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7 / 10
We have just returned after a two...

"We have just returned after a two week holiday, having read the reviews before going we had mixed feelings. I know everyone has different tastes and standards so this is my personal view .On the whole the hotel was fine . It is a basic 3star The bar/ restaurant staff were fine, they were not rude, if you are polite and friendly it is returned The pool area was fine .I felt sorry for the poor man who tided up at the end of the day, the rubbish that was left by some guests was awful ,there are enough bins around so no excuse The rooms were basic standard but adequate. They were cleaned daily the bed linen was clean and the towels changed daily The food was ok not brilliant and was much better the first week than the second but we never went hungry.The restaurant could do with a bit of reorganizing as everything seemed pushed in one corner so everyone getting in each others way The entertainment wasnt up to much Some of the profesional acts were very good, but there was poor organization from the animation team, nothing seemed to flow and there long spells when there was nothing

We have stayed at lots of other hotels when the reps have provided the entertainment

and it was done much better Lastly a word about the parents who let their kids run wild

yes we know they are on holiday and want to have fun but with some it was a case of as long as they weren't bothering them they could annoy eveyone else !!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
We stayed here for eleven nights, my...

" We stayed here for eleven nights, my husband, baby and myself. Although i must admit it could be noisy at night with doors banging it wasnt too bad and never woke my son. the hotel is in a great location, the rooms cleaned EVERY day with fresh towels. the food we thought was fine always hot and a big selection, snacks again was very good probley the best food weve had in an all inclusive hotel. adequate selection of drinks sometimes the staff in mar amantis 1 could be extremly slow and appeared to be ignoring you delibertly,be sure to watch out for the bar women with big lips unless your spanish then you will be fine!!! but in 2 they was very quick and polite, overall we had a fantastic holiday and are looking forward to returning next year."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with travel republic

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1 / 10
We arrived in ibiza to find that the...

"We arrived in ibiza to find that the hotel that was shown in the thomas cook book was not the one that myself and my partner would be staying in, it was the one behind which was not at all what we was exspecting. When i asked why we was not allowed to stay in the hotel that was clearly stated to us by thomas cook they just said because we had booked through thomas cook we could not stay in there, if i had therefore been told this by thomas cook that this would have been the case i would never had booked it. I feel that it is false advertising.

The thomas cook book stated that there would be a sea view there was nothing of the sort (we stayed in a room near a busy night club).

We was also told by thomas cook and by there book that there would be

A GYM - this consisted of a room full of tables and stacked chairs, no gym equiptment at all,

A laundry- one washer and one dryer for the whole hotel.

During our stay we was sectioned off to some of the spanish residents, we were given plastic cup to drink out of when others had glasses and also we were suppost to be all inclusive and the hotel only supplied wine and bottle water for there residents and not all inclusive clients.

Since returning home myself and my partner have looked through the book we was given with this hotel in and we can not find anywhere that states any of the above.

We have travelled twice with this company and we shall no longer be using this company.

My partner is very upset with what has happened along with myself.

we hope you take the time to read this

yours sincerely


  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
I would never recommend anyone to go...

"I would never recommend anyone to go to this hotel, unless you enjoy rude bar staff, watered down drinks, badly cooked food ( several people had food poisoning ) then go ahead and book.

we arrived at 4am and was told we could not have our room until 12 because that is when there day started apparently, so we was forced to leave the hotel until that time, we paid for all inclusive food and drinks and found the drinks where watered down and the food was absolutely disgusting, we ended up eating and drinking out every night, the room was ok, the toilet was in bad condition compared to the 2*! hotel we stayed in during the month of july !

boasting a 4* on most websites and charging 4* prices made me very angry to then be revealed that it is 3* if u can even say that!

finally made it through the week and was then kicked out of our room 16 hours before our flight home....

worst holiday i have even been on !

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Hotel Club

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2 / 10
we have just come back today,from a 2...

"we have just come back today,from a 2 week stay here, first the good points,the food is basic, but nice,although it can be very salty, the pool area is cleaned every day,as is the outside bar area,2 of the bar staff were very good,manuel and his sidekick were very nice and friendly,and always smiling,its handy for the bus stop to various beaches(cala bassa and cala compte are a must,only 1.55 euros each way), the evening entertainment was generally very good, they brought in lots of acts,that were very good.and the hotel entertainment team were good as well,

now the bad points

the thomas cook reps do NOT give a damn about complaints,and deliberately miss sell the trips, its cheaper and better value to do the sunset trip yourself,from san antonio town,lots of companies do it,

we complained about the ripped and dirty bedding, nothing was done, the rooms are not cleaned properly, the dust under ours and other bedrooms beds were about 2 inch thick, Thomas cook rep didnt bother even reporting it, so it was still just as bad when we left, also I asked about early breakfast as we were getting picked up at 7.50 and restaurant doesnt normally open till 8am, he told me he would order us take away breakfasts,which would be at reception ready for us, the man behind the desk this morning knew nothing about it and said the restaurant is always open from 7.30 for early breakfasts on departure days, and that the rep should have told us about it, the sink was hanging off the wall in the bathroom, the sink and bath were never cleaned, and neither was the floor swept and mopped for the whole 2 weeks we were there,the curtain in our room was ripped,

beware of the cook who makes the snacks, I asked for a cheese toastie,as I,m vegetarian,which she put ham on by mistake,all she did was take the ham off,and served it again,I only realised as I bit into it and there was still ham attached to the cheese. she wasnt bothered when I complained

I wouldnt say this was worthy of its 3star rating, its only worth a 1star, due to the unclean rooms and everything being in such bad repair

and Thomas cook need to put reps in,that actually give a damn,and can do their job

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Me and my friend booked to go to...

"Me and my friend booked to go to Ibiza for the first time and really enjoyed it. We wanted to be able to relax but have the nightlife close by for going out. The mar amantis is in a great location for shops, bars, restaurants and clubs but not to close that you cant also relax. There were a few things however that were dissapointing about the hotel. First of all the staff were so rude all the spanish people got served first and they were very un helpfull and im sure they did not know how to smile!!! The food was ok nothing to shout about, and very repetative. Every day the first few dishes were salad, rice and pasta dishes this soon got boring after a few days. The hot food was not to bad although on some days it was cold. As funny as this may sound and i really wasnt laughing at the time, i slipped up on some food in the restaurant, none of the staff came over to see if i was ok!!! The pool area was really nice however you literally had to fight for a sunbed, everyone puts there towels on the sunbeds and some dont return to use them until late in the afternoon, we had to resort to getting up at 8am to get a sunbed! The rooms were generally clean with clean bedding and towels every day, the only thing we were unhappy about as far as our rooms were concerned was the floor, it was dirty ALL the time, our feet were always dusty after walking around in the apartment even though they apparently mopped it every day. I read in the reviews a lot about noise from young people in the early hours of the morning and to be honest i didnt really find it all that bad. All in all it was a good holiday although i dont think i would go back to the Mar Amantis."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
I'm not one for writing holiday and...

"I'm not one for writing holiday and hotel reports on sites such as this but do use them to make judgements on possible hotels so was a bit concerned to read the previous two reviews. After returning from my holiday I then thought that if I use the site to read other peoples feedback the least I can do is provide my own - so here it is and be warned, there's a lot to read.

Do not rely on the comments of the previous two reviewers as the sole reason not to go to Mar Amantis.

First point - I never met one rude member of staff, not one. They were all very pleasant. I did try to speak a little Spanish to them which is often quoted as making all the difference in terms of hotel staff attitude, however my wife and children and my brother in law's family all spoke English and were treated equally as well. Special mention should be made of David, the barman at the pool in Mar Amantis 2, who was very helpful, always up for a laugh and a genuinely nice guy.

Second point - Yes, rooms are basic. But this should not be unexpected in a 3 star hotel in San Antonio. However, the rooms were cleaned daily by excellent staff and were always left in a very presentable and clean manner - absolutely no complaints here.

Third Point - Banging doors. Yes the acoustic performance of the room walls and doors is not ideal but hey, this is San Antonio, people come here to stay out late and spend time at the many bars and clubs - what did you expect?

Fourth point - The dining room was not grubby. Some chairs were past their best it is true but in general furniture was ok. Table cloths were changed by very hard working staff after each group vacated a table ready for the next group. The food was fine. Not 5 star standard, which I have experienced, but certainly 3 star standard. In the evening there was a good range of 5 or 6 hot choices every night with a very good salad bar area. Breakfast was good too with eggs, bacon, sausage, beans etc for the Brits plus continental style choices of cheeses, meats, breads, etc and a range of cereals plus various juice drinks. Take it from me, the food was fine.

Fifth point - Both bar areas were not grubby and were not staffed by rude or arrogant employees. As in other parts of the two hotels the bar staff were always very friendly and very helpful.

Sixth point - The snack bar was only staffed by one young lady and boy did she work hard at times. I only ever had to wait 15 minutes at most which I thought was acceptable though I would have preferred it to be quicker that is true. I never saw any temper tantrums.

Seventh point - The swimming pool was cleaned each and every of the 14 days I was there. I know this because I used to get up early to get sun beds. However, unlike most, I stayed at the pool to read rather than disappear back to bed or off to breakfast or wherever else most of the holidaymakers (mostly British) went to, so I saw it being cleaned. In one respect I have to agree with 'Casandra'. I was often the only one at the pool. I would arrive at about 8am to find many sun beds already 'claimed' and would not see anyone else until 9-15 pr 9-30. So the message is, get up early if you want to get a couple of sun beds (and blame the brits if you don't get one - at least at MA2 where we were).

Eighth point - The evening entertainment was very much aimed at the younger children not the adults - and they loved it. Although we stayed 'All Inclusive' we did not see much of the evening entertainment as we often left after our evening meal and headed into San Antonio or to local bars. The Irish bar 'Donnegans' just down the road from the hotel is a great night out. The resident Irish Band 'Cannon' are excellent - good singer, good musicians, always up for a laugh and would play any request that they knew (on a couple of occasions going to the trouble of trying to sing words written out by customers) - a great night. As many holidaymakers were All Inclusive they did tend to stay at MA2 till late (i.e. 11pm when the free bar ended) and I accept that they may have been disappointed with some evenings offerings but such is life.

Final conclusion - This is not the ‘worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in’ as Casandra puts it in her review. Unless all the staff were sacked the day after she left and replaced with a completely different, tourist friendly bunch, who were not only very pleasant but also decided to keep the place clean and tidy and welcoming then I think she has over-reacted somewhat. It’s not perfect, but it is only 3 star and that’s Ibiza 3 star standards not UK 3 star standards. All the staff were very friendly without exception (try a little Spanish - it works wonders) and the hotel was fine. All in all a great holiday and it is very likely that we will go again.

Try Cala Bassa beach, a short bus trip from the hotel - its excellent (or a ferry trip from in front of MA1 - but remember to get return tickets or you may not get on the ferry back!).

There was just one real negative - in our second week we noticed a couple of groups of young guys clearly here for the clubs. We were surprised that a hotel aimed at families accepted groups of young males. A couple of the groups were fine and did not cause problems but one group in particular were often drunk at the pool, threatened a couple of holidaymakers, shouted and swore repeatedly and were a general pain in the ass. To the hotels credit we did hear that they had been threatened with expulsion if they did not behave and they did tone it down a bit but it would have been better if they had not been allowed in in the first place.

Finally, you may wish to know the party’s ages - 49, 49, 45, 43, 19, 19, 18, 16 & 14 - and we all loved it!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
Myself and 3 friends have just...

"Myself and 3 friends have just arrived back from our holiday in ibiza. After lots of discusions and chats we decided on the mar Amantis hotel and booked our holiday with freedom direct.

We Arrived at the Mar Amantis hotel in the early hours of the morning to be told that our reservation had not been made and they had no room for us. The staff were very rude and spoke little english.

We were moved to a hotel down the road called the Bergatin but as they couldn't book a taxi we had to walk with our suit cases down the road until we found the hotel.

We were very annoyed, tired and dissapointed that we had spent a lot of time and money choosing the Mar Amantis hotel only to be moved and left dragging our suite cases down the road in the early hours.

I contacted freedom direct by phone the day we arrived back and after been put on hold several times they simply told me to put a complaint in writing.

The error is freedom direct not the Mar Amantis hotel, which apart from the rude reception staff looked very nice, just a shame we didn't actually get to stay there.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Freedom Direct

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1 / 10
Worst all inclusive holiday ever!!...

"Worst all inclusive holiday ever!! Room basic very noisey doors banging all night.

Dinning room;- furniture grubby dirty floor Food cold tasteless and repetetive.

Bar area ;-dirty grubby furniture, rude arrogant staff poor service.

Snack bar :-Only one staff cooking and serving could'nt cope constant temper tantrums the wait was too long so never had a snack from the snack bar all week.

Swimming pool only cleaned once in the week not very well either.Cold'nt get a sunbed after 0800hrs all covered in towels.

Entertainment absolute rubbish sorry for been so negative but this is the worst hotel i've ever stayed in would only recommend it to the owners!!!.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
We stayed in this hotel last year,...

"We stayed in this hotel last year, overall it was clean and the food was okay. The staff were friendly and helpful and always provided information if needed. Around the complex are nice beaches and fun activities, and easy accsess to shops banks and bus rides to even more secluded beaches. The pool area was always clean and tidy and there was pleaty to do during the day such as fishing, boat trips and just plain old relaxing. However, i would only reccomend coming here for a week as you can get bored with the nightlife, there are a few clubs and bars down the road and you can get a water taxi across to san antonio bay, however this can get expensive and boring! Around the time of 2am in the morning, nightlife is still carrying on.. this is not ideal for families that like to spend days out as it can be very hard to get some sleep due to loud noises coming from the bars. But however, i would come back to this hotel again considering there were more things to do during the night."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with

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9 / 10
We returned to this hotel after...

"We returned to this hotel after having a great time in 2006. 6 in our party so thats 3 to a room which left enough space to get around. The social areas in the hotel are clean bright and well maintained. I think it depends which one of the hotels you stay in as they are split over a main road. The one with the main restaurant in is a little more dated. Its a bit of a pain having to go over the road for every meal but not enough to spoil your holiday.

The food is great, well cooked, plenty of choice, salads, veg, meat, fish, always something for everyone unless you are just too fussy.

The snack bars are great for the kids, and the bar is right next to the pool for a constant supply of drinks and ice creams. Some times a little late in opening but the other one inside is open.

The staff are ok and pleasent enough, no complaints there. Your rooms are cleaned well every day and linen changed 3 times a week.

The pool area is really good, clean and safe and not too crowded with plenty of sun loungers to go round but you must get up early and put your towels out!

the entertainment is what you would expect, parrot shows, magic shows, Abba tribute band, Dancers, And a really good interactive quiz that got everyone involved.

The olny problem we encountered was an extremly rude French family who thought nothing of just walking up to your table and taking your chairs. The management had to be involved one night when the man actually hit a british lady with his crutches. The man in question only needed his crutches to push or pull chairs around!

One review I read says about the pool having 50 steps up to it and she couldnt get her mother up to it as she was in a wheelchair, but there is a ramp just to the side of the steps and there are only about 15 steps.

San Antonio is a very pleasent resort, lots to do and see, take a boat trip round the bay etc.

Dont delay in booking this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
After reading all the reviews I...

"After reading all the reviews I wasn't expecting the best. Although it was alot better than I thought it would be it still was a little disappointing due to the noise at night.

For some reason people have negatively commented the food. I would totally disagree with this. The food was brilliant. Always a great choice of fish and other meat with lovely salad, chips, vegetables etc. The staff were efficient at tidying the tables and although maybe not the most cheerful, they did an overall good job. For breakfast there was a choice of cereal, friut and the usual english fry-up.

The rooms were kept clean to a high standard and towels changed daily (if you so wished). The pool area was good too. You had the choice of two pools, one at Mar Amantis 1 and the other at Mar Amantis 2. As we stayed in the 2nd one, this is where we spent our time. To be honest the pool at Mar Amantis 1 looked very boring although it did have nice views of the sea.

The only disappointment was the level of noise at night. Because San Antonio Bay is so close to the nightlife lots of groups of young people stayed at this hotel. I was constantly woken up during the night from 3-6am with the banging of doors and shouting. The hotel doesn't really deal with it very well although a few groups were evicted. Our room was right at the end of the corridor so goodness knows what it was like for people staying near the lifts and stairs. I blame Thomas Cook for allowing groups of young people to stay at what is supposed to be a couples/family hotel.

Our rep Sathia was absolutey brilliant. She was always cheerful and happy to help. She is a credit to Thomas Cook.

I would definitely go back here because it is in a good location and the hotel is nice but the level of noise at night does put me off. Me and my parner are a young couple who did go on 2 big nights out but when you want a good night's sleep and if you have kids this hotel maybe isn't the best chioce.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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