Presidente Hotel

Ctra de San Juan, Cala Portinatx, Ibiza 07810, Spain
8  / 10
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9 / 10
excellent hotel

"I have just returned from a weeks all inclusive stay at the Presidente with my partner and 2 year old. We loved the hotel and resort.


While the room was basic and on the small side it was clean and sufficient for our needs. bed linen was changed daily as were towels. TV had minimal channels but these included C Beebies which entertained my Daughter. The air conditioning only came on for 2 hour bursts but could be immediately turned back on for another 2 hours if required. Turning it on prior to going to bed cooled the room and allowed for a pleasant nights sleep. The room did have a fridge but this needed to be hired at a cost of 25 euros a week. We did not use this. The information given to us on arrival said the safety deposit box also had a charge attached to its use however when we checked in the box was open and the instructions simple to follow, so we used the box all week and were not charged for it. the En-suite bathroom was large and clean and contained bath and shower. We were on the first floor and were not troubled by noise from other rooms or the corridor. The entertainment could be heard from our room but this ends at 11pm and was not particularly loud.


The dining room is large and spacious with the far left corner being set up for families with young children. The tables here all have high chairs and are situated close to the children's buffet. The waiting staff are friendly and VERY efficient clearing away used crockery sometimes before you had finished. The food was excellent there was a varied choice of mains, salads and desserts every day and drinks were on tap.

As we were all inclusive sandwiches were available from the snack bar from 3 pm although these were basic its was very helpful if the little one slept through lunch and kept her going till dinner.

Ice creams and ice lollies were also available through out the day with all inclusive

ALL inclusive times were between 11am and 11 pm however breakfast started at 8 till 10:30 so we used the dining room to get drinks until 11am.


The main pool was busy and as others have mentioned there was not much room around it for sun loungers however the outside area as a whole is large and unless your desperate to be right next to the pool there were always plenty of chairs and loungers elsewhere. The pool itself was clean and not over crowded but the Thompson reps did run some pool based activities daily (water polo and dance) and room did get a bit tight at these times.

There are 2 other pool areas aside from the main pool. A small paddling pool and a new splash pool which had some small water slides and fountains and a climbing frame with slides close by. The splash pool area was great for small children and we spent most of our time here but it is very slippy around the edges. The climbing frame wasn't the safest its just accessible enough for small children to clamber on to and potentially hurt themselves and the steep slides with low sides were a bit of a worry.


The hotel staff were very helpful and friendly and whenever we had a query they were able to answer it quickly. The bar staff have taken a bit of a battering it other reviews and while they were not the most talkative bunch i found them efficient and pleasant.

The Thompson reps worked hard in providing entertainment for children all day and involved the adults in the entertainment on an evening. Our daughter was a bit too young for the various kids clubs and activities so we didn't have a great deal of interaction with them. Outside entertainment was also put on every night between 9 and 10 and if i am honest was so bad it was funny.


As mentioned in the brochure the hill down to the beach is very steep and is a good workout if your pushing a buggy back up. Its well worth the effort though as the beach is beautiful, the water bar on our first day was very calm and crystal clear. there are loads of fish and it was great for snorkelling. Sun loungers are 5 euros a day as are parasols.

There are a few bars along the front and up the hill on the opposite side of the beach is the village centre here there are a few restaurants as well as vincent and del boys bars.

We had a great time at the Presidente and Portinatx is a lovely resort. We cant recommend it enough but it is defiantly geared towards families. I would suggest families with very young children up to 10 or 11. Older children and adults might find the evening entertainment grating after a day or two.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Good all round!

"We have just returned from a week at the Presidente and can't fault it. The food was varied and very good.The rooms are very clean and on having a problem with the electric's (my hairdryer blew the fuse)it was fixed within a couple of hours. The entertainment staff were very enthusiastic and tried to include visitors without being pushy.

In all a very pleasant holiday if a little on the quiet side later in the evening.

We were a couple in late 40's with a 16 year old son.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Enjoyable holiday

"61 years young.Would i go back.Yes indeed.I am very picky but this ticked all the boxes.I enjoyed the 'homemade' evening entertainment.It was a couple of years ago.We had two young girls and it felt safe.Some young lads were a bit active.But i would go back .But we try to go to a different place each year.Good holiday."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Breakfast Included, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Join in with trips and entertainment
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Generally good

"We stayed here June 25 to July 6 and I have to say we were reasonably satisfied. Food was pretty good in general with a reasonable choice. There was ample room for two of us in a reasonable twin, although my daughter and her two friends (all 17) were a bit tight for space in their room.

The general pool area is a bit cramped with sunbeds, so the separate adults-only area is a bonus and comes with a separate bar and shaded area.

The All-Inclusive drinks end at 11:00 PM, so be prepared to pay almost 6 Euros for a Vodka and Coke between then and 12:00 closing time. Also be prepared to pay 3.90 Euros per day to hire a fridge, and the same amount to hire a safety deposit box.

We didn't find the entertainment all that great, but kids appear to enjoy it.

If you want to go out in Portinatx then you'll find there are only a few bars and restaurants to choose from. We went to Vincent's Bar and Del Boy's. At first glance Del Boy's appears a bit rough and ready, but we found the toilets to be spotless.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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5 / 10
"First aid kits are empty sorry"!!

"We've just returned from a week at the presidente. PLEASE READ ALL OF WHAT I SAY PARENTS MUST BE CAREFUL. Yes we had a fantastic time but i too have to agree with other reviews. The hotel is great for families with plenty of entertainment for children of all ages and fun gameshows in the evening for the adults. BUT. There is definately room for improvement but where do i begin!!! MEALS:Lovely fresh food available everyday but no information outside the restaurant on meal times and it took us 3 days to find the childrens food bar as its the other side of the large room and again no signs so look out for it.

ROOM:Well they didnt tell us we'd have a tree for a view and when i say tree im talking you couldnt see the sky and could pick the pine cones off it it hung over the balcony. We had a family room which served its purpose it had a bed for everyone and clean sheets/towels everyday so it did for us. Again it took us 2 days to realise we had airconditioning inclusive but it only lasts 2 hours so pop to the room before u go to bed or its far too hot if you have an average sized family in their small rooms. Be VERY careful with the bunkbeds they are NOT ideal for small children due to no bar on the top.

BAR:DISGUSTING that you can NOT get a drink until 11am in the morning, by 9am the pool area can be busy and the weather very hot so how can they get away with not making drinks available, we were all inclusive which was great when the bar eventually opened, super range of drinks and lovely cocktails. Service with a smile? Not here.

ENTERTAINMENT: Firstly a BIG WARNING TO PARENTS 'its a knockout' was played on a small raised stage which involved 2 big 6 foot men battering each other in suits which resulted in one man launched into the crowd of watching children, several were hit and the man himself had a nasty bump to his head and leg. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN SIT AT THE FRONT. We could not believe Thompson could be so irresposible and neglectful. we nicknamed the rest 'Thompson Miming' because basically thats what you get, Greece themed night was embarrassing to watch..badly dressed entertainers miming to music in the background, appalling, and look out for the 'belly' staff jumping about on stage in uniform 4 sizes too small, not easy on the eye. However they do get outside acts in.

POOL:Super. Shallow and deep ends..paddling pool for the young and the new splash area is gorgeous and fun but AGAIN BE WARNED there are 2 high slides which DO NOT always have the mat at the bottom, my son landed on the hard floor..flew into a far too close sun lounger so hard the woman on it came off=very big bruises and 2 swollen legs.

SAFETY:PLEASE READ THIS EVERYONE. I have never seen so many cut..bleeding..bruised..broken bones and children close to drowning in the pool. We had been there 4 days and my son was hurt again, playing unsupervised football game on the court here he was tackled and fell on the hot glass sharp floor ending up with 3 big deep raw bleeding cuts/grazes we went straight to a rep to my horror to be told "WE HAVE 3 FIRST AID BOXES AND THEY'RE ALL EMPTY SORRY" she scraped together ONE ice pack and TWO wipes that was it. Yes i will be filing a complaint. We were fortunate to have caring guests who gave us sterile supplies/creams. So leaving my review on that note i advise to watch you children as there are many dangers (slippy floors and flying umbrellas) and take your own first aid.

Would we go back?! Not if it was free.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Go all inclusive. The trips were unorganised, rushed, and staff ignorant!! Arrange your own.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great for Kids and Babies

"We booked a last min holiday to hotel presidente and were so pleased. This was our first holiday with our one year old daughter and i was so please to find a babie room by the side of the pool, which was perfect to change babies with complimentry pampers nappys, keep bottles cold in the fridge and warn with bottle warmer and microwave. The new splash area was fun for kids bit cold but you get used to that after a few mins.

They even have CBeebies in the rooms with mothercare cots.

We never had to wait to be seated in the restauarant high chairs always available. We did go all inclusive and the food was a similar most days but was all to a good standered.

I would reccommend this hotel to anyone with young children, however would have been my worst nightmare before i was a

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
exactly what we were expecting and great value for money!

"Arrived at hotel at 3am only to step off the coach into a pool of vomit from an unconscious chav who was being revived by ambulance staff and his extremely embarrassed girlfriend.Not a good start! Booked in by very courteous and helpfull receptionist.


oh my god! talk about basic and in need of a 21st century makeover ! Now i know where the worlds supply of woodchip wallpaper and my nans beadspreads ended up.The facilities do include a flat screen tv(terrible picture )so one disappointed 6 year old and a kettle.There was also a mini bar/ fridge that cost 25 euros a week to use (we didnt) and a safe that also required a 25 euro deposit and an additional 5 euros a day to use ( we didnt) and everyone else we spoke to thought it a rip off too so werent using them.


No shaver point although there was a hairdyer .Unfortunately a collection of pubic hair left by previous guests( anyone seen a cleaner?) could be found all over the shower curtain,toilet pan and floor- not good either! .Towels are changed daily


the normal buffet service, all fresh and well cooked, plenty of variety( various meats ,fish,salads,veg and a kids buffet).Menu changed every day so always something new to try and always chips etc if you are a fussy eater.Drinks including wine/lager and soft drinks are available literally on tap though only coffee available at breakfast time.The resturant failities are in fact excellent.


glad we went all inclusive as drinks would have been ultra expensive otherwise.The well stocked bar runs from 11am -11pm and no the novelty didnt wear off! lager (san miguel) and spirits are local brands( who can tell the difference).To echo other reviews the bar staff arent that polite although as few people pay for drinks they dont get tips either.Icecreams also available on help yourself basis all day/night from the pool bar- my daughter loved it


the pool is very clean and shallow enough to let your kids in alone- there is no life guard!!! obviously this is a noisy area and with the Thomson reps entertaining and playing music all day dont bank on cathing any sleep up here.

There is also a small kids pool( more paddling than pool) and a new for this season splash pool with slides etc.This has a very slippy floor so watch your little ones.


yes you have to lay towels out early to get one but thats the case everywhere these days.Be aware that the wind is quite gusty at times. An umbrella and base went flying and broke a womans foot whilst we were there


kids are having fun(at all times) so its not quiet(ever) but why do parents allow their children to sprint along corridors shouting at the top of their voices all night?


its 50 metres at worst to the beach,yes its a bit steep if you are pushing a pushchair i suppose but there is an alternative route of steps(not pushchair friendly) to the beach infront of te Hotel Grecko opposite


beautifull,clean ,safe to swim, pedaloes, boat trips and nearby shops/bars- what more could you want?

We would definately use this hotel again although the rooms do need a massive update.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: hire a car if you want to see more of the island

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1 / 10
Not a great place to stay....

"Sorry to report that the hotel is not a great place to spend a week of your life.

Yes it was a family resort, which is fine. But the walls of the rooms are so paper thin I felt like I was living with many of the families.

So don't stay here if you like to sleep during the night. The combo of crying babies, ill children, kids running up and down the corridors at all times of the night and shouting & screaming, parents shouting at their kids - at all times of the day and night - not a relaxing place to be.

Sunbeds around the pool were so close there were barely 4 inches between them. Thank god for the adults only space, which was better planned with less sunbeds.

Sheets didn't fit the beds, hairs found in the bed, glass shards found in the bathroom (not cleaned away during my stay), floors dirty in the rooms.

Food on the floor in a hectic and a sometimes dangerous food service area.

Drinks were very very very expensive. I can only assume that they make a profit and pay for the all inclusive guests drinks by charging non inclusive guests triple the rate for a drink.

The island and this resort is beautiful - just don't stay here unless you like dirty rooms, being kept awake all night, kids everywhere, parents shouting & expensive drinks.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, half board, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Fantastic Hotel but if you want peace and quiet avoid like the plague

"Just got back today from Presidente in Portinax and can honestly say that the hotel/food/staff/rooms/cleanliness/pool etc are absolutely A1 and can be very highly recommended, however at our peril we did not see when we booked that this was a family resort hotel and omg we wished we had. We have had to endure a week of screaming, uncontrollable little brats that were an absolute pain in the **** along side lazy, stupid, ignorant parents who could not be bothered to supervise or make sure that their brats were not making a nuisance of therselves and as for those poor entertainment staff all we can say is they must have the patience of a saint. If you want a quiet peaceful holiday then dont go here."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: get a escalator too and from the beach

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7 / 10
4th Time not so Lucky

"What can i say i will start with the postitives as i have been back 48 hours lol!

we have stayed 3 times before and each time vowed to go back after a 3 year break we went back and this time was a bit disapointed the hotel has now gone AI brilliant we thought yipppeee finally ... BUT half board is still an option and for various things u still have to pay so its really a medium all inclusive almost a trial run so to speak lol .. reps brilliant entertainment could do with a lil umph at times ... jellybean jenny is ace the rest were a lil "plastic" or not jelled right havent made mind up yet reps crazy charlie u rock sweetie u are ace ... dizzy d and hannah and tiny taz u are ace they all worked thier butts off but those more then ever and nothing to much trouble. place is spotless inside the maid service never fails to impress dining room immaculate food bit repetative at times but hey its AI lol pool is freezing as the scuba man said "can some one turn the pool temp up as i am freezing my royal bits off here " the hill not a problem for us as we knew about it and it does state it... ok so now for the negative its a bit tired bit worn out and needs a bit of a revamp the bar staff with the exception of andres who is brilliant are rude mutter under their breath at anyone who dares to order more then one drink, non child friendly and tutt at the kids ... not just us mentioning it it all seemed a lil bit of a hassle to them and to be honest if u were half board they seemed to smile cos they could see the tills racking the cash up ... we were sold reebox footie before we went out and they had gone home so one disapointed 8 year old boy .... weather was good though would i return again proberly not unless it has a major revamp and a change of most of the staff has it met my expectations ermmm not this time i am afraid am i disapointed yeah a bit .... but had a great time doing non hotel stuff scuba diving which if u can get out and do it with punta dive they were ace caring and just fab!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: small but friendly
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Cracking holiday

"just got back and i have to say i don't really understand some of the reviews below!?

granted the hotel could do with a lick of paint, and that hill is steep. but it only takes about 3 mins to get up it, and hotels in palma nova have steeper hills. plus it does clearly say in the brochure that the hill is steep.

upgraded to AI for 1p per day each, and glad we did as the drinks are pricey..BUT a lot of that has to do with the exchange rate. do people not realise its nearly 1 for 1 at the moment (well 90p to 1 euro) so of course it is going to be expensive. when are people going to realise that cheap package holidays where you can buy pints for £1 do not exist anymore?

beach is very good and crystal clear waters. resort is very very small, but i knew that already as i'd done my homework beforehand. vincents and delboy's bars are decent if you fancy a beer.

room is very basic, but be honest...who goes on holiday to sit in your room? safety deposit box is about 4 euros a day. personally i dont think that is too bad, seeing as it could cost you everything if you dont lock your stuff in it...then get robbed.

rooms are spotless and the hotel as a whole is very clean.cleaners are very nice and always talk to you. pool is very small, but there are 2 lovely beaches you can go to instead so didnt really feel this was an issue. didnt have a problem with getting a lounger however i appreciate my holiday was during september. BUT....when i have been away, and realised that people had been putting towels down then going to the beach i would just take them off. problem solved.

food is very very good. lots of variety and not your usual burger and chips like some AI hols i have been on. we had chicken curry, lasagne, pasta, rice dishes....and if you love mushrooms (like me and my family) then you are in luck! staff are very quick at cleaning down the tables.

reps were fantastic and really topped the holiday off nicely. always available to talk too and made sure each day was different with various games etc.

in conclusion, i would recommend the Hotel Presidente to families with children between the ages of 0-10, and older couples who want a nice relaxing holiday (and dont mind sitting inside in the evenings).

i would give 10/10 however i dont think that any hotel anywhere in the world can claim they are 100% perfect!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Really Good Holiday!

"We went to Ibiza for a week and stayed at the Hotel Presidente on All Inclusive. It was a bit of a mystery as we had never been to Ibiza before and have never stayed at an All Inclusive hotel.

The hotel was clean and the staff were absoloutley lovely! The food was great and there was a wide choice. There could of been more choice of ice creams and the drinks could of been served in glasses, but that wasn't a huge problem. The pool could have been a bit bigger for the number of people in the hotel, but we spent alot of time at the beach aswell which is just a 2 minute walk away in Portinatx.

Would definatley recommend that you do the Slide N Seek excursion which is where you go to the Hippy Market in the morning and Aquamar in the afternoon. Considering it was the only waterpark on the island, it wasn't very busy at all and we got to go on the different rides several times. It also gives you a chance to see a bit of Ibiza if you haven't hired a car.

If you ever go down to the beach then it is worth hiring and pedallo (if there are no jellyfish) and going on the banana boat.

The evening entertainment was good. The Thomson team tried really hard to make sure evryone had a great holiday. If you have a sea view room, then it's best if you wait till the entertainment has finished a 11pm as it will be very noisy.

Portinatx and Hotel Presidente was definatley a great spot and we would definatley go back there!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Defintley worth going to for a week away.

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