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10 / 10
Our stay at the Concorde el salam

"We have been going to the Concorde El Salem for 14 years, we have all ways been treated well and had no problems with the food, yes it is 80 per cent Russian but they didn't bother us in any way. The staff are great and they will do anything to help you which is very nice its all part of your holiday. Mr Samire the manager of the hotel is very nice and very approachable, if there is a problem, and Mr Serhat is very nice and is all ways willing to help, Hannie the bar man makes you all the lovely cocktails, and not including all the rest of the staff, which will do what they can for you. The foot is lovely and plenty of choice, if you cant find what you like they will sort you something else, so there is no need to go away saying you couldn't find anything. Ahmed the singer will sing anything you like and the Animation team are brilliant, Muestafa, does a lot of his own dance moves they all work hard, all the staff do.The customer relations girls will help you any way they can. I can highly recommend the Concorde El Salem"

  • Holiday details: May 2014
  • Advice: if you have any problems sort it out with customers relation s
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Concorde El Salam Sport

"We had the misfortune of staying at the Sports end for 2 weeks. I could spend hours detailling every issue but will condense into as few points as possible:

1) On arrival at 2am (due to 6 hour delay) we were quickly processed through reception and handed "snack bags" which were produced from under the reception counter. The snacks consisted of (possibly) chicken rolls, which if probed by an envorinmental health officer, would have been condemned!! They must have been at least 20 degress as they were warm to the touch.

2) On arrival at the room which appeared spacious and clean, we were only fit for bed. We put on the A/C which closely resembled the sound of a Harley Davidson! After kids had been to bathroom, I went in, found the floor wet, assumed, someone had missed the bowl..... turns out there was water seeping UP through the floor tiles between the grout. This was reported the following morning, nothing was done about it. I again reported in 24 hours later and again.... nothing! Our room cleaner then took it upon himself to do something (possibly because he was tiring of picking up 5 or 6 soaking wet towels every day) A maintenance guy arrived with a spanner (??) walked on the tiles, shook his head and left. This was to be repeated by two other guys later in the week but still nothing was done. This issue somehow filtered back to the towel guys at the pool as they started knocking on the door daily, handing us larger, bulkier towels and taking away the wet ones, even though we never mentioned it to anyone other than at reception.

3) We were in an inter-connecting room which had a locked door between our room and the next and the noise from the other room in the first week was just about bearable,the "parties" in that room generally ended at a respectable hour... around 1am. In week two it almost drove us crazy, we were like zombies from lack of sleep and the children were very cranky and as a result took to having naps during the day. The "guests" next door seemed to come alive around 3pm, they would have music playing from then until approx 10pm, whilst they tanked up on alcohol. They would then leave the hotel and arrive back between 2 & 3am and party some more until 5, sometimes 6am. We pleaded with reception staff to either be moved or have them moved but their solution was to ring the room, the "guests" wouldn't answer and that was the issue solved. On the third night, I lost the plot and went to reception to complain in a more stern manner. Again, the guy on reception phoned the room and gave them a "warning" that they would be "expelled from the hotel" if there were any further incidents. By the time I got back to the room, the party had escalated and they were now using the inter connecting door as a drum!!

4) Towards the end of the first week, I got the dreaded "bug" and had to make a quick departure from the pool back to our room!! In doing so, the kids followed on later but left some personal belongings, namely, footwear, inflatables and sunglasses on the lounger. Later that evening one of the pool guys advised he had taken the items to reception and filled out a docket for them and all we had to do was go to the guest relations desk and they would be returned. We followed this advice and after wasting two hours waiting for the items to be retrieved, we were advised that they had been moved to the front hotel and would not be returned to the sport area until that evening. Another 90 mins were wasted that evening, they never turned up and they denied that the pool guy handed them in. I struggled with this as he had no reason to go out of his way to tell us he had handed them in?

5) On the third day, our 10 year old wanted to try out the kids club. I cannot definitively state that the "leader" had no English but I highly suspect that she was trying to promote the idea that she hadn't as she tried to communicate with me in Russian, as did her colleague who turned up some time later. Regardless of any language barrier, we were made to feel most unwelcome to the point where after a few mins we were completely ignored and we left. While talking to the only British family in the hotel later that day, they also advised they had received identical treatment. Numerous times throughout the rest of our stay we would see the kids club walking past the pool area and all the kids were Russian and were being spoken to in Russian by the leaders.

6) The drinks service in the restaurant was shambolic, many times we would have finished our meal by the time the glasses of water we ordered were delivered, in some cases, they NEVER arrived. Whereas, all Russian guests were immediately served without as much as a please or thankyou. I quickly realised we failed in our attempts to be served because we didn't roar or grunt at the staff. We were lucky enough in week one to have a very attentive waiter who couldn't do enough for us but he was promptly sacked one evening as he didn't serve drinks quickly enough to a Russian couple who bellowed at him. They then decided to get into a full blown confrontation with the unfortunate waiter who tried his best to explain they were understaffed and he had ordered their beer from a member of the bar staff. One of them got up, went right into his face and started roaring at the top of his voice at the waiter. Thankfully the one and only British family who witnessed the incident from start to finish, took the issue up with the general manager and had the waiter reinstated, however, his sanction was to work either two or three days without pay.

7) The hard working staff were constantly berated, corrected and humiliated by management in full view and earshot of guests, it was the most dispacable treatment of a workforce I have ever seen. On Sunday 24th July a large number of the staff walked off the premises and held a silent picket at the front of the hotel. The reason for this being that a lot of the staff were from neighbouring cities such as Cairo, Alexandria etc and they were all due to return over the coming days for their annual holiday to observe Ramadan. They had not been paid and when this issue was raised with management, they were advised they would not be paid as the hotel was not "busy Enough" Bearing in mind, the hotel was at maximum occupancy, the staff refuted this and continued their silent protest. It would appear that staff were then drafted in from other hotels (mainly managers) who made a pathetic attempt to run the evening dinner session in the restaurant. Thankfully, for the staff who were affected, they were promised their pay and returned to work.

8) The food at the hotel was of extremely poor quality and it would appear that uneaten portions from one sitting would be "reinvented" for the next. Regardless of title, just about everything tasted the same. By the end of the first week, we ate out every evening as we couldn't face any more of the same slop!

9) We had to get THREE mini friges in the room before one actually kept the drinks cold!! One of the two sockets in the room didn't work and the kids cartoon channel was scrambled after the first few days.

On to the positives, there are three biggies for this hotel...

1) The ground level staff... waiters, bar staff, pool staff and cleaners are exemplary. In the face of all adversity, they are polite, courteous, helpful, honest and above all hard working individuals who give their all (god knows why considering the conditions they work under!) They work a minimum of 16 hour days and there wasn't as much as a grumble or frown from any of them.

2) The hotel grounds and pool are spectacularly clean, again, testament to the hard working staff who tend them.

3) This is by far the best thing about the hotel..... the exit!! Out of the hotel I thought I would never get. If contacted by the Concorde group now, I would not return to the hotel if THEY PAID ME!! It is not worthy of 5 star status, even by Egyptian standards. If this was a Western Hotel, I believe it would stuggle to achieve 3 stars.

The one saving grace for The Concorde Sport is the downtrodden workforce, I must admit I was torn, it was heart wrenching to see how they were treated and the knowledge that I, as a paying guest, contributed to this didn't sit well with me.

I do not expect individual or preferntial treatment but at the very least, I expect fundamental problems such as crap seeping through the bathroom floor, personal effects going missing and rowdy guests next door to be addressed promptly but it would appear this hotel is geared firmly towards Russians and Eastern Europeans. We met many Egyptians, Libyians, Saudi Arabians and Algerian guests who although natives and close neighbours they also agreed that the hotel management were quite tilted towards the one persuasion.

This hotel does not offer comfort or value for money. Shop around and avoid at all costs.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Give this hotel a wide berth.

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9 / 10
once again a brilliant holiday

"This was the second time my family and i have been to egypt in a year. we decided to go to the concorde el sport hotel as the previous hotel we went to didnt have much evening entertainment. We arrived late but was able to grab some food before they put everything away. We were taken to are room and it was clean and tidy. It took us a long time to work out how to turn the lights on but eventally worked it out.The following day we got up early for breakfast before everyone had come in because 80% of the hotel are russians and can be extremely rude and push past you in the queues! The food is brilliant plent of choice for everyone and if you dont want to eat indoors you can go to the pool bars and eat burger and chips there which are cooked to perfection. We went to egypt two weeks before schools broke up so the pools were very relaxing and quiet there were plenty of sun beds and the sunbed you choose is normally in the same spot for the whole week as the pool boys with put your towells out ready for you in the morning. If you dont want to sunbath all day there is much more to do you can go down to the gym, play tennis or football, go ice skating or go out for a horse ride or even go down to see the horses all the staff are amazing and extremely helpful. I thought the evening entertainment was brilliant they have two singers in each hotel and they do alternate nights one of the singers is from liverpool so there is plenty of english songs sang throughout the night you can also request songs which is a bonus. I would say this is a brillant hotel and i have already booked to go back in a couple of months. i wouldnt listen to all of the negative reviews as i have read through most of them and they are highly exaggerated. if you have or are considering booking you will have an amaing time and im sure you will be wanting to go back sooner than you would have ever imagined...!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Well i loved it and most people do im going back for my third time in under a year and a half.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
excellent hotel

"we are about to go back to this fantastic hotel for the 5 time. we have never found anything wrong here. we are treated likr v.i.p's everytime.

food is very good, always plenty of choice and we can not fault the staff who work so hard to please everyone.we remain in touch with one waiter all the time. pools are all very clean and safe and always plenty of sunbeds to be found. area around the hotel has developed a lot since our first visit, much more to see and do.donnt listen to all bead reviews go and try it yourself, its a beautiful hotel with great views of the red sea. you will not be dissapointed.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Just got back after 10 days, Arrived at concord sports late, check in was really fast they gave us lunch packs to see us though till mourning,Next day was hot hot hot hotel is ok room clean and bedding changed every day, we liked the staff in the sports side always friendly and smileing not so keen on staff in the main hotel front but loved the staff on hotel front beach they were fab.The entertainment was ok we had gary from liverpool and Acmed they kept us going the food was not great but ok one thing i will say is everyone at this hotel worked hard to keep the most difficult customers happy.Its a shame our rep let the side down didnt even know we had one they were lazy and unwelcoming."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Would i go back, yep!!.

"Just returned from a week at this hotel, and couldnt fault it, plenty of sunbeds,pool area spotless and well managed, food varied and very tasty, Staff very helpful,room was fine, beach area is well maintained, as for the watersports, which is what i went for, breathtaking, couldnt get little tip if your going for the snorkelling and intend to spend a lot of time in the water, get a shortie wetsuit because after an hour or so it does get a bit chilly. another tip if you use travellers cheques anywhere, make sure your signature is an exact match otherwise they reject them rendering the cheque useless which can be a bit catastrophic if you are on a budget ( i know cos it happened to me!). Also a lot of eastern europeans use this place so be prepared for this `cos they are a bit different!."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Yes
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Exceeded Expectations!

"To be honest, after reading some of the reviews on here i didnt have the highest of expectations, however, it was beautiful, for a poor country, the standards and effort that goes into maintaining the place is impressive. The food tatses and options were very good! all staff were friendly, chatty and more than willing to help, they spoke perfect english too! the only downfall of this holiday i have to say were the pillows!! if you like hard pillows, then you'll love them, but for us, they were far too uncomfy.

a lovely touch to the holiday, was on my partners birthday we had a cake delivered to the room, free of charge, and as a suprise!

if you do stay here you must must must snorkel, it was spectacular. The weather was 35-37 degrees most days, so for april pretty hot!

have a lovely stay! and drink lots of water!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: To go snorkel!

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3 / 10
not a 5* hotel

"went to concorde on jan22 2010 for our honeymoon and was very was like a building site concrete dust every where. rooms are not as clean as you would expect for a 5* hotel rust and mould dont do it for me.main pool was closed thomas cook didnt bother to let us know that alot of building work was being done so we sat by the pool listening to a concrete mix going round all day.the food was good but not keep warm for long so go down early if you want a hot meal.if you like a drink not a chance the service is c**p the staff are ignorant and rude and do not understand the concept of all inclucive went to other hotels and the service was great and they laughed when we told them about the concordes service they had heard before.i would go to egypt again but not to this hotel theres much better hotels"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: no
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"I came back from my visit to concorde hotel less than 2 weeks ago and i have already booked to go back again in 8 weeks time.

I loved this hotel from start to finish, the staff were very friendly (with or WITHOUT a tip) i agree the entertainment wasnt vegas standard, but wasnt the worst id seen either, holidays are what you make of them and if you want to find something to complain about you will.

We stayed in the sports side of the hotel, and only went down to main hotel once, choosing to stay in the sports area and it was less busy so more personal. There was a duet everynight, who sang in various languages .. if you only want to hear english songs, why not stay in the uk?..if you only want to eat english food and drink the same as you do at home, why travel to Egypt?

The beach is a shingle beach, so not great bare foot or in sandals but once you look into that clear blue sea and see the multiple different fish swimming so close to you, you soon forget that the beach isnt white soft sand...

I dont have a bad word to say about this hotel, the staff were nice and friendly, the hotel was clean, the food was fine, the sun was shining and the cocktails were amazing!!.. What more can you ask for?? I am counting the days till i go back..

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
over rated

"On arrival at concord front we were left to find our own way to our room on entering the room we found that the bathroom was flooded so we contacted reception to get a plummer out which turned up within 30 mins a further 30 mins later they had replaced the broken part and part mopped up the water in the bathroom thou the bedroom was still wet. Looking out in the morning we found that the sea view we had paid extra for which was over £150 consisted of a small area of sea showing over the roof tops. we complained that we had ordered a front sea view and were found one 3 days later. The hotel food is passable but not very hot and trying to find a table unless you are there early in near on impossible. two tables we sat at collapsed as soon as any pressure was put on them on asking to be moved they just left the tables as they were and no repaires were seen during our stay there. The staff in the restaurants were either excellent in the non smoking area and awlful in the smoking area where we had to wait up to 30 mins and longer to get a drink. The staff at the beach restaurant did not offer one smile the whole week. The situation of sunbeds is unbelievable and towels were in place before 6am if we arrived at the pool or beach after 9 a.m all beds were taken and some not layed upon until mid day.the hotel is very popular with russians and the ratio was aprox 80 per cent to 20 per cent british. The other complaint is the entainment which on our scale reached a 3 out of 10 amature and childish but ok if you liked miss concorn. Mr and mrs concord. Mr concorn need i go on. the singer was good but the same songs every night. Def not a 5 star hotel and one i would not go back to."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: BIOAT TRIP

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4 / 10
Definitely not 4 star

"Where to start, upon arrival we where advised to que for a visa, we enquired as to whether this was necessary as we only wanted to go on a boat trip and was not going to visit either Ciaro, Luxor or go to Jerusalem. Upon the advice from one of the airport staff we bought the visa...later it transpired that we didnt need one for the boat trip - so we could have saved £26!!! After hauling your luggage half a mile up a hill to a coach park standing by your alotted coach is Mr. Tip Tip what a joke he wanted money for putting your luggage in the compartment we did not tip tip!!

When we arrived at the hotel all appeared to be quite nice and as looked in the photos. Check in was quick and taken to our room by helpful bell boy who deserved a tip. Room was disapointing to say the least double suite was actually two singles shoved together decor was very shabby and although cleanish definitely not spotless especially shower curtain which was full of grime all holiday!!

Food was shocking although there is a reasonable amount of choice in the one buffet restaurant quality of food was low! Meat especially is very tough and tastless. if waiters in this restaurant not tipped straight away beware you will get ignored the rest of your stay. the idea of cleaining tables is to use your own napkin and brush the old food from someone else on to your chair!!!!

Dont bother with Italian al a carte as food is not much better here!!

Piano bar staff extremely rude and also ignore you if not tipped for doing their usual job! However pool bar staff and beach bar staff are very helpfull as are the towel, gardeners and gym workers and very hard working.

to be honest its quite cheap to eat out at hard rock and TGI Fridays so we'd suggest to do that a few times otherwise you will get Rameses revenge every night!!! Soho Sq is nice but over priced as they know you have money Naama Bay is basically Blackpool with heat. be prepared to be mithered.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"concorde el salam is a brillant hotal the food is realy good they realy go out of there way.The staff are so friendly and nothing is too much trouble they realy look after you the guys at the pool bar and the water gym pool are realy good.this was our third stay at the concorde front our famiy wont stop anywere else Would recommed tis hotal to anyone.You dont have to move out of the hotal if you dont want but old sharm and nama bay is worth a visit and only a taxi away you must visit cleo waterpark it is a bit expensive but a fun day out for the children and adults."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by Button_g

    " Only decent meal of holiday was in Hard Rock Cafe - in Naama Bay. Excellent quality and value "

  • by clare1

    " go to giza its a amazing "

  • by chicken skin

    " Just keep your eye on money because you will get ripped off "

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