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4 / 10
In The Middle Of Nowhere.

"We stayed here all inclusive the 3rd week of January 2013, and were given room 113 overlooking the pool which got the sun all day and was sheltered from the night breeze but the rooms on the other side got the full blast, as a result I never seen anyone out on their balcony after sundown. The room was fine for a weeks holiday.

Bought a weeks fast Wi-Fi (15e) for use of iPad/phone which was fast but kept knocking you off after 30sec of none use and you had to go through entering the code's to get back on line which drove me up the wall.

Breakfast was always good, with bacon, eggs, cereal, bread, fruit, coffee.

Lunch was not so good, salads without cold meats, stone hard pork, fish. My wife was physically sick on eating the fish.

Dinner was the same as lunch with a slight change to the ingredients.

Forby breakfast I lived on salad (without cold meat) for the week only having dinner one evening when there was braised beef on. Instead We went round the corner to the Irish bar and bought a decent meal.

The hotels beer is of the watered down variety, which the bar person called CRAP. And it was.

Their spirits (whisky) tasted like perfume. Crap

The evening entertainment was a Parrot show + a Snake show. Which I understand they got free, as the people made their money out of selling photos. One night Bingo, two nights Karaoke. Quite an invigorating holiday.

Would I go back. Would I recommend this hotel. No! No! No!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take plenty of food with you.

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7 / 10
Great time overall and met some lovely people.

"Well me and the wife went here with my 20 year old son and 15 year old daughter we met loads of nice people and the staff in the main were excellent the guy behind the bar sebastian was great although he was on his own a lot of the time and struggled at times to serve and clear up outside, so they needed more staff at the bar to help him. Fabio who organised the 3x a day time activites and Bingo in the evening was superb and a great laugh, and the other people who took part were a great bunch and we had many laughs along with them. Overall the food was good with quite a bit of choice, although to help out you tended to clear your own plates etc away. The pool was clear and clean and the staff washed down around the pool and lounging areas every night. We stayed for 7 nights all inclusibve including transfers (You dont need transfers as we paid 60 euro`s and you can get a taxi for 8 euro or a No3 bus for around 2.25 each. Heard one or two complaints but after staying here for a week i would say some people would not be happy where ever they went."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Just come back had a top time dont know what people complain about

"well i went here with the wife and my 18 year old son we met loads of nice people and the staff in the main were excellent the guy behind the bar (sebastian) was terrific and the lad who organised the day time activities was superb overall the place was a little tired i suppose but it had been up 22 years or so but the food was brilliant and the pool cold but good we stayed for 7 nights and had different food every time breakfast dinner and main meals all different and good choices i thought that it would be good to have warm plate but hey the system aint the same in spain as over here and the majority of the food is salds etc a good offering of fish and meat dishes eat different meals every night as much or as little as you like, the receptionist was good and could not do enough for us on the last day when they suplied towels etc for showers before we left they could not have been more helpful

heard one or two complaints when we arrived but after staying there for a week i would say some people are not happy whatever they do so to cap it off try it you really do get a good deal we paid 900 for 3 of us all inclusibve including transfers so no complaints from us YES i would go back without a doubt

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: keep open mind enjoy the sun

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8 / 10
a cheap week away

"My daughter and I booked a cheap all inclusive holiday at short notice. After we had already booked we looked up the hotel and were dismayed by the reviews. We, however, had a great time. The staff are really lovely there, always happy to answer any query you may have with a smile. The food cannot be described as gourmet by any stretch of the imagination but it was hot and plentiful. The fish was usually delicious. Some folks moaned because there were chips at every meal but then again you dont have to chose them. There was rice and pasta as well.

Our apartment (when we were only expecting a room) was clean, it had a seperate bedroom, lounge/kitchen. The kitchen was better equipped than most self catering apartments I have had. There were two good electric hobs a microwave, a kettle and a toaster. also 4 of each cups and saucers etc.for less than £200 for the week (hotel cost only) it was a bargain. It was well located, near to the airport with a pleasant seaside path into the main part of Cale de fuste or a taxi cost less thn 4 euros. We expected a lot of aircraft noise but we barely heared a plane. The children all seemed to be having a wonderful time, kept entertained by the fabulous Fabio

If you are after a cheapie and dont mind a certain lack of variety to your meals give it a go"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with mediatravel.co.uk
  • Advice: Buses and Taxis relly reasonably priced. The beach in the main town is fabulous. The coastal walk is spectacular with the waves crashing in. And other tourists feeding the chipmunks kept us entertained on the way

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7 / 10
Good value for money, basic but very friendly!!

"We have just returned home from a ten night stay at this hotel.

Our holiday price was reasonable and so were not expecting too much, however, we were pleasantly suprised.

We arrived late due to airport problems but the staff were welcoming and helpful, all spoke very good English.

The rooms are basic but spacious.....the only problem we had with the rooms were the cleaning!! It seemed that all the cleaners didnt really know how to clean/sweep a floor, on arrival there was several hairs around the room.

Clean towels are supplied daily (except weds/sun) providing towels are placed in the bath to indicate you want fresh ones.

Our holiday was self catering so we had no experience of the food but whilst out there we met several families who said it was in a word 'crap'.

Pool is FREEZING!! Be warned!! Although cleaned.

Entertainiment is very simple and is the same every night....other pubs in local town Callete de fuste is better....around 3/4euros in a taxi!!

Mamma Mia pizza place was not open at all????

Shop and supermarket in the hotel covered the basics and openeing hours were good!!

Overall, our stay was pleasant, we wanted a room to bed down in and thats what we got.

The beds in the main bedroom were very uncomfortable!! As for the sofa bed in the living room......Like sleeping on wood!!

I would stay here again....but would like closer to the beach....the coastal path is a long walk!!

Stacey and James in Nuneaton, Warwickshire


  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, booked with Global Late Deals
  • Advice: Better beds...they were very poor!
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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8 / 10
Very enjoyable holiday

"We have recently come back from a lovely holiday at the Costa Tropical. The staff were friendly, the hotel was clean and the food was OK too. Having read some of the reviews before we went we were a little nervous....but were pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong - you're not paying for 5 star luxury....you get what you pay for. But overall we enjoyed it and our kids (3 & 5) absolutely loved it. The evening entertainment was OK - snake show, parrot show, quiz, kids disco and bingo! Sebastian the bar manager was really friendly (watch the part time bar helper - he serves cocktails without adding the alcohol!). The only negative thing I would say about this hotel is that the queue for the bar in the evening can get rather long and in some instances we had to wait 25 minutes to get served and also the restaurant is very hot as there is no air conditioning!."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Ola Holidays

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1 / 10
health warning!!!!!!!!

"oh my god do not go here if u want to stah healthy or keep your sanity...my husband and i booked here for 6weeks starting 10 dec 09 to 20th jan 2010,we were there 9days and came home..i lost 1 stone in weight,he lost half a stone it was the worst place we have ever been to please do not go it will make u depressed.it will make u ill.beyond belief!!!!we arrived and the room was freezing the taxi driver even the taxi driver warned us of the place..believe me we are not fussy people but even if u were dead u would find fault with this place!!!!there was 1 person on reception who done everything.cooked took bookings calls maid service it was ridiculous my husband ordered a pizza at 1pm it arrived still frozen at 2,45pm we sent it back and a totaly different pizza emerged...frozen half way through at 4pm the food was always cold and un edible u were told to come at 8,30am for breakfast we gt there on xmas day at 8,20 said merry xmas and were shouted at to leave as not open till 8.30 we went bk at the correct time and the food was all freezing cold we asked for more eggs,,,ie,,hot fresh ones and were told no theres none left..haha.we were the only people there!!!!the tea was the same get there by 7,30 they say bt by 7,45 its all gone and they dont make any more thay make enuf for say 6 people as they have no oven only rings and microwave ..we witnessed the peas and veg being cooked at 11am for the evening and being left in the trays next to raw chicken and fish..after 2 days we had food poisoning...we were half board and never ate there again!!!my husband did go down on xmas nite to c wot the choice was as the few guests 12 people in all had been complaining so we thout we would see if it was any better .....he got offered a pineaplle ring 4 xmas dinner as thats all they had!!!!unbeleivale...there is no useable pool!!!they were still painting it wen we were in it paint all over us and other people,no clean sheets,bedding,towels,overun with cockaroaches and ants ..leaking baths taps shower cold only!!!!it was appaling we eventually gt home through travel republic who we had booked with and they gt us flights home erly..they did offer us to move to the castillo de elba hotel but that was even worse they had all gne down with food poisoning,,,its there sister hotel across the road!!!!well wot can i say ...we had looked forward to this holiday since booking in june..we were very very upset ever1 who arrived and believe me there wasnt many well within 2 days they were gone ..the hotel locked the doors at 9pm and u cudnt gt in or out as they gave u akey bt most of the time the keys were broken or gt jammed!!!the 2 shops at the hotel we so expensivfe it was ridiculous we spent 600pounds in 9 days on essentials like butter,milk tbags coffee bread.water,ham etc.its so dear unbelievable and we were half board the butter in the restaurant was orange chheessyy it had gone of......the place apparantly was on holidays from hel last year but we didnt no this till we got there as there is a picture of them on the tv in reception that they find amusing!!!they think it is there claim to fame!!!haha.anyway we r home now and it was the worst experince of our lives it was so quiet there we were all shoved on the 1st floor as the 2nd floor leaks apparntly and was closed the bungalow appts r out of use also,,the gym has a broken exercise bike and a broken 1960 treadmill the sauna and jacquizzi are unhabitable this will give u plaurasy as so filthy!!!!we would not ever go back if it was free it was an awful hotel and very very poor in dealing with food and accomadation...it should be knocked down and rebuilt into a farm or something as thats all its fit 4 feeding the animals and even some animals wouldnt eat the food!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, half board, Booked Independently
  • Advice: do not go

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8 / 10
You get what u pay

"This is a follow up from our trip last year. Yes the place could have been presented better, but we enjoyed it. It's all about taste, if you are the outgoing sort - GO OUT see thye island, don't mope around waiting for things to come to you.

At the time of writing this (JULY 09) I am reliably informed the hotel has undergone renovation in the winter months and reopened on 1st July 09.

It was decent enough last year so 2009 must be even better. Give it a try.

Oh yes, it IS in an out of the way area, but the short walk to Caleta is well worth it.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Fair bit of unfinished building work, but where hasn't?
  • Activities: Caleta - Legends, Tommy Nutters, Slowboat, El Capitans.

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1 / 10

"We booked for a seven night holiday here, stayed one night in a filthy apartment in dire need of cleaning and decoration, left the following morning both of us covered in bed bug bites. There was actually a burnt out car in the hotel car park, empty glasses, drink containers which were there on our arrival wehre still there when we left. Management totally unconcerned about our complaints. Can't beleive anyone would be happy to stay here. Fortunately we found excellent accomodation at a nearby Barcelo hotel and we're even given a discount as some sort of compensation for our previous nights experience"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Avoid at all costs

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1 / 10
I am not normally someone who...

"I am not normally someone who complains, or would even take the time to write a review but this place needed one it was....... AWFUL!!!!!!

The hotel is in the middle of nowhere. If you do get stuck at this hotel hire a car to take you as far away from it as possible (the far South of the island is beautiful).

I know hotels and apartments abroad aren’t meant to be much, but this was a joke. The room was dirty, cutlery and utensils in the kitchen for a self catering accommodation was far too basic, you could sit on the toilet and touch the bath, bidet and sink all at the same time. There were electrical wires hanging out of the walls.

Pool was empty – probably because it was so cold (very windy in March - not good for sitting on the beach).

Plenty of sun beds– again no-one was laying by the pool. I think most people took advantage of the free bus which took you down the road where there was a beach, restaurants and shops. Not a good place to go at night. We got followed and nearly mugged (lovely place).

Pool Bar - Closed

Mama Mia Restaurant - Closed

We used the gym/Jacuzzi’s – this was good but you had to pay to use these facilities.

The only good thing about Costa Tropical Apartments is that it is close to the airport. Only a 5 minute taxi drive, which costs a maximum of 10 Euros.

Overall = would not go back x

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, Self Catering, booked with Portland Direct

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8 / 10
Good value place

"Very very last minute deal and for what it was it was fine.

Its a very very quiet area and a lot of building still going on, but no real noise to talk of. Nice to see the aircraft so low :-) again no problem.

Appartments absolutly fine but a squash if more than 2 I would reckon, I was on mt own and it was perfect really.

Pool area spacious and water cold as always on the Canaries.

Breakfast great value if self catering, 4.5euros and it really set you up for the day.

No nightlife at all in the small resort but a nice Irish bar good for a laugh, and for once full of Irish folk :-) workers mainly but a great laugh.

Overall if you want last minute blast of sunshine these are the place but be prapared to walk if you want any night/day life or use free bus or the taxis are plentiful and well priced.

Big advantage is that from airport 4 euros in a taxi gets you there :-)

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008

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10 / 10
great holiday

"we got a last minute very cheap deal on this hotel my husband and i, and 2 children. hotel s/c but good value for money staff very friendly rooms very clean and spacious its about 15 min walk to caleta but the views are gorgeous chipmonks aplenty come to you for nuts near the rocks. the local bar/restaurant , tommy nutters is every bit as good as the one in caleta we went for a quiet break [as we have booked for 10 of us in august], and that is exactly what we got"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008

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  • by Sara

    " Great for families - not so great for couples wanting a relaxing holiday! Great bargain :) "

  • by Laurence of Arabia

    " If you like to relax and just chill then you can do it here and join in on the activities with Fabio. "

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