish bath - collected at the correct time, taken round the bath and spent a pleasurable 2 hours there - missus had a face mask too at £5 extra and says its well worth it. Boat trip, collected a little late, but set off at 10am and arrived back to dock at 5pm. 3 stops and swimming available at all stops, lunch included, again drinks quite expensive though so take water.

ICE CREAMS - Ice creams in hotel worked out at around £2.50 for a cornetto - not the cheapest.

COCKTAILS - Cocktails worked out around £5 each, but were not very nice, Pina Colada curdled before our eyes !!! YUK

Pounds sterling does not seem to be the currency required here anymore. I would recommend if you go here to takes EUROS, the hotels prices are all in EUROS, the shops in KEMER want EUROS, even the Bazaar at Goynuk prefer EUROS..... although have a few lira handy and prepare for a good old fashioned barter.

Overall it was a good holiday - but only because we had decided it was going to be good, not down to anything this hotel really offered on top.


  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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6 / 10
food not for the english <nik from wigan>

"Hotel nice and clean,Staff all pretty good too.Shame the food was so poor.Continental breakfast with salard,Lunch salard with slop,Dinner salard with slop but the GERMANS,DUTCH,and RUSSIANS,seamed to like it.If you are from the UK its a good hotel but you will EAT OUT every night which is not cheep now."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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4 / 10

"Having just returned from Turkey I was shocked to read reports on this web site that this hotel was being rated as very good! I must have been dreaming because the hotel I stayed at does not resemble the comments I have just read. The rooms are clean, the shower was warm but does have broken tiles and you would need a step ladder to the toilet (children would not be able to get on and off alone) I am a 5'7" female and my feet could not reach the floor. The staff had very limited English.

Music was played at the pool to a volume that would suit an 18-30's hotel rather than a family orientated one. I could not hear the music I was trying to listen to on my ipod even at full volume over the pool side music! This would continue until the early hours of the morning even if there was only a few people at the bar.

The usual fiasco takes place in the mornings regarding obtaining a sunbed. So people were actually placing towels on sunbeds in the night after about 1am, before they went to bed. Some sunbeds were still available by morning but you would need to be up and placing towels onto sunbeds by around 7.30am. There is loads of room around the pool, just not enough sunbeds!

Where do I start with the food! Oh my god, it is not good, do not believe what you have already read! These people have obviously not been to other hotels in Turkey (I have and have never had such a limited choice). The head chef (sorry executive chef) seemed to be very proud of the food on offer (staff training and a few visits to other hotels in the Antalya area required). The food would consist of a salad bar, more salad bar, and more salad bar! There were 4 trays of hot food which would consist of: two dishes, a chicken stew, squares of reconstituted kebab/meat in gravy , with rice, cous cous or potato as an accompanyment. We used to laugh when the lights were switched on in the restaurant as this usually started a stampeed as once some of the food ran out it was not replenished. Kids food almost non existant. We were all inclusive but ate out most evenings in Kemer.

Drinks at the hotel bar are limited, VERY limited. The only spirits available were vodka, bacardi and raki. There is only one bar open, the pool bar, therefore if you were sitting indoors or in the restaurant you had to make your way outside and around the pool on a very sippery tiled floor to get to the bar.

A good tip dont play bingo (which they charge you for) as the prize is a boat trip for ONE!

We also had trouble with the transfer back to the airport, the hotel said they did not receive a fax from the operator who said they had sent one and have had this problem with the hotel before.(so did not find out what or if we were being picked up until 1 hour before the bus arrived.

My rating of this hotel is therefore poor to average only. I would never go back to this hotel and would not recommend it to anyone. I am just thankful I have visited Turkey many times as I would have been put off ever visiting again after my experience at the Grand Viking.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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10 / 10
Grand Viking - Kemer

"Not really much to say, Hotel was superb. Basic but clean, Showers hot, Rooms individually air conditioned, so could be very cold if needed.

Pool superb and very warm.

Pool Bar serving local drinks limited, but service was always there.

evening entertainment was limited to 3 nights a week.

Kemer itself is prediminantly a Russian holiday resourt. if you go in season, expect 500,000 plus Russians and eastern europeans to be there.

out of season, the population drops to less than 30,000 !!!.

Beach is pebbles, and about 900meters walk.

If you want a quiet hotel, that is clean and child friendly with no frills... then, with a 18 month old, we found this to be excellent.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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10 / 10
Great hotel, but beware of the Russians

"Wasn't sure what to expect about this place after reading some reviews, but as soon as we walked in the door we where made to feel welcome. Our cases where taken to our rooms and when we got there they where very pleasent with a terrific view over the swimming pool. We settled in and then went for our evening meal. The food in the hotel is fresh every meal and was quite good, but you must bear in mind that english type food is not on the menu, it's nearly all turkish with a couple of exceptions so if you are not prepared to try things, don't go. There is nothing for young fussy eating children but we where told that 1/2 an hour before they serve adults meals, they set up some childrens food in the play area for them. This usually consists of things like chicken nuggets chips etc for them to eat. If your a McDonalds fan, there is a cracking Burgerking in the centre close to the sea front and the prices are very reasonable. Other facilities in the hotel are quite good but you do have to pay for the Turkish Bath which cost about £18 for 1 1/2 hours. the only problem we met where with the russians who where very arrogant and rude. If you see a packet of tabs on the table and the knives and forks are crossed, this means that they have reserved it and you have to find somewhere else. We nearly come to blows with one guy, but fortunately for him, the staff sorted everything out for us. If you want a sunbed, don't forget to do the German thing and get your towels on them, though there appeared to be plenty to go round, if not always where you wanted one. The hotel is on the outskirts of the town but quite close to the centre, about 15-20 mins walk but a taxi will cost about £2-50 if you miss the free bus from the hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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9 / 10
An absolutely sensational hotel. The...

"An absolutely sensational hotel. The staff were amazing and very friendly. Some had difficulty speaking and understanding English but most staff such as the receptionists could speak fluent English which was great. Lots of German and Russian tourists which meant the staff could also speak these languages.

The neighbourhood surrounding the hotel was very friendly and safe. I wondered around freely at night feeling very safe and comforted by the local residents. The food was indeed tasty but was generally the same everyday with one or 2 differences. Every Thursday it is Turkish night at the hotel and there is a wide range of food and desserts which lit up my eyes.

The cleanliness is exquisite and couldnt be any better. There are lots of nice plants in and around the hotel giving a warm feeling to the building. Air conditioning was great in the hotel and rooms as the weather outside was very warm around 35 degrees celcius. The balcony with every room was great, very safe for children and had a spectacular view overlooking lovely greenery or the hotel swimming pool.

There was 2 great pools which were kept very clean although it contained a bit too much chlorine for my liking.

The bar staff were great and entertainment wasnt so bad either. Every night something would be happening at the hotel such as a belly dancer or a dancing group. Bingo was often held as well which was entertaining and engaging for many as people would win champagne bottles.

My stay at the Grand Viking Hotel was absolutely amazing and couldnt have been better. I have given it an overall rating of 9 only because the entertainment and food couldve been slightly better and more of a variety. Otherwise it wouldve definitely been a 10.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First ChoiceFleetway Travel

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8 / 10
grand viiking hotel was a real good...

"grand viiking hotel was a real good holiday. the staff was very friendly, good food, very clean always cleaning up. I went with my husbnd and my 14 yrs old son. the negative wasentertainment not so good. if you just want a relaxing holiday this is a very good place to go. the beach was a 10 min walk but there was free bus every hour. I didnt go to beach but others did and the beach was abit peebly, the turkish markets are a must! lots of designer at cheap prices. there was lots of russian, turkish, dutch, german holiday makers, but they were all very friendly we made some very good friends."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Booked Independentlyteletext

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8 / 10
Nice family hotel, wiith great karaoke evenings!

"Me with my boyfriend stayed in hotel Viking Star Kemer this year 02-13 May. The hotel is really nice and new,with spacious rooms and nice lobby area. Of course it is quite difficult to say that the hotel is 5 star hotel, I would better say 4 plus star hotel,because the hotel area is not so big. We loved that the hotel is located just few steps from city center. Regarding the goods selection-I really loved it,because the choice was great. The hotel is perfect for families,because there are many activities for children as well as for adults.

We were really very satisfied with the hotel and its services, would recommend it also to others!

  • Holiday details: May 2008

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8 / 10
quite nice

"The hotel was new and quite nice. Rooms were spacious, the bathrooms were ok, but for a new hotel there were too many broken tiles and thing in the rooms. The rooms were really clean.

The staff was very friendly, although their english is quite poor.

The pool was nice, it has a nice bar.

The food was not so good because it was pretty much the same every day, just some slight variations. There was a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner and after three days we realize dthat they have been using the food from the meal before for something new, but it tasted the same. Nevertheless, we cfound something for ourselves.

The location was not that great since it's not near the beach or the center . They do have a free shuttle so it's not so bad.

Overall experience was good.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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Address: Ataturk Cad. No:117 Kemer Merkez, Kemer 07980, Turkey