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Please Be aware

"We stayed at this Resort, we stayed there for six days, within this time our shower handle broke so we could not have a shower twice, to place laundry in, the form states ring front desk before 10AM and you will get it back by 8PM that evening, did this twice, the secound time our laundry did not get there, and we were due to leave by airport transfer by 6:30am, as we dont drink alcohol I wanted to pack our bag the night before, we got back to the hotel at 10:10pm discovered our laundry was not there, rang front desk and asked them, they said, "will ring you back soon", an hour later at 11:30pm I rang back, they said, " will ring you back soon", at 12:30pm did the same thing again, the manager this time said, "will ring you back soon" I asked for a 5am wake up call, the manager, decided to let us sleep in and did not call us, asked for a early breakfast box to be picked up at 5:30am, not ready at 6:15am, my travel agency had sent a flight confirmation fax to them, they had mis placed it. All in toll we had to leave with only the cloths we had on our backs to Singapore, our laundry will be sent to our home to Australia, we were informed,still waiting for it, we paid for this service and got none of our laundry back, we had to buy new cloths in Singapore, this alone restricted our buying power in Singapore, as in Singapore cloths are not cheap, and I had business in Singapore and my good cloths were in the laundry, my wife was so upset to wear the dirty cloths, as we were in them for over 12hrs in Bali the day before.It rained and the humidity was 100% and we did get wet a couple of times, I would NOT Recommend this place, the toilet bowl in six days was not cleaned, a brown ring formed, there was fungus growth on the walls of the shower, and dirty cracked soap holder, toilet sink cracked and black with in the cracks, bath room was not moped as the water on the floor from our shower in the mornings at 8AM was still there at 9pm."

2 / 10

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Poor room + noisy construction site next door

"My family (2A +2C) have recently returned from a holiday in Bali staying at The Breezes Resort and Spa. Our first impression of our room was very dissappointing. Even though it was a reasonably sized Family room of 2 interconnecting rooms it was very poorly positioned at the end of one wing of the resort. The balconies both looked into the stairwell which was unpleasant, noisy and lacking privacy. This meant we could not use the balconies or leave the shutters open at any time during our stay. The housekeeping storage cupboard was next door to our room which again was very noisy when housekeeping started their rounds early in the morning.

Unfortunately there is currently a building site next door where another hotel is under construction. Builders hammering, sawing, tapping and radios woke us every morning anywhere between 6.30 to 8.00am and continued all day until approximately 6.00pm. The new hotel being built is about 1 metre away immediately alongside 3 wings of the resort. I estimate at least 80 rooms would be affected by the noise.

Given the above 2 issues we asked if we could be shifted. We were told there was another room available and so packed everything up and followed the porter to our new room. When we got there the room only contained 2 single beds when there was 4 of us. When we pointed out the obvious to the porter he rang reception who conceded they had made a mistake and that our only option was to return to our noisy family room and unpack again. We were not happy!

The resort lost power 3 times during our stay (twice in one night). A letter was hurriedly sent to every room from the management blaming "last minute government electrical maintenance" however none of the restaurants, shops etc in the street lost power. The third loss of power a couple of nights later resulted in our airconditioners stopping completely. We had to call maintenance and get them to come and rectify the problem.

The drain in our bathroom was very smelly with a pool of stagnant water constantly surrounding it. We asked housekeeping to clean this up which they did but unfortunately the water seeped back up the drain again within a few hours.

The advertised shuttle service to Kuta only went as far as Jalan Melasti which is in Legian. When we were dropped off and asked how much further it was to Kuta we were told to walk the extra 15 minutes which with 2 children was hard going.

Our travel agent had promoted to us that the resort had recently been refurbished but we couldnt see any evidence of this. Perhaps it was just to replace anything with the resort's previous name (Contiki) to The Breezes.

To be positive the pool is lovely and the staff were friendly and trying hard.

Putting all this together we would not recommend the Breezes Resort and Spa until the construction next door is complete and they have sorted out their maintenance and service issues.

6 / 10

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Nice Enough But Wouldn't Rave About It

"My girlfriend and i have just returned from a short break in Bali. We'd been told the Beezes Resort had recently been referbished and the price was pretty good so we gave it a go.

- The complex itself was pleasant with a nice reception and pretty gardens.

- Whilst the room was fine, it didn't show too many signs of the referbishment that we'd been told about. Perhaps the referb had been reserved for the rest of the complex or had only been completed in some of the other wings. Like I said, it was okay.

- On checking in I queried reception to make sure that we had a king size bed (I'd read that the rooms had a choice of king or twin). I was told that all the king rooms were occupied but that they would review after checkouts the next morning and advise us if we could change rooms. This never happended and given we were only there for a few days we lived with having the beds pushed together (which they did straight away including redressing them into a king equivalent) rather than going through the agrivation of arguing the point or the hassle of changing rooms.

- Banging noise started at 8am every day from work that was being done on site...didn't bother us too much as we used it as our alarm clock

- Breakfast was simple but okay and the pool side snacks were good

I've been to Bali a number of times and have taught myself to be pleasantly surpised when I get good service (as opposed to the 'western' approach of demanding it)...I find it makes for a far more relaxed experience. That being said, there were enough 'little things' (several of which I didn't bother listing) that would see us trying somewhere else the next time rather than going back.

If someone told me that they were booked in to stay at the Breezes I'd say "Cool, I'm sure you'll have a great time" but i wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it to anyone

6 / 10

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Disappointing service. Overpriced

"Upon reaching the hotel, impression was great with the beautiful pool, vast compound and friendly staff. After which, almost everything else faltered. Upon reaching our room which is a double-sharing pool terrace, the aircon is not cold, sliding door accessing to pool outside takes great effort to slide, toilet stink. And we discover on later that, there is no hairdryer and room sandals. (which need to be request and upon request, they say that they ran out of hairdryer). I would deem that this is a must in every hotel, especially for the rate they are charging. The bed also sink in the middle and is very uncomfortable for sharing. The experience is worsen after I visit the spa and had breakfast. Bath at the spa choked..and water was flowing out to the main area. No hairdyer, comb or anything for you to smarten yourself after the shower. What kind of spa experience is that? And I found a dangerous looking metal hook in my vegetables from the breakfast spread. Well, except for the good location and great looking surrounding and pool, i think the rest of the experience really sucks. Coming from Alila Ubud which cost just slightly more but is really 5 star in service and everything else, I really feel ripped off booking at this hotel."

4 / 10

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Lovely Bali resort for a holiday with friends

"I stayed for 7 nights with a friend in a twin share pool access room and loved it! Id never been to Bali before and the resort is quite new so didnt want to get my hopes up - but couldnt fault it! Very friendly staff, always smiled and greeted you whenever you walked past and were keen to have a chat if you wanted. Resort looked exactly like the photos id seen on the internet and ads etc which is not always the case. Breakfast was nice - a chef made omelettes and pancakes to order! Never had the dinner buffet because wanted to check out other restaurants. Had a few pizzas for lunch or snacks which were yummy!

Would definitely recommend to others - its not a private, romantic type Bali resort designed for couples but was perfect for holidaying with a mate.

10 / 10

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Could not have been more perfect!

"Spent two weeks at this resort and it was spot on. I will return to Bali in the near future and I will return to this resort.

Rooms were small, but plenty of room for the two of us... always clean. Our room had a great view of the pool and the pool bar, yet it was isolated and quiet. Staff were friendly and always keen to get to know the guests. Staff will engage in activities with the guests, including playing beach volleyball, beach football, pool volleyball, tennis and also traditional Indonesian activities such as coconut leaf hat making, fruit carving etc.

Staff work very hard to keep guests entertained with a local soft brasque band, traditional baliese dancers and percussion band and fire dancer.... also work hard to get guests involved in other activities including attending the Buddha Bar (the bar at the resort) for karaoke, bingo, trivia and battle of the sexes.

Buffet breakfast was awesome - be sure to request fresh banana pancakes - they were devine. And the themed dinners were awesome. Some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life!! And the cocktails are to die for! I recommend the Beach Breeze!! (Thank you Eka!)

Close to all amenities, local convenience store located right next door for all you will need - including alcohol, however that said, the mini bar is inexpensive and handy. Close to markets, beach and not far from the heart of Kuta.

Made wonderful friends with the staff with whom I continue to maintain contact with - and made my experience in Bali that much more enjoyable. Like I said, I will return, I have no doubt in my mind!!! Spa was brilliant.

Had an issue where my camera memory card was taken, however after leaving details with the hotel, just one week after leaving the hotel, they have made contact with me and at their expense will be posting my card to me after it was handed in to reception.

Could not be happier with my experience. Kudos to all!

10 / 10

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Will be wonderful

"The Breezes was a very enjoyable stay for our family of four (2 adults 2 kids aged 5 & 7). The Hotel is still taking Contiki bookings, so there were a lot of young people there intent on having a good time and drinking and yahooing into the wee hours of the morning. This didn't bother us too much as the look on their faces when we rocked up with two very exuberant boys was enough.

We had a bit of trouble checking in, I had tried to re-confirm our booking the day before by phone, and the receptionist was very vague in regards to the type of room we had. We had booked two adjoining rooms (called a family room), she couldn't confirm this...ALARM BELLS. We arrived about an hour before check in time, I had asked to try and be checked in early as our 5 year old was pretty sick, no confirmation on this either. They seemed to have our booking wrong (surprise surprise) and tried to put us in one room with four beds...well that was never going to happen. So we put our "foots" down and stood our ground until they could have our family room ready. They still suggested that we hadn't booked this type of room even though I had our itinerary that said so. Anyway we manged to get our adjoining rooms and had some trouble with the doors not opening between the rooms, once they got them open they then couldn't lock them, again, this didn't really matter to us. Our rooms were on the third floor which we were grateful for as the poolview room they offered us originally was smack bang between some late night revellers. The noise didn't seem to reach us up on the third floor thanks goodness, but some friends we met were not getting very restful nights.

The food was great at breakfast and the themed nights seemed popular, we only ate their once at night for one of the BBQ nights, it was DELICIOUS. The staff really make this place come alive, they have loads of activities,still catering for the younger crowd, but they are really trying to cater for families and have been told they will have a Wii room and other kids activities soon. Our boys were spoilt rotten by Bala, Ayu and Reza who all ran around playing with them and looking for things to entertain them. Bala made a palm leaf hat for our Ben, it was AMAZING, we miss them all.

Bingo at the poolbar was popular with both my boys winning Bintangs....much to the horror of the bar crowd...very funny.

The Hotel is very well appointed and very well kept, staff were always busy cleaning, fixing and maintaining the beautiful gardens and pool area. There is some building going on next door, but they don't start till about 8.30am and always finished before dark. We were not bothered by them at all, but I could imagine the crowd with hangovers, who woke the dead on their arrival back to their rooms at 3am, might have had a problem with it ;o)

Above all, a wonderful stay and it will only get better for families. Some wonderful restaurants close by and new shops and spas opening every day.

Our favourite thing was the Cinema which you could book and watch their choice of movies or bring your own. I enjoyed my own private screening of Mamma Mia with some Mix Match (vodka drinks) and nibblies...very nice thank you.

Will definitely return. BTW their email address is

10 / 10

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A breeze at The Breezes

"We stayed at The Breezes for 6 nights with family members. It is a beautiful resort and has a personal small resort feel. At the moment the resort still has young Contiki guests ( it is changing from this) as well as older guests and families. The staff cater for both groups and do this amazingly well.

All staff are very friendly and so helpful. Every request was met graciously and no task too difficult. The level of understanding English is beyond standards of the 2 other resorts we stayed in on this trip. Of course this is Bali and not a western country and when we did not get a bathmat one day and missed out on "turn down service" this did not concern us.

The rooms are spacious, clean and ours had a wonderful outlook and was only a few metres from a 'sand beach' pool. Bathrooms and plumbing were great and the beds and linen appeared new and so very comfortable.

The spa service is great and meals , buffet breakfast and themed evenings were also very good. We saw a Balinese drumming /fire show and balinese dancing on nights during our dinner.

Excellent location, near beach and main road, yet quiet and very safe.

10 / 10

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Very enjoyable experinece

"Two friends and I decided we wanted a relaxing, reasonably priced hotel for a getaway. I am so glad we decided to stay at Contiki (now Breezes Resort & Spa).

We shared a triple room, which had two double beds and a single, a TV, clean and well presented bathroom and a balcony looking onto the pool.

Our main purpose for our trip was to have a cultural experience, and that we certainly did. We didn't do any of the activities the resort offered, but instead used the English speaking guide Breezes had sent to pick us up from the airport. Our guide, Merta was fanastic, and orgaised activities for us every day with him as our personal guide. If he was not working on a particular day, he would instead just organise for a driver to come and take us around.

On one day when we ventured into Kuta alone, the Breezes transport bus did not come on time to pick us up, so we had to catch a taxi. When we explained our situation to the staff, they were more than happy to refund our taxi money.

The staff at the hotel, were always friendly and helpful.

The food, was themed each night at the buffet. So the first night was Balinese, then a Mongolian bbq, and then a Beach Grill, and the other nights we ate out. While I know a previous review said it was all Balinese food, it actually wasn't! The buffet is set up with Entrees, Mains and Desserts all out at once, and the Entrees and Desserts are usually the same each night. The entrees are a selection of smoked meats, salads, vegetables, soups, breads and so on. The main meals offered we - to myself and my friends - usually along the lines of what they called it. For the Balinese night, there was lemongrass and fish steamed in banana leaves, suckling pig, and a selection of other Indonesian and Balinese dishes. On the Mongolian night, there were the same Entrees and a wide selection of barbeuqed meats, Mongolian style. On Christmas evening, they had turkey, ham, prawn cocktails, roasted veges, a fairly traditional Aussie bbq in one corner, then for dessert, xmas cake, sticky date pudding and other Western desserts usually eaten at Christmas. We didn't have a problem with the food at all. Though, we did enjoy going out at night to some of the lovely restaurants around (eg Jimbaran Bay).

The Spa is excellent, and very good value for money, eg: 169,000rp (including tax) for a one hour massage, which works out at about AU$21. You can go down the street one of the many little massage parlours (which are cheaper), but as a professional dancer, I know what a good massage is!!

The crowd consisted of a lot of people my age (people in their twenties) who seemed set on drinking as much as physically possible. But in saying that, there is a definite change in the type of people staying, with quite a few more mature couples, and families coming through. The pool closes at 9pm, as does the swim up bar, and if there are any roudy people, they usually head off to Kuta.

The hotel was operating at about 25-30% capacity when we arrived, but a few days before New Years Eve had picekd up to around 55-60% (according to the hotel).

I would definitely go to Breezes Resort & Spa again with girlfriends, but probably not with my family, as I still think it is a little to geared towards younger people. But despite that, it was a fantastic holiday and I am so glad I stayed there!

10 / 10

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Ruined My Holiday

"I don't even know where to start - I honestly recommend any person who has a booking through the old Contiki Resort Bali to STEER CLEAR of the "Breezes Resort". Here are a few reasons why they ruined my holiday:

1. After a 4 hour delay no one was there to pick us up. We rang the hotel and they claimed a shuttle was "cancelled" and refused to come. So hungry and tired we were ripped off by some taxi driver.

2. The room wasn't ready, despite is being they offered us a pool view room claiming it was a pool terrace room. They refused to refund the difference but offered to swap rooms after we were exhausted. We got one king bed and not two singles.

3. The resort was not fully booked as was claimed. It was about 20%?

4. There were old people and kids swimming in the pool - what on earth is that?

5. Construction work and hammering at 8am every morning. It was extremely dangerous - one girl had to explain to Australian management signs should be placed on this and guest should be notified. Would you be mortified if you had to pay full price for a hotel room and there was no safe exit?? You had to walk past drills, saws, wheelbarrows etc with inches to spare? And random wires?

6. The food is Balinese every night - it's not themed!

7. There were live electical wires in the room just hanging out near out beds.

8. The only power outlet we could use was in the bathroom, and had cracks around it and was water damaged.

9. The claimed the place had just been painted etc but there were cracks in the walls, ground, dangers everywhere.

All I can recommend is stay away. I felt extremely unsafe and it's disappointing to think Australian management have no idea how to manage a hotel with regards to safety and care for guests. They ruined my experience there and I will never return to Bali. There is so much more but I wanted to get the warning out quickly to anyone considering going.

2 / 10

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