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Galissas Beach, Syros 84100, Greece
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7 / 10
On arrival, we were surprised at how...

"On arrival, we were surprised at how spacious our apartment was. It was clean but basic, as most Greek apartments are. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the air con was free and that there was a TV in the room (with Greek channels and CNN in English)! The kitchenette was well equipped and the apartment was cleaned and fresh sheets and towels provided every other day.

The swimming pool area is very pretty and finished to a high standard, although the pool itself isn't terribly big. We found the plastic sun loungers to be extremely uncomfortable but there were plenty of directors chairs to use instead.

The staff were friendly, and although there isn't a main reception, phones are in every room with a number to ring 24 hours a day for assistance.

The apartments are only a 5 minute stroll from the main high street in Galissas. Galissas itself is a small resort with approximately 10 tavernas and snack bars and a couple of nice bars. There are three supermarkets, which we didn't find to be especially well-stocked in comparison with other Greek resorts we've stayed in and some items were quite expensive.

The beach at Galissas is in a pretty cove and the water is very clear and shallow. Word of warning though, Syros is a windy island and we found that we kept getting sand blasted when trying to enjoy a sunbathe on the beach.

Although there were lots of British holiday makers, we were bar far outnumbered by Greeks on holiday and Scandinavians.

There is an extremely good bus service from the high street to the port of Syros. There are buses every hour until midnight and the trip to the port only takes 15 minutes at a cost of 1 euro 10 per person. The buses were all air conditioned and always on time. The port itself is a bustling, cosmopolitan town with lots of trendy boutiques and bars, as well as quaint restaurants down the many side-alleys. Drinks were considerably more expensive in comparison to Galissas (wine and beer around 1 euro 50 in Galissas and at least double in Ermopoulis). I can recommend you try a cheese pie from the many bakeries.

Overall we had an excellent holiday combining the relaxation of Galsissas with what felt like a city-break in Ermopoulis.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays

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