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1 / 10
worst holiday ever

"Having just returned from this hotel i can only say its the worst place i have ever been to.Booked with Balkan holidays.

Firstly the restaurant is so chaotic as there is never enough cutlery, glasses, or mugs. When asking the staff for any of these i was told they are just being washed up and they would bring 3 or 4 out at a time.Queues every day.We ate out most days as it drove us crazy trying to get a mug for coffee or cutlery, many guests purchased their own mugs! Food was awful. the same choice for lunch and evening meals, everyday without exception the same.Afternoon snacks consist of a couple of plates of sandwiches and a plate of biscuits, these are served in `The Irish Bar` which is a bit of a dive! I complained to the rep and was told the shortages were due to it being a busy time,even though one of the restaurants were closed.The pools were never cleaned and the childrens pool had black mould all around it.

On the beach guests must pay for sunbeds and umbrella daily, if two of you went to the beach everyday for a fortnight it would cost £140 total!Supposedly the beach bar had blown down so no drinks at the beach unless you pay extra as the lifeguard has a business going where he sells drinks and delivers to your sunbed instead of doing lifeguard duties.

I have never complained about any hotel ever and i have travelled

extensively, I would dissuade anyone from booking this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Balkan holidays
  • Advice: hated Bulgaria, will never return
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
get what you pay for

"weve just returned on sept 13th a party of 12....i didnt thimk it was that bad staff were friendly got clean towels every day the maid came in and made beds and mopped and drink was a bit naff but hey your in bulgaria not the ritz it was so cheap to eat out and we found a lovely little bar called the flower pot just out the back of the hotel were u could get a pint for 1 lev thats 43pence fantastic....sunny beach is a lovely place and we would defo go back but because its cheap i would go self catering...we were on the good side of the hotel but some of my family were on the other side which does need a little bit of dont let other reviews put you off like i say you get what you pay for and it wasnt that bad we all had a fantastic time."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
Nothing Wrong with this hotel.

"Just returned 5th Sept 2010 from 1 week in this hotel.

Don't believe the bad reviews on here.

The lifts do have a small problem in that the one nearest to the so called "Irish Bar" will only stop at floor 3 after any higher calls have been answered.

There has just been a new delivery of mugs in the restaurant and the food is as good as any other all inclusive we have stayed at in Europe.

Only warning I would give is don't book a sea view room as this is directly above the loud music music until about 1 am.

The staff are helpful and polite if you are the same.

I think they have a lot of hassle from the usual idiots who only go on holiday to get drunk and abuse everyone and everything.

The resort (Sunny Beach) is a waste of a good sandy beach. It's 8km of cheap and nasty restaurants, bars and fairground tat. Bit of a shame as Bulgaria ia beautiful if you take a trip inland - especially the Blue Mountains.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Balkan Holidays
  • Advice: Sunny Beach is Blackpool abroad
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Absolute Disgrace - Doesnt Deserve a 1*!!

"Well, where do we begin??

To look at, the hotel is quite acceptable, nicely built etc... but then you look at the hygine and clenliness of the place and it all goes downhill. The toilets were always disgusting, never cleaned, puddles on the floor, dirty seats, no toilet paper. One toilet had no light bulb for about 4 days.

The hotel rooms themselves were as bad, there were 10 of us split between 4 rooms and we were always borrowing toilet rolls from each other as they werent replaced. The beds were made daily, but the sheets werent changed at all in the 2 weeks we were there. There were 2 bath towels left a day, which is stupid seeing as there were 4 of us in our room (myself, my partner, and 2 children). I spent the 2 weeks worrying about the kids getting out on the balcony as there was no lock on the inside of the balcony door, both of them could reach the handle and get outside. We were stuck on the 6th floor, with 2 children under 5yrs and 2 pushchairs. My grandparents (ages 68 and 62) were also put on the 6th floor and we were all left struggling numerous times a day when the lifts broke down. We had to get my grandparents moved down to the 2nd floor as they couldnt handle the stairs that many times a day. We struggled with the pushchairs for the entire stay.

The staff at the hotel were all arrogant, unhelpful and down-right rude. Upon arrival, at 4am, a couple of bellboys took all our luggage, without asking if we needed help and took it to our rooms. They stood their with their hands out demanding money at our doors. We had nothing in Bulgarian as we had just arrived and everthing was packed. Mum tried to give them some English money and they threw it back at her demanding Lev, and were refusing to leave. (Tips are supposed to be optional and 'small change').

Now, the first day we were there we went for a walk just outside the hotel to find a supermarket, a local bloke shoved a handful of grapes in my partners face, demanding that he tried them. So he did, 1 grape. The man was then demanding money... 4 Lev for a grape. I said we had no money, i refused to pay this rude man! He said that we had to otherwise he would call his boss and his boss would have a big probelm and call the police. I still refused, saying we had no money on us, we got out of it by promising to go back, but we went back across the beach instead. Its a joke. These people are everywhere, trying to force you to take fruit and give them money. The same day we went back to the hotel swimming pool, we were playing in there with the 2 children (aged 2 and 4). They were playing on the slide next to the small pool which was about 6ft high. There was no padded floor around the slide, no soft surface and no Lifeguard. My 2 year old daughter fell off the side of the slide and smacked her face on the concrete, I had to handle this myself as there was no help around. This landed us in hospital, which was 37km from the hotel. Apparently out Rep should have been called, and a doctor would have been brought on-site to assess her, but instead they shipped us off to hospital, where we were told we had to stay over night for observation. It was all an insurance scam... she did not need hospital, she did not need assessing, they did nothing, my daughter wasnt even given a gown to wear, she slept in a bikini top and nappy in a cold room. no one spoke English. It was more like a prison, it was the most horrific experience of my life. They were pinning my baby down, making her bleed trying to get an unnecessary drip into her hand and then her arm. they bruised her up.

Back to the hotel itself... On day 2, when we finally got to eat at the 'All-Inclusive' restaurant, I was seriously disapointed!! The food was all under-cooked, the meat was pink, the vegetables were rock-hard, nothing had any taste. Throughout the week we learned that there was no variety, it was always the same nasty uncooked food. my daughter refused to eat a lot, I hardly ate (and I am 7 months pregnant), Almost all the members of our party experienced 'bad tummy' at some point during our stay. It was almost impossible to get knives and forks, and glasses/mugs to use. I had a mug that was so badly cracked, I had coffee leaking out of it. People were taking them away with them and bringing them back at the next meal time just so they knew they would have cutlery. Some people were even buying mugs from the souveneir shop to use at breakfast. There were only 2 members of the restaurant staff that were helpful, and even attempted to smile, the rest would push past you and refuse to help. There are 2 sister hotels on the same site, The Chaika Hotel, and the Victoria Hotel. On the 2nd week the Victoria Hotel restaurant was closed and all guests were redirected to Chaika Restaurant. So there were twice as many people in one restaurant. it took about 20 mins to even get a table, it was chaotic, and unenjoyable. I stopped going down to the restaurant for breakfast as it was more hassle than it was worth, and dinner time in the evening was just a joke. The whole of the 2nd week all 10 of us ate out at local restaurants. It is terrible seeing as we paid for all-inclusive and then had to pay extra to eat out. One one occasion we noticed that the little individual butter packs were over a year out of date, we advised the manager of this and they refused to take them off the counter.

In the childrens swimming pool we spotted some poo within the first few days. It was still there about 3 days later. Not once did we see the pool being cleaned, not once did we see a Lifeguard observing the pool or guests, not once were cleaning chemicals put into the pools. There was more poo in the pool in the 2nd week, and we told the 'Lifegard' - (but he was busy, apparently he helps out at the bar too.... so cant always be at the pool!!!!!!!!) It was disgusting.

Oh, when me and my daughter were taken to the hospital on day 1, we had to get hold of our passports for the insurace etc. My mum went to reception (where they were being held) and asked for them, and they handed over mine, my daughters, my partners and his daughters passports without even looking at the pictures or asking who my mum was and what she needed them for. They could have been easily handed to anybody.

Trying to get hold of our Rep was a nightmare. He declared that he was always aroud to help etc... We only saw him twice. When we raised our complaints with him, he slouched back in his chair and said 'i know, people have been complaining about the same things for the last 3 yrs' fully aware of the problems, but laughing at us. His attitude was worse than poor.

My Nan (68yrs) is Diabetic, and was very badly catered for. The only thing she could drink was Diet Coke and Water and 9 times out of 10 the bar staff would say that they had run out of Diet Coke. She had to buy bottles of Diet Coke at the supermarket outside the hotel. The White Wine was always 'run-out' too. And a number of the bar staff would only serve you 4 drinks at a time. So with a party as big as ours we had to order drinks in shifts.

I was ready to come home after day one... and on our final day we were sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for our coach telling the new arrivals not to bother and to get back on their busses.

There was absolutely no entertainment at the hotel, nothing for the children, not even a playground. We walked up and down the strip of shops/market stalls about 3 times a day as there was nothing to do. The few days that we had bad weather and the kids couldnt go in the pools were awful, we were sitting in the Irish bar all day, 2 kids with 2 colouring books, watching the rain! Thats it.

At the beginning of the second week the beach was lined with jellyfish, absolutely everywhere! loads of dead ones, some alive in the sea, so the kids couldnt go there either.

I have been back for 4 days now, and my daughter is terribly ill. She has got gastroenteritis (which is vomitting and diarrhea caused by unprepared food, uncooked food, closely linked to E-Coli and Salmonella). She has been so weak and ill for the last 4 days, over her birthday. I have had her at the doctors twice and they have both said that it is 98% positive to have come from Bulgaria. I have never seen my baby girl so ill. She is the main reason I am writing this review! I have never bothered before, but I was so highly disgraced by this holiday that I have saved up 3 years for, and so angry at how my little girl has come home that I thought I should share it before anyone else books up and wastes their money and/or gets ill. It is a joke, hygine is awful, staff are a disgrace, service is poor, restaurant is dangerous! I wouldnt even give this holiday/hotel of allowing 1 Star, let alone 4! No way. I would strongly recommend you avoid this place, for good!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: its awful!!

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2 / 10
"waste of money & time"

"I have just come back form a 2 week all-in stay at this hotel and i can say that it is the worst holiday i have ever been on.

I went with a group of 10 people, 1 of wich was an elderly lady with heart conditions and diabietes. also went with 2 little children in pushchairs.

we was put on the 6th foor, and the lifts broke down daily. this was a nightmare for us as we had to carry 2 pushchairs down 6 flights of stairs everyday. in the end we had to request that they move us to the 2nd floor.

the bars were constantly out of diet coke and white wine. the food was horrible and the menu was the same everyday. we ate out most eveings (not good as we paid for an all-in holiday).

the 1st day of the holiday my niece ended up spending the night in hospital as he feel off of a water slide and badly hurt her head. there was no padding around the slide, and was very dangerous. hospital staff a nightmare, didnt provide food, gowns or drink. she had to sleep in her swimmy clothes.

hotel staff are really rude.

never any cutlery, cups are all chiped and your tea would leak out of the sides of the cup, butter was 1 year out of date. after pointing it out to the staff they still didnt remove it from the bar.

rooms - not clean.. you will be lucky if they changes your sheets the hole time you are there. 2 towles per room, not even a floor towel.

there was constantly poo in the childrens swimming pool, when reported to the lifegard it was removed but no cleaning was done.

food was never cooked properly, meat was raw in the middle.

this is ment to be a 5star hotel... i would give this hotel 2 stars at a push.

we would never go back and would like to warn anyone who is thinking about going.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos

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1 / 10
nightmare holiday

"returned from a nightmare thanks goodness to be home from reception looks good but this is very misleading.Lifts broke often as i was on seventh floor with my mother who has heart condition this was a nightmare when i explained this to hotel staff they suggested that two men would carry her to our room this is a joke as she weighs 16 stone and would be very degrading so she stay in our room Cleaner think rooms are round as they never cleaned corners.Table clothes in dining room are disgusting with chipped and cracked cutlery which you have to queue food is worse that school dinners in the 70 s.I could go on but do yourself a favour dont pick here to stay"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont stay here
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
You gets what you pay for !

"Just returned from Chaika Beach after a fortnight with wife.

What do people want ! We had a great time and so would others if they actualy broke down their holiday cost into what they're physically getting. We paid £2200 for AI with seaview which we got, now if we estimate cost of flights and transfers at £400 each that leaves £1400 for the hotel, so for £350 each per week we had board, lodgings, drink and full use of the hotels amenities. On these figures I was not expecting the Bulgarian equivalent of the Dorchester or the Savoy Grill !

If you can get that in the UK for the same price + the weather let me know.

Now lets look at some of the things that people are prone to complaining about -

FOOD - Edible, plenty of choice,up to 7 main courses but unfortunately repetitive and dull.As its so cheap to eat out in Bulgaria if you get fed up up walk 20 yards either way outside the hotel and eat well for less than a tenner.

CLEANING - Our room cleaned everday and towels and sheets changed daily.

POOLS - 3 pools in complex, the shady pool which we used you were always able to get a sun bed up to about 10.

PUBLIC TOILETS IN HOTEL - Not enough of them and as there are no pool toilets often water on floor, unfortunately the ones in the Irish Bar are not very hygenic.

STAFF - Always friendly and helpful without exception.

HOTEL BARS - Never a problem in getting a drink in any of them.

ROOM - Large, a/c, comfortable, added bonus able to watch live Premier league in it at no cost !

LIFTS/POWER CUTS - Yes need to be sorted out, main lift seemed to break down at least once a day.

RESORT - Beautiful beach and sea ( shoals of little fish in the breakers ) certainly in our area no signs of the sleaziness mentioned in other reviews, just normal big resort going ons

So you takes your choice, see how far your £ goes in the eurozone or like me, accept that I am going to an eastern european country which in many ways is perhaps 20 years behind western europe and put up with the negatives and make the most of the positives.

I will be booking up to return to the Chaika Beach !

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: accentuate the positive, diminish the negative
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Do Not Go Here

"I am a tolerant guy who works all around the world and have stayed in a large amount of hotels in the process.

Without a doubt, this was simply the worst hotel I have ever been to.

Don`t get me wrong, it is not bad to look at, but.............

There were a total of 13 of us across 6 rooms, ages 1 to 61.

Air conditioning, you know the place you can retreat to when it all gets too hot, 2 of 6 rooms were sort of OK at 23C, the rest could not get below 29C day or night, we complained at reception every single day, nothing was done in the full 2 weeks. "Sorry we are full, no other rooms available, manager not available etc etc". My son has a 1 year old daughter and had to keep her in that heat each night.

Public areas including the restaurant within the hotel were not air conditioned either. We actually kept the shower on 24/7 as the hot water was so cold it actually felt better.

Power cuts, frequent and in one case for 12 hours throughout the whole day.

Water, how in a place that is pumping out 29C air through the AC can you get absolutly freezing water from the shower, every single night.

Fridge did not work in two of the rooms, again requested help every day, nothing.

Lifts were out of order much more than they worked.

£50!! for a safe deposit box in the room, no refundable deposit.

The locals want a tip for absolutly everything.

If you are not up by 7am, simply forget a bed by the pool.

Very few English speaking guests, hence the above.

Food in the restaurants was the same every single day, chicken, pork, peas, corn, chips. Bland like you would not believe.

The whole place is not as cheap and chearful as they make out, local beer is not good, any proper spirits or beer is at least as expensive as european prices.

Waste of money and a summer vacation. Will not go back and recommend the same to you.

If you have any queries or dissagre with any of the above comments, please feel free to contact me.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Half Board, booked with Balkan
  • Advice: Do not go here !!!!!

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1 / 10
Do Not Go Here - Food Rubbish, Terrible Place

"What a terrible holiday, worst ever in my life of visting all over Europe and further afiled. Bulgaria is so backward. 49 lev for a safety deposit box with just a key. Our room was very basic, the curtains were hanging off at the side and far too long. We had adjoining rooms with our teenagers and their door jammed, no one fixed it and they ended up locked in the room hazzard or what!! We are not the only ones complaining, every British person we spoke to had the same opinion or worse. The Balkan Rep, Maria, was not interested at all, and couldnt believe we were complaining about the food and quality of the hotel!! In the dining room the Tables were not reset and we had to help ourselves to cutlery and napkins. Food resembled worse than school dinners. Ended up eating out a lot. All inclusive a joke, one bar to choose from and rubbish, wine like vinegar. Pool bar unclean and had to reuse plastic tumblers, shocking!! maids power washed pool area at 10am every day splashing everyones towels with water, and ourselves, and leaving the area soaking and not even clean. Twice we reported pool lights floating in the water with wires attached, a man who was a holidaymaker was trying to fit it back in, scarey, but nothing was done to secure the lights and same happened later on that week. Huge mix of young groups of males and female German parties similar to Club 18-30.

Power cut on and off for 2 days, not hotels fault as it was a resort problem but the hotel had no emergency lighting in the hallways and we left the hotel to travel home at 3am in pitch blackness using our mobile phone lights to guide us.

The hotel staff were run off their feet, working long hopurs and short staffed, the recpetion staff was not friendly either.

We all came back with tummy bugs and I think it was due to the pool never been cleaned in the whole week we were there. I could go on and on about much much more, was never so glad to get home.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Balkan Holidays
  • Advice: Never Go There_Awful
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Do Not Stay here

"I have been to Bulgaria many this going back to when it was a communist country and have experiance its rise to modern time with nice hotels. I am married to a Bulgarian so it makes thing interesting. I have stayed in many hotels ranging from 2 star to 5 star in Bulgaria and have always got what I paid for until this year and my stay at the Chaika Beach Hotel.

Firstly our flight was delayed and we arrived some twelve hours late all hot and smelly so the first thing we all wanted was to wash and eat.We paid for sea view and got sea view but the two rooms had not hot water, I mean no water coming from the taps in both rooms.I went to reception to report this and was greeted by the most rudest person I have ever meet and she basic told me to go back so my room and wait. No hot water came until 11.00pm so we went to eat hot and smelly. The restuarant was a disgace. The food it self looked and tasted ok but there do not change the table cloths or clear and mess from the previous customer so we ended up removing the cloth our selves. If you are not all inclusive you will find it hard it get a drink with you meal.Take a knife and fork with you has we experianced a wait most nights of 5-10 mins for one.Breakfast again food not bad but dirty, cracked and chipped cups and long waits for these.

Back to the hot water and we had not hot water every day of our stay between 5pm and 9.30pm so if you need to wash for the everning do it no later than 4.30pm.

Our shower had never been maintained and flooded both rooms, it was reported but was easier for me to do the work than to that abuse from the reception staff. The lifts are rearly working and brake down all the this so be careful if you have children using these on there own. Whan the brake you have to force the doors open and clime either up on down depending on where it as stopped and remember to turn it off before you escape jsu incase it starts up.

Ther are many many other thing that we could mention but to summeries this hotel should be rated not higher than a 3 star, it does not meet basic standards of hygyne or washing and would not meet basic EU heath and safty. Therfore UK holiday companies in my case Thomas Cook should not be sending us there and if they do then should take some of the responcibilties.

My advice on Bulgaia, You will love this country and its peaople but advoid this hotel and any hotel run by the Victoria hotel group,


  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
hotel nightmare

"myself nd partner have just come back from aweek in this hotel 4stars more like a 2 star if i had been on here before i went i would not have wanted to go. basiclly all food was german if you like that?? nd we had the band all incl and we ended up eating out more than in. we will differently not be going back there!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: dont go!!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Worst Holiday Ever

"This being my 3rd time in Bulgaria and last i must say this was the worst hotel I have ever stayed in.

All inclusive what a joke, ,There are 2 parts to the hotel white bands and blue bands if you get white god help you. The Lobby Bar what a joke it stinks has unfriendly staff and more like a room than a pub. The reasturant if thats what you call it is a disgrace not enough seating and the food is not edible wouldnt even feed it to my dog. No entertainment what so ever and nothing at all to do defenitely not for Familys this is more like a 18-30 Hotel.

Hotel looks nice from the outside but can ensure you not like that inside. I have never written a review but im serious if you are considering booking this Hotel for a Family Holiday stay clear. This cost a lot of money and i know through previous experience there is better out there.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Balkan Holidays
  • Advice: Dont Book
  • Good For: Beach

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