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We stayed at this hotel the beginning...

"We stayed at this hotel the beginning of Sept. 08 for 2 weeks. The hotel cleanliness was excellent - fresh sheets and towels every day. The hotel staff are fabulous - the bar staff in the main bar are very attentive, speak great English and are very friendly. Max the manager makes himself known to the guests and is very pleasant to talk to. The weather was boiling - a few days it reached 50 degrees, but mainly a constant 40! The only downside I would say was that the evening entertainment was rubbish and the food not great either. If you're there for 2 weeks like myself and my boyfriend, we ended up eating out about 5 nights as we were just sick of the food. Everything seems to be fried! We only did one trip with Thomson which was the Red Sea Cruise - fabulous trip. Chill out on a lovely cruise and you're dropped off in 3 different spots to go snorkelling - which is the most amazing experience! Tip - if you tip the pool bar staff (they love dollars) they will serve you with drinks all day around the pool - you won't have to get up from your sun bed! I packed beach towels which you don't need - you will have beach towels ever day, even if you head off down the beach. All in all a great chilled out holiday."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
7 / 10

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Arrived for the first night of my...

"Arrived for the first night of my honeymoon....single preordered champagne or fruit basket....dining room.. israelis started fighting with the egyptian staff...fight flowed to outside where at least 100 israeli lads started a riot....glasses were getting smashed....chefs came out with knives.....found out later that a young girl of 14yrs had to have a security guard outside her room as she was in danger from the israelis...had to have a segregated pool and a segregated bar area...the english got moved into the pizza restaurant which was no good as there was not choice and it was a danger to health and safety as it was not set out for a buffet...not safe to go into main restaurant, english guests were being spat on, intimidated when they went to the toilet or even going in or out of doors....hotel manager recommended that we request a transfer to a different hotel for our own safety, thompson rep not the most helpful, eventually after much persuasion we did get a move.... the rep asked us to pay for the taxi to take us there....i think not, we were told that our room at the next hotel would be ready for us as soon as we got there but eventually 4 hours later it was. thompsons knew about the trouble in this hotel 2 wks before we arrived and still let us go there, they had moved 25 couples previously and still they let us arrive.....this was supposed to be our honeymoon, not to be intimidated and scared for our own safety. the papers are going to hear about this as we would hate anyone else to have to deal with what we did....disgusted with thompson and they should not get away with it. THE STAFF AT THE HOTEL ARE FANTASIC AND CAN NOT PRAISE THEM ENOUGH."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
1 / 10

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we have just spent 11days at the...

"we have just spent 11days at the amarante garden palms,we had a lovely time.the staff were fantastic,the manager max was very hands on introducing himself to the guests,the food was fine very good variety if you didnt like what was there they would make you what you wanted to eat.they had a roof top bar which was nice especially when watching the sunset over the lovely scenery.there were two restaurants,one main one and one italian restaraunt which was gorgeous(the pizza was to die for).there were lot of people complaining about the hotel but it wasnt the hotel that was the problem!it was some of the other guests that were very rude,dirty and fighting between themselves but it wasnt the british guests this time!!!!!.our rep sarah was a lovely girl,very helpful.the only thing that i would say the hotel is advertised as having its own private beach and it didnt have own,they provided a free bus service to the the beach in the brochure it stated that it was all inclusive but wasnt,we didnt know this until we arrived at the resort.we didnt find out until the end of the holiday that we would be reinburst with any money we had spent as long as we kept the reciepts.we were not told until the last day!the ice creams at the hotel were not part of the package you had to pay for them no good when 105degrees!!!!,be careful around pool area quite uneven needs work doing on it.these only minor complaints on the whole we had a fab holiday. thanks to max and his staff."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
8 / 10

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well all i can say.... is people are...

"well all i can say.... is people are too fussy and need to sort it out!! of course when you go on holiday there is going to be the odd things wrong but this for me was the best holiday ive ever been on and wouldnt change it for the world. anyone who is thinking of coming here please do. the staff are the most friendly people i have ever met, the pools were great, the food was good enough but who expects things to be 100 percent? every day after coming home from the pool there was a nice master piece made out of whatever i left on the bed. the entertainment was not all that, but there was some and for me that was enough!! i loved my stay here and if im honest it was so good i didnt want to come home and for the following weeks could not stop thinking about my time here. more to the point all these people complain but your holiday is as good as you make it and for me this was the best holiday by far and everyone that worked here made it that more special!!! and my advise is go to the pyramids it a is fantastic experience.

x :-)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
9 / 10

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I have just returned from two weeks...

"I have just returned from two weeks holiday at the Tropicana Gardens Palms, or as it is now know Amarante. The one thing you could not find fault with was the staff, they cannot do enough for you from the pool staff, restaurant staff, cleaners etc nothing was too much trouble. However the hotel itself is in need of a updating, which did look like they where starting to do (replacing mattresses on sunbeds) when we where leaving. The food is ok, the all-inclusive meant if you didnt eat at meal times a tray of warmed up leftovers was available at the pool side bars, myself and several holiday makers and two members of staff ended up poorly i went 5 days without eating or drinking (all inc what a bargain, not), several ended up on drips, the manager wasnt interested saying the english always over indulge and we should avoid eating, drinking or going in the pool!!! The entertainment staff tried their hardest, kate and hubby really tried but 1 hr of entertainment a night is not enough. This could be a lovely complex the rooms are nice and spacious but a small investment is needed to bring it upto date. The only plus side to this holiday is I went home weighing less than when I arrived, thanks."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Select, booked with ThomsonPortland
4 / 10

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best holiday ever.... weather was hot...

"best holiday ever.... weather was hot around 43 degrees in the day and 37 in the evening, hotel was very clean staff was very friendly food was good with a good selection of different varieties. the entertainment wasn't very good but was only a 5 minute ride to nama bay a free bus from hotel and back was available. hotel has its own private beach with a free shuttle bus every hour there and back. i would love to go back next year!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
8 / 10

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Myself and a friend recently had a...

"Myself and a friend recently had a fantastic stay at this hotel and I would highly recommend it ! The weather was fantastic, and we spent a lot of time around the hotel pool.

The hotel was entirely clean throughout our stay and the staff so friendly. The grounds of the hotel are picturesque, quite a bit more extravagant than out recent holiday to Majorca!

Going all-inclusive was a first for us but it was really enjoyable. There was quite a variety of cuisines, mainly pasta dishes, rice and different meat dishes, depending on the evening theme. Desserts were fantastic with a huge array of cakes etc...very difficult to maintain a healthy diet out there! We avoided all salad and fruit though, in case of stomach upset. We were fine throughout.

The staff can't do enough for you and are lovely to talk to, they work extremely hard! Location of the hotel is a 5 minute cab ride into Naama Bay, where all the nightlife takes place. Don't let the cabbies rip you off though, they will try!

The evening entertainment was quite bad but we planned to go out every night to the bars in namma bay anyway. A very masculine looking belly dancer was strangely entertaining on the first night....

All in all a fantastic holiday and would love to go back!! March is a great time to go, very hot during the day, nice and cool in the evenings and not too humid!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Portland Direct
8 / 10

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Arrived about 10.45pm. Reception...

"Arrived about 10.45pm. Reception staff were friendly enough. Porter's insist on taking your luggage to room which is nice after a long journey. We tipped them english pound coins...we later discovered that the hotel staff like to be tipped with their own currency (Egyptian pounds) as it is hard for them to exchange sterling in the local banks.

The only fault that I could find with the hotel is that there was no entertainment. If you want fun and entertainment, you will have to travel into Narma Bay for this. They have a free bus which run's a few times a night back and forth, or you can always get a more that 30 (£3) egyptian pounds should suffice. If they say much more than that...I wouldnt pay it, as it's not that far! You will always get the one's who try it on!

The food was really good the first week, but I must say the it did go a bit downhill during the second week. We think this was because it changed management during our stay. You could see a lot of changes occuring compared to our first week. Be prepared for a deli beli...not saying it is/was the food, but if you want to travel to a country like Egypt, what do you expect?!

Most of the staff were very friendly and it was nice to get "lots" of nice attention from the waiter's! Especially if you are blonde like me! We tipped the most friendliest to us at the end of the holiday. It's up to you how much you want to give. They are very thankful for whatever they get as we found out they get paid no more than 10p an hour. And bear in mind they work 12/16 hours a day! I did have a couple episodes with certain staff as they did try it on quite forcefully, but this was resolved with no problems. There are only male's working in these hotels, as women are not allowed to work. I must say though, "Summer" was great! She worked in the Health Spa...she was a great laugh and I will not forget her. She was an exception to say the least.

The room's were emaculate. Cleaned with fresh bed linen every day. The swans/crocodiles/figures that they made from towels and left on the beds were absolutely brilliant! Really clever!

The pool's were lovely and the snack bar's were open from 10am to 5pm. The waiter's will come around while you sunbathe and ask what you would like to drink. Of course you have to drink bottled water which the hotel provided, but towards the end of our stay, they reverted to plastic cups of water when you asked for it. Again, I think this was down to the changeover of management. Also, many of the staff left to go to other hotel's to work because of this changeover.

Taking a trip to Cairo to see the pyramids is well worth it. Paying a bit extra to fly is best as it's a 24 hour all round trip via coach. 12 hours of that is travelling!

All in all, we had a great holiday. I don't think I'd go back to this hotel though because of the changes you could see happening towards the end. Saying that, from the reports we had at the airport going home, we were lucky and stayed at one of the best hotels in Sharm! We were in paradise compared to some reports!

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
8 / 10

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just want to say that I know this...

" just want to say that I know this review is a bit late, as I went to this hotel in Nov 2007 and it is now May 2008 but Ihad to put something in because after reading some of the reviews on here it got me so annoyed. The people who rated this hotel a 2/10 are just appaling and are just plain winge bags if you ask me. Its like they have nothing else better to do than slag off a hotel which as far as I was concerned was perfectly fine for me. I went to this hotel last year with my sister, aunty and my mam. we had a great time, we had great choice in foods for breakfast lunch and dinner. Yes I admit the rooms were in need of a makeover as they looked a bit worn down but how is that going to ruin your holiday? They were perfectly edible to sleep in, as this is all you do on holiday anyway. The staff were extremely helpful and nice and could not do enough for me, my sister, aunty and my mam. I used to look forward to having something to eat because we got such nice friendly staff who always talked to us and were very poilte and well mannered.

People need to grow up and stop rating a perfectly well hotel as horrible and not good enough for them, obviously there stuck up their own *****. What I want to know is how can someone rate this hotel as a 2/10 and then you get someone rating it as a 10/10? either the people who rated a 2/10 are lying or they have nothing else better to do than rate such a good hotel so bad, if this is true its just sad.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone x

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
9 / 10

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the was the best hotel i have ever...

"the was the best hotel i have ever stayed in.

i currently work for thomson and was told by me customers that this hotel was really nice so i booked it.

The weather was out of this wold.

The rooms were big a very clean. the maids (if u can call them maids if they are men)

cleaned the room every day. we had a tv and a fridge which we used a lot.

Theres no need to take a towel has the hotel provides them on a daily bases by the pool. You must get up really earl if you want a sunbed. Me and my partner got up at half 6 every morning to get one.

The food was lovely and staff couldn't do anoth for you.

The entertainment wasn't good but you make your own entertainment.


other than that it was brilliant.

You must also do the Quad Biking and Snokerling or Scuba Driving with the Driving Plantet

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
10 / 10

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Overall the hotel was nice for a four...

"Overall the hotel was nice for a four star. The staff, especially the resturant staff was very friendly and tried to make our time pleasant. The food was OK nothing spectaclar. The entertainment was mediocre at best. The room was nice, clean, and taken care of every day. Unfortunately our whole time there was spoiled by a broken vase. They have a vase with artifical flowers in the main lobby. One evening my son while walking through the lobby talking to friends, accidentally bump the vase and it fell over and broke. By their reaction you would have thought we had bombed the holtel. The broken vase was replaced with another in less then 10 minutes, but I was told some story that this was a precious vase on loan from a local store and was valued at 1300 Egyptian Pounds (aprox. $235.00) but out of the goodness of their heart they were going to reduce the cost we owed for the vase to 650 EP. At the most maybe it was worth 100 EP but I doubt it. I told them this was an accident, totally unintentional and saw no reason to pay for it. From that time on everytime we walked by the front desck the bill was waved in our face and payment was demanded. I finally went to the manager, who was rude and unresponsive and he said it was not his problem but mine. We both ended up angry. I found the manager later and again spoke to him and told him how unhappy I was with our treatment. That we were being harrassed and he assured me that it would stop and it did. The next night an older gentleman with too much to drink broke another vase which was immediately replaced. I looked for vases in the city and could find nothing like the one that was broken, but did find other vases more elaborate and less expensive then their 650 EP. All was well until we attempted to check out. I was again presented with the bill and told the the manager said I would pay for the vase. Under no circumstances did I agree to pay for it. I demanded to see the manager was told he could not be disturbed and from there things went down hill. I was threatened harrassed and extorted. I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy and if you go beware of the lobby vase."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Tentus
5 / 10

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On reading the review from the lady...

"On reading the review from the lady who travelled there in Dec 2007 I am truly shocked to read what she said as me and my partner have been to Egypt 4 times now and have been back to this hotel 3 times, and would fully recommend it.

You have to realise when you go abroad you won't get home from home comforts but then again don't us British moan at everything? we are in this country and moan it’s too cold, and then we go abroad we want bacon butties in a Muslim country and want it to be cooler!

well this hotel as far as I knew did not have a heated pool, but it has just had built a health spa with a jacuzzi, gym, massage parlour etc etc.

The food is ok but when you stay there two weeks it gets a little boring, as it’s the same, there is an Italian restaurant that you can book in and visit once a week during however long you stay which isn't brill. The staff are brilliant the cleaners are even better they make swans and hearts and things like that on your bed.

The hotel this time was a little different as it had the big bosses there walking around and it felt like you were just another guest, after 2 previous visits, so we said we would try somewhere else which we did in November 07 and were really disappointed with that hotel do not stay at the Pyramisa resort spa and villas at sharks bay. Entertainment at Tropicana is nonexistent and the glasses for the drinks are a little too small the hotel is very clean bedrooms have queen size beds in we got given the same room on three visits just by asking one of the staff who knew us.

They have you check out at 12 noon on the day of departure but they will provide you with a complimentary room to shower in if you ask, the only other thing I did not agree with was that they ask you to pay for your drinks after 12 noon on day of departure so the trick is bring your cases out of your room but don't go to reception or keep your band in your pocket and then you can still get your food and drinks till your coach picks you up.

I can fully recommend the quad biking done that once with the Thomson rep which was £35 each and then twice we have done it with someone in Naama Bay which cost us £12/14 each. Also eat at the Mexican in Naama brill do not eat at Onions it was crap.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
7 / 10

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