Iberostar Chich Khan

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7 / 10

"Landed in airport to a down pour,got to hotel could leave cases but couldn't go to room till 12.Nice friendly reception rooms very clean food nice staff very friendly and animation team very friendly booking up for next year"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: take insect repellent,loads of sun lotion its very hot and visit the midina

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1 / 10
Worst holiday ever

"The hotel has seen better days that is for sure, it lacks in every department, food bloody awful, rooms dirty we had to run the water for 20 mins before it went warm, the toilet stank of poo all the time. some staff can't do enough form you but others ignored you if you were English.

will never go back again and will Never trust Thomas cook as they recommended this hotel, and talking to other residents we had it better then others, suffice to say not even a two star Hotel.

ps do not book the Pirate ship Sultan II, too many people booked onto the vessel no one counting how many upon said vessel, could not move or sit down during the hole trip, don't bother to complain no body cares.

better to burn your money as this would be better entertainment for you.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: don't be a fool and stay here

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1 / 10
horrible dirty place

"word cannot explain how dirty tunisia is plus hotel chich khan . everywhere you walked it smelt of wee, rooms as well, baby pool had frog spawn in it. the beach well if you have kids dont go .wild dogs on beach 2ft of seaweed ,plus its very small not and that you dig n play in with kids. i managed 2days in tunisia and we booked flights home costing anther £600 to get the hell out of there. how THOMAS COOK can put their name to this place is a joke wasted £2300 on this holiday,plus forgot to say food nasty fly around it. men hound girls of all ages."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: none DONT GO

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10 / 10

"I got back from this hotel yesterday and have never felt more upset to leave this place, the hotel was lovely and you always felt welcome and relaxed, the staff and people (particularly the animation team, chouchou, joe...everyone) where so funny and made my holiday the best, such lovely people. I am missing them all!!

The rooms were beautiful and spacious could not have asked for better at all and the cleaners were equally as welcoming and nice.

All waiters (our habibis) where kind and got you whatever you needed and smiled an laughed along with you :)

There was everything to do shisha with ali, massages, baths, wraps, swimming, golf, archery, water arobics, tabke tennis, air hockey and always an entertaining show on at half past nine, which was never disappointing!

Food was lovely some i didnt like but you have to try everything and that was served three times a day as well as the mexican restaurant there aswell.Also if you got hungry before dinner there was always pancakes being freshly made infront of you or sandwhiches by the bar or the hotel shop.

I have never been out of europe and could not fault the place i mean, its a four star hotel but along with it you feel welcome, happy and relaxed, i have never laughed so much in my life and truly enjoyed it.

Ive been back a day and am now trying to find flights to get back to Chich Khan, i am missing it so much :)

  • Holiday details: Feb 2012, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Visit all local towns and experience the culture then go and have fun at the hotel bar ad relax!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
worst hotel ever stayed at.

"just got back from a two week xmas break at this hotel and can honestly say it was the worst hotel we have ever stayed in over 35 years of travel.the gala dinners on xmas and new years eve were a joke....the food was awful the whole place needs a good cleaning and scrubbing from top to bottom......the beds and pillows were disgusting.....everythng is rough there..it needs closing and refurbishing.....the pool areas are rough.there are wild cats in the hotel and outside in the grounds....also birds flying around in the restaurant......the only good was the animation team though all they seemed to want was to sell tickets and kept on and on.....my advice to anyone thinkig of going there is dont go ."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont go

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10 / 10

"Cannot fault this hotel in any way atall!

The best part is deffinatly the anitmation team!

me and my boyfriend got back yesterday and are already looking to go back next yearr (:

so much choice in food aswell we never went hungry!

we did the camel ride excrusuion which was amazing and i would highly recomend anyone to do!

the waiters are all amazing aswell never failing to make you smile they are all so genuinally happy to help you makes a big change from england!


  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
could be better

"hotel was clean and rooms were always serviced by maids, staff very friendly ( overfriendly at times, pestering you when lying at pool ) food was very basic and we only ate in the hotel the first 2 nights as we ended up with sickness,diarreah,stomach cramps,nausiea and headaches as did many other holidaymakers who we met (this was reported to the rep and we are waiting on a reply from thomas cook).. whilst eating in the restaraunt only for 2 nights we noticed there is birds flying through the doors and eating from the tables and floors and the food is not covered on the hot plates at any time and it was basicaly the same food each night. also in the pool bar area there were stray cats roaming about and guests were feeding them ( not very hygienic ) again no food was covered and flies were all over it...

entertainment was very basic..

be-aware of the locals selling excurcions in the hotel foyer as they are way over priced due to the hotel charging them a fee for using the hotel complex to sell these trips ( best buy them from the vendors in the street as they are much cheaper as we found out to our cost especially on the pirate ship excursion )

please note that tunisia is not as commercialised as spain,turkey,greece etc : there is no british pubs to go and have a karaoke or even just a few beers in...

beach bar was very basic only allowing you soft drinks and water and every 5 mins theres someone trying to sell you something..

A must to do is go to the market at nabul, its a great experience and loads of stuff to see and do....

hotel does have an indoor pool but we were told we could only use it for half an hour...

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: the food is very basic for a supposedly 4star,,, be prepared to be pestered constantly !!!!!!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"Just got back from an 11night break at this hotel and all i can say was we had a great time! Me and my boyfriend went there for a short break before xmas and was well worth the stay. Was really a great time to go in november as it was not busy atall! Nice and relaxing stayed by the beach most of the time as the sea was warmer than the pool lol! But cant complain, the bar staff and entertainment team were fab, had such a laugh! Rooms were quite big and very clean and regulary serviced by the maids each day. The weather was hot, about 25c and didnt rain once which was a bonus! so yeah all in all a great holiday! would recomend for couples our age 20-21 :)"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: yes
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
2nd time round did not fail us again! :) :)

"Got back last wk from a 10day here, we came last year & my daughter loved it sooo much asked if we could come back again, i was a little worried as the 3 main reasons she loved the holiday so much had now moved to other hotels!

However, can not fault all the staff that were still there from last year (well 1 from the animation team i could!) and all the new staff (which again is mainly the animation team) were fantastic!

Again my daughter had another fantastic time as did myself & my friend.

The animation team this year were a damn sight less pushy when it came to daily activites & would take no as a answer on either the first or second time of saying it as opposed to the 12th time last year! ;)

daily & evening entertainment was just right for families & even couples i had spoken to whilst there.

food-well i'm the worlds fussiest eater, so not really gonna rave about it, but on a whole everyone else really enjoyed it!

cleaniness-spot on, they are really tight on this :)

beach-still couldnt tell you as i hate sand, so never went, but from what i can gather, fairly small sized but just right for what you need a beach for!

We are planning to go back in Nov this yr.

dont believe what your told about it being too noisy or getting hassled outside the hotel as its all codswallop!!!! yes thats right, codswallop!

oh big shout out to the TC rep Ondine, who has been there for, well donkeys, she is fantastic & will help with any query. awesome rep & TC is lucky to have her x

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Totally disagree with some reviews...

"I finished my 2 week stay at Chich Khan today and it was one of the best holidays ive every had ..

The staff are wonderful and couldn't help you more, and the animation team really do get stuck in for the entertainment in the day and night and try to get everyone involved.

There are activities every hour through the day such as archery, water polo and water gym among many more to keep everyone entertained through the day.

The food is good, although not much choice at times.

by the pool you can get pizza, burgers, waffles, pancakes, panini's ect.

The beach is about 5-10 minutes away

Overall, the hotel was exelent value for money and i was totally happy with my holiday :)

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Most friendly staff ever

"Myself and my partner have just returned from a wks stay at Chich Khan. The hotel was the best bit of the whole holiday as the resort was nothing like we expected. We only ventured out 3 times due to the hassle you get when away from hotel and the fact of how dirty and unkept the place was. The staff in this hotel are so friendly and helpful - even more so when you tip them!! They will do whatever they can to ensure that you have everything you need. The animation team were great except one girl who always looked as if she didnt want to be there. Not once did i see her smile - i think she maybe in the wrong occupation!!! food was exceptional considering normal all inclusives have not a lot of choice, always a lot of dishes for you to choose from and plenty of variety throughout the wk. the maids are very pleasant and i was amazed at the shapes they can make out of your pjs and bed sheets!! the pool was freezing but on the days it was really warm it was a nice break from the heat, the indoor pool was a couple of degrees warmer so we ventured there a few times. The private section of beach was a let down, at the time we were there the bar wasnt open and it was almost derelict. All in all in was a great holiday only spoilt by the resort and area outside of teh hotel so as long as you dont intend to venture out and about you'll be fine."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont think Tunisia will be everyones taste - certainly not ours

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10 / 10
21/3/10 somerset

"stayed at the chich khan in hammamet for one week at this hotel.The staff made you feel very welcome,the entertainment team worked very hard .The hotel was very nice and tidy and all ready when you got there,it was fantastic and was very clean.The food was delicious.I would not hesitate to go again,some people write rewiews about this hotel,and says they are really bad.But i give this hotel 10 out of 10.The bar staff and restraunt staff were very helpful at all times,pool area was very clean and the sun bed man was very helpful and he would get you the sun bed mats for you. ( very good ) anononous"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It was very good and we wish to come again soon on are next holiday

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  • by llwynafon

    " atlas mountains "

  • by natalie smith 123

    " shopping was very nice,boat trips were nice saw lots of thing and also the animal park and show "

  • by hez

    " keep your sense of humor about your personal space as you'll need it!!!!! "

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