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10 / 10
This is a great 3 star hotel located...

"This is a great 3 star hotel located in a beautiful country area. In fact i cant really understand why they rated it so low. Its been a great holiday week for me and my family.I enjoyed every minute by the pool, in the lovely restaurant - great food- and around the area. People are very friendly and always tried to help us. They know the area well so they informed us about everything. I will definately go back, in fact i will go again this September and i am sure that i will find the same great welcome that i got this time."

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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1 / 10
This is by far the worst 3* half...

"This is by far the worst 3* half board hotel I have ever had the misfortune to stay in, what a disgusting hovel to say the least. The staff were extremely rude, unhelpful and very untidy looking. The rooms were a disgrace with holes in sheets which were only changed once in 14 days. The bathroom was filthy and the water was orange and smelly, and the toilet was never cleaned.

The pool area was very shabby with dirty cushions on chairs, wobbly and broken tables loungers and sun parasols. As for the pool this had a thick film of grease over it and was generally dirty in and around the scum line.

The bar was extremely limited in choice to local wines, beers, and spirits quite appalling. The food was very limited also with veg and chips for breakfast and strange looking meat for evening meal rounded off with grapes for dessert, this was every night and to make matters worse you had THE FLIESSSS my god there were many in, on and around the food, your face your drinks and any space they could get (I guess somebody had to eat the food). We ate out 12 of the 14 nights due to the above and the smell. SEWERAGE day and night there was no escape.

We were told this hotel was secluded but alas it was derelict as was the surroundings a walk to the beach took 30 mins over open land with resident rats (yep they were big), the walk to Hersonnasis was definitely an experience in its self 1 hour by dual carriageway. 1 hour 15 via trespassing through many hotels or 50 mins through the unlit unnamed back streets of hell chancing your life with the local transport.

Definitely not a place to visit for the faint hearted, unfit or newly weds. Other than the above the weather was fantastic great place for a sun tan. As you can imagine I will not be returning......

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays

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8 / 10
My wife and I were a little bit...

"My wife and I were a little bit scared because I read some bad reviews about this hotel right after we booked the vacation. Fortunately, I think a lot of them are exaggerated. We spent 2 weeks there, and it was a very beautiful holiday.

It is more than a 3* (Greece ranking) hotel. The room was very clean. The food is very good, with the most of it being Greek traditional food, so if you don't like the Greek cuisine, you will probably not enjoy it. In 2 weeks I did not have the impression that the food was repeated. If you don't plan to travel a lot, I think it is worth taking the "all inclusive". The drinks at the pool bar for us who were "half board" seemed to be a little too expensive, but as I've said, if you take the "all inclusive" than it shouldn't concern you. There are a lot of games you can play near the pool like table tennis, darts, and even a tennis court.

The staff of the hotel were overall very friendly to us, and helped us with a lot of tips, and advises about what to visit in Crete. The swimming pool is very nice, the water is very clean and warm, but unfortunately you are allowed to swim only till 7-8pm.

A minus for this hotel is it's location, you have to walk for about 20-25 minutes to the beach which is not a very nice one. I definitely recommend renting a car (we rented it from and were very pleased with them). There are a lot of very beautiful beaches in Crete. I saw that the hotel had a bus which took the tourists to Hersonissos but I don't know at what hours.

I would recommend this hotel for anyone who plans to visit the whole island and to spend the morning/evening at the hotel.

The best beaches in Crete in my opinion (starting with the most beautiful ones) are: Balos Lagoon (NW), Chrysi Island ( a little island SE of Crete), Preveli Beach (S), Falassarna(W), Matala (S), Frankocastelo (S), Souda(S), Vai (E), Elafonisi (SW)

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Half Board, booked with TUI

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7 / 10
I read the reviews of this hotel...

"I read the reviews of this hotel before I went and was a little disconcerted. However, my overall view is that it was a pleasant place and suited me being away from the hustle and bustle and noise of the main resort, Hersonnissos. OK it's a fair distance from the beach, but at least you can see the sea from the hotel which is up a fairly steep hill. The temperature was in the 40's when I went and I was offered the choice of air conditioning in my room, by Tula, the lady on reception. This cost an extra 6 Euros a day, so I passed on it as I thought I could manage.

How wrong I was, after two sleepless nights of intense heat, I decided to get a room with air con. My second room had a sea view and the air con was such a welcome relief and I did sleep much better after that. Yes, the rooms are very basic, but when you plan on going out and about every day, you only need somewhere to rest your head for a few hours. The showers were a bit cramped, but effective. The maid service was excellent, as rooms were clean and towels changed, etc. We were warned about mosquitoes, but even though I bought a 'plug-in' deterrent from the local shop (doubles as a taverna up the hill) I never came into contact with the little blighter's and my room was 'bug free'.

I was disappointed in that there was no entertainment at the hotel for guests. The bar man played some good music and there is a small games room for families, but for such as me - a lady on her own, there was nothing to do.

There is a courtesy bus which takes guests from the hotel at 10.00 am and 2.30 pm into Hersonnissos and if you use a taxi it costs about 6 or 7 Euros,

One day I went on an early excursion and the hotel made up a lunch pack for me, which was nice. The meals at this hotel are not very exciting, basic Greek fare, but after the first few days, you are longing for something more appetising.

All in all, it's not a bad place; the staff are helpful and it caters for all nationalities, families, couples, etc.

There is a small pool which was much used but I did hear about something which put me off using it. I saw a mouse running about in the sitting area, outside the restaurant and I worried it might go into the kitchen. But it's in the country, so maybe we have to take it for granted that the wildlife will join us on our holiday now and then!

I didn't really have much to grumble about and quite enjoyed my stay at the Oceanis.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays

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9 / 10
My boyfriend and I have just got back...

"My boyfriend and I have just got back from an absolutely lovely 10 day holiday at the Oceanis. Our room was basic and we paid for the air con, because it would have been sweltering otherwise. We had a fantastic sea view and could watch the sun rise every morning.

We were panicking after booking our holiday and then reading all the bad reviews... but there was no need as we had a lovely lovely time.

The hotel is in the middle of nowhere, which is just what we wanted. We did go to Malia for the day by bus, and came back after an hour because it was full of loud lager louts, which is not my idea of relaxing. The crickets went off from sun rise till sun set, which we got used to after the second day.

We were all inclusive. Which we found really good. There was always something to have, and as much as you want. And at 5 o'clock cakes or cookies to keep you going until dinner. There were some sandwiches kept in the poolside bar fridge, but these were not really all that.

There is a free bus to Hersonossis twice a day, which takes 5 minutes, and a bus stop a 10 minute walk away where you can get a bus to anywhere else, which only cost us 2euros return to Malia each!

All the staff are really really friendly, apart from Tula on reception who wasn't all that nice to me but couldn't do enough for my boyfriend... I think she has her favourites!

There is also a 'happy train a 2 minute walk from the hotel that costs 10 Euros each and takes you all around down to the port of Hersonossis and is about an hour round trip.

We did two day trips, one to the beautiful Chrissy Island where it was scorching hot and the other to the island of Spinalonga which I thoroughly recommend. We also went on a Cretan night where you go to a tiny little village and they put on a show whilst you tuck in to all you can eat buffet.

There was one night of entertainment at the hotel, Cretan dancers, but apart from that we either sat at the bar or went to the local pub/shop a 5minute walk up the road. They also were really friendly and done extremely strong cocktails!

I will say though, there is not a lot for children so maybe avoid coming here if you do have kids.

A lovely holiday and I would definitely come again!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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10 / 10
My mother and I stayed at this hotel...

"My mother and I stayed at this hotel for one week in July '06 and we could not fault the hotel in any respect. The woman at the reception desk was exceptionally welcoming and advised us on many aspects of our stay. The barman is conversant in at least 6 languages and is entertainment in himself. The hotel is perfect for those who wish to relax. We deliberately avoided 'popular' hotels as we did not want to be submitted to enforced entertainment and rejoiced in the peaceful sounds of clinking glasses, conversation and music that is audible in the bar alone. If you are looking for 'nightlife' jumping all around you, this hotel is not for you, but there are many in other areas which do cater for such desires.

The food was varied to cater for the various nationalities staying at the hotel (German, Italian and English speaking) but all of a good standard. Breakfast was as varied as you would have in your own home and the staff in the restaurant are pleasant and helpful.

The rooms are, as any well travelled person would expect and fitted out to local specifications, they are not intended to make you feel you are in an international chain of faceless rooms. They are clean and comfortable. Each morning we had a maid service who cleaned all of the room and bathroom not just around the furniture but actually moved beds and tables to wash the floor underneath.

We hired a safety deposit box but as we had a corner room opted not to have A/C.

In all I would certainly go back to the hotel and hope that it had not changed in any respect.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays

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1 / 10
My sister and partner paid for half...

"My sister and partner paid for half board and got there to what can only be described as Faulty Towers; the food was disgusting coco pops every morning for breakfast flies in the other meals if you can call them meals also they were in the middle of nowhere, had to spend a fortune on taxis to an from anywhere, the rooms were no better and the staff like many other reviews I have read were totally rude and had a "don’t care attitude"

All the other guests were complaining, but the staff never did a thing to help. My sisters partner cut his hand and was told to go to the shop for first aid which should be standard in a hotel, the whole experience left them both totally stressed as they are both very laid back and never expected miracles, only decent food and accommodation as was stated 3 star - more like 1 star!

This hotel has had complaints as far back as 2004 and yet it is still being pushed, they went with First Choice who will now be there last choice because they told me one thing and the reps another. We have been to Greece loads of times but never experienced a place like it, they spent a hell of a lot of money on food because all the meals were covered in flies, even fruit cocktail had flies embedded in it

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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8 / 10
We booked this holiday before looking...

"We booked this holiday before looking at the reviews on this website and others.

After seeing the reviews, my girlfriend and I where extremely sceptical, if a little worried about our stay the Oceanis. We where greeted on our arrival by a lovely woman on reception who was extremely inviting and helpful. We paid extra for aircon at this point but later decided that perhaps this wasn’t required at the time of year as night time temps are comfortable.

The rooms themselves are clean, light and spacious. They are Greek, so very basic – therefore remember your hair drier. The pleasant maid replaced towels daily and the bedding was also replaced regularly. We had a cracking sea view – we where lucky as some other people had a road / building site view.

Food is great for the first few days – we really enjoyed experiencing Cretan food. I found some of the food a bit repetitive towards the end of the 14 days – sometimes dreading the same old salad. When we had a few days lazing by the pool – we upgraded to full board for 10 euros a day – this allows you to have unlimited beer, brandy, ouzo, Raki, wine etc between the hours of 11:00 to 23:00 (it was very limited in our opinion) and a lunch time meal. Many people we spoke to disliked the food – I suppose it is just a matter of taste… and many said it was the worst all inclusive they have experienced.

The main problem we found was that the hotel is in the middle of nowhere. It is about a 25 minute walk to the nearest beach (which isn’t a great beach at all) and to some little souvenir shops. You are looking at an hour to walk to Hersonossis – so bear this in mind when selecting this hotel. We got the impression that the Hotel was close to the centre of Hersonossis – but it really isn’t. I suppose you could look at it that the hotel is extremely quiet – yet only a 6 euro taxi ride into the night life of Hersonossis (which is brilliant!). The hotel operates a bus to and from Hersonossis centre twice daily – at around 10:00 and 13:00. The bus dates from roughly 4000 BC, but it does the job well. Unless it’s raining as it will leak!

My next complaint is the lack of entertainment – there was just one karaoke night throughout the whole stay which is unacceptable.

The hotel bar is cheap enough and measures are huge. It has a very warm homely feel and the bar man is very pleasant – he has a large collection of varied music which is entertaining.

But let’s not dwell on the negatives, the Oceanis has a little gem up its sleeve – and that’s the staff. The girls that work in the dining room are an asset to the hotel – always serving with a smile – even to some of the more awkward guests (of which there where many….) They really made the hotel more enjoyable.

In conclusion – if you like somewhere a quiet to get away from it all – but don‘t mind a bit of a walk or a taxi journey to get to centre then you can do much worse than the Oceanis.

PS – if you are English you may feel a little out of it. When we where staying, the hotel was full of German people. Who all seem to stare at you and think you are something they have just stepped in if you are English… but that is nothing to do with the Hotel.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays

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7 / 10
A relaxing get away from it all, plus...

"A relaxing get away from it all, plus a tan was what me & my sister inlaw Pauline wanted & that’s exactly what we got. So we are happy to say we had a nice time & the hotel was exactly what we wanted, it was the same as it stated in the brochure, that’s why we chose it in the first place. We were a bit wary of being 2 women alone (not that we are spring chickens, far from it but we wanted to feel safe) we needn’t have worried, there was no rowdy groups, it was mainly couples & we met some lovely people. I must say the staff were so polite & helpful, we had some good 5min chats to tula the lady on reception, she gave us a few laughs. We never met a rude person among the staff which was nice. The food I enjoyed very much I ate well every day, in fact Pauline started on salads for last two days, nothing to do with the food, but the fact she was putting on weight !!

Again the brochure stated Greek food & that’s what we got & my compliments to the chef. Being all inclusive suited us well, both being heavy coffee drinkers, we done exactly what we intended to do....lay round the pool getting brown drinking coffee/chatting/meeting people/enjoying our food & sleeping...yes a real lazy week & how I wish we'd had a fortnight !

The room was basic but clean it was just right for us, after all it's only for sleeping & shower (we did have a bath in our room but everyone we spoke to just had showers, maybe we touched lucky).

The pool was so nice to cool off in & so clean, I was in it so much, I miss it now I’m home.

All in all this hotel suited us, & if we had wanted nightlife it was only a 5min taxi drive away, but the outside bar right next to the pool was fine, especially when you lie back with an ouzo & coke sunbathing, well I was in heaven.

We made use of the free bus to go to Hersonossis to buy some gifts, a good day out but we couldn’t wait to get back, we wanted to be lazy, after all you don’t get the chance to much, so we made the most of the sunshine.

About 5min walk up hill is a minimart/diner, very friendly people & a lovely cheeseburger & chips we had there as well, also they have English entertainment, but we didn’t go, we were quite happy to sit chatting around the hotel pool bar at night. They don’t have entertainment so if you want that then don’t go there. What they have is English songs playing in the background, but, you can hear yourself speak!

Once a week there's a Crete night but unfortunately we missed it, we would certainly have caused some laughs at that!

We were there for karaoke night...but...worse for wear on the ouzo caused an early night ha-ha, it sounded ok from our balcony, but then again I was drunk!

This hotel is not for partygoers & youngsters they would get bored on 1st day (not to say we are boring, far from it ha-ha, ) the Oceanis is more suited to couples & maybe groups in the frame of mind to chill out & enjoy the sunshine & the friendly staff are more than willing to help.

Now I must just add our personal faults in the place (not that they bothered us, more of our opinion's really).Tea/coffee making facilities in our room would have been nice, or at least a kettle, which we would have packed if we'd known & some kind of entertainment at night if you wanted it. So on those two things we gave our rating 7/10 but the Oceanis was perfect for us, we hope to go again we met some nice people ( Jackie/les hope all is well for you both-alaine/dave thanks for tips on Cyprus, looks promising-Paul & wife hi,de,hi-harold/sue who had me crying & laughing at same time very interesting man a pleasure to meet we loved the Texan accent-Emma/mum hope you enjoyed it, & john & Lena who we envy, real holiday makers so much help to us at the airport such interesting chats we had, hope the plates weren’t moved when u got home ! )

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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9 / 10
I have just returned from a wonderful...

"I have just returned from a wonderful holiday at this hotel. Prior to going, I had read the comments that have been posted before and I have to say I was prepared for all that it was.

In my opinion, this small hotel is set in a lovely quiet area. A real "get away from it all" type of place. The rooms, as in most Greek hotels I have stayed in, were basic, however they were cleaned on a daily basis with fresh towels daily.

The All Inclusive package is not the widest range I have encountered although there is plenty of choice. Even the drinks you do have to pay for are very reasonably priced.

The one thing that really stood out was the staffing. Every one of them, without exception was friendly, always had a smile and went out of their way to ensure your holiday was a success.

This is not a place to go if you need to be entertained, are looking for lively nights out or what to be right in the middle of the action. Having said that, if you are looking for a quiet place to get away, relax, and mix with a variety of European nationalities visiting the hotel - then this is the place for you.

The pool and surrounding area was lovely. Open areas for the hardened sun worshipper and lawned areas shaded by trees for those who prefer to sit in sun dappled shade. The views down to the beach were stunning and the mountains behind provided a beautiful backdrop. The beach was a short walk away and a free daily bus service into the larger town was provided.

I have come back refreshed relaxed and hope to visit the hotel again in the not too distant future.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Sunstar Leisure

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7 / 10
I have just come back from the...

"I have just come back from the Oceanis Hotel and thought it was fine. The rooms are typical of a 3* Med Hotel, basic but clean. Though saying that our shower soaked the whole bathroom! As the shower curtains were to short.

The facilities were what I expected, average swimming pool, tennis court, table tennis etc.

The food was great as it consisted of traditional Cretan food and used local produce, the squid and the stiffado was amazing! My only gripe was the food was very similar each night so we ended up eating out 3 times in Hersonissos itself.

Overall I enjoyed my stay here but its not the place for the traditional Brit who has everything with chips! So if you are like that don’t bother coming! Also the hotel had a nice cosmopolitan feel as while we were staying there we had Germans, French, Polish, Dutch and even Italians.

So I give the Oceanis a thumbs up, but I don’t think I’ll be back.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Olympic Holidays

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6 / 10
Went on family holiday to Oceanis....

"Went on family holiday to Oceanis. Most of the staff were very friendly especially the two girls in the restaurant, they worked especially hard with not a lot of thanks.

Biggest downfall was there was no evening entertainment just one karaoke night which was good. Nothing to do for kids of my age, 13, even in the town itself. Pool was nice and clean, weather was great.

We went to a local bar at night which was a 5 minute walk. It was nice and friendly. Overall not bad, a place for couples who like a quiet holiday. Not for families.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, Half Board, booked with Olympic Holidays

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