Garden of Sun Hotel

3 Plaj Didim, Altinkum, Turkey
7  / 10
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1 / 10
Waste of money.

"Firstly I don't generally moan but this place is the worst all inclusive that I have ever stayed in. I've been here 4 days so far and there has been night time entertainment Once, also ice cream served once! Not great when you are a family with two young children. There's much better all inclusive around, save your money and don't bother with this place."

  • Holiday details: May 2015, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"The cleaners never cleaned, they just change your towels to make it look like they have. not child friendly, ignorant staff, no WiFi, no kettle so you have to buy drinks once the all inclusive concept runs out at 11, would rather be camping in a clean country, never again. very overrated : ("

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014
  • Advice: avoid this dump

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9 / 10
Garden of sun is great don't moan!

"Me and my family have been to garden of sun 6 times and we are going again in 18 days for three weeks! cant wait !:).

We have been to our share of hotels in Turkey and I have to say that this hotel has to be one of the best, let me just remind you all that you are in a Turkish country which is a Muslim country so they are obviously not going to serve bacon and sausages plus you cant expect amazing English food in a foreign country if you're going to moan about what they serve then stay in England I do admit that there is a lot of the same things that are being served but remember the amount of people they have to cook for people need to be thankful for what they get. My dad is a chef and he thinks that the food is amazing for the amount of people they have to cook for.

The staff are lovely the only time they will not be willing to help you is if you're a rude customer which is fair enough.

I do agree that the Turkish men sometimes do give a lot of attention to English females but if you politely make them know that its not good to do that they respect that but if you're going to give them attention then don't be surprised if they give it to you.

The hotel is very clean for the amount of rooms that the cleaners have to clean in a short amount of time but yes they sometimes need to do better but remember they have many rooms to clean in a short about of time.

Please do not moan about the hotel as they work very hard to cater for everyone just go on holiday and have a good time and do not worry about every little thing there is to worry about.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
average in all things

"We will not go back or ever recomend this hotel.

Food boaring, chicken or turkey awful lambs liver salads were great.

The last night we dined they were fliming a promo for next year we had table cloths,cutlary for starter and main,garnish on the food, we thought we had the wrong dining room for a while but soon realised we were not as soon as they stopped filming the garnish and a set of cutlary was removed.

The entertainment was terrable,DJ snoop is staight out of the eightys.

We did have a nice meal on our Al A Cart night that was great.

I am trying very hard to be kind about this hotel.

The pool was nice.

The rooms were cleanish.

Taffs bout trip is great, great value.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: dont go

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10 / 10
Loved it !! Going again in 3 weeks and 6 days !!

"I for one loved the garden of sun hotel Altinkum Turkey staff amazing, food loads to choose from ( yes you are in turkey so there is gunna be turkish food but snack bar served burgers, chips, ice creams, pizzas and so on...) 4 pools big one, baby pool, and slide pool and inside pool cant find one thing wrong with it. If your one of those british people that go on holiday for more british stuff just go on holiday in england dont put turkey or hotel down just because your one of those people. hotel: 10/10 amazing and only 5 mins away from beach ( probs not even that) and only 5-10 mins away from the heart of altinkum. i have been going to altinkum for the last 10 years and still cant find anything worng with it miss it all the time but going back in summer hols. i would defo reckomend the holiday to anyone ( apart from the english that moan because they not in england getting english stuff ) love you garden of sun altinkum turkey cant wait to be back !!! xxxx"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: beach, water park, altinkum and the ruins
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Holiday to remeber.

"The hotel is amazing, close shops and things to do through out the day. The staff are very friendly and entertaining, especially Luke and Josh the bar men. They are very socialable and good entertainment. I would highly recomend this hotel it is absolutly amazing, and i would go back anyday. It was truely a holiday to remember."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Staff, and the hotel in general., booked with
  • Advice: Trips in the day.

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10 / 10
great holiday

"Loved every bit of our 11 night holiday at the garden of sun cant wait to go back. The food was great loads to choose from through out the day. The staff were all great, friendly and so helpful. Great entertainment for everyone of all ages. The rooms were great. Was close to the beach and town was just a quick ride on the bus for hardly anything. We got back last week and we want to go back already. top holiday."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: cant wait to go again loved it
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Not 5*

"My husband and 2 sons aged 10 and 11 arrived at the hotel exhausted after a 4 hour transfer because the driver got lost. The first week fine but disapointed no entertainment in the evenings only after the all inclusive had finished at 11oclock and then it was only the reps who worked there that did the entertainment karoke or bingo very un professional. The food was appauling same thing all the time no variety and the hotel staff were very rude and not helpful at all my son didnt eat for 4 days we have all been ill since we arrived back home.The only nice thing was the rooms were clean and our maid was lovely. we were on the 5th floor and the lifts broke down daily. I would not recommend this hotel if you go there take plenty of money to eat out you wil need it."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: no
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Stayed there for 7 nights from 23rd August. The food was awful, I never ate so much tomatos in my life as the salad was the only thing worth eating (Salad and chip at every meal). They were constantly out of ice and the white wine was hot and disgusting. The staff were unfriendly.

In our bedroom the air conditioning unit was placed over the bed, blowing cold air on you when you are trying to sleep.

I have been total put of Turkey and would never go there again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go there

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2 / 10
Not a 4* - Disapointed

"I'll just tell you it as it is.........

The hotel rooms were clean, maids were lovely - bath was cracked and tiles were a little black round the edges. 3*

The reception were rude and not very helpful if you were anything but Turkish. They often left you standing there for quite sometime while they talked amongst themselves instead of dealing with you. Unless you were Turkish then they would deal with you immediately. 1*

The pools - The large pool is very deep 150CM for the whole of the pool which is large, I could just about manage standing up on my tip toes, I'm, 5'4''. The small pool was lovely for my little one (he's 3) the depth varies so he could swim and paddle. While there for the week there were 3 incidents where people went to the toilet in the pool and I don't mean having a wee. They only closed the pool on one of the incidents for cleaning the other 2 times they just fished it out and carried on as if nothing had happened! Lots of people were admitted to hospital due to infections caused by the pool, luckily were didn't fall ill. There was plenty of availability of sun beds all have nice padded cushions and towels are given out although they are a pain to get as the booth is only open a few times a week so you have to go to reception to get some. For the size of the pool and surroundings 4* for the cleanliness 1*, the pool toilets were disgusting and i didn't allow my son to go to them as they were that bad 0*. There is water slides that are open for 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon these times are very strict and the slides are turned off regardless as to whether children are still coming down the slide or not which is very dangerous children were coming off with friction burns etc. They were not always supervised and children were hurt regularly on the slides, i supervised my child at all times but other parents don't think they need to look after there own children. 2*.

Bar service, was ok they didn't smile much but there you go, if you were Turkish you didn't have to wait for drinks and they got priority over the paying guests. AI for drinks was very poor you could have wine, beer, vodka, gin or riki and soft drinks, 2*.

Food was ok nothing too outstanding, however the al a carte was disgusting, you could chose your main but that was it, i was served soup from the buffet, followed by chicken nuggets (from the children's buffet) my main i ordered chicken kebab and then i was given profiterole i had nearly finished my meal before my glass of wine arrived, the service was horrid, the atmosphere was terrible there was no atmosphere at all no music nothing it was horrid. The Turkish night was really good food. I witnessed the snack bar give food to a Turkish woman she touched every piece of pizza and said she didn't want it, this food was then placed back in the warmer to give to the next person, a Turkish boy did the same with the burgers and the same happened it was disgusting. Children's food is chicken nuggets and chips for the whole week which is a little annoying as i don't feed my child this type of food ever. when we complained they put some burnt pizza on so my little one wouldn't eat it. He did eat but tended to go for chips, lettuce, cucumber and bread, he didn't starve and neither did I. 1*

Entertainment, was appalling the children's entertainment wasn't much better a mini disco every night for 45 mins, the same songs every night if the DJ could get the CD to work he often played the same song several times while he tried to sort it out. Other entertainment was rubbish silly games and 2 dance acts and quite frankly i can dance better myself so can my 3 year old. 0*

Hotel run kids club, this is appalling it is run by an English girl. You are meant to be able to leave your children with her for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon, i wouldn't trust her to look after a kitten. I wouldn't leave my child with a kids club anyway but i do like to use the facilities while staying with my child. AM session consisted of the girl (23 years old) laid down in the club house on some dirty cushions playing on one of the kids DS while the other children just watched what she was doing. PM sessions she just laid on the dirty cushions saying its too hot. They were meant to be doing face painting and my little one wanted this to be done but she couldn't be bothered to do it as she was playing DS. I was appalled. The kids club is meant to be free however... if they wanted to do sand painting it was 15 lira (£7.50) and everything they did you had to pay additional for. The kids club was next to the deep pool and if you did leave your child without checking it out you could of had a very sad holiday. The gate to the club was always opened and she allowed children to play out in the park area unsupervised because she was too hot and lazy to supervise them and her job. It would only take a min for a little one to leave the area and fall into the pool, her actions were very annoying, i know they don't get paid a great deal but the least she could do was her job. 0*

Photo team - they were brilliant and we have some fantastic photos we paid £90 for 23 photos in a album and a disk with all the photos they had taken, they do hang about most of the day taking random shots I have great action shots of my little one on the slides jumping in the pool etc. they were lovely, very helpful etc 5*

There is a lot of security in this hotel and they can be a bit OTT you aren't allowed to bring anything into the hotel so I just took a bag out with me to bring in bottled water etc. The shop in the hotel isn't that expensive however compared to the shop across the rood it is double the price. Anything that is imported is very expensive so take your pringles etc if that is what you like with you as you will pay about £3 ish per tube. Across the road was a 5* hotel they had no security and the hotel was amazing and made our hotel look very shabby.

Don't let this review put you off Turkey or Altinkum as it is a really nice place just pick your hotel wisely, we were advised while there that the hospital have many people visiting them from this hotel, with ear infections, tummy upsets etc. I hope you find this helpful, I spoke to lots of different people while there and they all had different experiences of the hotel but non were positive.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Lovely place to visit as a family, but chose your accomidation wisley, there are much better hotels
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"I went with my boyfriend last September/October for 2 weeks and it was fantastic!! I was really nervous about going as I had read the bad reviews (LIES) that had been written. But everything about the holiday was amazing, the hotel was gorgeous, clean with friendly staff, the food was amazing had a different themed night every night(Turkish/Italian etc) to suit everyones tastes. The area was stunning! The rooms were spacious and cleaned everyday. When people complain about stomach problems it is probably because it's different food to what we are used to (cooked diffently and the fact the produce is from Turkey!) THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE FOOD AT ALL!!!!! And as for the waitors-lovely! And amazing at how fast and how many plates they stack up on there arms!When people complain about the fact that not all drinks are all inclusive-it's only the cocktails and unless you are thick then that is expected given that they are more expensive!! The drinks were not watered down at all, you saw the barrels of lager being changed and its out of a pump! EFES-Boyfriend really liked it which yes he was surprised at! HONESTLY our whole experience was PERFECT, couldn't of asked for anything else, and did happen to shead a tear when i left! :( We are planning already to come back this year! :) IGNORE THE IGNORANT PEOPLE WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT EBERYTHING-you will always get people who just enjoy complaining! WORD OF ADVICE: Even though there are signs at the door saying food/drink bought from outside the hotel is not allowed in to the hotel we did not notice this :)there is a shop just outside of the hotel opposite a bar very cheap but yes not allowed in to the hotel!! There is a lovely shop with in the hotel-very friendly owner but very expensive! AND do not use sun oil-came out in really bad hear rash/allergic reaction! Stick to cream! Lush tan!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"We stayed for a week. you could not fault the hotel, the room was clean ,the towels changed daily, the staff were friendly and helpful , there was always a good variety of food and plenty of it, if i was being very picky the only problem we had was the coffee machine at the pool bar kept breaking they need a new one. Only takes 10 mins to walk in to altinkum or the bus is outside the back of the hotel and takes a few mins and costs about 60p.The entertainment manager keeps things busy with darts bowls water polo and lots more, i would go back again."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by danni g

    " penguin bar "

  • by brido321

    " all the trips with maxi tour where amazing really enjoyed the jeep trip and scubba diving "

  • by corker

    " Friendly people , good days out, value for money, still growing, nice beaches and marina "

  • by

    " saturday market is worth a visit but be prepared to haggle . "

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