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4 / 10
Gr..............EEK !!!!

"This is an awful holiday Hotel...............If you have only been to Greece you will accept this as the Norm.The Hotels in Spain have Progressed to a nice standard now.This place is only a one star,they only had the pool bar open all the time to save on air conditioning costs and I never saw a Glass Glass on a night.........

Everything was 30 year ago one star rubbish......Laughable in those days but not acceptable now..........I could go on all night.....only go if it is one star price.........You have been warned

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Eat Out
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
do not go to this hotel

"we have just returned 2 days ago from this hotel, judging by the photos and reviews , we decided to see for our selfs, my god, we wish we had listened, this hotel in my opinion is a 1 star, the location is ok , but thats about it. the food was slops, everybody was in uproar at one point, we was served some chicken that had been pre cooked, frozen and heated in a microwave and still had the ice in the middle, they said sorry and offered to put it back in the microwave, we ate out the rest of the holiday, so bring plenty of money with you, chips were served 1 day only, pudding consisted of cut up orange segments and apple which had gone brown, no ice cream only on a 2 hr slot in the afternoon otherwise it was 50 cents a scoop. the drinks were poor, we only drink whiskey and there wasnt any on the all inclusive, we had to go and buy our own bottle, it was disgraceful. the rooms were ok, we had no hot water for 4 days and on 1 day we had no water at all,we had dirty coffee cups and drinks cups in our room all week, when we complained they said you have to clean them up your selfs ???? there is no entertainment at all, so be prepared , it will drive you bad, we had to hire 3 vehicles while we were there, just to get us away from the place, the only helpful hint l can say, is spend your money wisely and dont go there because you will end up spending all your holiday money on food."

  • Holiday details: May 2013
  • Advice: hire a car for the duration and bring plenty of money with you for food.

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9 / 10
Superb location


Who are friendly, helpful and nothing is too much trouble.

Arrived at 3am and met a friendly night porter, who explained the all-inclusive.

With two teenagers we stayed in a spacious family suite, the ‘L’ shape design giving us some privacy.

Akis in reception, always willing to provide information about Rhodes, its culture and places to visit.

The pool is a fantastic 20m allowing room to swim whilst children play. It is cleaned every morning.

A suitable number of sun beds in relation to the size of the pool area are provided, the hotel does not support the reservation of sun beds.

The food is fresh and tasty. We all found different foods to enjoy, however, if you are looking for chips, and more chips you will be disappointed. Despina, ensures the smooth running of the dining area with a welcoming smile.

The bar offers beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks and coffee. Snacks=pizza/cheese pastries.

Ice-cream is served 3pm-5pm in a choice of flavours. Tony works tirelessly throughout the day and hands over to Antonis who works fast to keep the queues short especially when it approaches last orders.

Thanks for a great holiday! :D

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Olympic Holidays

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9 / 10
A lovely Enjoyable Holiday

"We found the Marathon Hotel to be very clean and tidy at all times. The staff were very friendly and always happy to help. The food was very good. The rooms were very airy and were clean every day. You were never afraid to leave your valuables in the room as you knew they would be there when you came back in. I would recommend this holiday to anyone especially families as you will be well looked after."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: A good family holiday
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
great staff thats about it

"wellthe food was terrible coud not eat it neither could my children and they eat anything. if u like pasta fish and feta cheese everyday u will enjoy the food. they put me and 2 young children with pushchairs on 3rd floor wiv no lifts and wouldnt swop us. 1 night of entertainment and it was the same everyweek. the beer was terrible and spirits u couldnt tell them apart by the taste or smell and they only did fizzy drinks for the kids. but the staff were brilliant and the place was quit clean but we couldnt get a sunbed in the mornin at all we arrived at 5am and all the sunbeds had towels on and it was still dark i wud never go bk and i woulnd not take small children there as they will put u on the top floor because thats where the family rooms are."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: most the stuff is closed in the day apart from a supermarket or 2

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9 / 10

"My family and I have just returned from this hotel and i can safely say that I WILL BE RETURNING, I felt from the night we arrived at 12.30 am The staff greeted us by name and apologised for our room not being ready, but would be available by 11.00 am the next day. At 11.00 am the next day we were informed that our correct room was available. The daytime receptionist was the most helpful I have ever come across. This hotel was clean in every way. I normally holiday in the spanish islands, but I assure you that this holiday has changed my view on Greek Holidays. The cleaning staff were always at my room door at 9.30am every morning, To which they laid fresh towels, And made our beds. No they didnt change the bed sheets daily, But I dont even do this every day at home, They were still clean. The floors were mopped and the shower area cleaned to a good level of cleanliness. We read reports and views before we booked this holiday, and I can safely say that I am glad we didnt take other peoples advise. I paid a fair price and I feel that I got what I paid for. The food was varied and always adequate to my liking, Even I must admit that the sweets werent varied enough, But learnt that after a few days that a bigger main course would suffice. The Hotel catered for all nationalities and I felt that after the initial hesitance, and guessing who was or who wasnt english. We found that all the guests new or acknowledged us every time we walked past. Our two teenage children at first found it boring, but as time progressed we found our best friends were people from Poland and Belgium. I agree there is not a lot in Kolumbia, But you make of it what you want in return. We found in our total stay of 7 days, That we did not have the time to do any more than we did. I would recommend this to any person who is sick of the same old Canary island holiday, and wants to try a different country. The staff, Bar staff, Cleaners, and waiting staff were as polite as I was to them, I did not treat them any different than I would expect to be treated myself. You pay for what you get and this certainly exceeded my expectations.."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: quiet, but various bars and evening entertainment available
  • Activities: beaches nearby and clean and not always full up
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10


It was by far the worst hotel i have ever stayed in. Very poorly organised, the food was absolutely disgusting and I found a pubic hair in my rice on our first night there. The hotel seemed to be in the middle of nowhere with hardly any nightlife except for a few bars. There is not much to see in Kolymbia at all, a half hour walk max round the resort and you've seen everything. My partner and I were the only English people in the hotel, and in fact I didn't hear a single person speak English for the whole time I was in Kolymbia, which was only 3 days as we were so sick of the place that we spent the last £450 of our spending money on a transfer to a better hotel.

We were told by Imperial Travel this hotel was a 3.5 star, but more like a 4 star, when in fact it would do well to scrape a 2. The food was the worst thing about the hotel, same thing day in day out, breakfast was stone cold, beer had a very odd taste to it, most of the food was undercooked or dripping with grease, salad was left in trays blatantly unwashed cooking away underneath a red hot light, milk for cereal was almost as hot as the coffee. We were told on arrival to help ourselves to some complimentary snacks near the bar, which turned out to be some old cheese and salami sandwiches piled into a perspex box with the blazing sun shining down on them, to the point where the bread had started to curl and almost become toasted!

As for the room, the beds were basically matresses on the floor, with horrible scratchy bed sheets (God knows what material they were made out of), the bathroom was disgusting with no shower except for an old rubber hose with a broken shower head attached to the end, the sink wasn't securely attached to the wall or floor so everytime we used it, water would pour out all over the floor (not good when you're all dressed up and getting ready to go out). The hotel is also surrounded by very dense plant life, which meant we had to put up with an almost deafening sound of crickets 24 hours a day. Someone mentioned in an earlier review that there were always lots of sun beds available - that is very true, but it doesn't take a genius to work out why that is! Anyone who has been to a few decent hotels in their time will know that it is usually an absolute nightmare to get a sun bed unless you're out there at the crack of dawn!

I'm amazed that people on here found the staff to be friendly - I thought they were anything but. We knew we wanted to move as soon as we got there so we went to the reception to try and find out who our rep was, but the receptionist didnt have a clue and just kept huffing and puffing the whole time. Bar staff were as miserable as hell, didn't see a smile out of anyone the whole time.

I could write all day about how bad this hotel was but I won't bother, I just hope that anyone reading this will take my advice and never go to this hotel, because unless you have very low standards, then I can almost guarantee you will want to move hotels too.


  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Imperial Travel

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1 / 10
Worst hotel I have ever stayed in....

"Worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Said 3 star on website, more like a 1/2 star. Air conditioning in our room didnt work, and was infested with mosquitos - waking up with bites every morning. Food was rubbish, the left overs from lunch were served up for dinner that night (not even being reheated). Only local drinks in bar, no good beers/spirits. Only one night of entertainment which was rubbish - dancers wore their casual clothes/ didnt make much of an effort.

All in all... DO NOT GO THERE!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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2 / 10
Must write my comments: hotel...

"Must write my comments: hotel spotless, food awful - worst than school meals, no entertainment just Greek dancers every Friday that’s all.

Beaches lovely, lots of sports round back. swamp bug, jet ski, fishing.

We hired people-carriers for £180 euros round back of hotel, £250 euros anywhere else.

Falaraki was a lovely beach, where they filmed Guns of Naverone.

Back at the hotel, drinks in plastic glasses. I was on ice cream for breakfast because eggs were green. Food was rubbish. Manager was brill, very good.

Pool ok. Maids work hard, bar staff ok. Ozzy Osborne got too much for 2 weeks every day on their CD player.

We went Falaraki Water Park 6 times - fantastic.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Full Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
Ok the staff were great - nothing was...

"Ok the staff were great - nothing was too much trouble for them, lovely pool, well kept, lots of sun beds.

The rooms were basic even for Greece and our aircon did not work for 3 nights even though it was fixed every day.

The food was not good, lots of it, could be why it was always cold! Very plain and little variety, that said we all found something every meal time.

The plastic glasses in the bar were not washed that often, only rinsed so depending what was in it before you often had that taste. Ask for a coke that's what you got but with a coconut flavour for example.

The kid’s room for me had a number of health and safety issues but as it was so hot, play was all outside.

Only entertainment 1 night a week, fine if you could afford to get out and about but those on a budget not a lot to do.

We quickly decided we could have got worse but there is always better even at the price we paid. We hired a car very cheap and went out and about. There are some fab beaches on Rhodes and we would go back just not to this Hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Libra Holidays

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3 / 10
The info said 3*+ 400m from the...

"The info said 3*+ 400m from the beach, more a 2* and 1000K from the beach good 30 min walk.

Hotel and room were very clean and the pool area well kept and nice. Staff very helpful. The hotel is right in the middle of the resort and not subject to noise.

Even though we had Air con temp was 38+ ours did not work for 3 nights/days even though they tried to repair it.

The food was plentiful, shame it was inedible, nothing was hot, I complained and asked them to take back the whole lot as everything that night was burnt. They did and accepted it was not good.

All drinks served in plastic glasses, they were never washed only rinsed, and if you changed drinks it was served in the same beaker.

We hired a car and went out and about the island is pretty and we found some lovely beaches we would go back to both the island and resort just not that hotel.

We expected basic and got less than basic.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Libra

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6 / 10
Just returned from Rhodes and the...

"Just returned from Rhodes and the Marathon. The rooms were clean and spacious and the staff excellent. However, we had to wait over 6 hours for our room on arrival, and found lots of other guests getting messed about with their rooms during our stay. The food was ok, but not to everyone’s taste. We always found something that we liked. The hotel has had an extra floor added since we looked at the reviews from last year. This seems to have had an impact on the way things are run. I don't think the hotel has catered for all these extra guests, the dining room gets cramped, and there are never enough sunbeds and not enough seating outdoors in the evening. For an all inclusive hotel, the entertainment is very poor with only one night (Mon) where there is any organised entertainment (Greek dancers). The facilities for kids are woeful with the pool being the only thing to keep them occupied. There are some playthings in the "play room" and a slide and seesaw in the grounds. The pool was ok though, big enough to cope and very refreshing. It could have done with being cleaned more often though."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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