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Beautiful beach, few issues, but well worth a visit.

"We stayed at the breezes, 2nd to 16th October, six adults and two children 7 and 8. We had a wonderful holiday, honestly concerned about some of the reviews before we went. We need not have been really. The hotel is very clean and in our opinion really well laid out, especially if it rained. You could get to everything undercover.Even the rain was lovely tho !! You could find a very large selection of things to eat in the buffet ,the staff were very helpful and polite. We managed to book into the specialities loads of times, with no problem. They were fab. Had a few jippy tums...our own fault, as you do tend to over indulge. We paid a brilliant price for this holiday , it was worth it just for the beach! Please dont be put off by some of the reviews. Yeh a few things need tweeking, rooms are well used and could do a bit of TLC. The bedding and towels were changed daily and the rooms cleaned. The maids are very nice and worked really hard, so please tip them, they do deserve it. The kids enjoyed the trapeze and the trampoline, the lads teaching them were really patient. The shows were entertaining, you just have to remember, its not the West End !! I really dont know what some expect ? We met some brilliant people, who like us went with the intention of enjoying ourselves !! We even got invited to a wedding ( Thank you Claire and Eric) which was Fantastic!!! So if your thinking of tying the knot......those photos are spectacular, it was very well organised and the flowers were gorgeous. Go, relax and enjoy, thats what we say......... THE ISSUES...... We did experience some ants in the room, they changed our rooms without too much hassle... the views were breathtaking in our new rooms.....Some of the staff , only a small minority, mainly front of house in the specialities were a bit shirty....... AND SOMEBODY... found it funny to [--] in the pool three times while we were there...not a child... the pool staff did try and convince us they were large cigars..... not funny, as my husband stood in one !! They did take the appropriate action eventually, once we got over the language barrier ( We cant speak Spanish). We would definately go again, that said. Thank you to all the lovely people we met."

8 / 10

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Be careful with your dates of travel

"We recently booked for 2 adults and 2 children under 7 at Breezes but in the intervening period the hotel changed hands to the Barcelo chain.

The hotel is damp and very noisy, the staff do there best most of the time but it is understaffed for busy periods.

Within hours of arrival a number of guests were suffering from severe ear infections from dirty water in the pool, at least 2 guests one of whom was a child required injections to treat the infection as it was remarkably resistant to antibiotics.

The entire hotel needs serious upgrading to deserve a 4 star rating, the rooms are damp with mould growing on the walls and on the curtains, the pool area is in a dangerous state of repair, it took the hotel management over 4 days to remove nails that were protruding into the pool from the wall. Do not travel with small children as wherever you are in the hotel the noise from the bars after dark is intrusive. Only a few of the restaraunts have air conditioning so be prepared to suffer for what is really good food particularly in the Japanese and the Italian.

My main gripe is check with your operator before you go, most weekends there is a influx of nationals who treat the hotel like a ghetto urinating in the pool, pushing into every queue, swearing at everyone, stealing toys from around the pool and being served before any other guests as they shout at the staff who seem intimidated by them, as 800 arrived on the Saturday of my stay and the hotel refuse to take on extra staff to cover the numbers it was absolute bedlam.

I saw numerous guests shouting at staff and tour reps trying to get out of the hotel as the weekends are like a zoo, do not travel if you can't ensure that there won't be a weekend invasion as we sufferered.

I have stayed at numerous hotels in the Caribbean, this hotel does not deserve a 3 star rating, I have never complained before so don't write me off as serial whinger, the beach is great, the staff are friendly and the food is good. My kids loved the rock climbing and the evening entertainment.

2 / 10

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Breezes Punta Cana (Now Bacelo Premium Punta Cana)

"My Wife, my Mother in Law, and I have just returned from 4 nights at Barcelo Premium and we all liked it. This was our first time in the Dominican Republic and were impressed by the charmong airport. The transfer to the resort was quick and very comfortable.

The decor of the resort at first glance is impressive. The grounds are nicely kept and the outside of the building is gorgeous. We checked in to our room and the first thing we noticed is that the air conditioning was very poor. We asked the Bellman to chek it out and he said that they must have just started it and to go have something to eat and the room should be cool when we come bck. We did this and the room was just as hot as ever. We switched rooms to one on the first floor. This was only a slight upgrade from the first room but at that point we just wanted to enjoy ourselves and not switch rooms another time. We ate at most restaurants and the food was great with a good selection. We all agreed that El Conocu was our favorite. The three restuaunts upstairs were very hot so I think that the A/C is an issue for the entire resort.

The shows in the evening were fair. We only visited the casino once and it was agin blazing hot inside. We did not stick around to play.

The beach is great with huge waves, the pool is clean and well looked after.

6 / 10

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People Stop Complainig!!! holiday was fab

"Marion & John Ireland

My Self and My Husband have just returned from the Breezers Hotel for 2 weeks now taken over by barcelo while we were there. Before we left we were reading up on reviews on the hotel etc and to be honest we were very warey about going it actually put a small bit of a damper on the holiday. All i can say is that from the moment we got off the plane and to the hotel we had a brilliant time. Certainlely there are a small few things that could be up graded. we booked a sea view room suite it was absoutly fab with sky tv it was heaven for us. The food was good especially the japaneese and the Italian. there was plenty of food 24 / 7 never stopped and the drink it was just free flowing never hungry or thirsty. The disco not that great smelly. pool was fab we are beach people o stayed on beach whole time it was great waves were mighty gerat fun nocking us over brilliant. value for money definatley i probabbly would not go there peak season. i wouldnt go back here again only because we dont ever go to the same place again.. but yes it is fab there and the spa i loved it. Tip the cleaners and bar staff and ground staff they are on very little wages something like $400 a month!!!!! these are the well paid ones. most of our money went on tips. If you are planning on going or if u are going dont worry it is fab and u will enjoy it.

8 / 10

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glad to get home

"im sorry but i cannot agree with the people who have given this hotel a thumbs up, please talk to your travel agent before going, my family have just returned this week suffering from sickness stomach upsets and as of yet an unkown infection ,there is a problem with dampness that within four days our clothes and bags were mouldy, it took us six attempts to find a half decent room, the food was of what i would consider a poor standard, the air conditioning i feel was not working correctly as were most other things including the jacuzzis,in fact the only one that was working,had pooh in it, and at one point had overheated causing a potential disaster,i am sorry to say this site felt very neglected with some areas posing potential dangers such as broken balconies, we are not an isolated case and haverecorded much evidence as proof,as have many of the people we holiday'd with have, we are not asking you to take our word for it, as this is only our opinion,but hope you take the steps of speaking to your tour operator before traveling voicing your concerns and getting any guarantees in writing"

2 / 10

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Loved It all!

"Me boyfriend and I have just returned from a week at Breezes and we both loved it. I read really bad reviews on this site before going so was really nervous. Went I got there I was amazed at how gorgeous the place was and how brilliant the service from all staff was! The decor in the hotel is beautiful.

We tried most restaurants and the food was lovely with a good selection, we went to the Italian twice it was that nice. Free flowing wine in all restaurants and great service!

The shows in the evening were good, although the casino was our favourite place to go in the!! Staff in there are a bit unfriendly but maybe that was because we doubled our money on blackjack every night!!

Beach is stunning, pool is clean and well looked after. Had a great massage on the beach, very professional and quite cheap. The waves were massive most days so not the best for swimming but great fun.

We went on 2 trips, Seona Paradise Island and Tropical Safari. Both were fab. Seona is picture perfect and didnt want to leave, snorkelling was great and got your own speedboat which my boyfriend loved!

All in all, it was a fab holiday and I'd recommend it to anyone! No complaints and didnt hear anyone else having any problems either!

8 / 10

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What Are You Complaining About????

"just got back from Breezes(or should i now say Barcelo premium as it changed hands while we were there) stayed from 11th to 25th october. just cant understand where all the negative reviews came from that we read posted on here!! we had a great time and would recommend you to go and have a great time too!!

Sure, there is room for improvement in one or two things, but nothing drastic!

The food was good, no problems booking any of the resteraunts, not even after 9 am, no mile long queues to book them. All the resteraunts were very nice even the buffet was lovely at all times of the day( breakfast, lunch and dinner) You just need to remember that no matter where you are (away from home or at home) if you are eating the different types of food all the time when it gets to about 10 days of eating, it all starts to taste the same no matter what you have, as by then all you really want is something that you would eat at home!!(like a full english breakfast or a nice curry!!!)

The service was good, the staff very friendly and they tried their best to help you in what ever way they could.

The hotel is a lovely place yes a bit of T L C in places wouldnt go amiss, but generally it was a lovely hotel.

The bars were good too, but could have done with a cuople more inside the hotel, as i dont think they would have coped or served you as quick had it been high season!!

No problems with the rooms(we were on ground floor and no problems from creepy crawlies) the cleaners came every day, clean towels every day no problem at all. And the mini bar was stocked every day too ,with soft drinks and water, no problem!!

The pool, what can i say! Its not a pool its a lake, its huge! It is lovely and very refreshing to cool off in after baking at the side of it for a while!! With the added bonus of the swin up bar when you fancy a drink.

The beach, well what can i say, it is just beautiful!! Its breathtaking when you see it for the first time, clean white sand and clear blue/green sea, just amazing!!

Two downsides we found, 1: not enough evening entertainment for the size of the hotel. Once the show is over at night, unless you want the disco(which wasnt that good) or you want to lose your money in the casino, thats it there isnt much else to keep you entertained apart from sitting round drinking. And as the sports bar closes at 11 o clock eveyone goes to the lobby bar and it gets hectic!!

2: The market stalls in the hotel. You shouldnt have to take detours on your way to dinner, but find you have to to avoid getting hassled by the vendors of the stalls as you go past. They just dont take no for an answer, and even if you want to stop and look you dont as they just dont leave you alone!! The hotel management need to do something about this, as you shouldnt have to put up with it, especially inside the hotel grounds!! So take a tip if you wanna go to dinner in peace, take a detour, and avoid them, they will give you heartburn even before you reach your resteraunt!!

Do some of the trips if you can as you will need a change of scenery from the hotel after a while! We did Saona island and Bavaro runners both excellent days out and well worth the money!! we also went to Manati park which wasnt that good, but the only reason we went was because i wanted to swim with the dolphins. Something i had always wanted to do. It was great swimming with them, just wish it could have been for a little longer!! So although the park itself wasnt great, it was worth it for me as i got to fulfil my dream!!

Bavaro runners was great and took you all over the place to see another side of life in the Dominican. Our guide was called Eros and he made the day with his witty sense of humour, we had a great day and would highley recommend this trip!

Saona island was bliss, Paradise is how i would describe this place its so beautiful. Nothing to beat sitting on this beautiful beach looking at the gorgeous Caribean sea, with a coconut freshly cut down from the nearest tree, in your hand, heavenly!!! Didnt wanna leave Saona island, wanted to stay there forever!!

All in all we had a great holiday and would recommend you to go and have a great time, make your own mind up, ignore all the negative reviews, see for yourself, after all we all have different tastes, wouldnt be the same world if we all liked the same would it!!

Maybe now the hotel has changed hands, the improvements that need doing will be done who knows? In my opinion it doesnt need much anyway!!

Would i go back? I would love to, but (not because i didnt like the hotel) next time i would go to the south, just to see the Caribean side and maybe Saona island once again!!!

8 / 10

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Never Again

"My family and I (a total of 22 people) visited Breezes Punta Cana from Oct. 5 - Oct. 10th. The good....the pool area was beautiful (except for the occasional poop found in the pool, yes, I know disgusting, but true), the beach is definitely the nicest I've ever been too (very, very clean) and the drinks were also good...the bad (or rather the okay)....the rooms are average and are in need of a total makeover or should I say facelift, and the staff tried to please but rarely understood what we were asking them, the, food and more food. I've never been to a place where the food was absolutely terrible. Also, trying to make reservations at any of the restaurants if you are a large group. Most of the restaurants are very warm (the air conditioning doesn't work to well in any of them) and men having to wear pants to the outside restaurants (in that heat) is completely ridiculous. We were there for 6 days, I don't know how people did it for 2 weeks."

4 / 10

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The Dom Rep Rocks!!!

"Hey! My 3 friends and I visited Superclubs Breezes in Punta Cana in Sept 2006. The whole trip was absolutely amazing and that was due to especially the people and their wonderful charm! We loved them all! The food was scrumptious and there were lots of variety. The waiters catered to your every need, every day. It is impossible to fault them. The animation team rock! We loved dancing with them and they are very good at moving you where they want you so you feel like a professional! Our room was lovely and we had lots of fun getting ready to our Dominc CD, drinking our Dominican Ron then boogied on down to the lobby, then the show, then hit the Hurricane Disco. The shows are superb and varied. The animation team put lots of hard work into the shows and everything they do. We booked our next holiday there the week after we returned to gloomy England and we are returning in June 2007 when we will most definately be venturing to Mangu to experience even more dancing and partying all night long! Marvellous!!"

10 / 10

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loved it!!!

"ignore all bad reviews we have just come back stayed 2/10/06 for 2 weeks. Had a great time. the staff are friendly and helpful,lots to do..beach fantastic blah blah its great will be going back"

10 / 10

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We have recently come back from this...

"We have recently come back from this hotel and felt the need to add our review for others to see as I think it's getting an undeserved bad rap.


We had a spotlessly clean room throughout our stay. We did not need to tip the maid to get this excellent service. (In fact we didn't see her for the first four days, so couldn't tip her in person anyway). The towels were changed daily, the linen every other day, the bathroom and living area were cleaned thoroughly each day as far as we could see. What more do you need on holiday? I read a review where the person was complaining because their maid hadn't made their towels decorative so they stopped tipping her! How petty is that?? These people work extremely hard for MUCH longer daily hours than any of us would for very little reward. Surely a little bit of acknowledgement of that wouldn't have gone amiss?

Our fridge was stocked up daily with bottled water and soft drinks and if we ran out and asked for more it was quickly brought to us in our room without any fuss from the hotel staff.


Again I've read on various holiday review sites that you have to wait in long queues in order to get a booking in one of the speciality restaurants at this hotel. I say it again here as I have on other reviews I have posted elsewhere: THIS IS NOT TRUE. For the 14 nights we were there, we ate in one of the speciality restaurants on 12 occasions. We chose to go to the buffet on the other two nights, not because we couldn't get a reservation but simply because we fancied a change.

The process for these restaurants is very simple: All you have to do is go to the reception at some time during the day (NO queuing required), ask reception what is available and then you make your booking. Obviously the earlier in the day to see reception, the more likely you are to get the exact time you want and the restaurant you want to eat in! It's not the booking system that's at fault if people choose to leave it late to book where they want to eat and then the restaurant is fully booked for the time they want!

Getting on to the actual food served at these restaurants.... it was exquisite - especially the Italian and Japanese, although the French was also good. The buffet when we tried it was also really good - especially the desserts....

During the day, the barbecue food was also good for snacks.


The pool was lovely, but the only problem there was that the number of sunbeds far outweighed the amount parasols. This was slightly off-putting especially if you don't actually want to toast yourself to a crisp for the whole day! We did stay round the pool for the first two or three days and use the swim-up bar, but in the end we opted for the beach because it not only had loads of parasols, but also had a lovely cooling breeze from the sea.


Words are not required for this beach as it is out of this world...! Lovely soft sand with an endless clean beach.


Went to the Dom Rep for rest and relaxation, so only did one trip - the helicopter tour. This is well worth the trip as they take you along the coast so that you can see all the hotels along the strip and also take you inland so that you see a little more of the country. You can also ask them to take you to any place you particularly want to see of the country. Worth every penny.


We heard a lot of people complaining that they had serious stomach upset whilst at this hotel and some seem to be suggesting it was down to hygiene. I think it was unfair to blame to the hotel when some people were clearly not adhering to basic personal hygiene themselves (washing their hands after using toilets springs immediately to mind) and not following instructions by the reps NOT to drink the tap water or brush your teeth with the tap water, rinse your mouth with it or let it get into your mouth whilst you were in the shower. Given that copious amounts of bottled water was available at all times, I really couldn't see why people felt it necessary to ignore warnings and then blame the hotel.

The food itself was of a high standard throughout and it's very unfair that some people were blaming the food when they were clearly not following advice and doing things that they wouldn't do at home (e.g. using the toilet, then not washing their hands and then going straight to the snack bar and handling food without using tongs (!), touching food then licking fingers etc etc etc). I could go on, but I won't. I will just say that I believe it wasn't the fault of the hotel for some/most of those illnesses.

We followed our rep's instructions implicitly regarding the tap water, and can honestly say that we didn't have one day of illness throughout the 2 weeks we were there. I don't believe this was just luck - using common sense in a foreign country just makes sense to us. People do things and behave on holiday in a manner which they wouldn't dream of at home and then wonder why they might just get ill...

I've also read that the staff are not very friendly. Again - NOT TRUE! If you have any problem, they try to help you as best they can, as quickly as they can.

I also read/heard complaints that they don't speak good English (!) Why should they? Do all English/French/Dutch etc etc people speak Spanish??? You're in THEIR country! It’s incumbent upon THE VISITOR to try and learn at least the very basic so that they can communicate. Also, even the ones who speak very little English are able to get across a reply if you ask them a question. As I said to one member of staff who apologised because his English wasn't very good, "you're English is MUCH better than my Spanish" and he just laughed and still managed to help me.

Superclubs Breezes Punta Cana is a first-class hotel and people should go there, enjoy the food, drink, sun and sea and don't listen to the negative reviews you may read about it. The staff are friendly, helpful and as accommodating as they can be. (I wonder how many of us would smile at people after working 16+ hours in one day).

Have a GREAT holiday!

10 / 10

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The brochure said 4* plus but I...

"The brochure said 4* plus but I wouldn’t rate it a 3*. We had 4 rooms in two hours of getting there very disappointing not what we expected for a family holiday. We were all ill so were most of the other people we spoke to in the hotel. The rooms were so basic and of no quality or standard.

The food was boring nearly always the same. We lost weight and couldn’t wait to get home. Never again, not a luxurious life time holiday, birds flying in and eating from the bowls staff didn’t move the bowls. I would say DONT GO.

2 / 10

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