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1 / 10
well below the 5 star rating more like a 3 and the russians took the other 2 stars!!

"Arrived late at nite, no hospitality, was no drinks, booked in went 2 room which was a ground floor apartment walked in all we could smell was damp even in the wardrobes broken cot no kettle 2 single beds wen we asked for a double plus 1 single. complained with the manager was told 2 put up with it till 12pm the next day even with our daughter that suffers from eczema. the food is a -10 star as its the same thing everyday. the hotel is over crowded with Russians that are rude and have no manners they just push in front of u and push past u and take what ever they want they don't have a concept of queing. there is no entertainment for the kids apart from a kids disco for 20 minutes at 8.45pm nothing threw the day. if u fancy your changes of a being a robin hood of archery then forget it because you have 5 arrows and you are then told that's it. the place has got no get up and go or atmosphere. the best entertainment we saw one nite was seeing my boyfriend on the stage doing a strong man and even then the Russians took ova. no local shops near by u have 2 get a small bus into the town. if u want 2 eat out at burger king make sure u have plenty of money. staff not very helpful or friendly apart from one waiter called Mohammed who was very nice and helpful 2 us. so for all u English who want a waiter with a smile make sure u ask for Mohammed. ice creams are about 2 miles away. snack bar miles away the place is very backwards. first time we have been and it will be the last time. From team John."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: avoid the russains and make sure ur good at making ur own entertainment.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Dont Go Youl Regret It!! NOT A 5 STAR

"Cats in the restaurant eating food of the floor birds flying around dropping bits of bread and other things into your dinner plate yes all this is INSIDE THE RESTAURANT disgusting!! how the hell is this a 5 star hotel?? well the truth is it isn't and that was confirmed after i complained to a Thomas cook rep its actually a 3 star i will explain that at the end of this review, although i would say its a 2star, i saved for almost 2years to take my family/kids to this so called 5 star hotel i had high expectations with it being advertised as a 5 star well if you go to this place here is what to expect..... the water slides are only open for less then 4hrs per day so that was a big let down as i chose this place for my kids because of the water slides and they were now bored for the rest of the 9hrs of the day, so i tell my kids to play in the pool games that the entertainers are supposed to arrange, my son comes back upset i then find out that kids cant join in the water polo games even tho hes 14yrs because hes not an adult and only adults can play water polo because its all Russian adults and they may hurt younger kids..well that's what we were told by the much for it being a family holiday i was fuming!, then i have my youngest asking for ice cream all day but even tho its supposed to be all inclusive you can only have ice cream 2hrs per day and that's from 3:30pm till 5:30pm again i was very angry i felt like id let my kids down this was the holiday from hell, the food was the same everyday hardly any selection we all lived on chicken and chips twice a day for a whole week but you have to check the food before every mouthful as sometimes the chicken was dangerously completely raw inside i also wondered why the bottles of water that they put on the tables were nearly always Unsealed.. i soon realize why when i saw the waiters refill the bottles with (tap water) on more then one occasion and so did other hotel guests, the hotel is dominated by Russian's so the few English people that are there tend to group together when sitting round the pools moaning to each other about how bad the hotel is and the horrors that they seen hotel staff doing with food etc.... the hotel staff are very hostile and do not speak English at all but they do speak Russian quite well so don't be surprised if they ignore you at the bar and serve the Russian people 1st even tho you may well of been standing there no longer then anyone else, overall staying at this hotel will make you very ill very angry very upset and the staff are the most unfriendliest people I have ever met whilst on any holiday that I have ever had, DON'T GO TO THIS HOTEL YOU WILL REGRET IT! so how does it have a 5 star rating: i found out from Thomas cook staff that its because it has an À la cart restaurant even tho its not part of the so called all inclusive you have to pay extra to use that, and because it has its own water park even tho its open for less then 4hrs per day, and that is why it gets 2 extra stars, so there you go a 3 star hotel in sheep's clothing. the only good thing was that the pools are very big so there is plenty of room if you want to play in the pools."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: bring your own food

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9 / 10
Fab family holiday

"Returned from our holiday to wow topkapi palace 21st may, with my partner and 8yr old daughter. Had a brilliant holiday pool and slides were great fun, food in the main dining area a bit repetitive so only went there on a evening and went to the burger beach bar or the restaurant that does meatballs and cheesy nann breads, we were a huge fan if the slush,ice cream and cake place that's was near the doctors that was open 3-6pm. The night time entertainment was poor and too many football teams that were rude and pushed in,in the main food area. Plenty of bars around the site for drinks and also worth a look to kremlin palace which you can also use. I would return to wow topkapi palace, staff was friendly and my little girl didn't want to come home. So all in all a fab holiday and worth every penny."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Super family hotel

"Only one problem we found was the prices in the shop on site( we were warned before we went to take biscuits,sun cream etc) but everything else was brilliant. Plenty for the kids and adults and quiet areas to escape for a breather. Animation team were superb trying to get everyone involved. The resort is a little out from Lara Beach shops etc but bus is cheap. Rooms are spacious with mini bar stocked daily and cleaned. Booked again for next June."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
great family holiday

"We loved our holiday here. After reading some of the reviews I just had to tell of our experiences. We booked a duplex room, perfect, yes the decor was a bit tired and dated, but we didn't spend long in there. It was cleaned daily, towels, sheets etc. The maid even bought us a kettle and cups to keep in our room (I provided my own tetley tea bags - got milk from the bar each night & kept in fridge). Room possibly a good 3* standard in UK, but spacious with balcony. We over looked the quiet pool so didn't get too much of the entertainment noise over the main pool. Whole hotel kept very clean, staff couldn't be more helpful. Main buffet did get very crowded at key times, but food was good ( a bit samey the 2nd week, but we always found something different to each) The Med Restaurant by the quiet pool was absolutely lovely - quiet and excellent food. Brilliant service.

The pools were lovely, slides open for 2 hours in morning / afternoon, this was perfect as it allowed us to do other things. It also menat the main pool was a bit quieter for a few hours. Beach was lovely - hammocks and pier to relax on in the evening. The kids used the kids club - staff very safety conscious, Mario, was brilliant. the boys (6yrs & 8yrs) loved it. they went on the activities - horse trekking, banana boating. Evening entertainment was circus skills based, but this was accessible for all languages. Lots of Russians on site, but they were lovely - just smoking at the tables we found difficult. We ended up learning some Russian, so no problems there.

Almost a year on and the kids are still talking about it. Would highly recommend the hotel.

Would have liked the ice cream stalls to be open a bit longer, and maybe offer a better selection, especially on those very hot August days.

We also used Kremlin Palace - no problem getting sun loungers there.

We're off to Egypt this year, but would definitely return to Topkapi Palace in the future.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011

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10 / 10
Brilliant holiday for kids and big kids alike

"have just returned from the Topkapi Palace with my patner and our two ten year old boys. When the two boys have tears in their eyes as you leave and are clinging onto your arm asking if they can come back here next year, you know you have hit the jackpot. The food was fantastic, even the extensive choice in the main restaurant was great quality and only gets repetitive if you a) go in the main restaurant every night because you cant be bothered to book an a la carte (some of which are free to book, some have a small head charge) and b) you are stupid enough to load your plate with the same food every night. Our two boys never complained about the food once apart from when the spicy chicken wings blew my sons head off (we were in the Mexican!!!)

The water slides were excellent, sunbeds were at a bit of a premium round the pool, although we never failed to get two together, and this was peak season. The activities for the kids was endless. The beach was stunning and quiet with a lovely light breeze. The sea was lovely and warm, there were even inflatables anchored in the sea for the kids to play on. The entertainment was pretty good and varied, it all runs on a two week program. Room was more than adequate for us, but all we did was sleep and wash there. We rarely had to wait long at the bar. As for rudeness, the staff were unbelievably friendly, the Russians were great and the only rudeness we encountered was from some English people. Infact some of the negative rubbish I have seen written here and on review sites has flbbergasted me, but you guys keep it up, because I want to go back next year, infact, don't believe a word I've said...The Topkapi Palace is rubbish, really really rubbish, honest you will hate the place. Boys pass me that brochure and break out your piggy banks I need the deposit!!!

We did two scuba diving trips, one with the hotel, one with Thomas Cook, both have their merits and both are suitable for beginners and look after the children very well. The Thomas Cook one is a better trip, with better dives and a nicer area BUT it is a 1.5 hour drive away, meaning it was a 7.30am to 6.30pm day. The hotel one is much cheaper, but is one 30 minute dive as oppose to two 20 minute dives. The hotel trip, you dive near the famous waterfalls, the TC dive trip you get to see the beautiful Keymar. The hotel trip did free dvd with video and photos, the TC version wanted 50 us dollars for their dvd. The international restaurant, hidden away near the ice cream parlour is a must.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
holiday from hell

"this hotel is crap the flumes only go on in the morning for 1 hour then back on again in the afternoon for 2 hours. the bar staff served the kids drink in adult cocktail,s i was very angry and brought it to the attention to reps and managment but it fell on stoney ground. now to get on to the food well that was rotten same stuff every day but tarted up in a diffrent sauce.the only good place to eat is the burger bar.please dont take kids here as there,s nothing for them to do we took 3 kid,s and they wanted to come home after 3 days but we had paid 3000 for 5 of us so did stay to the end but hated every single minute we were there. so glad to be back on british soil."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: stay clear

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5 / 10
This hotel has seen better day

"My family and myself have spent the last 11 years travelling to turkey mostly staying in the Antayla resort.

We first stayed at this hotel back in 2009, we found this to be the best hotel and holiday we'd ever had. we found the whole complex to be clean and maintained on a daily basis etc.. pool area constantly swiped, moped, ash trays cleaned and cups picked up straight away. the quality of food was outstanding with a wide variety for breakfast and lunch and dinner all very tastey and satifying.

I was worried about my 9 month old daughter eating and drinking well abroad, but i was more than relieved to find a seperate part of the main resturant to have baby food, biscuits and sterilising equipment.

We were even so impressed with the little touches such as staff coming round the complex with trollies full of cucumber, watermelon and doughnuts through out the day, also an afternoon jacket potatoe stand with different fillings.

The quality of the rooms were not quiet 5* but where very clean, bar replenished fresh sheets daily etc.

we enjoyed our time there so much we decided to book again for the following year.

Much to our disappointment we had not experienced the same standard, the quality of food was very low and we had to indure powdered egg pre mixed to make the omletes, pancakes etc. The main resturant was served meat kofte most nights and occassionally we would have roast chicken with chips and rice along with the other usual traditional dishes.

we had serious health concerns when we as a family suffered what we though was bad travellers tummy. but talking to other holiday makers most had suffered the same thing. we lost count the amount of times the kids pool had feces in it, the first few times someone with a dust pan and brush just scooped it out, my partner and myself had complained to the rep only in doing so was the pool closed off for proper cleaning. around the pool area was dirty with everyone complaining about rashes and itching, the wiled cats seemed to more than ever. Staff were very rude this time round and really didn't want to engage with holiday makers. Qeues for the outdoor bars were ridiculous, so we asked a waiter if he could bring our table some drinks of course with a generous tip, we only recieved one round of drinks.

Rooms were definitely not at the same standard dirty carpet, faulty shower and some days uncleaned sheet, and balcony had constant bird mess everywhere.

little touches had vanished no trollies with nice treats, no jacket potatoes etc.

the hotel was over run with russain guest who mostly seemed to be very unpleasant, loud and majority drunk. On the rare occassion of visiting the on sight night club it almost had a sleezy feel to the place monstly russain men not knowing how to behaving themselves and the music was european techno music, i would have loved to have heard more Turkish and English music.

But i must say the aqua park was still fun and monitored by a life guard, the entertainment was still very lively and fun, although some members of the animation team seemed tired of there job and lacked enthusiasm.

i regret going back to this hotel and wish i had kept the good memories of the previous holiday i would reccommend this to anyone i know it's not worth the money and certainly not worth going on holiday to become sick, i hope the hotel sorts the problems and tour operators should cetainly not be allowed to advertise this as a 5*, i wold say more like a 3.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: not worth the money

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8 / 10

"We stayed at the Topkapi in September 2009 and had a fantastic time that we have booked again to return this May the entertainment team were excellent, we travelled has a family with our son 5years, he tried horse riding, bananna boat rides he did not want to come home, the food was ok however I would recommend people to bring their own inflatables etc for the pools, they are well overpriced. The night time entertainment is also ok. There is little to see when you leave the site unless you go on a trip, I love the markets. Dont have a massage etc on the site speak to rep for off site experience much cheaper and very good. I would say this is not a holiday for people who expect everything handed to them, there is loads to do and things to see but you have to find them yourself"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Absolutely Brilliant !!!!!!

"one word brilliant!As soon as you walk in the reception was like walking into a roman palace. The toilets are so clean.Upstairs in the reception their is a cocktail bar were you can get a drink of basically anything.The main restaurant isnt that nice but the waitering is great the food mostly turkish stuff but thiers a little place in the far corner where you can get chips which are good for the kids.Their are 4 ala carte restaurants Italian,fish,turkish and an international.My favourite one is probably the italian.The food is lush and the surrounding is actually like an italian restaurant plus the staff are very nice.During the day the fish restaurant is a place were they sell burgers and hot dot dogs etc etc and the turkish restaurant sells things such as meat balls and cheesey bread.One thing i havent mentioned is the pool.When you first get in its a bit nippy but it warms up after a bit.The water park slides are quite scary but some are slow it also has a lazy river but get a boat fast before the russians take them.I didnt go on the beach so youll have to read someone elses revieww(not the bad ones)The sister hotel next door is great too you can do everything there other than eat at the ala carte kremlin palace it is called.The rooms arent very nice we had to change bedrooms because they werent sutable for us.But the fridges arefilled everyday.I would deffinetely go again!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Turkey was absolutely beautiful cannot waitto go again

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6 / 10
Would not go again.

"Having read many reviews good and bad, I too took the bad points with a pinch of salt, how wrong i was!

The hotel is a great place to look at, but they have many staffing issues, which if they could sort out, would make this place a jewel in Turkeys crown.

Firstly after we checked in, we were given our room key, we were left to find our room, which in a huge complex like this was a task in its own.

The room was okay, spacious but dated and in need of repair. The beds were back breaking and we all came back with backache!

The first day was okay, just checking out the many facilities and pools/bars/restaurants in the complex. We noted that all the floors and poolside were very slippy and witnessed several people slipping and falling due to marble flooring that was wet.

After the second day, we noticed posters being put up all over the place, and a reception area being built in the foyer, which as we found out later was for a 5 day medical convention being held in the hotel. This was

followed by hundreds and hundreds of suit clad businessmen and thier families invading the hotel for the seminar.

It got to the point by day 4, where there were more businessmen on mobile phones than holiday makers, and they took up most of the restaurants, bars, seating areas and even the games room. This totally spoiled our holiday, I complained to the Thomas Cook Rep who told me she could not kick them out.

They even took over one of the pools and surrounding areas to hold there own party!

We found the food very same-ish with little to offer kids and mainly catered for the Russians, Polish and German people that use this hotel (Tip here, google "international school holiday dates" and avoid these dates, we did and only found British folk and the odd Turkish family there! this means your kids are more likely to find english speaking friends to play with).

We found that the waiters kept you waiting to be served, were rude even though we were polite to them, and sometimes forgot to process your food/drink order.

Beware of the "Antalya Shopping Excusion" at £10 per head, although it does take you to a waterfall which was great, and a Bazaar where you can haggle to your hearts content, they do make you visit a Diamond shop and a leather goods shop, each for 2 hours where you are greeted by 10's of salesmen trying to make you part with your money, it was embarrasing on both occasions as they tried to get you to pay £1000 for a jacket.

You are better off paying 2tl for a bus ride which will take you to the bazaar (buses run from outside the hotel).

On the last day of the holiday we found a mains lead had been left submerged in the pool from the seminar party, although it was not plugged in, if it was re-plugged in, would have caused an issue to those in the pool at the time. I told the rep about this H&S issue and she said it would be removed immediately, several hours later is was not, so I did it myself as I did not want to see anyone injured.

All in all, the hotel could be much better if they sorted out the staff issue, the lack of clean tables in the restaurant, and some decent entertainment in the evenings.

The pools were a pleasure, and the water park onsite was great for all the family, like having wet n wild on your doorstep.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
wow wow wow

"This hotel is truly amazing you dont need to go ouside the hotel itself as there is so much to do. My little neice who is 2 years old was in awe of this wonderful complex, she was full of excitement all the time and didnt want to have her afternoon naps as she was having so much fun. There is lots to do for all age groups nobody is left out.

The pool area is huge with seperate sections for all ages, there is a waterpark with slides and a lazy river for the more energetic, a kiddies area with their own smaller slides and fun pool, there is also a quiet pool at the back of the hotel that is really relaxing.

The beach has hammocks a small outside gym and abundant loungers plus plenty of sunshades that a whole family of 4 could easily share as they are so big, there is also an undercover adventure park for the little ones. The little jettys leading from the beach out to sea are really quirky and have the straw umbrellas on them with large cushions that you can just laze on and watch all the watersports and boats go by or just grab a book and chill.

The rooms in the hotel are basic and in need of a little re-vamp but nothing to complain about as they are spotless clean.

The food can get a bit repetative but i think that applys to the majority of places and there is always something you like at every meal. The A La Cartes are fantastic we tried the Turkish and Italian well worth a visit.

Drinks at the bars are really good with plenty of choice the main bar is in the reception area and there is also a bar upstairs that does entertainment most evenings.

We loved this hotel many thanks to everyone who works at the Topkapi for making our holiday memorable and enjoyable.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Loved Lara Beach
  • Good For: Beach

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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    " Very nice - especially Lara Beach "

  • by comms_guy

    " Find another hotel as there are better hotels for the money. "

  • by mother

    " you need to explore the site no one will point out what is available "

  • by tmm01

    " it's a bit away from the shops - if you want to bring water inflatables buy them at home - very expensive on site. "

  • by murray1012

    " Take pool toys for kids really expensive on site. "

  • by Michelle Moralee

    " Family orientated, not really a couple place as nothing really close outside the hotel for night life. "

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