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8 / 10
holiday 2012 2013 new year eve

"We have just let the new year in at this hotel and we had a great holiday as we all ways do vary good rooms but we would have liked to have been a bit nearer to the main pool we had a bit of a walk to go to meals and the main swimming pool rooms were clean. fresh towels each day. all staff were great in this hotel to many to name.we would go back again to this hotel it was a 5min taxi ride to the main shopping in Naama Bay and we meet some lovely people there from all over the world."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: it was a 4 star hotel the food was ok but you are in egypt there was always some thing you would find to eat we did not go hungry

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7 / 10
Great 2 week, improvememnts everydat too!!

"My father, sister and I stayed 11th-25th Nov 12 here. I had read lots of different reports good and bad about the hotel but ignored them like I always do. This hotel had a previous poor manager but the new team are there to make improvements and these happened everyday.Food in another country is always a difficult thing for any foriegn hotel to get right, But a new chef is helping here.all you have to do is ask and they will do what they can. They need feedback so they can be realistic in how they make improvements for british holiday makers etc so tell them.They also arranged transfers with hotel's taxi to and from the airport, very cheap and ofcourse quicker than the transfer shuttle, did this thru' email with reception. We had a good time there and the staff are really wonderful can't fault them from the guys who sweep the floors to the new managers there are no compaints from us. We also required some meds for my father and the pharmacists on the hotel front and the clinic doc on site were brilliant. I will go back to this hotel again as I am confident it will be even better in the future, What do you go on holiday for good food good accomedation and mostly the good weather. We got it all but are confident there is more still to come from this hotel complex in the future, excellent will be tagged with it's name."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Go on holiday and loose weight...not often you do that!

"I have just been for a weeks holiday at the Amarante and I have to say the food was terrible if you are thinking of booking going all inclusive to this hotel I wouldn't bother! We had to eat out every-night or use the McDonalds close by.

The Egyptians want the British to return to Egypt to boost the economy but after speaking to numerous people from the hotel they all said they would never return like us. Maybe if they didn't try and rip you off for every pound you would think differently. Taxi drivers are the worst and even the one at the hotel lobby was as bad, you would have thought he would have helped you out but we managed to flag taxis down cheaper then what he was charging.

Namma bay is probably the worst place in the world, they try and separate you from your friends and drag you into shops and lock you in until you give all your money and aside from that most things are fake.

On a positive note the staff were per light and helpful especially Sameh on reception, who changed our room with no hesitation as we didn't feel comfortable. He had the room sprayed every-night to try and keep out the mosquitos as my friends were bitten to shreds. The air con and toilet broke almost daily.

Overall you might think this review is a bit harsh but I guarantee you will feel the same when you get back!

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
Food Disgusting

"Went for a week and would never return still ill from the food now, it was like eating dog meat. Theres no wonder all inclusive is cheap at this hotel.

Hotel was nice tho, but no room has a balcony. Toilets and air conditiong often broke so had to call reception to get them repaired.

Never step foot in naams bay was worst experience of our lives, the hassle is not stop. Soho square is much nicer with no hassle.

Beware of the taxi drivers they try rip you off all the time. Nothing is walking distance from the hotel.

The only nice thing is the receptionist at the hotel called sameh.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
It is worthe every penny - don't listen to any bad reviews

"Just returned from a 2 weeks stay at Amarante Garden Palms with my 13 year old daughter - and it was worth EVERY penny. So don't listen to all the bad reviews.

The staff is helpfull and friendly in every way. Our airconditioner didn't work one day around midnight and 10 minutes after contacting the reception it was fixed.

For our trip to Cairo we asked for at breakfast-box to bring along - and it was really nice with a lot of food.

The food was quite okay - a bit the same but if you leave the restaurant hungry the only one you can blame is yourself. There are several hot dishes to choose from and a lot of different salads and a really nice selection tastefull bread with every meal.

If you're looking for at hotel with coral-beach you don't get it at Amarante. But they have there own beach with free shuttlebus taking you several times every day (remember a ticket at the reception - this to ensure a seat at the time you want to leave and return). All inclusive is included at the beach, and some of the staff down there showed me where to snorkel looking for fish and corals - it was just around the corner (took 10 minutes by foot along the beach).

Amarante is not a 5-star hotel like som of the bad reviews seems to expect it to be. But I would really recommend it. Just have in mind that you get what you pay for - and I think it is worth every penny...and more.

The rooms are large, nice poolareas and a really friendly and helpfull staff. It's easy to go to Naama Bay with the hotels shuttlebus, by mini-bus or taxi.

At our stay we followed our travelagency's advice and cleaned our hands with hand alcohol EVERY time we touched money - as they said "it isn't the food in Egypt that gives you bad's bacterias from touching the money".

We also cleaned our hands with hand alcohol before and after eating - and we didn't get sick at all (and we ate all the food in the hotel and on trips).

I would recommend this hotel - we will definately go there again :o)

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Atlantis Rejser (Denmark)

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1 / 10
Waste of money!!!

"Great hotel if you like warm drinks, average food, dirty pools, money stolen from you and a tummy bug for good measure! The rooms were ok; the air conditioning was the best part of it! The staff was extremely rude. Whilst we were there we had £280 STOLEN from our room. The management told us only ourselves and the house keeper had entered the room, therefore the cleaners are un-trustworthy. When I had reported the matter to them they we not interested and told us we were wasting their time! The tourist police could not speak English and the rep was as much use as a bloody chocolate fire guard!!! If that wasn’t enough, two members of staff ‘bottled’ each other one night by the evening entertainment AND a Polish man had a knife around the pool one morning scaring half the guests to death. Not a family place, go there at own risk! Don’t waste your money, go to a nice hotel. More ‘Benidorm’ than brilliant!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with jet2holidays
  • Advice: do not go and waste your money!

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5 / 10
watch out no stars about

" gang of 10 60+

hotel average food not 4 star and if you dont like chicken then you will lose weight. Rooms clean and room attendants very good nowhere near 4 star poss 3 star spanish. Liken to a step back in years need to realize what the tourist want. overall we got what we paid for Cario on bus an trip not to be missed but very tiring. all in all the bar staff ( Tetoe very good) Dont bother with italian very poor still hungary after 3 courses Ha, ha.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: just value for money need a lot of work to it to increase star rating
  • Activities: Cario on bus but long day 22hrs

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1 / 10
Go else were save your money

"We traveled with med hols the rep for them was ameen he was the worst rep i have ever spoken to i said i was not happy with the hotel he became aggresive and voilent and would not help us The holiday was sold to us as having all inclusive and drinks till 12.00 it was 11.00 you needed to pay for drinks in the wolf tent that was full of fleas there was no gym as stated and very little entertainment and what they had was rubbish the reception staff was rude they did no cater for familes at all no entertainment for kids in the day time also there was no food for kids most days it is not 4 stars as stated find another better hotel"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Fantastic value for money

"Just returned from this hotel 2 weeks ago and had a great time. Room was large, really clean and had loads of storage. Bathroom fine, could do with a bit of natural light and re-grouting. (Just picking fault for the sake of it really.)

My partner is the fussiest eater of all time so I was slightly worried about what the food was going to be like. We went to Cuba last year and the food was so poor we bearly ate for 2 weeks.... I need not have worried, there was always something for everyone. I didn't really eat breakfast but the times I did go in there was the usual continental breakfast, cereals etc. There is also a chef who will make you fresh pancakes, you can choose your own toppings and he will also make you a fresh omlette of your choice. Lunch saw a huge salad bar with loads of different dressings, normal buffet with lasange, chips, chicken etc. On the back wall behind the buffet they have ready made pastas, rice, boiled meat/veg. The chef will cook you fresh pasta to your liking, usually just penne or spagetti with tomato or bolognese but it was still nice! There was also a big table of deserts some were fab, others too dry. On an evening there was the same style dining as luch but with different food on offer like beef wellington, casseroles as well as a 'themed' extra. Monday night was really tasty chicken kebabs, another night oriental night etc. Was really pleasantly suprised by how good the food was, so even if you are quite fussy I think you'll be fine here!

Pool area was really clean but there was 1 main problem. There are not enough sunbeds around the pools. I saw people complain about this online before we went but thought it was being exaggerated. Our first impression was that between the heated pool and the normal one there would be enough, how wrong we were!!! If your not up before 5.30am, you won't get a bed! People sneaking up to the main pool after midnight to leave their towels out, one of our party got up at 5.40am to put our towels out and there were no beds left at all at either pool. From what I've heard this has been an ongoing issue and they are 'sorting it out'. Heated pool is fab but your freezing when you come out, the larger pool is absolutly FREEZING!!! Only saw about 10 people in it in two weeks!

The evening 'entertainment' isn't up to much, infact it's awful! If you like cringeworthy belly dancing etc. you'll enjoy it, we just went to take the mick and have a laught at it. Lobby, upstairs and terrace bars all good and usually serve you quickly.

The one thing which really annoyed me happened on our last day and this is the reason I didn't give 10/10. We had already been advised at 12.00 on your day of departure you have your all inclusive bands cut off. You are still entitled to your lunch and 1 drink IF you didn't get it on your day of arrival. My partner and I checked out at 11.45 and I went to the lobby bar to get us a drink while I still could. There were 3 people standing infront of me in the queque all ordered about 6 coffees each. By the time I got to the front it was bang on 12, I ordered 2 cokes and they refused to give me them without paying. I said i'd been waiting for 15 mins and it wasn't after 12 but they point blank said no. It suprised me how much their attitude changed after my band was cut off. When we went into the dining room for lunch they said we weren't entitled to drinks but if we tipped him he would give us some. This was completely untrue, we could have 1 drink each so they were just trying to get money out of us.

The only other thing I would warn about is a creepy guy in the perfume shop attached to the hotel. He asked us to write a sign in English for him, he said to return the favour he would give me a facial massage with Aloe Vera. He wanted me very very close to him and it felt a bit strange. At first I just thought it was me, then he began to do my shoulders and back, and it felt like he was thrusting against me but again I just laughed it off and convinced myself I was being daft. He started asking me to go back later on my own and trying to put his hands down my clothes. We got out of there pretty quick!! I might have just had a bad experience but my partner was with me and he's not exactly tiny so I am concerned for any women on their own going in there!!!!

All in all great holiday, may go back next year!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Beat the
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Fantastic Holiday!!

"My partner and I stayed at the Amarante for 2 weeks end of sept 08 and it was a fantastic holiday. there were a couple of little things that we had to have a word with the manager about but they were soon put right. I think all the bad press this hotel has had is very unfair. Alot of the people we spoke to had been coming to this hotel for years and didn't like the change. They were mainly the older generation too.

The staff were absolutely amazing, they waited on us like we were royalty from day one. Max the restaurant manager was brilliant, he asked us if the food was good and we said it couls be better and told him the things that needed putting right. sure enough the next day the food was piping hot and the staff were 100% better. They were friendly towards us but maybe the staff weren't as friendly towards some people because all they did was complain and never had a good word to say!!!

The bar lads were lovely, Ehab, Mahmood, Mohammed, Masooed and all the rest whose names we can't pronounce!! We even swapped phone numbers and keep in touch every week!! Also the pool lads were brilliant, our towels were on sunbeds every day and drinks were never empty, as one was finished it was refilled!! Truly wonderful, they would laugh and joke round the pool with us and sit and talk to us. The massage guys, Andrew and Mohammed were lovely, very attentive and chatty and friendly.

We would definitely go back to this hotel, forgot to mention our room was spotless and the lovely animals and heart shaped things made from towels and flowers were just amazing!! The staff made us feel very special.

DON'T write this hotel off just like that, you have to remember that it has been taken over and needs time to adjust to the new staff and new ways of how things work. You won't be disappointed if you go.

See you next year guys, look forward to it!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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3 / 10
Disappointing-wouldn't go back

"We had read all the reviews on how much this hotel had gone down a few months after we booked. After reading all the stories about fight's at the hotel and rubbish food we asked Portland to change us to another hotel-after 5 emails they still ignored us so with great reservations we travelled to the Amarante Garden Palms. Wish we had just cancelled and lost the money really.

Food is appalling, never hot enough,veg always completely uncooked, dirty plates and every time you go to get anything they clear your table from under you. We actually came back to find another couple had been given our table. We learned to take it in turns to go for food.

The waiters are treated like animals, heard the manager screaming and shouting at them on more than one occasion which makes you feel very uncomfortable. You'd need to have your wits about you around the russian guests as they won't wait their turn to get at anything and one elderly gentleman had soup spilt down him when he was shoved out of the way by young russian girls.

Round the pool trying to relax you are constantly bothered by people selling newspapers, dives, tattoos and massages. The newspaper seller in particular is an absolute nuisance, won't take no for an answer and keeps coming back at regular intervals.The pools, especially the small splash pool are filthy-think massive tide mark round them and you can't go far wrong. Then there is the buckets of chorine they throw in right next to you while you are swimming.

Pool guy is good though and will saves towels and beds for you for a small tip, which is worth it otherwise you'd have no chance of ever getting near the pool as people reserve beds then go to the beach for the day.

The all inclusive doesn't get you anything at the Days-In beach although the rep will tell you it's free-If he ever turns up when he is supposed to that is.

We were put in a room attached to the cleaning and store cupboard-the door didn't fit and at all hours of the night we were woken up by it screaching across the concrete, and maintenence guys shouting and yelling at each other as they took pool stuff in and out. We;d get back to sleep and an hour later it started all over again. Asked every day for the first week for it to be fixed and were ignored. The rep says this has been a problem with this room for many months and nothing has been done-he also did nothing about it when we finally went to him in desperation for a good nights sleep.

The entertainment isn't even worth mentioning-there just wasn't any.

The only high spot of the holiday was the staff in the downstairs bar who were lovely, never even had to ask for another drink-it just appeared.

On the last night there was a leak of an unidentified chemical (hydrachoride according to two guests)into the restaraunt, which left us coughing, sore throats ,choking and unable to breath. The management were totally unconcerned by this and laughed it off. Only when my husband kicked up a fuss and called the tour company were we offered a doctor several hours later, this was by the manager sent in to troubleshoot all the problems at this hotel . He said himself this hotek will take years to turn around.The tour company didn't actually want to know and haven't yet responded to a complaint weeks later. There were numerous guests feeling the affects and they couldn't even be bothered to send a rep-apparantly they were all at the airport!!??

We spent the last night of our holiday without food, feeling like death and then had to spend the last morning waiting for the tour rep to take a report and going back to the doctor to be cleared to fly. Several excuses as to what caused the leak but still no idea what we inhaled, although weeks later i still have symptoms.

I read some reports recently saying there have been some improvements, fine if you want to be a guinea pig and take the chance, but otherwise i'd say spend your holiday money elswhere.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Portland Direct

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8 / 10
Loved It

"Me and my boyfriend Michael stayed at the Tropicana Gardens 4th sept until the 14th as soon as we got there the staff were great they carried our cases up to the room which weighed a tonne but they managed it just about haha!!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous a bit unbearale the first couple days but got used to it after a day or 2 and it was fantastic.

The rooms were cleaned every morning by very friendly cleaning staff who did us a beautiful arrangement with our towels and bedding every morning that was lovely.

Everything about the hotel was faultless apart from the entertainment that was dreadful the two entertainers seemed to think that them dancing on their own by the pool was entertainment for us guests haha!!

The food was nice but a bit repetitive after a while we ate out 3 times in naama bay i would highly reccomend Hard Rock Cafe! Food lovely and waiters very nice!

Went for a pedicure with a friend we met while there Jo that was nice and wierd with all the shavings and feet shaving with cotton wierd experience but nice haha!

Sam a waiter there was an absolute star gave us shishas every night and even arranged for us to have the restaurant to ourselves and a birthday cake for me as it was my bday he even bought me a present how sweet!!

The pool area was lovely and the flowing white wine spritzers were an absolute godsend haha

Went on the quad biking that is a MUST!! Brilliant experience and also the Stars and Dinner lovely experience!

Overall we thoroughly had a brilliant holiday and met some lovely people apart from the russians haha!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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  • by naama bay

    " Talk to the manager help them to make your holiday better if you have issues, if they don't know they can't help. "

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