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10 / 10
A truly spectacular place

"The Ubud Hanging Gardens is a truly amazing hotel to visit. It has stunning views, well appointed rooms with amazing staff and service! The main restaurant is spectacular, with a fantastic menu, outstanding service and attention to detail. The rooms are spacious and meet all your traveling needs. There is a heated pool in every villa, we stayed in the family villa, which allows a family to travel together and have there time apart as well. The vehicular is very romantic and allows you to view the valley as you travel between your room, the reception and the restaurant. I had an amazing spa treatment wich was in a beautiful setting and was very peacefull.

My overall experence was spectacular.

  • Holiday details: May 2007

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8 / 10
To feel like in travel magazines pages..

"The Good: This hotel is just amazing located, very eye candy and romantic. We have had an absolutely blasting time there.

We stayed in the villa suite, and it was very spacious. Our welcome drinks (along with our luggage’s) arrived as soon as we entered the villa and we have been explained everything about the hotel and also how lights, A/C, DVD works.

It was 7 other couples staying at the hotel this week and we barely saw them around, it was like been in our private resort..

We knew the hotel was very isolated, and we hate feeling trapped in a hotel ground so we rented a scooter in Ubud at arrival (for just $5/day), and it was very nice to discover the lovely villages around the hotel. However, beware of the road going to the resort, there are narrow, very dangerous and there is no light/signal on the valley road so I very not recommend it by night.

The Bad: You can hear the road from the suite villa, it was very annoying because the view is so incredible that hearing motorbike is an ambiance killer. But it was not that bad and you couldn’t hear it from the room (there is only 2 villa suite and they are located on the top of the resort, so the sounds came up. All the other villas, down the valley, don’t have this problem).

I read a lot of bad review about this hotel (about cleanness, prices and lack of service).

Our room was spotless and fresh, towels where fine (except the one I used at the spa how smelled humidity).

But because the hotel is layered in different levels and I think the staff doesn’t communicate with each other enough.

For ex. We have been offered gift voucher for massages, we went for an excursion and I didn’t want to get down to the spa to drop (it was quite far from our villa) so I return it to the reception, for them to bring it down. It never got transfer to the spa, and I never been called for my massage..I was very disappointed.

They also do over-charge you for the use of Internet and activities in general.

The restaurant is good (but very french) but it gets very limited if you stay for a long time

The service at the main pool is restricted, waiters come 2 times to check if you are okay, otherwise, you need to go to the upstairs bar to order. The service is not 100% perfect in this hotel but I didn’t think it was a huge problem. It was actually very relaxed atmosphere. I heard travelers saying they were not comfortable with the excessive service in other 5 stars in the area.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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10 / 10
Paradise On Earth!!!

"We just returned from one week of paradise at the Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali. After a long journey we arrived at the Hanging Gardens, where we were welcomed by a most friendly receptionnist who led us to our magnificent bedroom where some nice refreshing welcome drinks were waiting for us (more than welcome after a long journey !). We loved the location of the hotel, in the middle of the most beautiful landscape of gardens, rice terraces and a marvellous valley.. surrounded by nature !

We very much enjoyed our private plunge pool and terrace which went with our bedroom, the tasteful furniture and decoration of the room and most of all the finishing touch of fresh flowers delicately spread on the bed, which made it all really special.

Dining in the restaurant was not only delicious (we loved the french touch in the asian dishes), but very romantic as well with it's stunning view over the valley and the tasteful candle-light. Espacially the fish dishes were of high quality.

Complete relaxation in the SPA, it was great to enjoy such a relaxing exprerience together !

We do recommend the picnic baskets provided by the hotel, easy to take away and of good quality, we could optimise our day trips and excursions in the surroundings.

Wherever we went, restaurant, bar, SPA.. all the staffmembers were most friendly and helpful.

In one word : Terrific!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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4 / 10
below par, a huge disappointment

"I recently planned a trip to Indonesia for a group of seven friends. Based on some favorable reports of the Hanging Gardens in several travel magazines, the Luxe guide, and my prior stay at the Pansea La Residencia, I chose to stay at your hotel. This was my fifth trip to Indonesia and I have stayed at several boutique, villa hotels in the Ubud area such as the Pita Maha and the Kupu Kupu Barong. I was extremely disappointed with many aspects of the hotel that were far below the standard I expected for the price and reputation of Orient Express and Pansea.

1) The unfavorable impressions began as soon as we stepped into the lobby. We were asked to complete the check in forms and the front desk attendant could only find one pen for the seven of us. After completing the forms we were escorted to our rooms.

2) Certainly, we were expecting a welcome drink in the lobby. No staff member explained that a welcome drink would be served to us later in the room.

3) The staff member who escorted us to the room was harried. He did not explain the facilities or orient us to the room. When we arrived at the room, he placed the key in the electrical switch and said that he was too busy to complete the room orientation but we could call the reception with any questions.

4) Our baggage arrived about 45minutes later but one of the bags was missing and showed up about 20 minutes after that.

5) Sometime in between the baggage deliveries, the welcome drinks and cold towels finally arrived.

6) Our bedspread and decorative bed pillows were stained. See attachment photos.

7) A musical CD was included in the room entertainment center but figuring how to play it on the DVD and television system was impossible and no instructions were provided.

8) Although a flat screen television is in the room, the cable signal is not high definition and as a result, the picture quality is poor.

9) While we dined at the hotel the first night, housekeeping came and turned down the bed. They took the welcome drinks and towels and placed in the alcove with the Ganesh statue by the front door of our villa. The next morning when we went to breakfast, they were still sitting in the Alcove, now covered with insects.

10) Universally, all of us noted that the towels in the room had stains, holes, were rough, grayed, and did not smell fresh.

11) Many of the hotel staff consistently had body odor.

12) Service at the restaurant was poor and the wait staff did not seem to appreciate that certain services should be automatic. Refills of coffee required constant prodding of the staff. When we requested milk for the coffee, we were directed to the large milk decanter for cereal at the buffet.

13) We inquired about Yoga at the hotel and were told that it would be $70 for one person and $140 for four.

14) Internet access rates were quoted as $10 for one hour.

15) The tissue dispenser next to their bed was empty on check-in, and that the bedside flashlight was dead.

16) Algae were growing, abundantly, in the main pool.

17) There was absolutely no service at the main pool. If we wanted a drink or snack we had to walk up to the bar to get it. When guests vacated their lounge area at the pool, the area was not refreshed for the next guest. The used towels just lay at poolside or in hamper overflowing with towels. Garbage from prior guests was left next to the pool. See attachments.

18) One morning after breakfast I walked up to the library to look for a newspaper, beer bottles from the prior night were still sitting in the lounge area next to the stairs to the library.

19) When we tried to call to have coffee delivered to our room before breakfast no one answered the phone. We had to walk to the restaurant to ask for this and were told that the hotel only had two sets of coffee service for delivery and that the hotel prefers guests not to have coffee in the room.

As an example of the gross disparity in the level of service and attention to detail at the Hanging gardens, I took our group to the Pita Maha since we were having dinner nearby. We walked into the lobby and I told the front desk attendant that I had stayed there previously and that I wanted my friends to see the hotel. They immediately offered us cold towels and welcome drinks then showed my friends two rooms.

I would say that I have very clear expectations from a hotel such as the Hanging Gardens .

1) I expect to be greeted on arrival with a welcome drink and cold towel in the lobby.

2) I expect that a daily newspaper be delivered to the room.

3) In a boutique hotel of this size, breakfast should be made to order and not a buffet.

4) Internet service should be complimentary or available for a nominal fee. Ten dollars is more than I pay for an entire month of high-speed access at home.

5) Activities like Yoga should also be complimentary or at a nominal fee. The rates quoted are more than we would pay for access to Yoga in the most exclusive fitness centers in the United States .

6) A full compliment of spa quality bath products should be provided. Only soap, shampoo (black colored), and body lotion was provided-no bath salts, bath gel, or hair conditioner.

I have some final comments on the room itself. The hotels of Bali are famous their outside bathing areas, but the outdoor shower was very unappealing. The terrazzo finish on the interior wall stops abruptly at the glass transitioning to exposed gray concrete block. The area is dingy and lacks any visual appeal. The industrial light fixture on the wall is an eyesore. The area could be improved by finishing the wall in the same manner as the interior and placing a relief on the wall, or a fountain, and some plants or carved stone lanterns which could be lit at night with the turndown service.

Given the distance that the Hanging Gardens is from Ubud, I think that the hotel should go out of its way to provide services and perks that make a stay there special and worth the inconvenience of its location. As you can see, we were all disappointed with many aspects of our stay with you. If it was simply one or two issues, I would have easily let it go. However, our experience was so far below the standards that we associate with Pansea and Orient Express that I had to formally bring it to your attention. I hope that you find this helpful.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007

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10 / 10
magical place

"We reserved a family villa for our first 5 nights in Bali. The arrival at night was amazing-one of the two friends I was travelling with is a partner of a world class interior design business and she was blown away and she is used to budgets of millions for people's homes. We intended to stay in different parts of the Island but we had such a wonderful experience here that we couldn't bear to leave and stayed the whole two weeks. We were even upgraded from a family villa to two pool villas by the wonderful sales manager who could not have been nicer. It was low season but that made it even nicer.

Villas are fab with amazing views. All the staff were sooooo nice and it felt genuine.

Of course there are a few teething problems but I've stayed in many of the very best hotels in the world, including other 5* in Bali, and nowhere is absolutely perfect all the time. The menu gets a little tired after a few days but there are a number of excellent restaurants 30 mins away, including Mosaic which is an unforgettable experience.

If I could I would go back tomorrow. Don't miss the local village children dancing at tea time by the rver!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007

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4 / 10
Jungle Cozy

"Wonderfully secluded Pansea Orient Express hotel in the middle of the jungle with private villa style setting, each with its own plunge pool. A relatively new property, we arrived on the weekend and assumed shortcomings arose from weekend temporary off-peak staff: some inservicing is definitely required.


* isolated location

* included breakfast

* private plunge pools


* isolated location (40 minutes from Ubud, nearly 3 hours from Den Pasar airport; nothing close by - a hire car or shuttle is needed)

* repetitive breakfast

* limited spa rooms (22 villas, 2 rooms - book early or you are out of luck)

Why this does not feel like a luxe resort (for the price):

* toiletries not high grade

* linens not pristine

* towels not absorbent (some dirtily stained)

* overbuffed hardwood floors (perhaps insect repellent?)

* faulty directional shower heads (excessive splash outside tub when water temperature optimized)

* limited vegetarian and heart-healthy items in restaurant menu

* added charge for web use

* added excessive charge for yoga class

* only two (2) available room service tea services (22 villas!)

* communication in the English language is limited

We did speak with the assistant manager of our concerns but nothing was done to address them prospectively.

If the price were more reasonable (one has greater expectations with higher pricing), I would go back.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007

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10 / 10
Peaceful and beautiful

"I stayed here with my family, a group of 7 adults and one child - and we had an amazing time. The location was a bit outside of Ubud, but the 30 minute ride was so nice and scenic that we didn't mind it at all. Plus it was kind of nice to be surrounded by nature and out of the center of Ubud. Not to mention that the hotel overlooks a beautiful Hindu temple.

The room was stunning, the chocolate chip cookies that you get from the turndown service was a nice touch. The food at the hotel was good and not too expensive.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful.

The negatives:

- I wish that the in room pool was heated, cause there are moments (at night) where it will be nice to be able to dip into the pool.

- This is more of saftey issue.

We went in the raininy season and it rained almost everyday. Eventhough the rain will only last for 5 or 10 minutes at a time and wasnt heavy at all. However, it made the pathway from the room to the lobby very slippery. They should add some sort of grid on the pathway to help guests get to their rooms safely.

Other than that my whole family had a wonderful realxing time at this resort and we will highly recommend it.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007

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8 / 10
outstanding secluded relaxation

"This spectacular 18 month-old property is located just north of Payangan and a 25 min drive north of Ubud. In its secluded location, the view is pure tropical beauty. The staff is wonderful, so friendly and welcoming. It was fun to use the funicular too!

We arrived at 1pm to a warm welcome. The friendly staff led us to the relaxing lounge area near the main pool, brought the cool towel and welcome drink, and we were comfortable while waiting for the room to be ready. This gave us a chance to ooh and aah over the unique terraced pool design and the amazing view up and down the valley. You must go IN the pool, though, to really appreciate how the infinity edge and steep drop leave you floating in the midst of the valley! A great feeling.

The room was cozy, comfortable, and very clean with a great view. We enjoyed the plunge pool every day, despite rain and cooler weather and it was a real treat. We only wished there had been a sofa in the room for rainy days. Room service was served on the chest at the foot of the bed.

Food and service were truly excellent, especially dinners at the restaurant. A wonderful fusion of French and Asian flavors. Hats off to the chef and the wait staff for a top notch job and the best I've experienced in Bali. It was worth the expense. Oh, did I mention breakfast? So much variety and so delicious. This was a nice surprise after the disappointing breakfast at the sister hotel on Jimbaran Bay (albeit still a good choice).

We rented a jeep in Ubud and the staff kindly provided parking. It was nice not to be right in Ubud because we could avoid the challenging driving conditions of the town and take off quickly to see nearby villages and farms. Since we'd been to Ubud several times, we didn't feel the need to stay near town again.

For those without their own transport, there is a free shuttle into Ubud. It stops running quite early though, so taxis are needed if you want to eat dinner elsewhere.

Our villa was on the top row and it was very private and a good choice. If I were to return, I'd choose a villa down a few levels, perhaps on the same level as the restaurant/pool, for slightly more immersion into the valley. I would also be at least one villa removed from the funicular so as not to hear it.

This hotel is a true luxury experience. Top marks on service, room, food, location, and design. Bravo!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007

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8 / 10
Ubud hanging gardens

"Hanging Gardens is a perfect place to enjoy your travel companion. My husband and I were amazed at the beauty of the the resort as well as the surrounding landscape. We can't say enough about the helpful and pleasant staff. The gourmet dining room was fantastic and reasonable for resort dining. The local brew, Bintang, is great. The views were breath-taking. A wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun. The air in the mountains is much drier than that of the beach areas which is a major plus!!! I wish I could have stayed there longer. Our only recommendation is that you arrange transportation in advance. The hotel offers it and after the Denpasar airport experience you'll be happy to know someone is waiting to whisk you away to paradise. Hope this helps!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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8 / 10
Beutiful, Relaxed and Well treated

"My partner and I just returned from 4 nights at the Hanging Gardens and it was a magical stay. The hotel, while somewhat outsde of the town of Ubud, is perfectly situated high on a hill above the river. The only sounds one hears are of monkeys, water and calm. The service in the hotel was extremely attentive to our needs. The hotel is new, with each room having its own affinity pool. We enjoyed mountain biking on the hotels very new bikes. We aslo took a whitewater rafting excursion from the hotel. The food was excellent and the rooms were clean and well appointed. I highly recommend the hotel for a peaceful vacation away from it all."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006

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