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Kadikale Mevki, Turgutreis 48963, Turkey
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What a fab place!

"Just got back from a week at the kadikale. Its a lovely hotel with the best views. We had a lovely room, the staff were great and the food was gorgeous. The thomson rep Hannah was brill, told us all the best trips to go on and was always there to chat to. I would definately recommend this hotel to anyone as its good for all ages and will definately be going back soon!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
10 / 10

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saw this on sky travel & knew it was the one

"we went with all our boys 19, 22, & 24 yrs old & our friends this is the best hotel ever! full of things to do for everyone the animation team are absolutely amazing like mimi hollywood, marco & his friends were th most friendly entertaining team I have seen, we absolutely loved this holiday the pool food & I am a vegitarian, is amazing, we had a sea view & the boys had a apartment with a pool, fantastic, i will be difficult for any hotel to follow this!

ther is a childs mini pool next to the main pool & there are water slides beach with water sports u can barter & no hastle at all if you are going to chose a holiday chose this one, you will love it absolutely all the staff are friendly & helpfull happy memories of July 2010 from us Emily,Tony, Dale, Luke DJ Nightrunner NR01, Shane, Charlotte, Gino & Linda, we will def be back,

take a trip to the market in bodrum to grab yr bargins, & be sure to haggle & get yr best price wonderfull time in Turkey xxxx

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Abacus Travel Letchworth Hertfordshire
  • Advice: Bodrum market to get your gifts & bargins,
  • Good For: Beach
10 / 10

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very good hotel

"iv just come back from this resort i have to say this is a very good hotel.

the hotel itself is very nice the rooms are cleaned everyday and towels changed the roon i stayed in was the standerd room which is to me a big room and realy nice bathroom bad point about this room is the balcony isnt big at all two people can just fit on it.

the food was good alot to chose from and the cakes are good the restarant was clean but dont leave ur plate empty to long or the waiters will take it away also there are cats that come in which i didnt get bothered by them.

tHE entainment staff were good during the day and crap at night. durning the day they do pool games around the pool which is fun to watch. At night u do have to be drunk to watch the showjust to watch it also durning these shows they do take the mick out of people with learning problems which i dont thinks right at all.

the only one bad thing i can say that you have to wait along time to get a drink at the main bar as somethimes one bar staff only there. i had a good time and would go again

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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very good

"iv just come back from kadikale i found it very nice ovwerall

the hotel is one beauitful hotel the maids clean the rooms everyday and change the towels everyday the staff clean none stop so its never dirty at all all the staff are very friendly the food is very good and the cakes were to die for the during the day the main pool has a lot going on game playing etc. the only fault i have with the hotel is the evenig entertainment this not not good at all more for children and they do take the micky out of people with learning problems which i didnt like at all they do have a nite club that starts at 12 which is a nice little club children do go down to it.

i think it i a brillant holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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Fab hotel, pity about Cosmos

"Have just returned from the most wonderful holiday I have had no thanks to Cosmos!! Booked with them for a two week trip to Kadikale Resort and Spa in Turgutries, in what was meant to be a Superior Room with Sea View, no way!!

Was originally given room 820 which was 112 steep steps (we counted) away from the main area of the hotel, not enjoyable in 30c heat, this was meant to have a sea view and be superior, it was not, the sea view was on either side of the tree and building right in front of our balcony and the room was not what the travel agent advised us.

As my partner and I were travelling with a party of 13 we checked what their standard rooms were like, what can I say, they were 100% better than the room we were originally allocated, so having taken our gripes to the hotel manager who was very very helpful we downgraded to a standard room which was not up 112 steps, beside our friends and had a perfect seaview all the way to Kos!!!

The hotel itself was brilliant, extremely clean, maid service everyday, great variety of food and drinks, friendly waiting staff and some friendly bar staff - regarding the bar staff the majority were slightly arrogant unless you were a big tipper!!!

What can be said about the animation team - out of this world, so so so friendly, very hard working, funny and would do anything for you within their limits, they were always up for a laugh and all had perfect interaction with the guests. Bora, Adil, Roberto and Max were our favorites.

One place I would avoid is a pub in Turgutries town called Corner Bar, triple charged our group for drinks and then tried to charge £44 for their "taxi" which was meant to be free if we drank in their bar!!! AVOID!!!

All in all I would highly recommend the Kadikale Resort & Spa just not Cosmos as a tour company, we actually used the Thomas Cook rep to book our trips as the Cosmos one was never around!!!

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Activities: Brothers Bar, friendly and welcoming and the Turkish Baths booked through Thomas Cook rep!
  • Good For: Beach
9 / 10

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wow i have been going to this hotel...

"wow i have been going to this hotel for 4 years and i love every min of it!!!

The staff are fun and friendly (also tallented actors in the ampitheatre of a night) and the food is of a wide veriety.

i would recommend this hotel to every type of person, both families and couples will really enjoy the atmosphere.

There are several bars and icecream sales in the resort alone and even a burger bar for the pekish =).

The saturday market is of a good value although the stall owners can get a bit pushy they mean no harm, you walk away with some good bagains if you can get the technique to a tee.

Dont just take my word for it experience it for yourself all year round its like paradise.

10 / 10

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the best resort ever!!!!!!

"kadikale resort is this best place we have ever stayed at!!!!! all the staff are very friendly and so welcoming!!!!! we miss all the barmen sooooo much they was so lovely!!!!!!!!!

we are deffently coming back in two years with no parents this time!!!

miss you all so much

love ya all so much

x kirstie and katie x

10 / 10

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Read Me!

"We have just returned from two weeks at the Kadikale hotel and resort, theres only one word that can describe this hotel and thats amazing. The hotel has everything you need and more. The resort is set right on the sea, so the views were amazing, the pools were lovely, there were two large pools, two childrens pools and an aquapark which had two flumes. There are plenty of sunbeds around every pool and some on the beach area although there isn't much sand instead theres decking. There are also big bean bags which are set along the sea front. There are four bars one bar inside by the reception area, a main poolside bar (which was our favourite), another beach bar which is near the Itailian Restraunt and the top pool plus the bar at the underground club. This was brilliant and i would definatley recommend this for teenages, you enter the club through a large mouth and the whole room is set out like a street, the dj is sat in a groovy mini, the music was really loud down there but you couldn't hear it from the rooms. The food was lovely, there was a wide choice of food even for young children or fussy eaters. Although, some nights the food was the same but you could always find something new to try. The drinks were slightly limited but there was the usual - gin, vodka, whisky, brandy, liquoirs, raki, wines, fizzy drinks and fruit juices. You could pay extra for cocktails but we never bothered. The staff were really friendly, we made great friends with the bar men, they were lovely and we didn't want to say bye. The reps were brilliant, a good laugh and really friendly. There is daytime entertainment for everyone, the evening entertainment was ok but because you had to walk around 80 steps to the ampitheatre we didn't always go. There is also a tv and cinema room upstairs plus table tennis and pool tables. Downstairs there is a spa and welliness centre which is amazing and i would definatley recomment it. me and my family had package one which included peelind, soap massage, full body massage, face massage and a face pack. We paid all that for just £15 which was nothing compared to what we had done, the staff we really professional and i would definatley pay the money to have it done again. There was also a hairdresers downstairs, which was amazing, prices all cheap and worthwhile. Theres a fitness centre and another massage place outside on decking which looks lovely.There is also a couple of shops inside the resort, 2 shops where you can buy clothes and leather, a little jewerely shop and a little shop which has everyhting you need e.g. suncream, chrisps, shower gel etc. The rooms were ok but some needed updating and the family rooms weren't brilliant, I would not recommend a family of four to stay in one room as they are really small. This was the only problem we had and in the future would book twin rooms. All i can say to people who have booked this hotel and are feeling unsure, this place is lovely and i would defintley ga back. I made great friends with the staff as everyone over there is really friendly. I would recommend this hotel as 4+* and by next year i can see it rising. Definatley go, i can't believe some reviews on the hotel because this hotel was amazing!!!"

10 / 10

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Sunbed fiasco

"The location of the Kadikale is in a quiet area out of town (about 10/12 minutes by bus or taxi) so if you crave for night life other than what the hotel has to offer think twice. On approaching the hotel I thought excellent till I found out how many flights of steps we had to climb to get to our sea view room, we had paid extra for a sea view room and only got it after 3 room changes don't let them fob you off with any less than what you have paid for. there is an Italian restaurant which you would think is part of the all inclusive package but NO you have to pay extra for it. The food in the dining room was good as all inclusive food goes, plenty of breads, cole slaws; pastas/rice dishes, salads, meat and vegies, and of course deserts and fruit. The snack bar food (between 2.oo and 6.00p.m. was excellent for the fast food junkies i.e. burger/toastie and chips. The wine at meals wasn't up to much but you could buy the more expensive wines (didn't do myself so i don't know how much they cost), the beer was drinkable but not the best and the local spirits also were average. the entertainment was fair BUT you have to walk up about five/six flights of steps to get to the ampitheatre to get to it, not so bad when it's daylight but when you are coming back down in the dark the steps are poorly lit and not to be recommended.

Now to the sunbeds you have to have your towels on the beds BEFORE 6.00a.m if you want to be round the main pool where all the action and daytime entertainment is also if you want some shade. It's the same round the larger more quiet pool you have to be up early to grab a bed. We had our beds pushed in the sun by the Russians so they could grab the shade so beware, they outnumber the Germans and there are a lot of them.

As for the holiday overall it was very good, the hotel was clean, in a quiet location ideal for a peaceful holiday without bar music blasting down your ears or the drunken louts you very often see abroad.

6 / 10

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loved it want to go back!

"it was last year that i was there this was the 3rd year in a row we had been to turkey (going to a different part each time) it was well good couldnt believe how friendly everyone there was. all the staff cant do enough for you there always chatting away to you as all of the bars are rounded and you can sit around them if you want to.

it has 2 pools and there is plenty going on in the hotel you dont really need to go out of it. we went in to turgureis a few times and that is alot quieter than what bodrum is it has a nice harbour and there is plenty of night life and there is 2 english bars with sky sports on.

the night time entertaninment in the hotel is mint you have 2 walk up a number of steps to the amethertre but its not really a problem the night club is under ground so it is not a destraction if you are in bed.

the food is great the people are lovely the weather is hotttt and the hotel is super you cant ask much more from it to make the perfect holiday.

i would recomend it to any one especially my age group (15)

8 / 10

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my second home

"my family and i have recentley returned from our 4 trip to kadikale resort "as it is now been renamed" and are now booking again for for september this yaer! once again weve had a fantastic time, as soon as we arived at the hotel "mr photo man, jimmy & leo" came over to greet us wich was realy great and personal as we'd obvisley left a lasting impression last time we visited!!!!! to our suprise we also noticed sat at the bar were 4 other familys who were there from the previous year too, obviasly this says enough if people are retuning year after year, again the weather, food , animation was fantasatic. towards the second week of the holiday i did notice that there was very little english people in the hotel but a lot of very rude german people so as you can imagin it became very hard to get served at the bar as the german people dont understand about queing systems!! in fairness the bar staff did with a little help from our freinds of the bar we recived drinks brought to our table, the only other problem we did come across for the 1st time ever was the problem of the sun loungers by the pool, the broucher clearly states that no one can reserve sun lounger before 7am but once again our foreign freinds obviasley didnt understand this either and felt it nesacery to reserve 90% of the loungers at 3am in the morning on there way to bed,and not returnig to the reserved sun loungers till gone 3pm after sleeping!!

this was reported as one of the families with children needing beds & shade round the pool caught them on video camera doing this, not sure if this was sortid as my holiday ended before the matter was resolved, this hasnt put me off returnig the hotel only this time im going to be staying in one of the new suits as they look gorgeous and dont seem to be too pricey we was lucky enough to be shown around the new suits and carnt wait to return in september

10 / 10

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"I've been lucky enough to go abroad every year of my life since I was born. Travelling to many places including the area around Greece and Turkey. However the hotel Club Kadikale I guess you could say put a stop to all my travelling around. Id better be careful here because I don't want to over rate it but it was THE BEST place I have ever been to in my life!!!! My whole family (6 in total) were amazed by the surroundings and what the resort has to offer. We ended up going back 5times and im taking my uncle there next year.

When you are first arriving at the hotel there are masses of huge climbing vibrant purple flowers that mask the entire entrance to the reception. As you step of the coach people are already getting your luggage out for you and helping you inside to where a man will carry your bags to your room for you.

All the times we've visited this friendly place we have had night flights and when we arrive the sun is just rising in the sky. I have been so taken back by the beauty of it before that it’s impossible to go to sleep because your buzzing with energy and excitement, your soon over the jet-lag!!

I can't believe some of the complaints people have wrote about this hotel I think only us English could moan about the ice-cream not being free HEHE!! I personally thought that the meals were very good with a huge selection to chose from hot and cold and there is also a snack bar where you can get food if the restaurant isn't open so there is always a large selection of food to chose from... time to undo the top button of your shorts ladies n gents ... u will NOT go hungry at this place. One night my and my sisters went out for a meal in Turgutries just to explore the surroundings and even got a free taxi ride there and back from the people who own the restaurant... lovely pizzas at i think it was called sunset bar or sumthing and, as at the resort, the waiters are lovely and friendly too.

It a brilliant place for anybody, not only families and the resident animation teem are sure to make you get up and join in, so don't be shy lol. You're never bored at ClubK. Some of my favourite things to do there are have a go on the free water sports (next year im learning to windsurf might be a bit easier than Cornwall seeing a there is a gentle wind in turkey), go on the ringos sunbathe by the sea on wooden decking sprawled across one or two of the giant beanbags that are fantastically comfy.

There are also plenty of other things to do... if you feel like getting out of the hotel itself you can take day trips to many places including:

Boat Trip - Camel beach, this is really fun when the camel gets up its arse is in the air and his front legs still on the ground quite scary but fun non-the-less loll (ohh and be careful because the sand here is red hot!!)

Boat Trip - Around the islands, the boat trip takes you around all the different islands surrounding Bodrum, including one island that looks strangely like a dog ... the resemblance is uncanny!! - Very strange

Boat Trip / Dolmus bus - the dolmus busses are very fun to travel on and gives you a real feel of what Turkish life is like ... although they are mostly quite cramped they are fun and cheep. One of the bar men even paid for us to go on the Dolmus and took us to his mates jewellery shop because my dad mentioned he’d like to buy some earrings for his wife… the staff at the club are very friendly and will do anything to help you and make you feel great on your stay at the hotel. This is where I give a big shout out to Jimmy and Leo (the bar men), Murat and Dino (on the boat) soooo friendly and nice, still in contact with two of them!J

I was dumbfounded when I found out that it was only a 3* hotel. I agree with a review that was wrote before mine... this hotel is seriously under-rated! Also it should defiantly be NO1 in the Turgutries list of hotels!

There are two main pools one which the reception and huge balcony looks out on to. The other is on the other side of the resort a very short walk away where there are waterslides for the children or in some cases adults’ lol.

There are four bars, not two like somebody said before. There is the cocktail bar, two pool bars and a bar that’s in the disco which starts at midnight… this disco is more like a club itself, you start of by walking down steps which is made to look like you are going down a mans mouth (the mans face is engraved into the wall surrounding the staircase) the whole interior is done out to look like a street with cobbled flooring and street lamps and even the DJ sits in a car (a mini I think) that is half way through the wall. Thinking about what i have just written it doesn’t sound that good but it has to be seen to be believed

The resort not even 20meters away from the sandy beach and has its own private section with free sun beds and parasols they are free for the pool also .

Hope this was of some help to people. Its very recommendable to vistit this outstanding hotel and I hope you all have a great time if you decide to go or in some cases like mine return :D xXx

10 / 10

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