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1 / 10

"if you are a group of young people planning on going to Ibiza to party and have a good time! i strongly recommended that you dont go to mar amantis 2! a group of 7 girls went in june last year and where completely looked down upon and repeatedly told off by the staff! they clearly dont understand the craic and have decent morals and expect the visitors respect the grounds of the hotel when we wouldn't do the same at home! piece of **** hotel.... brutal."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
pretty basic accommodation

"We have just returned from a week at the Mar Amantis hotel. It's not really quite up to the 3 stars so be aware it's all very basic. The building and facilities are quite dated but it was very clean with a daily maid service. Again the food was very basic, breakfast is definately the highlight of the menu. The pool areas are really very nice, hotel one overlooks the bay whilst hotel 2 has the bigger pool area. Plenty of loungers too :). Overall we had a nice stay, but were initially a tad disappointed, just don't expect anything too fancy !"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
fab holiday but...

"just got back after 10days for my sisters wedding, 4adults and 2children so we had 2 rooms of 3, when we arrived our rooms wernt ready (10am) so we had to leave all luggage in a holding room which is open to anyone to enter so i wasnt amused as i had bridesmaid dresses on hangers, when we finally had our key the room was lovely and clean but a veiw of a building site wasnt what i expected as we requested sea views which you have no chance of as mar amantis 1 overlooks the beach but we were told was for residents only. i asked to move rooms which they happily did, the rooms are basic (bed tv with sky news or spanish films, built in wardrobes and en-suite) decor was very dated but oh well it was clean. we had little daylight all day in the room not helped by the huge tree hanging over the balcony so no good for drying washing (childrens gruby clothes)but i did find the laundry room in reception. staff were very friendly and happy to help especially with the party animals we had next door coming back from clubs at 3.45am and waking everyone up, at 6.15 gave up and complained as they were fighting, the staff told them if they still wanted to party then go party elsewhere and contacted their rep. food was very nice everyday plenty of it and always fresh,my son is quite picky but even he found something to eat usually the snack bars nugguts and chips all freshly cooked to order,lots to drink tea,coffee,pop and san migel they even make a few cocktails if you ask. the 3pools are really nice for all but have to reserve beds early.entertainers really do work hard but if you have children who like to spend money then be warned the pool table,pin ball machine,internet and more all cost so you could spent a fortune also the hotel is in a street full of shops. the road between the two hotels is one way so very narrow with little traffic, very close to the lovely beach. if you get a chance to eat out then try sa flama on the beach its fab (where the wedding we went to was). its 10-15min walk into town along the bay which is very pretty at night. maybe i would go again but not with children and try out the nightclubs haha. the only problem was we never saw our rep from thomas cook."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Went to Ibiza in July for a girlie holiday! Was a bit apprehensive when reading bad reviews about the hotel but got there and from the start it was brilliant.

The rooms were perfectly clean and the cleaners were always helpful.

The food was great, and I especially loved the snack bar.

The bar was also great but on a night time it got quite busy!

Loved the pool and the fact the second hotel was right on a little bay.

Could not fault it!

Thanks for an awesome holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"BRILLIANT this hotel is the best one of the hotels i have been in IBIZA if anyone is wanting to go i would go u will enjoy it there is 5 Pools but some are really deep there are encluding the ones over at the resrount threre only get two driare 2 over there.The Food is really good .The bar is open till 11 pm at night and you can nks but some time the chew is long . The intertament at night is really good there is a kids club aswelll i put my kids in it and they enjoyed it really good but they didnt go in it all week they only went in on mondays . down at the bar they will be enterranmint joring the day.


  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Holiday Hotels
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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10 / 10
Id Love to go back.

"Me and My Family Went On 25th may 2011 for a week with thomas cook. we all had a great time. The Hotel was very clean and friendly. The food and drinks and staff were great. The Reps were so Helpful and Carloss the entertainer was 1st class. Love The pools. Dident want to leave. Carnt wait to go back. Would recomend this Holiday and Hotel to Everyone cause we all had a great week."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go With All The Outings The Rep sells you. Fantastic.
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks, Skiing

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7 / 10
got exactly what we paid for

"we just got back last week. hotel was clean and comfortable. we were in maramanis 1 .11 of us went ages ranging from 2 to 56. we had to go over the road to maramantis 2 for food but this was not a problem. the food was plentiful but not to everybodys taste. however there was always something at every meal to suit everyone. we heard people say the food was really bad and they couldnt eat it, but this was not true megga megga fussy people. who took adavantage of the burgers and the junk food in main hotel. the pools were nice and the sunbeds were easy to get hold of. although the water was freezing cold .maids came in every day and made bed and changed towells. they did a really good job the staff were mostly really nice.especially fernando the waiter/ bar man. he went out of his way to be helpfull even getting the bab a bucket and spade to play with.we hired a safe for the time we were there 2 euros a day plus 10 deposit i thought that was fair. but remote control for tv was 10 deposit and we only got sky news,some lovelly places to visit just nip across the bay on the water taxi only £2.50 we went up into the mountains on a little train. and to aqualand on the glass bottomed boat and also the hippy market would reccomend all of these. loads of watersports at good prices right on the beach. now to put a damper on everything. the entertainment was really really bad well the lack of it. the kids were got up to dance for half an hour at 9pm then nothing at all until the so called entertainment started at 10 there was a few dance shows on in the 2 weeks we were there and a michael jackson night and an elvis night and a couple of quizzes. the entertainers tried really hard, but apparantly had just started at the maramantis so were mostly making it up as they went along.there we played cards most nights. and the bingo well you had 1 free ticket and a cocktail stick to poke a hole in if you were lucky enough to get a number . and when your numbers did come up you had to go on stage and dance to get a bottle of fizz for your prize. thank god we didnt win . by the way the bingo is a 4.30 in the afternoon but you need to be there early cos they started at 4 when we went for a game. would i go again probably not in the near future . and id have loved tea coffee facilities in the rooms"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
hotel fine

"my friend and I were at this hotel for a week, everyday the room was cleaned and new towels. staff were all pleasant lovely waiter in dining room. food was ok we are not fuzzy eaters so it was ok for us, always fresh meat or fish being cooked by chef.only 2 drinks at a time at bar which did shut at 11pm and at times there were long queues it was just starting to get busy and there was word the pool bar was going to open but didnt whilst we were there. there was only one hotel open as well but still had to cross road to go to dining room in other hotel. at times at night it was noisy in corridors people shouting and banging doors but no music time entertainment ok night time not so good. drinks are not measured so quite strong if u not used to drinking only small plastics cups.ther didnt seem to be any hot drinks served at lunch or dinner when we were there. overall not a bad hotel for price we paid"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Skytours

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10 / 10

"the hotel was a really lovely place to be, the atmosphere and the staff were friendly and welcoming. there are no bad vibes and everything is very calmed and chilled. i especially liked the entertainment and the friendly holiday reps, who were suprisingly not annoying like some which you can find abroad. the rooms are spacious and teen-friendly. the food was alright, however the meals are repeated throughout the week. thoroughly enjoyed my holiday here, defianetly coming back next year to this exact hotel :) !!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: a friendly and enjoyable place to go
  • Good For: , Skiing

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3 / 10
3 stars 3 stitches hotel

"hotel overall was good but noting to eat for younger children apart from chips and cheese all the meals are the same but maybe some pork chicken and fish cooked differently.

most of the staff were ok entertainmet is good but mainly quizzes and bingo some circus acts and magic and some music acts there is some kids clubs but not alot for younger children to do and also there is nothing but noise throught the hotel you go to reception and they do nothing to help you this rating of the hotel is really poor they need to do better to keep holiday makers going to the hotel was reall glad to come home

from landrover46

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont go to the mar amantis hotel
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
mixed feelings

"I really do have mixed feelings about the Mar Amantis hotel.

I am no snob and I know everyone has different expectations so I will give you my honest opinion on my experiences and try and help you decide whether this hotel is the one for you.

ABOUT THE HOTEL : Firstly transfer from airport about 30 minutes so not far at all. The hotel has a large welcoming reception area and I have to say found the staff very friendly and spoke good English. We were allocated a room in the Mar Amantis 1.From reading previous reviews the English are normally put all together in the other hotel across the road Mar Amantis 2 which wouldn't of been a problem as the pool over there is alot bigger and spacious but probably a little more rowdy. Im wondering if they put the older people in Mar Amantis 1 as we were with my mum and dad who are in the 60's.My partner and I are both early 30's. The main eating/dining room is in Mar Amantis 1 so you have to come over to this hotel for your dinner. But snacks are served over the Mar Amantis 2 all day.

I can only leave a review on Mar Amantis 1 as that's where we stayed and spent time around the pool.We didn't stay for the evening entertaining as went out every night.

On arrival as we were all inclusive we were all given a band to wear on our wrists until the day we leave.

Deposit box 2euros a night with 10euro deposit.

Rooms were clean spacious,fantastic view of the bay my only moan would be NO tea making facilities. Not sure if that was because we were all inclusive. Self catering may have those facilities in the room. Beds made everyday and if you want your towels changing you have to leave them in your bath.

All inclusive/the food I have to say was just ok. It was all hot and fresh but I wasn't to impressed. Im not a fussy eater but some of the food was tasteless.

During our stay this was 1 typical days menu:

BREAKFAST CHOICE - scram egg,fried egg,bacon (which is processed) sausages,frankfurter, beans,toms, fresh bread toast fruit drinks(cordial)tea & coffee .. oh and onion rings !! haha why ????

DINNER - Mixed salad,fresh bread,soup,egg mayo,chips,shep pie,liver and onions (which was lovely) fish (everyday) chicken pie and broccoli

DESERT - Jelly, chilled bread and butter pudding, chilled fruit crumble and lemon mousse.

My father and I did not enjoy the food but my mum and partner said it was all nice and filling. We did only pay £250 for the holiday if we had of paid full price then we would of ALL been disappointed but then again it is only a 3star and having never done all inclusive before maybe my expectations were too high.

The pool area was clean and the pool its self was really clean and well maintained.I didn't really find there was a problem with getting a lounger. I did get up at 8am though go for breakfast but before went and put our towels on the loungers. The views from the pool are truly amazing.You are right on the beach front. You can see over to the main resort of San Antonio. The beaches are so clean and the sea is gorgeous but they are small so we stayed round the pool everyday.

Now to the more important point .. The drinks !!!

THE DRINKS ... Bar opens at 11am closed at 11pm. The only beer served is san miguel which I found a really nice drink. Lots of different spirits (huge measures)soft drinks (sprite,coke,coke light,fanta orange and lime)tea and coffee. Queues only every now and then but soon went down. Only aloud 2 drinks at a time but that wasnt a problem. Bar staff really nice.If your polite to them then they polite back. Ice lolly and ice cream available all day. Felt weird never having to pay for anything. Soon got used to it though :-)Must remember to pay when we get home .. haha

ABOUT THE RESORT: Sea ferry literally on your door step. It takes you over to San antonio town for 2.50 euros last ferry back is midnight car taxi back to hotel is about 7euros. Water sports and beach is on your door step too.

We were quite impressed with the water sport prices.

We walked into San Antonio town every night the walk is beautiful passing lots of beautiful restaurants on the beaches. The views at night are wonderful. For the younger people off for a night out there are lots of bars in the bay but obviously the town is where its all happening. Most drinks 2x spirits plus mixer 7 euros 2 x pints 5 euros. You will be hounded by the PR people but just ask them what offers they got on you'll soon learn where's expensive and where's not.

Think I better stop now I could go on forever,

Overall I really did like the accommodation and would return perhaps maybe just B&B next time.

Tip - before you book through a tour operator check the prices separately. We travelled with ryan air booked the hotel through travel republic and they sort your transfers out for you. We paid £250 for 4 nights would of been £300 for the week. If there 4 of you in your group its just a cheap to get a taxi rather than the shuttle bus (which we waited over a hour for) ..

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Remeber its only 3 ***
  • Good For: Beach

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

2 / 10
Not for Families

"We have just returned from this hotel we went for a family holiday with our 10 year old.Biggest mistake was booking to go to this hotel .On arrival rooms seemed clean but very dated furniture ,like walking back into the 60's.after a few days you do notice that it is not as clean as you thought with a thick build of ever growing dust .maids come in every day but think they only put towels in and make beds .They deffinately do not clean as you could feel the dirt on your feet as you walk around the room .The pool at the amantis 2 is a nice good size pool this is the only good thing i can say.

This hotel is ideal if you go as a group out to party in Ibiza,however as a family ,if you want to sleep at night you have no chance as you are woken up at all hours by the groups of lads and women coming back from the clubs right up until 6 am.There is constant shouting ,door banging for most of the night .

FOOD; another very bad point ,you pay for all inclusive and have to go out to eat as the food on offer is terrble it has no taste at all,we didn't have any trouble getting drinks ,you are limited to 2 alchoholic drinks at the bar but you can go as often as you like the queue only gets long towards the end of the night around 10.20 onwards until all inc finishes at 11.

HOTEL STAFF; the staff here are the most ignorant ,rude people that we have ever encountered in a hotel,they are very abrupt ,never smile .However i do have to mention the only member of staff that spoke ,had a bit of a laugh with you and was never rude or ignorant was the pool barman Pablo

Entertainment; the kids club is a bit of a joke its ok if your child enjoys walking around the hotel grounds or colouring pictures as they don't do anything else.

The entertainment person Daniel ,yes there is only one does try his best and organises games of darts ,pool, rifle shooting and waterpolo,however in the evening its bingo at 9 every night one game only but lasts forever,at 10 there is a quiz or similar,there are acts that come in but they are nothing to write home about .

On the whole this was the worst holiday that we have been on would Never go back to this hotel not even if it was a free holiday.A Total waste of money basically.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: only to stay away from it

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  • by xlesleyx

    " fav restaurant was jackie browns "

  • by jadeparkin


  • by sarr

    " good entertainers bad service and staff "

  • by gayster

    " dont go on sunset boat trip if u walk along to san antonio u get a lovely sunset view "

  • by mandbabz

    " use the pool over maramantis 2 .much quieter and over looking the bay "

  • by thatcham

    " Hotel 1 was quieter than 2, probably a nicer choice for families "

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