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3 / 10
Entertainment for seniors esp the dancers!

"This ship was trying too hard to cater for a broad spectrum of customers hence very disappointing for seniors. We thought we could have My Time dining so we could go to the early shows and then off to the dance floor on Deck 5 Golden Lounge. Firstly the band only played for 45 minutes segments and it was either too early 8.15pm or too late 10.00/11.00 pm. Secondly there were too many unsupervised little kids jumping around the dance floor till very late at night. The dance floor warp in quite a few places and was risky. Heavy drink tables were left on the dance floor which was quite dangerous too. Only consolation was the Kinetic band was playing some decent dance music. So seniors, if dancing is your only form of recreation forget it."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2016, booked with RAC TRAVEL, PERTH
  • Advice: Just use the facilities and don't buy anything else.

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1 / 10
BIG THUMBS DOWN Royal Carribean = Worst Ship ever - Money making ship - Very expensive & over rated -

"My wife & I were on the 5th Dec 2015 cruise very disappointing . We were excited about going on the Voyager only to be left extremely disappointed. We have sailed on Radiance - far better ship. We mainly sail with Princess Cruises and have now cancelled 2 future cruises with RCCL on Celebrity Soltice & Legend of the Seas . Royal Caribbean has lost us as a customer and going by passengers we spoke to on the cruise, they will be losing a lot more. RCCL increased cabins/passengers but neglected to increase staff, which resulted in long queues everywhere on the ship , at times in excess of 30 minutes just to get a drink. Every lounge area, theater etc., nowhere to sit and the pool , well we just gave up, managed to use the pool twice the whole trip and that was when we were in port. On-board shops were high end prices, not enough general store items....$15.99 US dollars for a bar of Cadbury Chocolate. Help desk staff had no idea, left hand didn't talk to the right hand, depending who you spoke to, different scenario every time....what a mess. Windjammer everyday fought to get a table, food was disgusting - same everyday and cold, absolutely disgusting. Sapphire Dining Room, food was also really bad, no variety, no flavor and we were totally fed up with the Specialty Restaurants promoting and pushing people to book everyday. We did book the Italian Restaurant and it was awesome - best food we had the whole cruise, also booked Steakhouse - disgusting - what a rip off ! Our room attendant was fantastic, could not fault him, he did a great job, RCCL should take notice of the paying passengers - so many people not happy with this ship. Shows/Entertainment was very very poor - second rate. Did the survey when we got off the cruise, would be nice if RCCL actually gave a damn what the passengers thought...haven't heard a word. Am also placing our experience on we had of read the reviews before we booked the cruise on this ship, could have saved us a lot of money. RCCL / Voyager of the Seas only interested in making lots of money and ripping people off instead of providing paying passengers with a decent holiday....NEVER AGAIN we will be booking any cruise with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines....Have booked our next 2 cruises now with Princess. Anyone reading this,....our advise...choose another cruise line - do not book on this ship you will be very disappointed .....ripping off us Aussies,,,not good....Royal Caribbean have definitely missed the boat on this one.....BIG THUMBS DOWN"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently

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2 / 10
voyager of the seas cruise

"We have just returned from 8 nights cruise on voyager of the seas from Sydney a group including a 14 month right thru to seventies. While the ship is great and the entertainment amazing there were a lot of negatives. Firstly no toddlers pool which has been removed to accommodate the flow rider which meant the young ones has to go into the main deeper pool which was obviously full of older children and not ideal.

Also the prices on board are outrageous while charges are in us$ and exchange rate not good but to charge upwards of us$9 for a glass on wine and then add on 18% service charge when ships such as carnival are charging us $ 7 says something about Aussies getting ripped off. Even coffee, water, juice etc all very expensive all leaves a bad taste when you get the bill. Even in the sapphire dining room they were always trying to get extra money if you wanted lobster or a good steak all extras, same in the gym. Definitely not a good ship to take young ones as there was a lot of Gastro on board half our party were ill including the youngest which turned very serious.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2015, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Xmas and New Years Cruise

"My family are fairly experienced holiday makers,having traveled extensively throughout Asia,the Americas amd Europe on land,however we have also cruise approximately (40),west coast and east coast of the North Americas,the Beautiful Bahamas,Carribean and the Mexican Riviera as well as most all of the pacific islands and Asia. We spent X,as and New Years on a (14) night cruise on Voyager of the seas with our extended family (19) in total and each and every one of them had an absolute wonderful holiday, the ages varied from infant to 60 years age and we all found the Food,Entertainment,accommodations,Staff,and all the Voyagers Facilities more than adequate for a fun loving family vacation,understandably the Aussie Dollar is not the best at this time so there is a variance in costs as opposed to an Australian cruise liner however the level of excellence is unparalleled when it comes to service and uniqueness of everything RCl has to offer, we have been long time advocates of RCL and have probably convinced and introduced more than one humdred people to give cruising a try especially RCL. Thanks RCL for all our fantastic memories watching our Grandchildren faces when Santa arrived on board,Christmas luncheon,the Madagaskar themed Breakfast etc: was very special and will always be a fond memory for my family. all cruise lines have good cruise ships and good staff,RCL has the very best.we are about to board the Voyager once again 29/11/2015 for a well deserved break (7) nights Sydney Melbourne and Hobart. N

We have booked the Ultimate Drinks package although not sure this is value for us I think the convenience of being able to order any drink without the surprise account at the end of a wonderful cruise.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: SMILE at everyone they are all on holidays and join in the fun.
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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7 / 10
Singapore to Sydney

"What a debacle getting onto the ship in Singapore. They had 2 liners in at the same time and it took hours to get on board as the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing. Staff very friendly but twin beds very small. Food overall was good and entertainment excellent. Would never cruise again on such a large ship. Coffee was terrible..."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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9 / 10
Our Best cruise experience

"This is our best cruise experience. We loved it so much and we are looking forward to go again. This is lovely, clean, affordable, friendly hotel in a great location.

We have just returned from 16 days cruise to New Zealand on Voyager. It was our first cruise and we loved it. The staff, food , cabin and overall experience were first class. We ate breakfast and lunch in the Windjammer Cafe and then dinner each night in the dining room. It was nice to be waited on for dinner and the selection of food was varied and of excellent quality. Our waiters gave excellent service and were extremely pleasant. The cruise staffs are very friendly We loved this cruise so much. Chef Sanjay D’souza was very good and helped us a lot and made nice lovely food for us. We had a great time and this cruise experience is one of our best experience and one of our best memories to store in our life.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, booked with flight centre, southport Australia
  • Advice: Ice ODC show
  • Good For: , City Breaks, Skiing

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3 / 10
Are we there yet....never again

"My first and prob my last cruise experience, overall an expensive and disappointing experience.

The positives were few but absolute god sends....the Gymnasium was very well equipped and free to use, the meals in the Sapphire dinning rooms were very good and the service was prompt, friendly and helpful, 10/10 for the dinning room staff. Getting on and off the ship was very well organized and hassle free. The stateroom on level 2 was quite roomy,the beds were ok if you don't have any aches or pains, the room attendant was friendly and did a great job, she had to, the staff work for tips, no wage, sure way to ensure good service.

The negatives, well there was plenty, to start with all costs, and there was lots of them, were in US dollars, so add another 30c or so for every amount $ you spend....and you will spend, water , coffee and tea are free, any other drink you will pay for, if you prefer real orange juice taste like something likened to TANG you will pay $6 US approx. cheaper at the will pay for mostly everything, yoga, in fact anything organized in the spa area other than using the equipment and spa/sauna un assisted. Beauty salon was the same a haircut...approx $100, massage around $150, anti aging skin treatments start around $500 and last anywhere from 6 months on.

If you are unfortunate enough to need medical attention, I caught conjunctivitis on board, $121 to see the Dr and $75 for the antibiotic eye drops,$US of course.Many others spent significantly more, depending on what ail's you.

The casino had lots of Pokie Machines, but only took American notes....the card tables would take AUS $

There was approx 3500 people on board so waiting was an issue even if you pre-booked. waiting for the lifts is annoying so use the stairs, it helps burn the calories as well.

The activities ,well if you were young Shrek and Princess Fiona popped in for photo opportunities, (more money), kids and family movies frequent at the pool area, hard to hear though due to all the kids playing in the pools, mostly aimed at 6+ age group and teens. If you were older things like learn to play Bridge, how to make Origami or decorate cup cakes was available and the library had more empty space on the shelves than I do at home.The tours arranged by the ship were terrible, over priced by more than double, much better to arrange things your self at the port or before you depart, for instance, the Jet Boat in NZ was around the $150 mark via the ship, I got it for $64 NZ at port, and it was well worth that price.

There was little else to do if you did not drink, More Money, play Bingo, yes you pay for the games, gamble or liked to shop in the overpriced high end shops on-board. I likened the whole ship to a tacky floating American hotel.

Other things you might like to know, coffee is not supplied in your room only tea, the bar fridge contents, water incl is charged for. If you want milk to make a cuppa, then order it through room service in the morning, the TV in your room plays the same programming for the entire 14 days on a loop and remember to take runners as you cant use the Gym without them, long pants are a must for the guys if you want to eat in the dinning rooms and the Windjammer is like a giant overcrowded cafeteria...good luck finding a seat. Internet is available, very expensive and slow.

One last hint, there are NO laundry facilities for passengers to use, all washing is done by staff and yes it costs.

I have given this cruise a rating of 3/ each for the gym , the staff and room size.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: If you like to drink lots, have money to burn and don't mind waiting, this cruise if for you.

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1 / 10
Voyager was an awful experience

"I have just got off the Voyager of the seas from Sydney 29th dec for 14 night cruise. We booked a junior suite. I will cover off the good points first, this won't take long. Getting on the ship was easy and well organised, once on the ship most of the rest of my holidays was spent lining up for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour for everything. On board high lights our meal time waiter was excellent (Vaseen Syed was his name), the ice show was world class and the Boys in the Band were also exceptional. Now I will share with you the issues that Voyager has that will ensure I would never again book a cruise with Royal Caribbean. The ship has just finished a much publicised $80m dollar refurb so I was expecting to see something special, truth is as an experienced cruiser all they have done is reduced the recreational and leisure space so they could add in extra cabins, so an extra 800 people, fewer staff and long wait time for everything, lifts, coffees, drinks, food, a seat a show you name it, I think I lost a bout 3-4 days of my holiday waiting in lines from under staffing and over crowding. The help desk are plain and simple rude, unhelpful, struggle with English and are very good at saying I don't know and I can't help you. One example of this was I waited for the mandatory 45 minutes in the line to speak with the help desk about booking a Barbie experience for my 4 year old daughter, they told me they no longer did this program, after seeing a number of other people with the sign on their door, I again returned to advise them (after another 40 minute wait) this time they abused me, saying we already told you that program is no longer running, out of total frustration I knock on a cabin door with the barbie sticker and asked how to get my daughter enrolled, the passenger was very helpful and we enrolled our daughter in the activity.... This is but one example of a useless "help desk", an on going theme of the cruise. We were stupid enough to buy a prepaid drinks package, all this did was ensured bar staff ignored you and served other customers, they don't make any money from prepaid customers, I lost count how many times I ordered drinks and they never arrived. Go to the bar and wait, it took 20-30 minutes each time, same if you want a coffee.

The activities director of this cruise has had a total shocker and clearly didn't cater for any one of his demographic on board, a kids sail away parade at 10:30pm at night.... Really? The over all activities on the ship were poorly organize.... Nothing for kids to do all day, the kids club was a total joke - lots of advertised activities but alas not once was the program actually followed, so kids were baby sat for 3 hours and never wanted to go back, no movies in the theater, no lunch time shows, no kids pools, kids play areas, slides or anything to climb on, if your kid was less than 1.3m tall they couldn't go wave rider and both pools the kids were allowed in would also be over their heads, the spas were always full of small children as they could at least stand up in them. Older kids sat around bored in stairways, lifts and threw food from the windjammer for fun, teen discos starting at 11pm.....

The entertainment apart from the few at the start of this review, you would see better at your local RSL or Pub pathetic is the only word that comes to mind. The trivia games were fun but again the activities director booked then into venues simply not capable of accommodating the crowds, if you were one of the lucky few to get a seat at either the pigs whistle or reduced sized schooner bar, the rest of the people would sit on the floor a joke really. The bingo had a same issue in the star lounge half the people paying around $50 aud to play bingo had to sit on the floor, to make matter worse the staff were selling multiple versions of the same bingo tickets to the players which meant every time someone called bingo 2-3 people with the exact same cards would call bingo....highly unprofessional and you would even get away with that at your local bowlo.

The food in the main dining area was disgusting, over heated, over cooked and embarrassingly poor quality, the ship has a number of specialty restaurants on board which is now user pays, these were always booked out for the entire cruise... Good profit in serving rubbish up in the main dining areas. The buffet at breakfast and lunch were the same food for 14 days and at best average to poor, the alternate was to wait for a la cart breakfast or lunch and by wait I mean wait, most lunches and breakfast would take 1-1.30 hours if you were lucky, and could be bother waiting in the line to get in the dining room, same goes for the Wind Jammer good luck finding a seat.... Very frustrating.

After two weeks aboard this ship I walked off feeling I had spent the last 2 weeks at a time share seminar, at every possible time the y we're trying to sell you something, even after a $150us massage they won't let you out of the room until they try to sell you very expensive oils- they made it very uncomfortable if you said no. This behavior was repeated through out the ship by all staff who saw every traveler as a walking credit card. The total lack of entertainment continues in the room where you TV has 3 movies and 3 TV shows that repeat for 14 days, of course if these drive you nuts you can always pay for movies at $20 each. Several TV channels are devoted to selling selling selling the purchase opportunities on board, and with out fail each days activity sheet had promotional material on what big sale or purchase items or ways to spend your money were on board. Never promoting free activities or things that might be fun. The staff at the photo lab want 1 thing your money and they don't care how they get it. Very pushy and not very helpful.

Maybe slightly nit picky but when you have had a bad experience you tend to notice these sort of things but who in their right mind puts an I cream machine for kids next to the smokers area?

Onto the rooms we got a suite, word to the wise if your kids are going to use the pull out bed from the couch get a mattress or be ready to share your beds with the kids, alas our room attendant couldn't find a mattress and ended up putting 6-7 dooners on top to make it bearable. Now for what I thought was our room highlight, the nightly water feature in our bathroom which would arrive from the decks above with out fail, some nights it was just water other nights it was sewer and other nights I don't think I want to know what it was. A bathroom flooded with filth most every night, we had to throw out a number of cloths, shoes and personal effects that were simply covered in crap, we did not want them back. The floods would come out the floor drains, out the sink and out the toilet from multiple spots, we got very friendly with the clean up team, never did they offer to move us or even compensate for the damage items. The rest of the room was good and the balcony a good place to wait each night for the clean up to finish.

In short this cruise was over crowed, understaffed, unprofessional, very expensive and I was glad to get of the ship. Just when you think the holiday from hell was over, they direct you about 500m up a cobble stone foot path dragging your bags that won't roll in the rain to pick up point, they would not let you wit under cover. Royal Caribbean you are an embarrassment to the travel industry.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't book to go on the voyager

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4 / 10
Voyager of the Seas - Not Quite Good Enough

"My husband and I went on New Year’s Eve cruise leaving Sydney 29 December 2014 on the Voyager of the Seas for 14 nights around Fiji and New Zealand. Last year we did a similar cruise for New Year’s Eve on Princess around Fiji and New Caledonia and enjoyed it so much we wanted to experience it again. Overall we had a great time on Voyager but there was a lot to be desired.

We read up on the Voyager of the Seas and liked that it had an $80M renovation although included 700 more passengers. Ultimately, this made the cruise overcrowded which was a common complaint amongst passengers. The promenade was beautifully renovated/amazing space but with designer shops, 1 pub and small 24 hour café.

Embarkation was easy.


Our deluxe balcony cabin on Level 8 was big and comfortable with a three seat couch. Lots of cupboards and storage space. This was a big plus for us.


Overall the food was of a poorer quality compared to other cruises. (Anything for RCL to save a dollar).

Windjammers was newly renovated but not enough seating for the extra passengers. The food was very average and much the same food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It started to feel like a cafeteria. The only food that served 24 hours was a small café with pizza, cakes and coffee which did not cater for over 3,000 passengers. Coffee was awful.

The Sapphire Dining Room was beautifully renovated but the meals were hit or miss. Waiters were great. I once ordered Venison but was told it was really beef! Chicken Cordon Bleu was a dry crumbed chicken. Lacking presentation. No lobster night but you could order lobster each night at a cost of US$40! Gone are the Bombe Alaska and theme nights.

Bars were all understaffed with so many more passengers it became a common waiting game. Drinks were expensive and I noticed many cocktails had no prices on them. Surprise, surprise! The pre-paid drink packages were all based daily and not the entire cruise which made it expensive.

New Year’s Eve was great! A formal night. Party on the pool deck with a live band and the promenade was crowded with balloons falling down at midnight. Something to remember!


A common complaint amongst passengers was “there is not much to do”. Lots of karaoke with finals at the end which was really good. The Love & Marriage Game is always fun.

There was 3D movies (with glasses) in the La Scala Theater but not enough over 14 days. One afternoon a really good film was cancelled as the rights to the film had expired so we watched half an animated movie. Not good enough! The theater was under used during the day.

A new smaller screen has been added on the pool deck for afternoon movies but was noisy from the pools and obstructed viewing. They could have had music videos during the day and make it lively. There were movies some nights around 8pm but who wants to sit outside in the cold.

The Ice Show was really good but the live theater each night was hit or miss. Out of the 14 nights we enjoyed the hypnotist, Rod Stewart impersonator and Mario Queen of the Circus but everything else we found pretty average.

I went along to a card making class which consisted of a kit and make it yourself.

I also went to a Ladies Pamper Party one day in the gym but was all about trying seven different facial products and trying to sell them. Also free health seminars in the gym and then signing up for more US$$. Amazed that the gym was free! There was a terrific big round spa in the gym which we used with pleasure.

I enjoy reading on a cruise but the library was more of a thoroughfare with noise everywhere and no quiet spots on the ship to read except for the cabin.


Staff are a credit to the Voyager with all staff being friendly but they work long hours for smaller pay. This includes waiters, cooks, cleaners, barmen etc but I can’t say the same for the entertainment crew. I think they could have done better with the activities.

NOTE that Voyager of the Seas and all RCL cruise prices are in US dollars so don’t forget to convert to Australian currency throughout the cruise as you will get a nasty bill at the end of the cruise. As with all cruises a plastic Sea Pass (Credit Card) is used and your spending can be viewed on the TV. Lots of unhappy customers at the end of the cruise complained about the bill. We conservatively spent just over $700 but was actually $1,000 Aussie dollars.

At a Q&A with the captain a passenger asked why there is no chocolate on the pillow any more which he then replied… with the renovation you need to cut costs somewhere.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves but Voyager of the Seas and also Oasis of the Seas which we have previously done is all about BUMS ON BEDS, spending US$$ and not value for money.


Latoka and Suva, Fiji

These ports were not worth visiting. It would have been so much better to see the Fijian islands. Both are very poor and underdeveloped cities. Full of the same Indian shops and were told many times to watch our bags. Very unwelcoming. We have been there before and unless you want to see the real Fiji you need to take tours which can find off the ship. Cruise tours are way overpriced. Note that all ship prices are in US dollars so don’t forget to convert throughout the ship.

Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington, New Zealand

Having been to NZ before we took the Hop On Hop Off in all three cities.

Auckland is a beautiful city and we saw a lot of it with the Explorer Hop On Hop Off bus. $45 for an all day pass with 15 stops. The pier is right in the middle of the city so you can walk to the center of town. The city is beautifully set out and you won’t run out of things to see. My favorite was Mt Eden an extinct crater with 360 degrees view of the city and Eden Garden.

From Tauranga most people take a cruise tour to see Rotarua which we have seen. In Tauranga we got a full day ticket for the Hop On Hop Off bus. $27 takes you on a 60 minute loop with seven stops. The city center is relaxing with lots of shopping/cafes and a pretty beach next to the port.

Wellington is so scenic and surrounded by a harbor and sea. A shuttle bus ($10 each) takes you to the city or i-SITE Visitor Center. We bought tickets for the Hop On Hop Off bus at $45 each. A small bus (because of the steep and narrow streets) takes round around 17 tourist spots. Don’t miss the Cable Car ride.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Enjoy the Sapphire Dining Room and theatre shows.

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9 / 10
Dream Voyage on the Voyager

"Our cruise (Cabin 7260 & 7258 29/12/2014) 14 days Sydney, Fiji and NZ. Must say we had an absolute great time and it was sad to disembark in Sydney (2 adults and 2 teens). Lots of things to do on board, wave-rider, rock climbing, mini golf, ice skating, shows, games, casino, relaxing with a drink by pool, etc etc. Most stop over tours were excellent, service good standard, food in restaurants good quality. Great ship catering for families. Our room attendant was fantastic and deserved his "tip". Thoroughly enjoyed the New Years Eve party in the Promenade. Entertainment galore, including Dream works characters (Shrek, Princess Fiona, etc). Waiters sang happy birthday to my wife. Some small issues, but people need to be patient. Thoroughly recommend sailing on the Voyager. Thank-you Captain and staff for a great experience."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Ensure you purchase a drinks package and book tours before you leave.

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3 / 10
Voyager of the Seas 14 days to New Zealand

"We were most disappointed with our holiday to New Zealand.

The Windjammer restaurant was overcrowded it was difficult to find a seat to have your meals with 3,300 passengers on board all coming at once to eat and rushing to find a table then being reminded over the pa system to vacate tables quickly so that other passengers could have their meals.

A ship this size should have at least two windjammer restaurants to accommodate so many people.

The shows at the La Scala Theatre were very poor towards the end of the cruise.

Restaurant food in the dining rooms was repetitive and of poor quality.

Toilet in our cabin was always flooding and required regular maintenance and sanitation.

The on board sales promotions were a total rip off> Poor quality items for sale which could have been bought at the local two dollar shops.

The ports of call disembarkation was a disgrace spent over an hour getting off the ship. Poor organization by the management at one point embarkation at Auckland the passengers were quarreling and verbal fights broke out due to people jumping the queue to get back on board ship in time for departure. Management lost total control and there was abuse thrown by passengers at the security staff who had no understanding and lacked compassion for the elderly who were waiting there was nowhere for infirm passengers to sit and rest while waiting over one hour in this queue.

Our visits to ports of call were always delayed due to either poor weather too windy, and the captain was always late bringing the ship into port so when we disembarked wed only had two to three hours to visit each destination and then hurry back on board by 5.30pm but the ship did not leave until midnight.

Our Cake decorating Captain spent more time on Ships TV promoting self interest. So who was steering the ship it was always late on arrivals to port.

There is a health problem on the ship many people were suffering from Viral infections principally respiratory my own husband had suffered from a urinary tract infection needing to see a Doctor and take antibiotics for ten days.

Our overall experience was poor and we will never sail again on the Voyager of the Seas.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: none

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4 / 10
ship needs to be in quarantine

"there was so many people coughing chest complaints.

needs alot more intertainment.

food in the windjamma meat tough alot of the food was not hot enough who likes cold chips fish waiting for fried eggs only one station

aircond was so cold needed to wear a jumper

getting on and of ship was good.

staff were good

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013, Booked Independently

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