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Psalidi, Kos 853 00, Greece
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10 / 10
best holiday ever!!!

"We went in september and arrived in the early hours of the morning, the staff were very helpfull and showed us to our room. It wasnt at all what we expected, it was HUGE. There was me my fiance and our 2 year old son, we had plenty of room and the views were amazing.

The pools were very clean and all the surrounding areas, the bar was always well stocked and always manned by really friendly staff. The food can be a bit hit and miss but i suppose it all depends on what you like??

Kos town is lovey with plenty of bars and shops but if you want something to eat a little closer go to the bottom of the hill and turn right, there is a taverna and the owner is a riot!!! hemade us feel like we were part of the family and the food is second to none.

Cant wait to go back, trying to book again for Aristo but cant seem to find any website or travel company to book with??????

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010
  • Advice: just chill and enjoy

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9 / 10

"lovely views of pool and sea. spacious rooms. clean towels every day to come back to and floors cleaned. a few theme nights including B B Q and greek dancing although me and my daughters ventured out most nights. Down at the bottom of the hill from reception is a beautiful restaurant called Nikos Kontessa. Try the greek dishes and if have the lamb and pasta oven baked casserole tell them its Caroles favourite. There is a mini market a few hundred metres down the hill but to your left where things are cheapest than in the Kos town. A bus to Kos town is the no 1 or no 5 and 1.80 euro each there. buy a ticket at the station where get off for 1.50 euro ready for coming back and jump on the bus anywhere in the town no 1 or no 5 and ask for aristos stop 14. We eat at different tavernas each night. cheaper than restaurants. We took a trip to bodrum but booked in Kos ourselves for 15 euro each rather than 47 with the rep ! Beautiful holiday and going back next year. Only downfall no phone in hotel. phonebooth near mini market but have get phone cards from Kos."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Try different tavernas. plenty that are beside the sea with sunset and a nice glass wine.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Booked again!

"Had a fantastic two weeks at the Aristo,arrived to find we had a lovely spacious 1 bed apart,no air con but the staff supplied us with a large fan.Balcony overlooked pool area and had great views of Turkey.staff very friendly nothing too much trouble,could be a bit noisy some nights but my lot sleep through anything.A taxi into Kos Town only costs about 8 euros but there is a bus service you can pick up at the bottom of the road.The best restaurant we found was at the bottom of the hill Nikos and Kontessa the food was lovely especially their kleftico,we ate there most nights,the owner and his staff made you so welcome with their greek dancing and jokes you didn't want to go anywhere else.Overall excellent holiday fantastic weather,have booked to go back this year."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, self catering, booked with Olympic Holidays

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10 / 10
amazing views from the bar/ balcony

"me and my partner stayed here a couple of years ago,i have been looking for it on the web for ages.anyway,found it now and i am so glad cos im going to book again,it was a brilliant place to stay.We sat on the balcony of the bar and the views are to die for,the pool is very refreshing after sitting in the 30-40 degree heat.its on a little hill,and i have asthma but,no problem cos we hired a quad bike for the week.the staff were very very friendly,and the food was always piping hot and very tasty.

We will be booking again,and this time taking our 14 year old grandaughter with us.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Room Only, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: nice quiet location,were you can go to lively kos town in 5-10 mins
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10

"Arrived with an open mind after reading previous reviews. The room was a hovel and not particularly clean. Must be pot luck if you get a decent room. You expect basic in Greece but this was dire. The shower was hanging off the wall and the base was heavily stained - thought at first someone had had an upset tum and not made it to the loo in time! We didn't always get clean towels, when we mentioned this to staff some said you should get them every day,some said every other. The beds sank in the middle so I boosted mine with the dubious looking blankets from the wardrobe. Couldn't complain to rep as she only came at 10:00am when we were out and about,but other holidaymakers said they had complained but she wasn't interested,not sure what they get paid for as never seem to be particularly helpful.On a good note the pool was nice and we were lucky enough to have a balcony with a sea/Turkey view,majority overlook the pool. So glad there was a regular bus into Kos town (which is lovely) Overall these apts are in desperate need of an overhaul and general maintenance.If you are unlucky enough to stay there my advice is spend as little time as possible in there. Luckily we had a fantastic holiday which was only marred by the quality of the accommodation."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: Only to avoid

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3 / 10
gloryified camping

"we stayed at this hotel 21st july be careful with the given room choice as they will try and pawn the studios of on you but in all fairness they sorted it out and moved us, make sure you ask for a fan for your room as there is no air con and this made it very unbarable esp in the high temp months but beware to sleep with the balcony doors open as we were all eat alive in the morning my mosquito.also our and a few others experienced bad ear infections which usually only means one thing ( the swimming pool) in which we only noticed this to be cleaned once a week, we have all been on antibiotics since returning from our holiday but you can also get them from the local chemist in kos town.

the hotel staff were really helpfull drinks quite expensive but quite good value on the pool bar food esp the special pizza. also the bus rides are def an experience especially at busy times they make sure they pick every one up,but def go back to kos but def not back to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: not to recomend thios hotel

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8 / 10
fantastic hols

"Hi everyone. i have just come back from a 2 week stay at the aristo aparthotel we had a great time . the apartments are well kept, most rooms have a sea view, very clean, the studios are a bit small but if you have been self catering in a studio on the greek islands you should be used to that they do have family rooms infact although there was only the 2 of us they put us in a family room which was very spacious large kitchen, double sized balcony which has 2 sliding doors. After reading some of the reviews on this hotel i was a bit aprehensive. Well surprised when we arrived. the staff are very friendly from the cleaners to the pool bar staff which is open 24 hrs per day but hardly any noise . we are in our 50s and 60s and we found it very relaxing. there is a terrific bus service into kos town every 10 mins up till 12,oclock midnight. don't book any boat trips with the rep (we went with olympic) we paid 20euro for a whole days sea trip round 3 greek islands + lunch in kalymnos , the rep was asking at least 35 euro. the roads are very safe in fact we was even at our age considering getting bikes out because they have cycle tracks running along the side of most roads around kos town. if you want to go to the beach try tingaki beach lovley, you get a bus outside the apartments to kos town then walk a couple of min to the bus station in the town and get a bus to tingaki lovley white sand and sunbeds to die for . Lots of lovley resturants in kos as well as a couple just outside the hotel and the food is brilliant.

me and my husband have been to many of the greek islands in the last 20 years and this holiday rates very high on our favorites list. for the price you pay it is well worth the money. we will be going back again for certain.

hope this review is helpfull to you if you are thinking of going there next year.

have a great trip chrissie

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Bad hotel

"We left Gatwick on time on a Monarch Airbus A300. The flight was on time and I must say they are the most uncomfortable planes I have ever travelled thankfully the flight was only 4 hours.

We arrived at the hotel around 5am and there was total darkness... no one showed us to the room and it taken over 20 minutes to find the room. We slept a few hours to the welcome meeting and I must say I was disappointed with the Rep (ABI) She was only interested in selling, not caring much about us or if we enjoyed... she never came near us all the holiday to see if we were ok.

Dont buy excursions from any of the Rep´s they are half the price in town. We went to Turkey for 15 euro independantly and the rep was charging 43 euro for the same per person.

On the 3rd day, we reported our mobile phone stolen from the room.. We always locked the room and we didnt take the phone from the room, so it was the cleaner who stolen the phone.. no action was taken and no news was given to us. they didnt care.. they only wanted money too for food and drinks and didnt show the usual friendliness you expect from the Greek people.

The hotel can be reached by bus costing 1.40 euro, every 15 mins up to 12.30 in the morning. The beach is a 30 mins walk and the beach has no sand only rocks... very disappointing.

The best part of the holiday was arriving in London.. after been stuck in a small monarch seat for 3 hours 45 mins.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Quiet, nothing to do.... would not go back
  • Activities: turkey

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5 / 10
Hot and Noisey

"The Olympic Holiday rep was a young man who certainly liked to talk to the young women.

We may have well have had a tape recording for all the real use and advice he gave. He was apparently going to be around every day - never saw him after the first day.

There is no a/c so you must ask for the loan of a fan.

The pool is a lot smaller than the photo suggets.

The little electric cooker would not cook a real meal and the fridge heated up the room to oven levels.

The hotel is family run and can get very noisy at night.

The sloping drive from the main road to the hotel is a killer in the heat.

The bar and hotel staff were ok.

The electrics appeared a little dodgey.

The nearby beech is rocky pebbles.

Recommend bike hire as you can get everywhere along the northern coast by bike on bike routes.

Recommend Safari car hire.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Activities: Nikos and Kontessa (by entrance to hotel.)

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4 / 10
Rude staff

"We stayed here the last week in july 2008. We arrived at night so didn't see alot till we woke up int the late morning, but when we woke the views were spectacular the views towards Turkey were beautiful. The rooms were clean but basic is putting it mildly, no micro wave, no toaster, no kettle, no safe, what we got was a pan and a 2 ring electric camping cooker.

The food and drinks that were available at the bar were very expensive and very poor quality the menu consisted of burgers and chips and toasties and the soft drinks came from large 2 litre bottles so were usually flat when purchased, my 14 year old daughter was upset after recieving a rude ticking off from a member of the hotel staff for having a plastic bottle of coke which we had bought from the local shop with her at the pool "as it is the hotel policy that you do not consume drinks by the pool that you have not bought from the bar" shes 14 for god sake and it's a self catering holiday.

However just down the drive to the main road on the right is a taverna call Nicoss Contessa and this place was absolutely brilliant the staff were so welcoming and polite and the food was the best we had eaten all the time we were in kos, better than the places we ate in kos town.

Just down the road towards kos town is a bar called Apollo, this was also nice with good quality beers and cocktails reasonabliy priced. Give zorbas taverna a miss it's cheap but terrible, terrible to the point you will leave your food.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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7 / 10
Well i was a little concerned after...

"Well i was a little concerned after reading the reviews on here, so i wanted to make up my own mind and not be influanced too much.

Jo, our rep had this annoying habit of always, always saying "Ok guys" whether she was talking to 1 or 100 of you. She didn't seem to know that much asout Kos at all and her main worry was hoping you put all positives on your questionaire so not to get sent back to britain next year to rep.

The apartment was a good size (5 sharing) and the cleaner was very prompt and good at her job of keeping the place clean and tidy. That i can not fault.

Ellie seemed nice enough but she could be rude if you upset her. Luckily we did not.

The days went from one extreme to the other. You either had the music blaring all day or it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They had a limited volume of music choice and if i never hear Dancing Queen (Abba) again it will be too soon.

The food was very over priced 3.50 euro for just chips. 1 night we tried the cheese omlette. It was omlette with 1 square plastic cheese put on top. Not good.

The buses from the the bottom of the hill into Kos town or to Thermes were a god send. 1.30 euro for adults and 75 cents for the kids if got on the bus. However if you get them from the bus stop in Kos town it was only 90 and 60cents.

After reading the reviews i was excited about going to Nicos and Kontessa and it was ok. The food was nice and the people friendly but it did not blow us away.

We would take a stroll towards the town and found a nice taverna called Zorbas and although the menu was not huge the prices were far more reasonable than those of the hotel bar. 38 eu for 5 main courses and 2 rounds of drinks each.

THe beach at Psalidi is not all that. Stoney an dwhat looks to be like shredded paper on the beach is sea weed which is extremely dence not far from the shore. I would say your best bet is to visit Paradise beach as it truely is paradise.

If you wish to do day trips i really would advice not to go through Olympic as it is a rip off.

42eu for adults to go to Turkey and we got it for 20 at Tigaki tours which is a 10 min walk from hotel and i know someone who got it for 15 at Kos harbour.

It definatly is worth the trip as it is lovely there, especially if you want to get a bargain.

All in all our stay was good and a holiday is what you make it. All the kids had a great time making new friends too.

It was the 2nd time to Kos so we feel we have done it all now.

Can't wait to decide were to go next year

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays

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10 / 10
Paradise found at Aristo

"We booked our holiday through First Choice Holidays, and had never been to Aristo before, so took a chance. When we arrived, it was better than we expected, based on the fact that it was a pretty cheap holiday (you get what you pay for expectation!) The rooms were very clean, lovely crisp white fresh bed linen awaited us, which was much needed after a 4 hour delay, and travelling through the night with 2 kids! The balcony was massive, and had a lovely view of the whole resort, especially the pool area. We ordered up some bar food at lunchtime, and the menu was decent, with realistic prices.

The pool area was very quiet, unusual for mid august, but we were thankful for that, so you can keep an eye on the kids without having to look through the masses. Ellen, who is the lovely lady who keeps the bar area during the daylight hours, is helpful, friendly, always polite, and when my husband came down with a painful ear due to scuba diving, she gave me the most helpful advice and always asked how he was.

In my mind, this place is well worthy of a few more stars. There was plenty for my two boys (age 9 and 10) to do, which included table tennis, snooker, play area, tennis courts, and they put a film on for the kids at 9 every evening. We visited a nearby hotel for some other activities, and it was packed, quite honestly, my worst nightmare.

As far as cleanliness goes, the cleaner was always busying herself, we had clean linen and towels every day except sunday, and the loo rolls were always replenished. There was a friendly gardener, who kept the resort immaculate. The restuarant at the bottom of the hill (Nikos & Kontessa) is well worth a visit. Kos is a lovely unspoilt island, and this is reflected in the way Aristo Apartments is run. I would definately return for a 2 week holiday. Many thanks to Ellen who made us feel very welcome, she runs that place like a well oiled machine. She has rules, but they are there for the benefit of the guests, so as long as you don't break them, she will always be there to make your stay postively perfect!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008

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