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Worst cruise ever


Attn: Royal Caribbean Customer Service Department

On 3/19/16 my family and I took a cruise on the Navigator of the Seas and were very disappointed from beginning to end. Reservation # xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx. I booked for two balcony staterooms, 6226 and 6228, for my 20th wedding anniversary and it definitely fell short of all expectations. We had multiple issues beginning as soon as we arrived at the port. Our very first encounter with Royal Caribbean staff began with the baggage handler that was rude and then asked for a tip for handling the baggage that we had to get out of our car and bring to luggage carts ourselves. When we arrived to our cabins on the ship we were greeted by our stateroom attendant Barrington Talbot who was absolutely wonderful. He was happy and very welcoming to our family. At this point we thought the baggage handler incident was going to be an isolated one but we were wrong.

Once in the stateroom we checked our tickets that were delivered for our excursions and found that we did not receive tickets for one of our excursions, catamaran in St. Kitts, then waited 40 minutes in line at the excursion desk to be told that they may have oversold the excursion and we may or may not get to go but would be told in a couple of days. Shortly afterwards we were called to the mandatory muster drill where two of the attendants were rude and pushing us and other guests to the side so that we were standing where they wanted us rather than directing us to the location. We then went to the service desk to find out how much in on board credits we had received from not only Royal Caribbean but also my RC Visa and were told again after waiting 30 minutes in line that they didn’t know but we should be able to check back with them sometime around day 2 or 3 to find out. That night we headed off for our 8pm dinner time only to find we had no table assignment and 45 minutes later was told that we were changed to my time seating and had to wait for a table to be available.

I purchased several extras for this trip including slide tickets and water park at Labadee, Haiti, Catamaran day trip St. Kitts, 4x4 Jeep adventure St. Martin, and an anniversary package that were all purchased through RC. The anniversary package included a cake that was delivered later the first night and on the cake was Happy Birthday written as opposed to Happy Anniversary. I called the main desk and was redirected to food services and was told that they would deliver a new cake the following day. That night when we were going to bed we found that the mattresses were is terrible shape and that they were literally falling apart at the seams and the refrigerator did not cool in either of the two rooms. Maintenance was called and they stated that the refrigerators were working at normal capacity even though nothing was cool in the refrigerator and that the ship was full and there was nothing they could do about the mattresses. The floor in cabin 6626 was not adhered to the actually floor/deck it would lift and move every time you walked across the floor. The sofa in the room had stains all over it and was in bad need of shampooing or replacement.

When we arrived in Labadee, Haiti we were disappointed to find that the slide that we had paid to use had very poor water flow and you could not slide you actually had to push your way down the slide to get to the bottom. When addressed with the staff on the island we were told that it is always like that and blown off.

The St Kitts excursion for the Catamaran, lunch, beach and snorkeling was absolutely worth every cent and the crew Captain Cracker, Alex and their crew were wonderful and entertaining. They did a fabulous job in caring for all their guests and you are able to see they truly enjoy their jobs. When we were departing the boat for the day we were given dirty towels that had to be returned and replaced in turn running us behind to our excursion.

In St Martin, we again had issues with getting towels for the excursion, the staff did not want to swap out the towels we had and instructed us to go back on the ship and swap them on the pool deck instead. After arguing with the staff they gave us the 4 towels we needed and we proceeded to the waiting area for our excursion. The 4x4 Jeep excursion was a big disappointment, it started over an hour late and was rushed the entire time. The guide was not informative or very friendly and got us back to the ship at the very last minute for boarding, telling us and the other guests, “don’t worry you booked us through RC and they can’t leave you behind.” We arrived back at the port at 4:28pm and had to be boarded by 4:30pm making all of us nervous that we would not make it to the ship in time. Very stressful for a supposed relaxing and fun filled excursion.

During the first four nights that we ate dinner in the main dining room the service and food was superb at best. The service was extremely slow and the food usually cold by the time we received it and not really worth the wait. The staff looked overwhelmed and understaffed. Which leads me to think the staff is stretched too thin in the areas where the amenities are included and staffed in the restaurants that you have to pay extra for such as izumi, chops, etc. There were too little of choices of places to eat that were included as opposed to places that RC could charge you more for. By day 5 we decided that it was better food being served with better service in the Wind Jammer than in the main dining hall and did not return. The problem that we had going to the Wind Jammer was that only one time over the entire 8 days was all of the Wind Jammer open. Every time we stepped into that area half or more of it was roped off and closed. Out of frustration we found ourselves eating room service many times to avoid going to the same buffet every day. Room service didn’t show two separate times and on a third occasion after a 3 hour wait we called and they sent it immediately within 10 minutes stating technical difficulties.

Since we were in our rooms more than we had planned to be we noticed that every day the same exact tv shows were playing the entire cruise. Same movies, same episodes, same everything.

We utilized the spa while on board on 3/23 and my daughter had a keratin complex treatment done for $185.98 that is advertised to “eliminate 95% of the frizz and lasts for six weeks.” We were instructed to purchase the special shampoo and condition, which we did, wait at least 8 hours but the longer the better to wash her hair (and we waited almost 48 hours), and not to pull back or pin up her hair until the keratin sets 8-24 hours later. We followed the instructions and after washing her hair it looked as though she had never had the treatment done. We went back to the Spa/Salon and spoke with them and they retreated her hair saying, “she must just need an extra dose” and follow the same instruction and it will last 6 weeks. We waited again 48 hours prior to washing her hair and we are at home in the same situation the frizz is back and the money is gone and no way to get it fixed.

We also purchased a beverage package under the impression that the kids would be able to use the Coca Cola Freestyle machines throughout the ship as they had on our previous RC cruise. We were wrong, there were not machines anywhere on the ship. Every time they wanted a drink they had to go to a bar to get one. This was not our expectation or what was described on the website when we purchased the package.

We found that the photo gallery concept not printing wasteful photos and utilizing TV’s and iPad for display was a great concept if the system wasn’t constantly down. We had to make several trips and attempts throughout the trip to be able to see our photos.

There was not enough entertainment on the ship and were many times we found ourselves with nothing to do except go to the pools that were overcrowded because there was nothing going on. The shows were not well planned and interest in them seem to dwindle throughout the cruise due to lack of presentation and quality. The ice show was wonderful and very entertaining as well as the juggler and the comedian/final show. But the other events lacked luster to say the least.

When we wanted to purchase a watch from the display case we were told that those watches were only sold on certain days and that we could check back every day and see if they were being sold that day. The case was locked and we had to wait until the day they were going to be sold.

Overall this was a rather disappointing trip that cost well more than what is was worth. The food, service, spa/salon and entertainment left a lot to be desired. There are multiple things we should be fully refunded for the $186 salon/spa that did not hold up, full refund the slide tickets that we paid $23.75x4= $95 that we couldn’t slide down, a partial refund for the $175 beverage package that was not as advertised and no Freestyle machines anywhere on the ship, partial refund of the $400 for the St Martin 4x4 Jeep excursion that we lost over an hour of time and were rushed through due to them being late, partial refund on the cruise itself for continual issues throughout the entire 8 days. We spent nearly $10,000 on a trip that severely fell below expectations. The staff seems overworked, overstretched and underappreciated along with long overdue for time off. Very few employees seemed as though they enjoyed their jobs. I have been on many cruises and never have I had such poor service as this cruise. Everything on this cruise seemed to be about the up sale and not about the experience for its passengers. We felt as though we received the response of too bad that’s the way it is regarding all of our concerns including maintenance, dining experience and so on. I am writing this letter in the hopes that RC will take my concerns under consideration and look into fixing the problems that I have outlined her for your review. I again have to bring up or stateroom attendant and say that had it not been for Barrington we would not have had any good experiences on this trip.

Thank you in advance for responding to our concerns, I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: cruising with another cruise line

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1 / 10
What a rip off

"We recently went on Navigator of the Seas as we thought we would try a larger ship. We were VERY dissappointed with the entertainment What entertainment? The shows were poor, BINGO!!!!! as a nights entertainment that should be done in the day. Mrs & Mr also should be in the afternoon.

The MC was as wooden as Pinnochio.

Where were the pianists in the restaurants?

Where were the 24 hour buffets? We had to pay for soft drinks Coke a Cola and Sprite, these are ree with Thomsons.

The shops were awful they sold the worse clothing and accessories, you could buy better at Primark. The goods were all poor quality. The gold was extremely dear, I could buy cheaper in UK.

They advertise the Promenade shops open 24 hrs NOT TRUE.

We needed to buy some cufflinks They do not sell them on board they RENT them. The Ixtapa Bar was empty and there were no acts on.

The best bar on board was The Two Poets pub. There was a guy on singing every night and this bar was full almost nightly.

The staff that we dealt with were very nice but some were a little huffy for me.

I would be surprised if this review is put on the notice board, because RCI will delete it.

Needless to say we will not use this company again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make more of an effort entertainment wise and cater for people after 11pm

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10 / 10
Fantastic break -did'nt want to leave

"This is my second cruise with this cruise line the first was in the Caribbean for 14 days and this one was 7 days in the eastern Mediteranian.There was something for everyone,the staff were fantastic and so helpful. The shows were first class and even though the ship had its full compliment of passengers there was plenty of room for everyone. We had an excellent choice of foods in the Windjammer restaurant and the main restaurant for our evenings had a very wide variety of choices.My only observation with the main dining room was that they did have a very large selection of vegetarian dishes which is OK if you are a vegetarian. However I did enjoy all my meals and found plenty to eat.

Would I cruise with them again? Most Definitely YES. Fantastic Holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with The Cruise Specialists

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8 / 10
Heavenly Honeymoon

"We celebrated our honeymoon on the Navigator of the Seas, a ship that we had sailed out of Southampton on two years earlier and the ship that my husband proposed to me on.

The journey to the ship was excellent and we made it through check-in very easily. We found our room, our first ever balcony and were pleasantly greeted with honeymoon decorations and a complimentary honeymoon package, including strawberries dipped in chocolate and champagne on arrival.

The service was great from the room attendant, waitress and assistant waiter from the restaurant. We found that the second seating time of 9.15 was too late for our taste (we were expecting 8.30) and as a consequence we missed lots of the performances on the ship which we would have usually attended. We did have a stunning meal in Chops Grille - the service and food were both faultless.

The only real issue that I could find was the inconsistency in approach to different nationalities on board the ship. Equality issues definitely need to be considered, particularly in the main restaurant. Although this did not ruin our honeymoon, it has certainly made us consider which port we should depart from in future and whether RCI should be the company of choice when we are paying out a great deal of money.

The Windjammer was like feeding frenzy at the zoo on a number of occasions, making it very difficult to get to the food or finda seat. Our restaurant table was missed out by the photographer on the second formal night as we were tucked away in the corner. There was evidence of graffiti in some of the toilets and on the tables in cafe promenade. No chocolates on the pillow anymore either!

That said, ports of call (Barcelona was a particularly fantastic day out!), trips and the majority of the experience was spectacular and made our honeymoon a week to remember.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
best holiday ever

"This was the best holiday i have been on, food was faultless, there was plenty of choice (i am vegetarian) it was gorgeous. The entertainement was fantastic. All in all i couldnt fault this holiday at all."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Booked Independently

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5 / 10

"This was our 4th cruise but 1st with RCI and very excited. Unfortunately we left very disappointed. One of our suitcases did not arrive until midnight and staff did not seem very concerned. The bars are full of smoke as all open plan, you cannot get a drink of tea or coffee in a porcelain cup apart from in restaurant after dinner and also hot drinks not available in bars. There is a cafe with paper cups which ran out 2 days before end of cruise to be replaced with polystyrene ones. The service is below par and charged 15% gratuity at bars for this. After being at sea for 6 days we docked in Nassau for only 5 hours. Everything is overpriced and when embarking you feel like a criminal as alchohol is searched for. The ship was impressive though but RCI need to train their staff better especially when they insist you tip extortionately for a lack of service"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2008, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Our first cruise with RCI after many...

"Our first cruise with RCI after many with Thomsons and what a difference! We absolutely loved it. We flew from Rome and travelled to Scicily, Athens Crete & Turkey. Every day was sunny and cloudless skys so top deck got crowded but a great atmosphere and lots of fun - pool games,music, learn to dance salsa etc. We tried it all and had a laugh.

The bonus for us was a "Senior Citizen's Discount" (yikes) as we are in our 50's we got a £400 each discount, which put the price cheaper than Thomsons, so we had nothing to lose to try something different - and we were so pleased we did.

Lots of families on board and children very well catered for. Our 16 yr old daughter made lots of new friends and we barely saw her after 9pm. For 15-17 year olds they have their own nightclub!! We made friends with a couple with a 6 year old and he spent mornings in the children's club, excellent facilities, interesting activities and very well supervised.

The mix of nationalities seems to work - roughly one third Italians, one third US and one third Brits. Some parts of the ship can get crowded but we never had to stand for a seat unlike some reviewers (and this must have been peak time), we liked Boleros for pre-dinner drinks, the Itixpa Lounge and the Cosmopolitan Club. Absolutely loved the Ballroom Dancing show in the theatre - saw a world class couple strutting their stuff which was magical.

The 70s Night was fantastic - the show on the Promenade will stay in my memory for a lifetime - what a night!

We also liked the room service, very friendly staff and the fun, happy and laid back atmosphere.

Embarkation was a little gruelling due to all the security measures in place, but as long as you check-in online prior to travelling this saves a lot of time. In face the security was very reassuring. Disembarkation was early, but very efficient.

All in all a fabulous cruise - we will definitely be back with Royal Caribbean.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Navigator of the Seas, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
An amazing holiday! We have just...

"An amazing holiday! We have just arrived home from a 4 night cruise on Navigator of the Seas and had a brilliant time. There was 4 of us (all 20- 22 year old adults) in an inside Cabin, which was cramped at times but we really didnt spend much time in there.

Ship was fantastic, more impressive than other P and O ships we have travelled on and we found here was more to do for younger passengers our age on RC. Food in Nutcracker restaurant was excellent every night and I highly recommend all the beef/steak dishes, cooked to perfection! Windjammer was busy at times but offered a good choice. Parades on royal promenade and shows excellent, and all prices were reasonable due to the current exchange rate.


  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Navigator of the Seas, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
This was our first time cruising and...

"This was our first time cruising and the experience was superb. My husband and I are in our early 30's and were a bit apprehensive about cruising as we thought the age group would be 50+. We were extrememely surprised to find that there was a hugely varied age group on board the ship. There is something from everyone young to old.

I would definately recommend this cruise ship and have booked up for next year to go on the larger Independance of the seas with Royal Carribean.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Navigator of the Seas, booked with ROYAL CARRIBEAN

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10 / 10
Wow.....This ship is amazing...My...

"Wow.....This ship is amazing...My first cruise ever,and what a good one to start with.

You will never be bored,and still get lost even at the

The food was fab,staff brilliant,entertainment top class,we had the american drifters,some amazing magican act called charlie fry from vegas,and a trapeze act were fantastic.

I loved jonny rockets diner,ice rink,24 hour complimentary room service...

The nightclub the dungeon was a great atmosphere...

Def be back hopefully greek cruise in august,same i know i wont be disapointed...

  • Holiday details: May 2008, med cruise, booked with myself as travel agency staff

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8 / 10
This was our first Cruise. The...

"This was our first Cruise. The Navigator of the Seas is an amazing ship but it did not quite live up to our expectations. Firstly, the cabin was very small which we had expected, but my daughters bed, was a pull down bunk above our bed. Our daughter was 4 and there was a note on the bed saying "Not to be used by children under 6yo" When we queried this at guest services they said it would be fine and they put an extra rail on the bed. They were full and there were no other cabins available.

The food was amazing with plenty of choice & the service was unfaultable.

The swimming pools were a little disappointing. Two very small pools & you couldn’t swim as they were full of kids jumping in! It was also a struggle to get sun loungers every day.

The shows were very good. There was an ice show we wanted to see but didn’t, as you had to queue the day before each show to get tickets. The queues were huge so we didn’t bother.

What it seemed to lack was one big family lounge with entertainment. The main shows were in the theatre, so you remain seated throughout. As our group had young children we would have liked to sit in one venue for the night with entertainment & a disco where the children could dance. There were a couple of discos but they only lasted an hour.

The Countries we visited were lovely, but you really didn’t get time to look around properly. We felt very rushed the whole time. After a day trip, we had to rush to be back on the boat & then there would be no time to relax as we had to get ready for our allocated seating at dinner.

It was a very expensive holiday & you do lose track of what you spend as you are given a "Sea card" to buy everything on & you get the bill at the end. Ours was a bit of a shock! you don’t think you need to spend much as it is all inclusive, but the price doesn’t include soft drinks or alcohol.

Overall it was a good holiday & the children loved it, especially the kids clubs!

But it wouldn’t be something we would do again for a long time as we prefer to be independent.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Mediterranean Treasures, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
This was our first cruise and was our...

"This was our first cruise and was our honeymoon. Overall the absolute beauty, excellent service, and endless activities within the ship are the reason why we booked again for this year.

We both thought the food was fantastic and basically you could eat 24/7 if that’s what you like. The shows were first class in fact on a par with that of stage shows in London.

We had booked an inside cabin which suited us perfectly as we were only in our room to sleep and get changed. The only slightly negative experience I had was within the spa where I had booked a 'spa taster' which involved a relaxing massage at a discounted price.

However nothing could have prepared me for the 'Hard Sell' that came afterwards as the therapist tried to sell me a range of creams. As an assertive person I explained that I was not interested, however it continued for about 20 mins and eventually I gave in a spent 150 dollars on 2 face creams! Annoyed and frustrated I returned to my stateroom to discuss this with my husband and ended up returning to request a full refund-which I got.

The massage was great but just watch out for the hard sell which may follow!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Italian mediteranean, Booked Independently

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